Lister ran down to the drive room to find Rimmer standing looking at a chair with a horrified expression on his face.

"Rimmer what happened? What was that?"

"I just saw someone die!"


"Brace yourself. You! I saw you die!"


"I told you to brace yourself"

"You didn't give me much bracing time!

"I gave you ample bracing time!"

"No you didn't, you didn't even pause"

"Well, I'm sorry. I've just had a rather nasty experience. I have just seen someone I know die in the most hideous, hideous way. You were fiddling around with the navi-com"

"I don't want to know!"

"You don't want to know how you die"

"NO! Was it quick?"

"Well, I wouldn't say it was super fast, you were thrashing around a bit"

"I don't want to know, wait, how old did I look?"

"Well how old are you now?"

"Twenty five"

"Urm, mid twenties"

"What was I wearing?"

"That shirt, that vest, that hat"

"There we go! I won't wear the hat!" Lister said stuffing the hat in his pocket.

"Lister, you can't change what's already been foretold, just like you can't change what you ate for breakfast yesterday!"

"Well, it hasn't happened has it? It hasn't have going to have happened happened. But it hasn't actually happened happened yet, actually."

"Poppycock! It will be happened; it shall be going to be happening; it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future. Simple as that."

"Whatever, I'm going to go check on the Cat" Lister says walking out of the drive room.

He walks down to the cargo bay to see the Cat wheeling two racks of suits toward the stasis chamber. Lister walks over and stops the Cat from wheeling them closer.

"Hey buddy! What's the big idea?"

"Listen Cat, we're only going in for three million years, you can take 2 suits"

"Hey, how about if I leave this silk handkerchief"

"Two suits and maybe a jacket, if you're good"

"You know what? I'll just stay out here while you and bonehead go into stasis!"

"But by the time we get out, you'll be dead!"

"Two suits is dead!"

"Whatever Cat, oh and one question, where did you get all these suits?"

"My people got it from the Holy Coss Toom"

"You mean the Costume store down on C-Deck?"

"What's a costume store?"

"It's a magical place where there's a whole bunch of suits"

"Oh, that must be my personal heaven!"

"Yeah Cat, anyway pick your suits and get ready" Lister says walking off toward the bunk room. On his way there he sees the Cat running away from the bunk room. He does a double take behind him as the Cat passes him.

"My tooth! My tooth!"

"Cat!" he screams, but the Cat ignores him. He continues into the bunk room and sees Rimmer standing there packing his stuff.

"Did you just see the Cat run out of here?"

"Must have been a future echo, hey have you always had that picture on your bunk?" Rimmer says pointing to a picture.

"Yeah, that's me and Frankenstein"

"No, that one"

"That's me holding two babies!"

"How do we get two babies without a woman on board?"

"I don't know, but it's going to be fun finding out!"

"Holly is that a future echo?"

"Yeah Arnold, that's a future echo"

"Hey, wait a second! The Cat broke his tooth in one, so maybe if I stop it, then I can stop my death!"

"It's worth a shot Dave"

The Cat walks in and goes toward Lister's fish-bowl with his robotic fish.

"Okay Rimmer, when the Cat grabs the fish, we tackle him!"

"Got it, and I stand over here out of danger"

"I'm gonna eat you little fishy, I'm gonna get you little fishy"

"NOW!" Lister screams tackling the Cat.

"See? I stopped it! Now I can't die!"

"My tooth! My tooth!" The Cat screams running out of the room.

"No! This is terrible!"

"What do you mean? We have a holographic projection unit! Death isn't the handicap it used to be Listy"

"Dave, we need you in the drive room, also death is a handicap. Our holo-unit is busted"

"Well, it's now or never isn't it?"

"Yes it is Lister, and if it's any consolation, before we went into stasis I had a dream of me dying. It was terrible, I was standing in the drive room and the place just blew up!"

"Wow, that's a weird dream. But whatever, time to go down there" Lister said walking out somberly with Rimmer following behind, holding a space helmet. They make their way to the drive room as Rimmer sits on the other side of the room with the helmet on under a table. Lister walks over to the navi-com.

"It's overheating, you need to sync it up with the man CPU" Holly says.

"Got it" he removes the navi-com and attaches it to the main console. Then he starts to hit the switches. "Five, four, three, two… ONE!" Lister screams flinching backwards.

Rimmer jumps up. "What happened? You were supposed to die! I saw it!

"I'm not dead! Let's get back to the bunk room!" Lister screams running out.

They enter the bunkroom and they see an old man sitting on Lister's bunk.

"Who are you old man?" Rimmer asks.

"I'm Lister, from the future, you can see me but I can't see you" he says.

"What? You're me?"

"Yes Lister and that wasn't you Rimmer saw it was your grandson Bexley"


"That's what I was going to name my second child, after Jim Bexley Speed"

"What were you going to name the first?"

"Jim, after Jim Bexley Speed"

"Wait, old man, what happens to me?"

"He can't hear you smeg-head!"

"But you can remember! What happens to me?"

"Rimmer, you wanted to know what happened to you. Come closer"

"Yes old man?"



"You become an even bigger smeg-head!" he said disappearing.

"NO!" Rimmer screamed. "You goit, No you goit!" he said pointing at Lister.

"Whatever Rimmer, we already passed through the echoes, no point in going into stasis"

"Holly, are there any more echoes?"

"I can detect one in the medi-bay Arn"

"Well, let's go Lister!" They go to the medi bay and see another Lister, aged more closely to the current Lister holding twin babies.

"Hey Lister! Take a picture quick!" the other Lister says. "Smile boys!"

Lister takes a camera out and takes a picture of the future Lister and the babies.

"Well, where to now Rimmer?"

"Well, Holly said he detected a crashed ship pretty close to where we'll be passing in a few days. The ship is transmitting an old television show, called Androids"

"Well, let's go!"