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Day Two

"Will you try again, please?"

In the company break room, Tsuzuki takes a gulp of lukewarm coffee and grimaces at the bitter taste. Crushing the styrofoam cup, he bangs his fist against the table, ignoring the curious stares from other Meifu employees.

This is crazy! Why is it so hard for them to find Kazutaka? Either he's in his office or he's not!

Standing up, Tsuzuki tosses the cup into a bin and walks to the large window.

He had been on the phone with the hospital for an enternity (for it felt like an eternity) wanting to talk to his lover and now they couldn't seem to locate him.

There's no reason for Kazutaka NOT to be there. This is a regular work day, isn't it?!

"Hello, yes?"

The caller clearly didn't have good news, as Tsuzuki's lips pressed into a hard line, his brows furrowed.

"What do you mean, he's not there?! He has to be there! He's an important doctor and..what? Of course, I tried his cell phone! That's why I'm calling you!"

Tsuzuki huffed and slammed his hand against the wall.

"Listen, there is an important matter that I must discuss with Muraki-sensei and you're not helping!"

Hisoka, who had just entered the break room, witnessed his partner's agitation with surprise.

What in the world could be causing Tsuzuki to act this way?

The teenager slowly walked toward his partner getting Tsuzuki's end of the conversation. Whatever it was, the older man was not happy. And judging by the aura he was giving off, Hisoka could tell Tsuzuki wasn't about to cool off anytime soon.

Tsuzuki had been acting strange for two days now.

What could be pissing him off like this?

"I left three messages already and...huh? Well, fine! Okay, leave him another message and stress the fact that it's important!"

Tsuzuki snapped the phone closed and shoved it into his pocket, his shoulders tense and hunched over.

Kazutaka...where are you?...I want to see you..I've GOT to...


"Oh, Hisoka. What...what is it?"

Tsuzuki pulled his attention to his young partner, his eyes darting toward the door, running a hand through his hair. "Chief need to see me?"

"No," Hisoka watched Tsuzuki's manner, assessing. "Just getting myself some tea. You all right? You sounded pretty mad on the phone..."

"What? Oh, that," Tsuzuki shrugged, and plopped into the chair across from his partner.

"Just trying to get a hold of Kazutaka and he doesn't seem to be at the hospital which is strange considering that's where he works. And if he was in a meeting or performing surgery or consulting with patients you would think they would know and tell a person...!" Tsuzuki's tirade launching all over again.

"Tsuzuki?" Hisoka frowned.

Tsuzuki's aura seemed to be emitting sparks. Actual little purple sparks and purple/red whorls.


"Huh?" Tsuzuki noticed his partner's concerned stare and it rankled him. "I mean...Kazutaka should be there."

I just want to talk to Kazutaka...nothing's wrong with that...

Hisoka took a sip of tea.

It was obvious to him that his partner was not acting himself. But from the aura Tsuzuki gave off there wasn't anything sinsiter or menacing possessing him. So what could it be?

"Tsuzuki, why do you have to contact Muraki? Is it important?"

The brunette blinked, clasping his hands in front of him.

"Um, well, I just want talk to him," Tsuzuki stammered. "It isn't...that is, it's not a life or death thing but just that I want to make sure he's...he's all right."

Hisoka tilted his head.

"Why wouldn't he be?" the teen pressed.

Tsuzuki frowned at the query. He couldn't explain it to himself why it was of the upmost importance to talk to his lover just that it was...very important.

"I just...I want to him," Tsuzuki finished lamely. His shoulder slumped.

Why in the world am I acting so...crazed...?!

Tsuzuki just parted with his lover a few hours ago. Muraki smiled and sent him off with an embrace and a kiss as he did every morning.

Have a good day, beloved. See you tonight...

At that time, Tsuzuki was feeling calmer being in his lover's presence. In fact, the brunette touched and cuddled his lover more than he usually did. If Muraki noticed anything different in his lover's behavior, he didn't mention it.

But it seemed the minute Tsuzuki got to Meifu, the minute he sat down at his desk, his thoughts turned to wanting to see Muraki. Now, that feeling was ratcheting even higher as the day wore on.

"Ah, here you two are."

Tatsumi strode in, clipboard in hand.

"I understand you've turned in the daily reports and I need clarification on a few points."

Noticing the look on Tsuzuki's face, the secretary pushed his wire glasses along the bridge of his nose.

"Tsuzuki, are you feeling all right?"

Tsuzuki shot up from his seat, the chair clattering to the floor.

"Why is everyone asking me that?! I'm fine! Perfectly fine!"

