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Rain rain rain. He was fucking tired of all the damn rain!

"Oi! Old man! Do something 'bout this before I do!" Zangetsu glanced at him, dripping wet, before staring up at the thunderous sky.

"Feel free." He blinked at the unexpected answer before grinning. He was going to have fun with this.


Ichigo was lying on his back by the river, just staring at the sky. He felt so…bored. He wasn't sure what was wrong; he was fighting hollows like normal, going to school, hanging out with his friends, but he felt stagnated.

Maybe it was because Rukia was called back to the Soul Society. Now that he thought about it, that was when this listlessness had started…but did he really miss Rukia that much?

No, that didn't make sense. It'd only been a week since she left and they'd been apart for much longer. Ichigo watched the clouds float by as if they had the answers he was looking for. He sighed. He just couldn't figure it out. Ishida probably could, but Ichigo hadn't told any of his friends and he didn't plan on telling them either. He felt like if they didn't realize how off he was on their own then he wasn't going to tell them. Not to mention how uncomfortable it would be to explain just how apathetic he was and listening to them analyze his life.

He turned his gaze to a passing butterfly, watching it land on a flower before taking off again, when the world began to fade. His vision dimmed and he could feel his consciousness slipping away. He didn't fight it though, what was the point?

When Ichigo opened his eyes, they were yellow on black. A chuckle escaped from his lips, gaining intensity until it was truly frightening

"Feelin a bit down are ya King? Dontcha worry, I'll fix tha for ya!" That manic grin was pasted on his face as Hollow-Ichigo walked home.

Rather than walking through the door and having to deal with the idiot family, he jumped up and came in through the window.

He looked around and spotted his target; his King's Substitute Shinigami Badge. He shook his head at his idiot King's behavior; how could he forget something so important? Seconds later, he was standing in full Shinigami gear, Zangetsu on his back.

He grinned down at Ichigo's body.

"Let's have some fun, eh King?


Ichigo opened his eyes to find himself in his inner world. And it was raining. The water pelting his face felt like little rocks instead of water, and while it hadn't flooded yet it looked like a distinct possibility.

"Old man! Zangetsu, where are you?" Ichigo screamed to be heard over the rain.

"I'm here Ichigo." The answer came from behind him and he whirled around so fast, his wet hair smacked against his cheek.

"Zangetsu, why am I here?" He yelled. Zangetsu only gave him a look and tilted his face towards the sky.

"Why is it raining Ichigo?"

"I don't know!" Zangetsu walked forward, closer to Ichigo, his eyes focused on the young mans face.

"Why is it raining Ichigo?" He said it with more force and it only served to frustrate Ichigo because he didn't know why it was raining dammit!

"I don't know I said! If I knew I would make it stop!"

"Then do you want me to tell you?" Zangetsu replied. He didn't bother to wait for an answer. "You're lonely."

"Wha-? Lonely? Don't joke like that Zangetsu! Why would I be lonely all of a sudden?" His words were hollow however, full of denial and nothing else. The rain fell harder. His shoulders slumped and he looked away as he asked, "But why now? Nothing has changed except-is it because of Rukia?"

Zangetsu nodded.

"It is. But not for the reasons you are thinking. Ichigo," he grabbed Ichigo's chin and lifted his face to see sad brown eyes, "I hate the rain." Zangetsu threw him off the building and as he fell Ichigo heard his words echo.

Make it stop.


Unlike his slow entrance to his inner world, his exit was abrupt. He felt his consciousness snap back into place just as his sensed flared. When his eyelids flickered open, he found himself staring down into the gray eyes of Byakuya Kuchiki.

"What, Byakuya? What are you doing here?" Ichigo blinked down at the captain, taking in his slightly flushed face and twitching eyebrow. "Did something happen?"

He received a glare for his concern. "Kurosaki…where exactly do you think you are right now?"

Ichigo looked around, finally noticing the ruined landscape and the various spiritual pressures, both familiar and foreign and realized he was in the Soul Society. He looked down again to question Byakuya and froze when he realized that he had to look down.

He shot up and fell on his ass in his haste to get away. He stared at Byakuya and felt his face burn. The usually emotionless captain was laying on the ground with his clothes in tatters and a scowl on his face.

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