Sasuke kicked at a burger wrap near his feet, an empty aluminum can clanging as he did so and hiding under Sasuke's seat.

"When's the last time you cleaned this thing?" Sasuke complained.

There was trash all around his feet. As much as Naruto loved his car, it was ironic that he didn't keep it tidy. Though Sasuke supposed he shouldn't be surprised. As happy as Naruto was to find a home, his bedroom didn't look much neater than his car.


Sasuke perked a brow skeptically.

"You want me to believe that this generated in twenty-four hours?"

Naruto chuckled and scratched the back of his head with his left hand, driving one-handed now.

"Well, Kiba, Chouji and I kinda had a late night run to Burger King Friday."

The younger of the two scoffed and rolled his eyes. Sasuke explained to Naruto earlier that in order for him to take this trip, he'd have to remain dead to the world for a couple days to catch up on all of his schoolwork. Sasuke's schedule was competitive with his brother's now in terms of workload, and it made Naruto's fifty hour weekly schedule look measly. He was president of the student body, captain of the basketball team, and took every single AP class available to him. He also volunteered every Thursday at none other than St. Magdelene's. His boyfriend joined him for that one. Of course, the colleges didn't have to know the reason why he started this volunteer work sophomore year.

It was no wonder that Naruto hadn't invited him. Yet given what he knew about those two and how interactions between them and Naruto tended to transpire, he didn't feel like he'd missed anything. The trash by his feet confirmed his instinct.

"You're slobs."

The sky was getting darker, and the moon had begun to show dimly. Most people had their headlights on, and the streetlights had come on about twenty minutes ago.

"Hey!" Naruto interrupted, "We were gonna clean it out, but it got too late! I wanted to have enough sleep for today."

Right, Sasuke thought. Like how Naruto was always just about to clean his room when he came over. But he knew better than to fight Naruto now.

"I take good care of Josie!" Naruto added defensively. "I check her oil, her transmission fluid, her…"

Sasuke couldn't believe that Naruto had actually named the damned thing, but then again, they were currently leaving a lump of snow named Frank behind in the Los Angeles Mountains. It wasn't exactly out of character. It was also true that had this car been owned by anyone less appreciative and diligent than Naruto, the engine probably would've died a while ago.

"Just keep your eyes on the road."

"Screw you," Naruto shot back. "I'm driving just fine."

"Let's keep it that way."

Naruto grumbled, reluctantly quiet as The Neighbourhood came over the radio. They drove another several miles in silence, other than Naruto belting the lyrics of Smashmouth's "Allstar" when it came on the radio. He didn't have to mumble to this song, loud and proud. They were on the freeway for about six miles until they exited for Naruto's house. At their first light, Sasuke glanced at the odometer, which read 179,995 miles.

Naruto did, still, tend to celebrate every nitpicky occasion he got the chance to celebrate. Naruto had informed Sasuke, solemnly, on Friday that he had decided to drop out of school and pursue his dream ambition as a circus mime. Apparently, November 21 is False Confession Day. It was also World Hello Day, which is what Naruto had celebrated in 2013, much to the confusion of the few people at Konoha High School who didn't already know Naruto. Sasuke would remember this fact next year, though it wasn't as if Naruto had fooled him for even a split second.

And so Sasuke was much surprised that Naruto hadn't commented on the fact that his beloved automobile was about to hit precisely 180,000 miles. Was it possible that Naruto just hadn't noticed? As they waited at a red light right off the freeway, Sasuke felt a small pang of guilt. As much as he wanted to avoid the theatrics and probably get stuck circling the block if the car didn't hit 180,000 before they arrived at Naruto's house, he knew Naruto would be extremely disappointed if he missed the milestone. So Sasuke sighed and rested his forehead in his palm, knowing he'd regret what he was about to say.

"Naruto, look at the odometer."

"Huh?" Naruto asked gracelessly, glancing until he shot up. "Holy shit! My baby's almost got 180,000 miles!"

Sasuke nodded.

"Attagirl, Josie. I knew you could do it," Naruto cooed, stroking the steering wheel. Sasuke felt like he was about to gag. "180,000 miles, and still kicking!"

