A New Beginning

a/n Alright guys I know most of you hate OCs but please bear with me. Some of the characters will be slightly OCC considering that they probably changed after Ichigo's death and in the time it took him to be enrolled in the academy. Anyways enjoy!


Normal Speech


Zanpakuto speech


"ICHIGO!" Rukia shouted desperately.

The orange haired teen was dead, a large, thick sword jammed through his gut. Kugo Ginjo laughed hysterically as he stood over Ichigo's stiffening body.

They hadn't made it in time.

Rukia's grip on Sode no Shirayuki tightened. "If only we could have made it a minute sooner," was the only thought that was going through her head. Moments later Renji, Ikkaku, Byakuya, Toshiro and Kenpachi stepped out of the senkaimon and saw the chain of fate connected to Kurosaki's unconscious body, only a few feet away did they see his actually living body, bloodied and broken. Only two words were heard from the tenth squad's captain,

"Kill them."

It had been forty five minutes since his heart stopped beating. Most of the members of Xcution were killed near instantly by the sudden rage of six captain class fighters. The only two survivors, Riruka and Yukio were shipped off to the Soul Society to serve time for the crimes of forced power transfer and murder of a former Shinigami.

"He hasn't been able to live a normal life because of my sins," Isshin said solemnly.

"You shouldn't blame yourself; I know that he wouldn't want you to," Urahara replied. "If we don't perform the soul burial soon, he may soon turn into a hollow. His chain of fate is already corroding."

Isshin began to cry, cry for the life he wasn't able to supply his three children. He was a failure, as a father and a husband. Nine years before he was too weak to prevent his wife's death and now, even as a shinigami, he still couldn't save the life of his eldest son. "All I want is five more minutes with him Urahara. He's my only son..."

"Are you sure you want to do this? He won't remember anything from this life and on top of that you or anyone else he ever knew in Soul Society won't be able to detect or recognize him."

"Let him at least live a normal and peaceful afterlife. We owe him that much."

Urahara slowly injected a serum into the former Shinigami's bloodstream, seconds later his once orange hair was jet black and shoulder length while what was left of his malevolent, heavy reiatsu now morphed into something much warmer and lighter. A small crescent moon shaped tattoo appeared on his right shoulder.

The weeping father began recounting the memories of his son; from first steps to his first words, to his fights with Tatsuki at the dojo and how he would bawl his eyes out afterwards. He remembered the warm smile that use to bless the boys face from when his mother would walk him home. He remembered the scowl he'd adopted from Masaki's death and onwards. He remembered the early morning "wake ups" and the "late for dinner" fights. He remembered a boy, fragile and arrogant. He remembered a teen rebellious and stubborn and broken. Now before him he saw a man, with an iron heart, immovable will and immeasurable courage. What Isshin saw before him was a true hero, if there ever was one that existed. He'd given his friends and family everything and then some without ever asking for anything in return.

Isshin unsheathed his zanpakuto and pressed the butt to his son's forehead and watched forlornly as his son's body disintegrated.

5 years later: Shinigami Academy

Kazuma POV

I saw a mysterious figure on a flagpole, a horn protruding out of the left side of his head. I studied his overall appearance. He was no older than I was, although quite a bit shorter. He wore a dazzling white coat that reached down to his ankles and had the whitest hair I've ever seen; whiter than even Ukitake-taicho's and Hitsugaya-taicho's hair. His eyes were eerily mismatched; one looking like it came from a hollow that I've seen in textbooks while the other had a white pupil.

"Have you forgotten who I am? Do you forget the hardship we've fought through, the despair we've overcome?"

"Who-who are you?"

"My name is Te*** Z*****su"

"What? I can't hear you,"

"It's not yet time for you to we**** me once again," the teen said disappointed. "Always move forward. Goodbye. For now."

I groggily woke up in my dorm at the Academy, my roommate slipping into his hakama in a rather messy corner. "Oh, you're finally awake, Kazuma. How was your sleep?"

"Shitty considering I couldn't sleep all night due to your incessant music."

Ryoto pulled the most insulted look he could muster, "well at least I don't listen to that Christian rock shit."

Embarrassed I chucked a pillow as hard as I could at my idiotic roommate, "screw you! You know I only listen to it because it's catchy!" The blonde teen put his hands up in defence, "Hey, hey calm down. Next time if you wanna keep your music fetishes a secret, turn off your laptop." He shot me a mischievous grin, "and if you don't wanna miss kido with your favourite professor than you better hurry up, it's already eight and you haven't showered or dressed up."

I gave him a prideful gaze as I puffed out my chest, "Hinamori-sensei likes me because I'm naturally gifted; the greatest prodigy since Hitsugaya-Taicho."

"Alright, alright no need to get boastful, not everyone can get into sixth year classes in their first year."

Ryoto and I stepped into sixth year advanced Kido theory, both of us slightly pink as we realized we were fifteen minutes late. Hinamori-sensei gave us one of her extremely rare angry looks as we quietly found our seats, not wanting to draw any more attention to us. "Tardiness will be unacceptable in the Gotei thirteen."

