Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've had a busy few weeks, and although I've been writing new chapters on my phone, I haven't had time to actually put them on here so I apologise! Here's the next chapter, hope you like it!

The rest of the day seemed to drag on for Tilly, she just couldn't wait for it all to be over so that she could enjoy the summer with her new girlfriend. Finally it hit four o'clock, and for Tilly it wasn't a moment too soon. She couldn't have got out of those college gates quick enough. Jen on the other hand, had decided to stay at college for a bit and clean the art room so that it was tidy for the new term. She packed away all her belongings on her desk, and headed over to the sink where she found a pile of dirty paint brushes. Turning on the hot tap, she began to clean them one by one.

Having now arrived at Maddie's house, the pair had headed up to Maddie's bedroom, where they were stood in towels looking through the wardrobe. "What about this for you?" said Maddie holding up the shortest black skirt that Tilly had ever seen in her entire life. Tilly tilted her head and squinted, before Maddie threw it at her. "You're wearing it" she said, looking through the wardrobe again for a top to go with it. She pulled out a white sleeveless top with a tiger on the front in sequins. "You can wear this with it, I've never worn it" she said, passing it to her this time. Tilly laughed at Maddie's bossiness and went into the bathroom to change. Once she had stood looking in the bathroom mirror for about ten minutes, deciding whether or not she liked the outfit, she couldn't be bothered to change again so left it on and wandered back into the bedroom where she found Maddie doing her hair in the mirror. She was wearing a red flowing dress that stopped just above her knees. "You look lovely" said Tilly smiling. Maddie giggled. "Well thanks babes, you don't look too bad yourself".

Back at the college, Jen had finished cleaning the paintbrushes and was now wiping down the desks, putting the painting shirts on the hangers neatly and shutting all the windows. She stood and examined the room with a little smile on her face, feeling pleased with herself. She slid on her coat, picked up her bag off her chair and headed out the art room, locking the door after her. As Tilly and Maddie were ready an hour early, they decided to walk to the deli and get something to eat. They were strolling down the street, laughing at Esther's attempt to befriend Maddie.

Jen was coming out of the side street by the club when she received a text message from her brother, asking her if she wanted to go out for dinner tonight. Not looking where she was going, Jen almost walked into the wall. Almost at the deli, Tilly began to tell Maddie off for being so cruel to Esther. "You ought to lay off her a bit" laughed Tilly as she shoved Maddie gently. Maddie frowned playfully. "Why are you sticking up for her? Do you looooooove her?" Maddie laughed pushing Tilly back, but a lot harder than Tilly had pushed her. Tilly went flying across the road and into someone walking on the pavement. Maddie clasped her hand over her mouth in fits of laughter before she put out her hand. Grabbing on to it, Tilly pulled herself up. "I am so sorry" said Tilly to the stranger, not looking up from brushing down her outfit. "That's quite alright Tilly, accidents happen". Tilly looked up slowly, recognising the voice. "Oh, hi Miss Gilmore" said Maddie teasingly. "I didn't even realise it was you, fancy bumping into you, I would have thought you would be sat at home by now watching Miss Marple and drinking sherry". Jen frowned and shook her head. "I'm actually only 22, and have never tried sherry in my life". Tilly giggled and looked at Jen. "She is just messing with you Miss Gilmore". Jen smiled and stared right at Tilly. Maddie looked at Tilly and Jen staring at each other and felt rather uncomfortable. "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight well, this is awkward, Tilly come on, or we are going to be back late for our own party". Tilly nodded, snapping out of her daydream as Maddie began to walk off towards the deli. "G-goodbye Miss Gilmore" stuttered Tilly, as Jen also began to walk off slowly. "Goodbye Tilly, might bump in to you over the holidays". I certainly hope you do, thought Tilly as she ran after Maddie.