The light turned green, Naruto still smiling down proudly at his steering wheel.

"It's green," Sasuke told him impatiently.

"Right," Naruto answered, accelerating before anyone had the chance to honk. "Oh! Oh! Sasuke, get my phone!"

Sasuke knew where this was going, grabbing Naruto's phone and setting it to camera mode before Naruto even said anything.

"Film it!"

He'd certainly seen this coming. Though given how pleased Naruto was, Sasuke couldn't really regret opening his mouth.

The part of town Naruto lived in was more urbanized than Sasuke's place out in the suburbs was. The houses crammed together like a rows of bluntly pointed teeth. This pattern started as soon as Naruto got more than a mile away from his freeway exit. It was also more heavily trafficked than Sasuke's neighborhood was, and it was nearing six o'clock. Rush hour. Naruto had to wait at the next light twice to avoid being gridlocked. Sasuke sighed. They were only two miles from Naruto's house, but he'd bet his college fund on Naruto insisting on driving around until the car hit exactly 180,000, rush hour or not.

Of course, Sasuke was right. They passed right by Naruto's house as the car hit 179,998 miles, overshooting it as the landmark mileage approached. His house was white with two square windows on the top floor, which were divided into four panes. It had a dark red door and a very short and steep cement stoop. Now they were circling the block, which was sure to at least take another five minutes.

"Start filming now!" Naruto chipped in.

Sasuke obeyed with a reluctant groan, just barely catching the odometer change to 179,999 on footage.

"My baby, Josie…" Naruto began speaking in his deep camera voice, "Was brought into my life one year ago. She has been a very good car, though she did kinda leave us stranded off the 405 a few months ago, but… That wasn't her fault. It was hot out."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. That had been wonderful, spending two hours waiting for tow trucks to come in 112 degree heat. Another fun fact: Josie's air conditioner didn't work.

"And by us, I mean me and Sasuke. Say hi, Sasuke!"

"Hi," Sasuke spoke obligatorily.

"Josie is just about to hit 180,000 miles!" Naruto added. "It is November 22, 2014. The time is…"

A car honked behind them. Naruto had begun to slow in his lane.

"The time is 6:25," Sasuke volunteered for Naruto. Sasuke added in a rather begrudging tone, "Right in the middle of rush hour."

Sasuke moved the phone so that the footage would show the true extent of the bustling maze in front of them.

"We're going to my house!" Naruto chipped in. "Sasuke, film me, then film yourself, then go back to the odometer."

Sasuke aimed the camera at Naruto, who smiled, then dully looked into the camera himself before aiming it back at the odometer.

"I worked my ass off for this car," Naruto narrated. "I worked so many crappy jobs it isn't even funny! But I feel so lucky to have gotten a car, and such a good one as Josie to boot! Josie, here's to another 180,000 miles!"

Sasuke tried to remain silent. Naruto couldn't seriously expect this car to run for 360,000 miles, could he? Probably so. And just as he spoke, the 9 switched to a 0. Josie had officially survived the 180,000 mile mark.

"Woo!" Naruto shouted, waving his right fist. Another driver, mistaking this for a rude gesture, flipped Naruto the bird. Naruto was completely unaware.

"Eyes on the road," Sasuke repeated mechanically with a belabored sigh.

"They are!"

With that, Sasuke ended the film. And now came the quest for street parking. Naruto's house only had a one car garage, which was generally used by Iruka. Naruto knew which streets to park on during which days to avoid having to wake up early to move his car for street cleaning. Naruto and Sasuke scoured the road. This was not an easy time of day for this task.

Finally, they found a space, just barely large enough for Naruto's car. Quickly, Naruto backed into it and leveled forward neatly. Sasuke would have rather been tortured than admit this, but Naruto put his classmates' parallel parking skills to shame, and yes, this did include Sasuke. Sasuke could drive; Naruto and he were both taught by Iruka and Itachi, who would alternate lessons to juggle their schedules. Sasuke simply didn't own a car and lived in an area that usually didn't require parallel parking. Naruto had become a veteran. It didn't take Naruto much longer than ten seconds to squeeze into his spot, with only several free inches on each end of his car.

