Tilly's body jerked slightly at the sound of her alarm clock. She reached over, tapping it lightly to turn it off. Rolling onto her side, she took her phone off the sideboard and checked to see if she had any messages. One off George, and one off Sinead, both reminding her that today was the last day of college before she had a whole six weeks off. She smiled to herself, allowing herself two more minutes in bed before sitting up and swinging her legs out of the bed covers, shivering a little as her feet hit the cold laminate flooring. She made her way to the bathroom, where she had a quick shower, and brushed her teeth, before heading back to her bedroom. She stood in her white cotton towel, looking through her wardrobe, searching for the perfect summer dress. She came across a baby blue one that she had bought last summer but forgot about. It had a white collar, and buttons up the front. Taking it from the wardrobe, she held it against herself, looking in the mirror. Deciding on this outfit, she got dressed, finding her pale blue sandals at the bottom of the wardrobe and slipping those on too. She made her way over to her dresser, where she sat, and applied a little foundation and mascara, and straightened the front of her fire red hair. Feeling content with her outfit choice, she grabbed her bag that was hanging on her chair, sprayed some perfume, and walked out of her bedroom.

She ran down the stairs, and into the kitchen, where she found her father stood at the grill. "Something smells nice" she said, as her father turned round to smile at her. "It's bacon and egg, want some?" he offered. "No, I'm good thanks; I might grab something at college". She opened the fridge and reached for a carton of orange juice. "So Dad", she started as her father turned his head to look at her, "As it's our last day of college for the summer, Maddie is having a party tonight, and she said I can stay there overnight, is that okay?" she looked at him hopefully. Her father pulled a face for a minute, but Tilly continued to stare at him like a lost puppy. He nodded. Tilly squealed and hugged him. "Thank you!" she exclaimed. "Right if I don't get a move on, I'll be late meeting George and Maddie, I'll see you tomorrow", and with that, she made her way for the door.

Tilly walked the short walk from her house to the Folly, where she found George and Maddie waiting for her. As soon as they noticed Tilly walking their way, they ran over squealing. "I can't believe it, I have been waiting for this day for the past thousand years" exclaimed George, as they all linked arms and began to walk to the college. "A thousand years? Okay slight exaggeration there babes" said Maddie giggling.

Eventually they arrived at the college, and Tilly agreed to meet Maddie and George at morning break near the canteen, before heading off to the top floor art room. Tilly was unsure of which art teacher she would have this morning, as she hadn't seen Jen around recently, and the teachers alternate lessons. To be honest, Tilly was pretty relieved that she hadn't seen Jen in a while, after the way she had treated her before, she didn't know if she'd be able to handle it. Jen just played with her feelings, and sent her mix signals. Tilly had decided she couldn't be dealing with it, and tried to wipe Jen from her mind. She walked down the long corridor to the art room, and as she approached it, took one last look at her phone, noticing she was seven minutes late. Stepping into the art room, she couldn't see any students, a teacher, or any work out on the tables. This is odd, she thought.

Turning on her heels, she walked towards the art room door. Pulling her slipping bag back onto her shoulder, she heard someone coming up the stairs. She looked down to see Jen walking towards her with her head in her bag. Tilly stood silently, unsure of what to say. Jen was just about to walk into Tilly when she lifted up her head and stopped inches away from her. "Er Tilly" stuttered Jen looking flustered, "I'm afraid your other art teacher took your class outside to do some landscape drawing, seeing as it's your last day". Tilly nodded. "Bu-but because you're late, you aren't allowed to wonder off on your own, so I'm afraid you'll have to come and sit with me back in the art room". Tilly nodded again as Jen began to walk towards the art room. This was going to be extremely awkward, she thought to herself.