The short stocky youth trudged his way home. He hated his school and was glad that tomorrow was his last day before summer vacation, his exams were done and tomorrow was the handing out of grades for this year and schedules for next. He dreaded tomorrow with a passion.

He stopped at the mail box and rummaged through it as he walked up to his house. There sandwiched between the power bill and water bill was one addressed to one John H. Watson, from Westminster Private Academy.

He ran up to the house yelling, "Mom! Dad! My letter came! Mom!" A blurry eyed girl came out of her room.

"Mom and dad are out. It's their anniversary, remember?" Harry said as she rubbed her eyes. John sighed crestfallen. How could have he forgotten? Damn.

"So what's this about a letter?" Harry asked punching his arm.

"Oh! I got my letter from that private school I applied for back in March."

She reached out her and wiggled her fingers. "Give me here, then." She knew him too well. He was too excited to open it himself and besides, what if it was bad news, what if it was his rejection letter.

"Like they'd reject you, John. You're the best rugby player this century, they'd be fools."

"I guess I'm more worried about the scholarship than anything," John admitted. Harry nodded as she meticulously opened the envelope. She pulled it and and read the first few lines.

"Dear Mr Watson,

We have looked over your application. Your grades are good and your transcript highly befitting a place here at Westminster Private Academy.

We are pleased to offer you a full scholarship to our prestigious school, in rugby.

At our school you will be expected to be up to standard in dress and manner. As you are a scholarship student accounts will be set up for you at certain establishments to buy your school things.

We hope to see you come 1st Sept.


Mrs. Abigail Hudson


"And then there's a list of things they want to have with you. As well the places they want you to buy them at. I've heard of a couple of them. They're really expensive."

John could hardly contain himself. He not only got in, he got a full ride, which paid for everything! Books, uniforms, all equipment he'd need for the next three years. He hugged his sister.

"Harry this fantastic!" She patted him awkwardly.

"Right. Now don't you go calling mom and dad." Her face as stern. "It's their night. You are not going to interrupt it with your news." John pouted but did as he was told. So instead he called his best mate.

"Hello?" came the bored tone on the other end.

"Well hello to you too, Mike." John sniped. Mike Stamford and him had been best mates since they were kids.

"Oh hey John. What's up, mate?" His voice was a little less bored.

"You're an ass you know that?" John needled and Mike laughed on the other end. "I got my acceptance letter from WPA today." John counted to five and then held the phone away from his ear.

"WHAT?" Mike screamed. John squinted from the bellow. Even away from his ear, the sound still hurt.

"Yep. I'm in and not only that, full ride baby!"

"Man! That is beyond awesome. You'll have your pick of schools once you graduate. So jealous."

John laughed. "Come on man, your parents are going to send to St. Mary's. In London!" John reminded him.

"I know but it's not the same as WPA. That is like the best in the country." John smiled. Mike was right of course but he had to at least attempt to cheer him up.

They talked for a bit and then he hung up. Thinking about for a bit, he called up Sarah.

"Hey Sare. Can you meet me at Speedy's? There's something I want tell you."

"Oh hey, sure. I'll see you in an hour?"

"Works for me." John hung up and went go get a shower.

Once he'd showered and shaved, he went and poked his head into his sister's room.

"Hey going to meet Sare at Speedy's for dinner, that okay?" She waved him off and waved good-bye.

He took a deep breath and opened the front door. He had no idea what was going to happen. Him and Sarah Sawyer had been dating for about a year and he wondered how she was going to react to his news.

He got to Speedy's and she already there. He sighed and walked in. They kissed their hellos.

"Hey babe." He said as he slid into the seat across from her.

"Hey, so what's this about?" She asked and picked up the menu. After they had ordered John turned to her.

"So I got a letter from Westminster Private Academy today…" her eyes bulged. "Yeah. I got accepted, full ride scholarship too." He could barely keep the excitement out of his voice.

"That's… um…" she didn't know how to react. He would be leaving in eight weeks and then she wouldn't see him again until Christmas. She wasn't sure how he wanted her to react.

"Oh, come on Sare. It might not be that bad…" John hedged.

"Is this a school for boys?" she asked.

"Oh. Well… no." John blushed. He hadn't really thought about it that way. "Sorry, Sare. I guess it's best if we break it off, huh?"