Sasuke was grateful that he was lean, squeezing out of the small area between the passenger door and the curb. Waiting for a lapse in traffic to open his door and run around his car, Naruto grabbed his bag of wet snow clothes and walked the block until they neared Naruto's house. The cement stoop had three steps, each of them steep. Naruto wordlessly requested for Sasuke to hold his bag while he rummaged in his jacket pocket for his house key. Sasuke held Naruto's belongings as Naruto took a few more seconds than Sasuke believed should be necessary to locate his keys. They opened the door, big band music playing over the house's acoustic system.

"I'm home, Pops!" Naruto shouted out.

The bottom floor had a four foot TV in it and beige carpet, which Naruto had done his very best not to stain. There was a wood table with six chairs, as well as a small kitchen area. Everything was neat and orderly, appearing as though it had been vacuumed and dusted only a day ago. This was always the state of the common areas. While Naruto might have been a slob, he was a considerate slob. He never left messes in any shared space, but his bedroom was another story.

Footsteps quickly pounded down the stairs as Naruto's father came into view. He was wearing black dress shoes and dark grey dress slacks, along with a light blue collar shirt with a red and blue striped tie. His hair was kept back in a neat ponytail, his appearance meticulous. However, Iruka never tried to hide the scar that spanned his nose. Something about that made Naruto happy.

Iruka seemed rather flustered and preoccupied. Naruto's eyes widened as he processed his father's well-groomed, formal attire. Was this what he was talking about when he said he had plans? Naruto had wished he'd asked for more details.

"Naruto!" Iruka called out with a smile, giving Naruto a quick pat on the back as he walked right past him and began to rummage through his things. "I just had this darned cell phone…" he sighed.

"Woah, Dad!" Naruto answered, still floored by the abrupt change in his father's appearance. "You look great!"

"I do?" Iruka answered, sounding a little nervous and scratching below his collar.

"Yeah! What's the special occasion?"

This had been on Naruto's mind since the moment he saw Iruka. Sasuke, however, hadn't a doubt.

"Actually, I'm going on a date," Iruka said, looking down at his watch. "I'm cutting it a bit close though."

Iruka had been going on dates a little more often lately. Maybe he was looking to find someone to settle down with, especially now that Naruto was nearing college age. Naruto was happy for him. He didn't want his father being alone.

"That's not like you," Naruto answered confusedly. Iruka tended to be quite timely.

Sasuke quietly observed the conversation, taking his shoes off and setting them by the doorway and hanging his leather coat up on the nearby hook.

"Well…" Iruka answered sheepishly, looking down as he found his cell phone and placed it in his jacket pocket. "I wanted to make sure you were home safe before I left. If I didn't see you with my own eyes, it'd be on my mind all night."

Naruto laughed loudly. He told Iruka he'd call him when he got home anyway. What good would being home and missing his date do? But Iruka was just like that, for better or for worse. Naruto couldn't deny that it felt nice having a parent who cared so much. He of all people knew how difficult it was to find a guardian who would care for you like their own flesh and blood. Naturally, he wouldn't bring up the accident they nearly got into back in the mountains.

"Aw, you didn't have to do that!" Naruto replied, shaking his head. "That's so silly."

"Plenty of people have crashed on that pass," Iruka continued as he looked himself over in the mirror that rested above their two-person couch. He adjusted his collar. "One of my students, even. Everyone was fine, thank God, but still…"

They must've been lucky souls. Naruto sighed, now taking off his own shoes using only his feet and the support of a couch.

"You worry too much. You're gonna give yourself ulcers."

Iruka walked past Naruto again to check that he'd left the thermostat at a suitable level. He took the opportunity to pat Naruto's head.

"I'm your father. Worrying is part of the job description."

Naruto rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as Iruka ruffled his hair. People tended to like doing that to him, probably because of the way the wily locks always seemed to settle back into the same position. Iruka seemed like he was nearly ready to leave.

"So…" Naruto asked mischievously. "Is she hot?"

Sasuke had half a mind to whack Naruto upside the head.

"Yes," Iruka mumbled. "Maybe a little too hot, if you know what I mean."

