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The living room was a depressing blackness when he peaked at it from the near opened door. The boy exhaled deeply and strutted inside the main room of the house towards the couch. He felt a wave of comfort in the dark room, which was odd considering the nightmare he just had. Never the less, Private sighed in relief as he plopped himself on the soft fabric of the sofa.

He sighed again, taking in the feeling of his stretched back. His hands fell on his stomach and his eyes started to droop. Letting the feeling of wooziness take over, he was about to fully fall into sleep when he heard the creaking of the door. Private sat up, his head just barely peeking above the top of the couch. His eyes met with his teammate, Kowalski.

Kowalski raised a brow at the younger. "You're up early. Earlier than Skipper."

Private smiled softly. "I couldn't sleep, so I came in here. Why are you up?" He asked, suddenly curious.

The scientist started to walk towards his Iphone that was sitting on a counter. "My pager went off." He explained simply, tapping his finger a few times on the phone's screen.

"Is everything alright?" The young man asked, his voice quaking with worry, even though he was much to tired to care at the moment.

Kowalski nodded. "It was an intruder alert," he grinned lightly, "Don't worry hough. I'm sure it was just you when you got up to go to the living room."

Private frowned. "Sorry."

The scientist shrugged, putting his phone down and staggering back to the door. "It's fine, Private." He paused to yawn. "Just get back to sleep. Skipper says extra training tomorrow."

"Sure thing, Kowalski." Private agreed, even though Kowalski was no longer in the room, and instead in the hall walking to his warm bed.

The youngster giggled for no reason and and laid his head back on the cushion of the couch. It had been too dark for him to have actually seen Kowalski, but his shadowy outline was enough. His eyes started to droop again. Good, he thought, I'm too tired to think about the dark right now.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, his sleep was interrupted by a hand, what felt like hand, being a snapped over his mouth. Yet another hand had wound around is waist, pulling him off the couch.

Private's mind raced, drozziness still clouded his mind. All he could do was yell a muffled yelp as a cloth was being tied tightly around his mouth. His gag reflex came into action when he bit down, and the fabric of the cloth was now stuck in his mouth. Still, the young man felt a need to cry for help as he felt a cold metal chaining his wrists together.

Private's left cheek suddenly burned and he fell onto the couch. The person who had gagged him and bounded his wrists had slapped him.

"You'll be sure not to do that again." A scratchy manly voice said smoothly. "We don't want the rest of the team to come."

Private couldn't see the man. His eyes scanned around the room, even the places he knew the voice wasn't there. All he could see though was black and the blurriness of the windows with light from the moon shining through. Frusterated, he started to kick his feet around, almost afraid to get up.

His feet were caught and suddenly they stung too. Private felt another cold metal on connecting to his ankles and his fear instantly intensified.

"Sorry, kid." The voice chuckled. There was a small pause. "You're probably wondering why I'm doing this."

In response, Private screamed behind his gag, praying by some off chance that someone was awake. All that he heard in his own ears though, were loud muffled sobs. He received another slap to the dance.

"I said don't!" The man snapped. Private winced when he felt a gentle, yet sickening, hand lift his chin. "You're the weak link of the team. But they all adore you. Skipper would die if anything happened to you."

Despite what he was cursing his mind, Private was cowering. Whoever this madman was, he had gotten into their home, the place he felt the safest. If only he hadn't been so scared of some stupid nightmare. If only he had followed Kowalski back to his bed. If only he had been more braver... he wouldn't be in this mess.

"So, naturally..." The man's voice trailed off, and Private felt another metal coldness. But this one was different, it felt lighter, and it laid on his wrist, right above the, what he assumed, were metal handcuffs. He didn't dare look down at the metal objects he felt on his skin, he knew he would become even more terrified, if he could even see an inch in front of his face.

A hurtful poke in his skin made Private's stomach churn in fear. What was...?

"You'll see your team tomorrow. Nighty night."

Private knew the voice was still the madman's, but he couldn't recognize it. The voice suddenly felt so far away, like it was just a voice in his head. His vision was getting even more blurry, and as much as he tried, he suddenly couldn't feel the cold metal handcuffs that were attached to his ankles and wrists.

Before he could completely blackout, his last thoughts were of utter terror for his fellow teammates, Kowalski, Rico, and Skipper.

AN: Okay, so if you're thinking this was a rape scene, cutting past the rape... you should calm your hormones. Seriously, go on non dirty mind pills.

Skipper: -_-

Me:What? Are you cranky :3

Skipper: One of my team members just got kidnapped. And YOU wrote it! I think it's time for us to have another 'talk'.

Me: Oh. My. Gosh... you're... GROUCHY!

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Skipper: ...Why do you have friends?