Ryoto elbowed me in the ribs, much to my chagrin, "ne Kazuma, why is she so uptight today." He whispered into my ear, "I bet you its her Tommy time."

"What the hell's Tommy time?" I whispered back.

"Why, you don't know?" He shook his head with a cynical grin, "My, my Kazuma Kitagawa. Somebody is a little prude, aren't you? I'm obviously talking about her time of the month, her period, her menstrual cycle."

I began sputtering uncontrollably, my face began to redden at the mention of such a disgusting bodily function. "You bastard!" I whispered with all the malcontent I could muster. Of course being the immature, hormonal teen he was, he screwed us both as he burst into laughter.

"Kitagawa Kazuma, Kasumioji Ryoto, you two will both stay after classes today and clean up the Zanjutsu dojo!"

We both groaned as we regaled the last time we were both given the chore, "It took me hours to get all the blood out of the floor."

The rest of the class had been extremely boring which was odd considering that Hinamori-fukutaicho was one of my favourite professors. Although I couldn't shake off what my resident blonde dumbass said, "Somethings up, Hinamori –sensei is usually never like that."

Zanjutsu was always one of my favourite classes. Ever since I arrived in Rukongai, I've always carried a long katana, a Daito, to defend myself. In district seventy-eight, nobody could even compete with my swordsmanship. Even now, in advanced sixth year Zanjutsu, not even Maede-Sensei could compete with my raw power, speed and fluid movements. Even the third seat of the eleventh told me like I fought with fire in my eyes. I apparently reminded him of the Shinigami Substitute, hero of the Winter War and one of the greatest Shinigami to ever live, at least according to the thirteenth squad captain and his vice-captain, Kuchiki Rukia.


I had just arrived at the academy a week prior when I heard in the cafeteria that one of the captains from the Gotei thirteen was visiting. Murmurs of the great Juushiro Ukitake quickly spread amongst the male and female population of the school.

I heard a blonde haired boy sitting next to me whisper excitedly, "he's one of the oldest and most powerful captains there are. Even with his sickness, he's more of a match to even Vasto-Lordes class hollows."

The entire student population gathered in front of the school, each student trying to get a look at the oncoming captain and vice-captain. Luckily for me being one of the taller students at six foot-one I easily saw the two officers. The two received faint giggles from the females and gaping looks from the males. The power coming from their bodies was unlike any of his classmates and most of his professors, save maybe Hinamori-sensei who was also a vice-captain. For some reason unknown to me at the time, I felt a warm feeling that felt strangely like pride as I looked on with pride at the vice-captain armband on her bicep. I small smile tugged onto the side of my lips as I felt a strong familiarity, almost akin to familial bonds, dominate my emotions. The feeling of familiarity swept through me as a voice echoed through my thoughts,


The pair had stopped by to see our Zanjutsu class. Everyone had been at the top of their behaviour being in the presence of a noble and a captain. Of course, though nobody said it, everyone was silently hoping that the white haired captain would recruit them into the thirteenth. It did, after all, have the friendliest captain and was also respected throughout the Gotei Thirteen.

The teacher matched us off with a sparring partner as the first pair took center stage. The two began to fight, slashing and stabbing using their wooden blades. It was clear to any experienced Zanjutsu master that the two had many openings as I saw a slight frown on the captain's face. I began visualizing all the openings the two six year students were leaving, from terrible foot work to over exaggerated stabs. The two students weren't bad per se, but to me and the two officers there was still plenty of room for improvement.

Multiple pairs sparred before Ryoto and I were called for our turn. I wasn't really surprised to see that my partner was shivering, most likely due to nerves. Then again, who would want to mess up in front of your possible future captain?

"Kitagawa Kazuma, Kasumioji Ryoto," our Sensei instructed us, gesturing to choose our weapons, and step onto the mat. I chose the longest wooden blade on the rack while my partner chose one of average length. I got sceptical looks from my peers as they saw my weapon choice, "what? It's what I feel comfortable with," I answered them. As I glanced back, catching the eyes of the thirteenth division member, I saw both Kuchiki-fukutaicho as well as Ukitake-taicho visibly stiffen as they studied me.

"Taicho..." The short haired noble said, fidgeting slightly. The white haired man simply nodded in reply, "the likeliness to him is there." The taicho took a step closer studying me for a minute before opening his mouth, "but there's no way, his reiatsu feels completely different and he always took pride in his orange hair, he would never dye it." I looked back at the short noble, was that look-was she...sad?

"Can I see your student identification card?" The captain asked politely. Murmurs began to circulate at the obviously unusual captain to student interactions. I reached into my hakama and pulled out the card with all my basic information included on it.

