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Chapter 11: The Scottish Boy.

Pure happiness, the sort that you long for during dark times. This one emotion can make your day, and yet strangely this emotion filled me, and the bottled in sadness was gone.

I woke up, not on some weird island surrounded by pirates, but next to someone in London. But not the London I know of, a London with fast paced noises surrounding the familiar building, I was in the fencing academy. My old home. The sunlight glared through the window waking up whoever was next to me.

"Good morning beautiful." A familiar Scottish voice sounded. I shot up like a bolt, ignoring the bright sunlight now reflecting into my eyes.

"Fox?" I whispered not wanting to turn around, in case it was all a lie.

"Belle, are you alright?" I finally dared myself to look just a peek, what harm would it do? As I turned around I saw him. The seventeen year old Scottish boy I longed so dearly for. Was this heaven? Have I died, for this is surely impossible. I took in all of his features. His gorgeous sparkling eyes, his perfect shaped lips and his amazing ginger swept hair. My mouth opened in shock as I realised it really was him. And all of a sudden I didn't care where we were or even when. I was just happy to finally be with him, I felt my eyes threaten to spill a wave of tears, but only one escaped as I took in how perfectly imperfect he was.

I moved towards him and touched his cheek, as if to check this was all real. My hand stopped as I reached his face, his skin as warm and soft as always. I gasped in surprise expecting all of this to be my imagination, but now I was proved wrong.

"It really is me ya know." He joked, as I went to pinch myself he stopped me wrapping his hand around mine and stroking my thumb. Like the good old days.

We were face to face at this point, looking deep into each other's eyes. Our heads slowly getting closer until our lips hit one another. All the good memories came back at once. From our first date to our last kiss. Every single memory flooded back. The kiss was perfect; both of us shared the longing of waiting for one another. It lasted a while, but sometimes a while is never long enough.

"Look Annabelle, Belle, Bella, Bee, and the most beautiful girl in the Universe. I have to tell you this but we don't have long. I need to tell you now this is real. I'm alive; I just can't tell you where I am. Not right now anyway. I'm not in this world we're in now which is apparently our home in the future. This is where the Tree Spirits allowed us to see each other for a while. They're amazing you know. Although they gave us a bad first impression." He laughed at the memory, I miss his laugh. "Anyway Belle, you have been amazingly brave. Braver than I thought was ever possible. I am so proud of you, you haven't given up even though right now it seems hopeless. It will get harder, but you need to know now that I will always be watching you over you. And when the time finally comes when we can meet again, I will always protect you. More than I did before."

By now my face was slowly getting damp from the tears escaping my eyes as I hung onto every last word he said. He was alive, but we couldn't see each other until a certain time. There was so much I wanted to say but I didn't know how to say it.

"Belle, I love you. I love you with every single bone, muscle and tissue in my body. And I need you to know I have never thought about spending my future with someone until you were my girlfriend. To me you're more than my girlfriend. You're my soul mate. And it kills me knowing we have to spend some time apart. But you'll be on my mind every minute of every hour of everyday until we can finally be back together. I miss you all so much. I just hope time flies by as usual because I can't stand being away from you all."

"Then why don't you come back Fox? We need you, I need you."

"I'm sorry, I can't say Bee. I'm sworn to secrecy, once this is all over I can, but right now I can't. I'm sorry."

I could feel myself being pulled from the moment.

"Not now! Please, just a little longer?" Fox pleaded to an unknown source.

"Bee, listen we have very little time left. But before we both drift away, I want you to know you are the most beautiful, amazing, lovely and crazy girl I have ever met. I love you so much and I hope you can forgive me for us not being able to see each other for a while."

"Of course I do Fox! I love you so much, and I'll miss you with all my heart."

"I'll miss you most, you can't tell anyone about all this. You can't even tell anyone that I am alive okay. This has to be a secret between us two."

Fox and the world around us were slowly disappearing.

"I promise I won't tell anyone. I love you Fox!"

"I lo-"

And with that Fox disappeared, I woke up tied up surrounded by pirates. I looked up to the sky and smiled.

"Thank you Fox." I whispered looking up to the starry sky. Pure happiness, the emotion ran through me again causing a huge smile to appear on my face as I turned over to my side knowing I was safe, even though I was surrounded by pirates. I had my adorable Guardian Angel watching over me.

As my eyes slowly closed as I fell back asleep I was sure I heard a familiar Scottish accent say;

"Goodnight, my beautiful Annabelle."

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