Yami no Matsuei

Hot and Bothered

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Day One

The violet-eyed man paced the living room. Back and forth, back and forth...his steps on the thick carpet were brisk, his thoughts just as rampant.

He's all right. He gave me a signal that he was all right and he would meet me here and I'll see for myself that he's all right.

The guardian walked to the desk, picked up a book, set it back down, only to pick it back up again. His restless movements illustrating just how anxious he was though he kept trying to calm himself.

He is all right. I would've sensed something otherwise. Right now, he's making a statement to those higher-ups. He insisted I wait for him here and he'll give me a full account of what happened.


Tsuzuki threw the book across the room, narrowly missing a vase, landing on the blue armchair with a thud. The guardian turned on his heel, crossing his arms.

Where the hell is he?! I swear, if he's not here by the time I count to ten...


Tsuzuki whirled around. Relief flooded through him, paralyzing him for a moment. So wrapped up in his anxious thoughts he didn't hear or sense Muraki's presence.

"I came as fast as I could. Unfortunately, your administration insisted I give a more detailed and precise accounting of my-oof!"


Tsuzuki had launched himself toward his lover, throwing his arms around Muraki's neck.

The silver blond steadied himself, his arms around the brunette.

"Are you all right?!" Tsuzuki pulled away, looking his lover over. "They told me you went off to face that demon by the clock tower and that's the last I heard!"

"Well, I..."

"And then the next thing I know, Kurakano said you were hit and being taking to Meifu!"

"They shouldn't have told you that..."

"Kazutaka! What do you mean by confronting a demon without backup?! Without me?! I thought we agreed to tell the other if something like this came up!"

"Asato, I assure you I had no intention of going alone," Muraki interjected. Gripping Tsuzuki by the shoulders, he faced his angry lover. "Believe me, Asato, I was going to notify you. Before I could that miserable imp was attacking an old man. I had to act. It all happened so quickly..."

Tsuzuki was shaking his head.

"No and no! I don't accept that. No!"

Tsuzuki glared up, violet eyes shooting sparks.

"Kazutaka, I don't care how 'harmless' you think a demon is or who's it attacking or what! You will not go off alone without a word to me!"

Seeing that fierce look on his lover's face, by no means was Muraki going to argue.

First, he knew how stubborn his lover could be on the matter of his safety. If the situation were reversed he would demand as much from Tsuzuki, so Muraki understood that point.

Second, his beloved looked so beautiful when he was angry. Violet eyes aflame, cheeks flushed and such a fiery look on his lovely resolute face.

Of course, Muraki wouldn't comment about that, as it would only anger the guardian further thinking he was trivializing the matter.

Instead, Muraki reached out to grasp both his lover's hands.

"Beloved, the situation called for a split-second decision. I admit, I should have called you when I sensed something was amiss. But, I wanted to better assess the matter and, frankly, to see if sending out an alarm was really necessary," Muraki explained.

Tsuzuki scowled deepened, so not happy.

"Our policy is to always work in pairs. And you breached that by going off alone!" Tsuzuki pressed the issue.

"Ah, but I am not a Meifu employee so I am not bound by Meifu rules," the doctor reminded his lover gently.

Tsuzuki blinked.

"Oh," Tsuzuki bit his lip at that realization, momentarily taken off guard.


"But...but OUR policy is that WE work together! You and me! Us!" Tsuzuki shot back.

"Yes," Muraki replied, his voice level. "That is true. However, I go back to my original argument that if a situation calls for split-second decision and it's imperative that action is necessary and there is no time to call for backup then it would make more sense if..."

"All right, all right," Tsuzuki huffed. "I got it."

He crossed his arms turning his back on Muraki.

"But that's still no excuse for you doing what you did and not telling me!"

Muraki tilted his head to the side a bit, his brows knotting.

"Beloved, we must face the fact that at times there will be situations we each will face alone. Much as I want to be by your side every minute, it cannot be. I worry about your safety as well."

Tsuzuki, wound up from fretting about Muraki's well-being couldn't see the sense of his lover's logic. At least, not now.

Yanking the knotted tie from his collar, Tsuzuki walked toward the bedroom.


"I'm going to take a shower," he replied curtly, marching across the room.

Muraki stood still for a few moments. Sighing, the doctor peeled off his coat and plopped into a nearby chair. Looking in the direction of the bedroom he wondered at his lover's behavior.

He was worried about me. Right now, Asato needs time to cool off. Perhaps a hot meal and sweet will appease him...

Tsuzuki set his hands against the slick shower tile, the water pounding into his scalp. He stood under the spray for a good several minutes going over what had happened.

Why is Kazutaka being so stubborn?! Doesn't he understand that it's for his own good that he contact me before he goes running off and getting into trouble! He could have been hurt or...knocked out or...

Slapping the wall, Tsuzuki makes a grab for the soap and proceeds to lather his wet skin with furious strokes.

He knows I worry...that it drives me crazy not knowing where he's at and what he's up to...why doesn't he just stay with me all the time and then...I won't...feel so...so...

Tsuzuki's hands still. frowning, he shakes his head.

Wait...that's not right...it's unreasonable for Kazutaka to be with me...all the time...


These feelings of restlessness at such a level. It was strange that he was feeling especially anxious and nervous. His concern for his lover's safety, well, there would always be that, that would never go away.

But this...

These feelings were entirely different. It was as though the very thought of Muraki not being by him, of not being able to reach out and physically touch the man...

Tsuzuki took a deep breath and continued to soap himself up.

Taking another deep breath, he mentally clears his head of these troublesome thoughts, so unlike him. He saw for himself Muraki was in one piece and not the worst for wear. In fact, if anything, Muraki was making perfect sense in his argument.

Why did I act like that? Kazutaka's right and I acted like such a brat...

Sighing, Tsuzuki scolded himself for going off the handle earlier.

The main thing is Kazutaka is all right and that's all I care about...I'll apologize and make it up to him...

Determined to set things right, the guardian hurriedly finished his washing.


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