Now Naruto looked to Sasuke, looking as if someone had just told him that indeed the Sun did revolve around the Earth. What was Iruka talking about? Sasuke shrugged.

"No… I don't know what that means at all," Naruto answered with a deadpan, shaking his head. "Is 'too hot' even an actual thing?"

"I just mean…" Iruka seemed to lose his composure here, stammering slightly. "Well, she's really attractive and intelligent and all, and…"

Ah, now Naruto understood. He was nervous! Sasuke inwardly mused at how slow Naruto could be at times.

"Woah, woah now. What am I hearing from you?" Naruto demanded.

"Well, it's just a little nerve-wracking is all." Iruka had stopped chasing around the house, distracted now as he stood next to Naruto. "She's just so…"

"No! That's not how we talk in this household!"

Iruka cast Naruto a questioning and slightly exasperated look, and Sasuke tried not to snicker at the irony of Naruto telling Iruka how he could speak in his own home.

"You are Umino Iruka!" he shouted with a smile. Another one of Naruto's patented pep talks… "You are a fierce tiger!"

"Naruto," Iruka told him with a hint of flustered laughter to his voice. "This really isn't nec-"

"She is the lucky one to have scored a date with you! Now roooar!"

Naruto grinned encouragingly as Iruka simply stared back at him with a look of both nervousness and exasperation. There were several seconds of silence as the two of them looked at each other like that, which was rather painful to watch. Sasuke sighed.

"Don't overthink, Iruka," Sasuke offered. "Just wing it."

"You're gonna be just fine," Naruto added. "If you can handle a room full of thirty snotty little kids, you can handle one woman. Stop being such a worrywart again!"

Iruka seemed to let some of his worries out with another long sigh.

"Thanks, guys."

"No problem!" Naruto beamed.

Iruka glanced down at his wristwatch again.

"Well, here it goes. See you both later."

"Knock 'em dead!" Naruto shouted as Sasuke flicked Iruka a wave.

The door shut as Iruka walked out into the garage, leaving Sasuke and Naruto all alone yet again.

"He's gonna be fine," Naruto confirmed with Sasuke.

Sasuke nodded, turning Iruka's music off before making his way to the refrigerator. Now he actually was a little hungry; he was beginning to feel a bit dizzy, even. Both Iruka and Itachi allowed either one of the boys to eat whatever was in their refrigerator, unless otherwise notified. Sasuke felt almost as much at home in Naruto's house as Naruto did in Sasuke's, which said a lot considering that Naruto had actually lived at Sasuke's house for two months.

"You hungry, Naruto?" Sasuke asked as they perused the contents of the fridge.

"Nggh yes."

Sasuke found a large bag of hard-boiled eggs and Diet Coke, as well as some Roma tomatoes. He knew what he'd be eating.

"I want eggs and tomato."

Naruto shrugged.

"Yeah, sounds good to me."

Naruto tended to be rather easygoing when it came to meal options. Of course, he'd always go for instant ramen, but he'd matured enough to realize that this did not constitute a healthy diet. He took multivitamins daily, and he ate his fruits and vegetables. Of course, he'd be lying if he claimed to not have a serious junk food addiction.

Naruto took to cracking and peeling the hardboiled eggs as Sasuke sliced a tomato for them. He also looked in the pantry for some crackers, figuring it would go well with the tomato and egg. Thankfully, his beloved dill Triscuits were on the lower shelf. He didn't remember these being here last time.

"When'd you pick these up?" Sasuke asked, returning the tomatoes to the table and taking over the box of crackers. Naruto was slicing up the eggs as Sasuke poured them both a glass of soda.

"Iruka grabbed 'em on the way home from a teacher conference in Long Beach last week. He likes them too."

Sasuke had really intended only on eating Naruto's food. He also thought that these Triscuits had only been placed here in the first place because Naruto knew how much Sasuke liked them. But if he had eaten Iruka's dill Triscuits, Sasuke was remorseful. It wasn't as though Sasuke had eaten all of them, but he'd certainly made a dent. Sasuke knew how hard they were to replace.

"I…ate his crackers?"

"Well, yeah, but he said anything in the house."