Surname: Kitagawa

Given Name: Kazuma

Place of Origin: Inuzuri, District 78

Student ID: 100520043272012

Classes: Sixth Year Advanced Zanjutsu Practical

Sixth Year Advanced Zanjutsu Theory

Sixth Year Advanced Hoho Practical

Sixth Year Advanced Hoho Theory

Sixth Year Advanced Hakuda Practical

Sixth Year Advanced Hakuda Theory

Sixth Year Advanced Kido Practical

Sixth Year Advanced Kido Theory

Sixth Year General Applications

Elective: Basic Stealth and Reiatsu Suppression

Current Year: 1

Reiatsu Level: 9

"Reiatsu level 9?" the two said exasperated. "You have reiatsu already comparable to a low-tier captain," the smaller one said, more like a question than a statement. I squirmed uncomfortably in my place, not liking the extra attention that I was getting from the rest of my classmates. Once again, murmurs began to circulate at my 'battle stats' being finally revealed to everyone in the class. "It's supposed to be confidential," I whispered to myself while looking around at all the envious looks I was receiving.

"So tell me, Kitagawa-san," the captain began, "How have you accumulated such high reiatsu?" I shrugged, "Dunno, taicho-san, I've always had quite a bit of it, never thought much about it." Most of my peers now looked on horrified at the blatant disregard for respect towards a captain of the Gotei 13 while the captain just gave a warm, deep chuckle. "No, no, it's fine. It's just I've never seen a prodigy quite like you since Shiro-chan."


Somewhere in the tenth division a small, white haired taicho sneezed, fell out of his chair and saw all of the hidden booze from his vice captain.



The rest of class continued without much delay as the final pairings' match finally ended after quite a bit of random chopping. The students filed out of the class, eager for lunch. As I stepped out of the classroom I heard two quite voices, that of a man and a woman speaking in hushed tones.

"Do you think there's a chance?"

"I don't think so Rukia-san, while the similarities are there the reiatsu is not. Not to mention he lost all of his powers prior to death. Besides, do we really want to force him back into our world? He never had a chance to live a normal life. We must keep this to ourselves."

I continued on, trying to make sense of the happening of the day.

Flashback End

The rest of the day passes by painlessly enough as Ryoto and I stepped into the Zanjutsu dojo to begin our detention.

"What do you think is bothering Hinamori-sensei?"

"Dunno, don't care," I said, working on a particularly difficult blood stain. The blonde hair Kasumioji turned and faced me with a frustrated look in his eyes, "I've known you for how long now?"

"Well it's been three months since I've gotten to the academy so I guess three months."

"And you've never once ever opened up to me!" He said with fake anger.

"You're obnoxious," I replied feeling a little dizzy all of a sudden. I went to clean my rag when sudden images came racing through my subconscious. Images of a brown haired teen, dressed in what looked like a school uniform flashed before me.

I clutched my head at the appearance of a mind numbing migraine, "Shit."

"Something wrong, Kitagawa." The look on his face expressed true concern, "you've been having these weird blackouts for a while now. Is everything okay?" I shook my head, composing myself as I cleaned my rag, "its these weird visions I'm having. Like memories that aren't mine." The noble blinked, "you're weird."

"Screw you."

The rest of our punishment went by without much discussion. The moon had come out as we finished up our detention. I stared intently at the moon, feeling its rays penetrate my skin as I basked in its glory. I've always enjoyed the moon.

My basking was cut short as my idiot friend held up an asauchi, (nameless zanpakuto)"I wanna rematch," he declared. Throwing my rag to the side, I dismissed the idea all together. "Tomorrow," I began, "and those are real, sharp katana's. If we did get into a fight I would kill you. ``

"Try it," he said swinging his sword around playfully.

"WATCH IT!" I bellowed as the sword cut through my shirt, narrowly missing my arm.

"Hey you didn't tell me you had a tattoo?" Ryoto said pointing to the crescent moon on my arm.

"Had it since I died, didn't think anything of it," I replied weakly. The truth is I always wondered what my living self was thinking. I would never defile my body with tattoos. "And you owe me a new shirt asshole."


I lazed behind, returning to my dorm alone as I sat and enjoyed the full moon's beauty. Ryoto had returned to the dorm a few hours wishing to get a few hours in before classes. Sleep's for the week anyways.

The moon hid behind a conglomerate of clouds when I decided to get going. I was only a few halls from my dorm when I heard two voices.

"What course of action do you think the soutaicho will take?" A female voice I recognized as Hinamori-sensei's.

"It's hard to say," a cold stern voice began, "the Vasto Lordes have never been unified under a common flag." Hinamori nodded, "what would they want with the academy?"

"They most likely want to kill off any powerful shinigami hopefuls. That said you should be on your best. Report anything strange or suspicious to a captain and make sure to not do anything reckless."

"Mmhm, thank you, Shiro-chan!" Hinamori said cheerfully. "Anyways, have you heard about Rukia-san's and Renji-kun's wed-"She was cut off as the white-haired shinigami put a hand to her mouth. "We're not alone."

Realizing I was caught I casually entered the empty classroom, "Good evening Hinamori-sensei, Hitsugaya-taicho, I was just finishing up my detention. I'll be on my way."

I left the classroom hastily, not wanting to intrude any further on their conversation but not before hearing them speak again.

"Hinamori, is he-"

"Yes?" she asked

He shook his head, "no, it's fine, never mind."