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Chapter One: Introducing me.


"I've been with the boys since I was eight. I've always gotten on with them, and Jimmy. I'm the same age as Peter and Curly, Fox is a year older. It was just us four at the start, all found by Jimmy on the same day. Eight years later there's Twins, Tootles, Slightly, Nibs, Curly, Peter, Fox and me of course. I'm Annabelle or as the boys call me Belle, occasionally Anna but mainly Belle. We all thought Anna was a bit too posh for what we do. Jimmy took us from places where we didn't 'fit in' you could say, or sometimes he found us off the streets like me and Curly. We help him get money to support our little family by stealing. We aren't bad people we just need food and clothing, in fact most people say it's the higher class who are most likely the bad. Anyway I should really stop keeping you, see you around."

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining brightly in the sky as some bankers strolled out of their building for their monthly photograph, they had no idea what was about to hit them. Meanwhile me and Toots were running from Curly and Nibs. We were all pretty good at acting I thought Curly may actually attack me! I decided to speed up, and as we ran into the bankers we slowly started to steal. Then Twins and Slightly joined the big commotion as we heard a higher pitched signal we ran out of the crowed and as we turned the corner we slowed down and started to look at what we got. Tootles got himself a gold watch!

"Nice one Toots" I heard Curly say as we all nodded in agreement.

"You know, Curly I-" our conversation was interrupted by Peter playing our emergency signal.

"Oh, what now!?" Curly asked as we turned on our heels and ran back to the corner.

""What's happened Twins?" I asked terrified at what the outcome could be.

"Slightly's gone and got himself nicked!"

"Any word from Peter?" Curly looked as worried as I felt.

"No, he's gone quiet." With that we heard Beer Barrel O'Berty's signal.
"That's Beer Barrel O'Berty"
"But we don't have any plans for Beer Barrel O'Berty, do we?" Nibs knew all of our plans, if this was one he didn't know, none of us did.
"Wait, look over there." Twins piped out, pointing to the eldest but Fox.

He walked up to the police men arresting Slightly and watched him get Slightly free. We ran so I don't know what happened next, we stopped at the next corner to wait for them. As we all slowly walked back to our home, Fox's hand slipped into mine and the usual talking between the boys and myself started.

As we walked into our home I hid from the men Jimmy was teaching to fence because I know one of my old bosses would recognise me. Fox understood since he knew the whole story and always made sure I was hidden. As we reached our own area Fox, Tootles and I sat together. Fox put his arm around my waist as Peter climbed through the window. "Well done Peter!" Fox praised him.

"Told you it would work, didn't I" I joked as I poked him in the side.

"Fine, you were right. As always" as he ruffled my hair he laughed. And then Jimmy strolled in, with a weird look on his face one that I have never seen at all in the eight years I have known him.

"I've got a nice job for you bo- all." He still hadn't gotten used to a girl, even though I got here the same day as Curly, Fox and Peter. But after all these years what he said next was very unexpected.

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