AN: The setting of the house seems more humanized, but they're still penguins.

'"A time where children play together so their high-strung mothers can actually talk like grown ups for more than two stinking minutes!"'
'"...They're very high-strung."'

~Kowalski, Street smarts.

"Pwease Wittle Walski!" My mother cooed, pinching my cheeks.

I caught my mother's hand, and dropped it down to her side. I shook my head and held my crossed arms against my chest. "No way!" I insisted again firmly. "And for the last time, my name is KOwalski, not Walski. Which I would assume you should know, considering you named me!"

My mother stepped back and put her hands on her hips, her upper lip was puckered out. Yup, she was pouting for her eight year old son. "Why don't you wanna pway with him Walski?"

I glared. "Because he's so annoying! All that maniac every does is stab me with plastic army men, challenge me in races, or wrestles me to the ground like a barbarian!"

"Well Walski-"

"And please, for the sake of your dignity, stop talking like that!"

Her pout turned into a deadly stare. "Well Kowalski, I'm sorry I can't find another eight year old that does algebraic equations for universities. Now can you please try to make him your friend? For me?"

My mom had the best mom look ever. I didn't dare look at the face, so I agreed. My mom smiled and victory and took the last final steps up to the house. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I really didn't want to see this violent, ignorant child every again. He was older than me, although it doesn't feel like it since I am waaaay smarter than him. His flat little head probably shows how much intelligence he has-

The door to the house opened suddenly, and slammed against the inside wall. "Kowalski?" Asked my ignorant play mate, Skipper.

"Skipper, go outside with Walski while the grown ups talk!" Ordered a voice behind the penguin. My mother gave me a small pat on the head and walked past Skipper into the kitchen ahead. Leaving me with possibly a violent idiot.

"But mom," Skipper whined, "he's boring!" He didn't wait to hear the answer, and instead pushed me away from the door while he ran away from it. "Race you to the backyard!"

I groaned. All he does is challenge me at things. Never the less, I started to chase after him. Skipper was very fast for his age, and since I was younger than him, there was no hope I was gonna beat again, I really didn't want to lose to him again. He brags to much.

"Wait!" I cried, jumping on a plastic chair that tipped over on the front lawn, "you can't run on the ground! It's lava!"

Skipper stopped in his tracks and looked back at me like I was crazy. Then, he smirked, deciding to play along. "Well, then too bad for you, 'cause I'm wearing hover boots and can float above the lava!" He then put his arms out in front of him in a superman style, and started to run away again. "Foosh!"

I glared at his running body and leaped off the chair. "But you can't escape the evil flying lava monster!"

"No! But I can punch it!" Skipper turned around and punched the air. "Bam!"

"Your sound effects does not make the situation realistic!" I yelled, running after him. The barbarian laughed louder at my attempts.

No wonder I don't like having friends. Especially with this idiot.

AN: Haha okay, so what do you think? This was more like a pilot for these snapshots. Also, next chapter and a few more chapters after, will feature my OC, Serena. I know, I know, I don't like OC stories either, but I had to put it somewhere!