Naruto finally set the eggs down, one of which he'd kept whole. Naruto sprinkled some salt on it and took a large bite. Sasuke moved to put the crackers away.

"Hey, what're ya doin?" Naruto asked with his mouth full.

"These belong to Iruka."

Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Please, Sasuke. I don't think he really cares. He gave you permission."

All the same, Sasuke preferred not to risk inflicting this upon Iruka.

"'Sides, he bought like six boxes. I dunno, you guys are weird when it comes to those things."

Sasuke sighed, feeling a little better about eating them now as he sat down at the table and opened the box of crackers. He placed a slice of hard-boiled egg on the cracker, topping it with a slice of tomato and some salt. Sasuke found it delicious. He began to realize how hungry he'd been all along after he took his first bite. Yet it probably wouldn't take much to fill him, either. Naruto was already on his second egg, shoveling a cracker in his mouth randomly.

"Soooo hungryyy…" Naruto groaned.

There were probably about a dozen eggs in that bag. Sasuke actually wondered if Naruto stood a chance of finishing them off. Naruto began to lose steam after his fifth egg, chasing a bite of egg with a small bite of tomato. Sasuke was already full, sipping on his soda. He was feeling a lot more energized now. Maybe most of his fatigue had been hunger.

Naruto grinned, holding two eggs in one hand and snickering immaturely.

"Sasuke, wanna touch my juevos?" he asked, holding out the eggs to Sasuke.

Right, Naruto knew Spanish now. Just enough to make crude references like these.


"You don't want to touch my juevos?" Naruto asked with mock hurt. "Jue-orrible!"

Naruto had to struggle for that one. As if his puns weren't bad enough in his native tongue …

"No," Sasuke answered without paying attention.

Naruto placed the eggs back in the bag, leaning on his hand.

"Actually, I'm kinda full now," Naruto stated as he began to neaten his eating place.


Sasuke took the cue to help clean their surroundings, placing the tomatoes and eggs back in the fridge as Naruto swept any cracker crumbs off of the table and put the Triscuits away. They returned to Naruto's bedroom, which was their designated hang out spot even when Iruka was gone. After all, that's where the PS4 was.

The stairs were narrow and steep. The house, in general, seemed to be smashed together and upward to save real estate. Usually, people had to grip onto a rail on the stairs to climb them, but Sasuke was well-conditioned and didn't have to.

There were two small bedrooms upstairs and a tiny bathroom in the middle of the hall. The pair first entered Naruto's room, which was covered in posters honoring a minimum of ten different rock bands, among them The White Stripes, Disturbed, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and naturally, Led Zeppelin. A half-empty two liter was sitting on Naruto's bedstand, and Naruto's desk was cluttered by homework, as well as a scholarship application. Enough clothes to compile about three outfits were on Naruto's maroon carpeting.

His walls were a light blue and slightly chipped. The posters covered that up pretty well, however. It was Naruto's practice to always keep the blinds open during hours of sunlight. The moon had come out now, and the room was partially illuminated by the streetlamps outside even before Naruto turned on the light. Naruto's mattress was a double, forced against the back corner and covered by a simple white sheet. The room smelled faintly of Axe body spray.

"Clean up your room while I take a shower," Sasuke ordered.

"Hey," Naruto answered, pointing his finger at Sasuke. "I clean my room when I want to clean my room. Which is now, just so you know, but that has nothing to do with you."

"Whatever," Sasuke answered, rolling his eyes.

"And you were just wet. You seriously feel the need to take a shower?"

"I seriously do," Sasuke said flatly. "And if you clean your room fast enough, feel free to join me."

Sasuke closed the door behind him without looking back. He knew that he'd been persuasive.

Sasuke entered the petite bathroom, folding his shirt and pants and placing them on the ground with his boxers. He looked well-kempt, until it came time to take off that damned beanie. He saved that for the very last and cast himself a look in the mirror out of morbid curiosity, which he sincerely regretted.

His clothes were clean, so he wouldn't mind rewearing them. He just felt a little disheveled after a day like this, and hey, he certainly didn't mind if Naruto kept him company. He felt relieved when the hot water hit his skin, causing his body's temperature to rise. The house was just a slight bit chilly. Naruto's showerhead was detachable, a long, flexible pipe leading downwards. Sasuke applied the hot water to his sore shoulder, stretching his neck as he allowed the water to break up the tension.