The drone of chatter in the room stopped. Hisoka's green eyes grew wide. Tatsumi's brow quirked. Clearing his throat, the secretary regarded Tsuzuki cooly.

"Excuse me, Tsuzuki, but it would seem to me that you mostly certainly are not fine," Tatsumi said, voice frosty. "Would you follow me, please." Turning on his heel, Tatsumi marched to the door not bothering to see whether Tsuzuki followed or not.

Tsuzuki stood stock still for several moments. Then, righting the fallen chair, he followed his collegue. Not a word was spoken until they reached Tatsumi's office. Hisoka trailed behind and slipped into the room as well.

Behind his desk, Tatsumi put his hands together, the clear blue of his eyes gleaming behind wire-rimmed glasses.

"Now, Tsuzuki, will you please tell me, calmly, what is troubling you?"

Tsuzuki swallowed.

"I don't know," he replied, his voice soft. "I'm sorry, Tatsumi, for causing a scene."

Tatsumi regarded his friend for a moment.

"Then why did you, Tsuzuki? If there's anything, anything at all, upsetting you..."

"But that's just it!" Tsuzuki exclaimed. "I don't know what's wrong with me! It's just that...that..."

Hisoka stepped forward.

"Excuse me, Tatsumi-san. Maybe I can clarify. Tsuzuki's aura kilter."

Tsuzuki whirled around.

"Explain, Kurosaki-kun," Tatsumi leaned back in the leather chair and motioned for the teenager to take a seat.

Hisoka nodded and sat down.

"Well, yesterday I noticed Tsuzuki's aura was a different shade than what it is normally."

"Different shade?" Tatsumi frowned. "As in color?"

"Yes. Everyone has different colors eminating from them that when I focus I can see as well as sensing their emotions. Tsuzuki's has been emitting darker shades of his normal colors and I noticed this yesterday," Hisoka leaned closer. "Today, they're coming out even more."

"Wait, what?!"

Tsuzuki went up to his partner. "What do you mean, 'since yesterday'?!"

"Obviously, Tsuzuki, your behavior has been...different," Tatsumi's blue eyes stared pointedly at the brunette.

"And I, myself, have just witnessed your outburst in the break room. Now, if Kurosaki-kun is picking up changes in your aura then it's imperative that we get to the root of what it is that is causing you to act out."

"But that's just it!" Tsuzuki clamped his mouth shut at the sight of the secretary's stern face. Tsuzuki closed his eyes and inhaled deep into his lungs, willing himself to get a grip.

However, he could feel his blood pressure rising and knew it would not do to rant at the secretary thus possibly docking him a week's pay. He had to remain calm.

"I know I've been...not myself," Tsuzuki began. "But once I talk to Kazutaka I know that seeing him, I'll be..."

"Muraki?" Tatsumi bristled a little. Seeing Hisoka turn his head in his direction, Tatsumi shifted in his seat. "What does Muraki have to do with this?"

"I just need to talk to him. I can't explain why exactly. Just that...that his voice...hearing him will help me..." Tsuzuki struggled with his answer and knew he wasn't making much sense.

He glanced at the secretary, cheeks warm.

"Help you, in what way?" Tatsumi pressed. "Did you two argue? Tsuzuki, you know that your personal issues with the doctor do not belong in the workplace."

"No!" Tsuzuki shook his head.

Hisoka blinked.

Tsuzuki's brilliant violet aura shot up almost to the ceiling. It wasn't frightening or menancing. Hisoka had ruled out a demon's influence. But there was something definitely demon-like that seemed to be present. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

"Excuse me?"

"Tatsumi, we didn't argue or anything like that. Kazutaka has been out of my sight since this morning and I...I feel that if I don't see him or talk to him...I'll...I'll..."

Tsuzuki buried his face in his hands.

"I don't know why I'm feeling this way!"

Alarmed, Tatsumi sat up straight.

"Tsuzuki? Is Muraki in danger?"

"No, no," Tsuzuki's voice muffled. "He's not hurt or anything. But he's not here with me!"

Truly baffled, Tatsumi looked at Hisoka.

"Tatsumi-san, there's no sinister demon possession or dark auras. Tsuzuki's state is confusion and frustration and...and..." Hisoka went red, looking down. "Um, well, lust..."

Tatsumi's brows shot up.


Tsuzuki lifted his head.

"I'm pretty sure that it has to do with Tsuzuki's demon side," Hisoka explained.

Tatsumi cleared his throat. "Tsuzuki, is this true? Are you feeling...a high degree of...well, that is to say...something of a sexual nature?"

"I..," Tsuzuki bit his lip, brows puckered.

My demon side...?