She sighed. He had a point. Wasn't it better to end it now while they were still friends, instead of waiting until one of them fell for someone else and hurt the other?

"Yeah." Her food arrived and she pushed it away. She sighed.

"Hey," he took her chin his hand. She looked up at him her brown eyes meeting his dark blue ones.

"I know it's hard but think of it this way, maybe you'll find someone taller then you, so you can finally wear those fancy red stilettos you've been eyeing for months." That got a laugh out of her.

"You aren't that short, John."

"Sure I am. But I don't mind. It just mean that I take out the taller guys with a well placed head butt." She laughed harder. She hadn't had many break ups in her fourteen years but this one was definitely the most amiable.

She ate her salad and he ate his sandwich and they chatted. John looked at his watch and swore.

"Shit! Sorry Sare. My parents are going to get home any minute and if I'm not home they are going to kick my ass." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for being so stellar about this. Love you!" He grabbed his wallet and tossed a few pounds, enough to cover both of them, then was out the door.

He had barely paused outside his bedroom door panting when his parents pulled up. They were happy and mom was a bit tipsy. And he decided to wait until tomorrow to tell them.

They were so happy for him. His mom offered to take him the next day to buy all his stuff and he readily agreed.

Yesterday before he got home he had been looking at to a decent summer with a terrible year ahead of him. Now he was looking forward to fantastic summer and an even better school year.

The dark haired youth stared down his brother, his arms crossed in front of his lean chest.

"I don't care what you say, Mycroft. I'm not going back to that… that… hell hole!" He spat.

"You don't have a choice. All the other schools you've been kicked out of or your reputation as a troublemaker has proceeded you. You wouldn't believe the amount of money father had to shell out to get them to even think about letting you come back."

"They all hate me. The teachers especially." Sherlock pouted.

"Well if you didn't tell them who was shagging who all the time, they might like you a little more."

Sherlock scoffed. "They'd hate even if I didn't deduce every little they did from breakfast to shagging the hell out of each other."

"Language!" Mycroft admonished.

Sherlock rolled his eyes.

"I'm far too clever for their dull classes and they hate it."

"You know full well you could have tested out and gone to college this year like I did."

Sherlock huffed. "Yes but that's what you did. If I did that no one would care because you did first. Not like anyone cares what I do anyway." Sherlock stalked off.

He didn't tell Mycroft the real reason he loathed going back. His roommate was a Neanderthal football player homophobe who had decided with no evidence at all that Sherlock must be gay and had made his life a living hell. He didn't want to back to sheet shifting, the dung in his school bags, and whatever else entered the vapid brain of his.

He had been the first one to call him 'freak'. And now the name had stuck. He sighed. There was just no help for it. He would have to spend the next three years in hell. And then he could escape to college. Away from father and Mycroft and all the idiots at school.

Until then he would have to suffer in silence. He looked at his precious coat and knew he wouldn't be able to take it with him. Who knew what they'd do to something he prized as much as he did that coat. It was a little too big for him now but it suited him down the ground.

It was a dark grey, almost charcoal wool great coat that his father bought him last Christmas. He said he bought it a little big so that his constantly growing youngest could have it for a couple years at least.

Sherlock was already 5'10 at fourteen and could tell that wasn't finished growing yet. He doubted he would be as tall as Mycroft but 6' even would be fantastic. That way he fit in his coat and not grow out of it. Yes that would ideal.

But he was aware that the world didn't work that way. That it was hard and cruel and caring most definitely was NOT an advantage.

He pulled out his violin. Another thing he would have to leave behind. He would have to borrow one the school's inferior objects to protect his other prized possession. His mother's violin.

She had taught him as soon as he learned to walk. It was the only thing that helped him think. He tightened his bow and placed it on the strings and mournful sighed came from it. He bent his head over his instrument and the violin moved on its own accord to Elegy by Faure. The sound was sorrowful and all those that heard it wept with the young man who played it. Even a single tear slipped down the cheek of the young government man. The next eight weeks would slip by so fast.

A/N: I changed the ending a bit after seeing the song played here watch?v=8tj3RtdXORM. I don't play and I asked my resident violinist for a sad piece and he gave me this one. I didn't realize how heartbreaking it was until I heard it and I felt I had to change the end to reflect its beauty.