Were his lustful thoughts magnified by his demon heritage?

All this maddening frustration was manifesting because Tsuzuki couldn't physically be with his lover. Just thinking about Muraki...his satin white skin, his sparkling silver eyes, his lush soft lips was a huge part of the reason why Tsuzuki wanted him near. If only to kiss and caress and lick and bite every square inch of that beautiful body.

And these thoughts were driving Tsuzuki crazy with want.

Tsuzuki blushed and looked at his lap, clasping his hands.

What was going on?!

"Tsuzuki, if for Muraki are going to be a distraction here then I would advise you take care of it," the secretary's tone severe.

"I don't need to leave-"

"Yes, you do," Tatsumi interjected. "I cannot risk any more such outbursts and I can see you are not paying attention to your job." He sat back down. "Now, I hope that whatever it is it's not serious. And fortuntely, right now, there is no case and your paperwork is up-to-date."

"But Tatsumi!" Tsuzuki protested.

He didn't want whatever was happening to him to affect his job. He didn't want his friends questioning his sanity or thinking he couldn't control the situation. Especially something so personal.

How embarrassing!

"Tsuzuki, the matter is closed. Please take advantage of the time off and contact Muraki to get to the bottom of your problem," the secretary stressed. He sighed, his eyes softening.

"Understand that whatever is going on, Tsuzuki, we're here to help," Tatsumi assured his friend.

Tsuzuki gave a weak smile in return.

"Thanks, Tatsumi..." He turned to his partner. "Hisoka. I know you guys want what's best."

The brunette stood up. "I'll talk to Kazutaka and...and get this straightened out. Sorry about earlier."

Tsuzuki bowed and walked through the door, closing it behind him.

"Kurosaki-kun," Tatsumi turned to the teenager. "Tsuzuki is all right, isn't he? You would have said something otherwise, ne?"

"Tsuzuki is fine as far as a dark entity in possession of him. No signs of that, Tatsumi-san," Hisoka stressed.

The teenager shrugged. "His being out-of-sorts is nothing more than an irrational need to see Muraki. And there is, lust part."

Tatsumi steepled his fingers together, elbows resting on the desk, colbalt eyes gleaming.

"So why it's happening and what's causing his irrationality is the mystery," the secretary sighed. "If you say Tsuzuki is all right, he is all right. We will trust Tsuzuki in finding answers."

It was no use. Another call to the hospital, another dead end. Muraki simply was not there. In a fit of anger, Tsuzuki hurled a book across the room, smashing a vase in the process. And he wasn't sorry in the least.

Right now, the guardian couldn't seem to calm down.

After a quick trip to the hospital and seeing for himself that his lover was nowhere on site and being told that the doctor was most likely in the research library or in conference in another location, Tsuzuki had no choice but to return home.

Where in the world could he be?! Doesn't Kazutaka know I'm trying to reach him? Doesn't he care?!

Tsuzuki swallowed the lump in his throat, tears welling up. He wiped his eyes.

Kazutaka doesn't care...he's doing this on purpose knowing full well how it's affecting me and he just doesn't care...

Tsuzuki sniffed, now using both hands to brush away the tears. He couldn't stop and the harder he tried the more tears came brimming over.

That was it. He was definitely having a breakdown. How else could he explain this flood of emotions rising to the surface? He knew he was somewhat emotional but this was getting way out of hand. What was worst was that his lover seemed to be ignoring him completely. At least that was what it felt like to Tsuzuki.

He's staying away and...and he doesn't care...probably doesn't love me...

With a stifled sob, Tsuzuki fell onto the bed burying his tear-streaked face into a soft pillow.

Muraki peered into the dark room barely able to make out the figure on the bed. Flinging his coat to a nearby chair, the doctor crossed the room and turned on the bedside lamp.


Kneeling down, Muraki sighed deeply. He stretched out a hand to brush away dark strands from his lover's brow, smoothing it away. Tsuzuki, sprawled on the wide bed was fast asleep and didn't look like he would rouse anytime soon.

He must have cried himself to exhaustion. His tear-stained face told as much to Muraki.

My poor beloved...

"I'm sorry, Asato" he whispered.

Muraki leaned over brushing his lips over his lover's forhead and down to a cheek. Taking Tsuzuki's hand in his, he kissed the slim knuckles.

"It's hard, I know, beloved. But in a few hours your suffering will come to an end, I promise."

Placing a kiss on a damp cheek, Muraki stood up.

After a quick spell, Tsuzuki was snug under the covers and a few minutes later Muraki laid beside him, arms wrapped tight.

It can't be but a few hours more now...


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