Sasuke felt refreshed as he worked his shampoo up to a lather, loving the feel of the warm water against his tired muscles. After all, they'd had a long day. The entire bathroom smelled like Naruto now. By the time Sasuke washed his hair and was tending to his body, Naruto entered the steamy bathroom, already naked.

"Just in time," Sasuke smirked.

"I can't remember the last time I cleaned my room so fast."

Naruto slipped back the glass door. He noted, absently, how different Sasuke looked with his hair wet. His bangs clung to the sides of Sasuke's face. The back became straight, reaching down to his shoulders. Since the shower was small, they were close together. In fact, it was hard to move without touching each other. It had been two weeks since the last time they'd seen each other undressed.

"All that training for basketball season is paying off," Naruto said off-handedly as he glanced at Sasuke's body. He hadn't meant to say this, but thoughts seemed to come and go on a will of their own.

Sasuke reached for the soap, but Naruto stood in the way. The shower was too small for Sasuke to move around Naruto.

"Pass the soap."

Naruto paused for a moment, handing over the soap in his hand. Sasuke scrubbed his body, rivulets of white soap suds falling along the definitions of Sasuke's abdomen and his pelvis. Naruto took a deep swallow, trying to calm himself as he cleaned his own hair. Sasuke finished, but he didn't leave. He relinquished his spot near the showerhead to Naruto and stretched his neck, taking advantage of the hot steam.

"You've been stretchin' a lot," Naruto mused, frowning. "Have you been training too hard?"

Sasuke shook his head.

"It's just proactive."

He wouldn't allow himself to get injured this season. His team couldn't afford it. And in all honesty, maybe he had overtrained a little recently, but just a little bit. Nothing worth ruffling Naruto's feathers over.

"Or just a chance to watch me shower?" Naruto asked mischievously.

For an instant, Sasuke's eyes prepared to wander without his permission. Sasuke quickly exerted his authority, refraining himself from looking now if only for the principle.

"Please," Sasuke responded with a roll of his eyes.

"Oh, gladly," Naruto answered, flexing his bicep and giving Sasuke a smile and a wink. Sasuke reached around Naruto, taking the showerhead out of its holder and, with a perfectly flat expression, aiming it directly at Naruto's face. Naruto coughed and cleared his eyes.

"Hey!" Naruto shouted, grabbing the showerhead from Sasuke and aiming it for Sasuke's face now. Sasuke saw this coming, however, and was quickly able to protect his face.

"Nuh uh!" Naruto insisted with a grin. Sasuke should've known better than to engage him in this. He grabbed Sasuke's right hand and attempted to aim for Sasuke's face once again. Sasuke turned his face, getting water in his ear.

"Knock it off."

Sasuke pulled his ear outward to clear his ear canal.

"You started it!"

Naruto paused, glancing at Sasuke. An idea had sprung up in his mind. Why hadn't he thought of this earlier?

Naruto looked at his showerhead, facing the flow of water towards the drain as he shifted through the showerhead settings, from the pummeling one stream jet to the gentle, but firm shower with about thirty different points of contact. Unseen by Naruto, Sasuke shot him a curious look.



Naruto grasped Sasuke's cock gently and applied the warm and small jets of water, spraying it from the base of Sasuke's cock to the tip. Instinctively, Sasuke grabbed Naruto's shoulder to brace himself and tried not to gasp.

"What the hell?" Sasuke asked, but it lacked venom. This seemed so random, but with Naruto's distractibility, Sasuke had grown accustomed to this to some extent.

"I do this for myself sometimes. I can't believe I never thought to do it for you."

That was Naruto. He acted on impulse, oftentimes regardless of the moment. However, this time around, Sasuke's couldn't claim to mind. He allowed his mind to wander, imagining Naruto doing this to himself while the house was empty. It only aroused him further.

"How does it feel?" Naruto asked caringly, glancing back up at Sasuke's face.

Naruto's tone of voice disarmed Sasuke somewhat, allowing his hand to rest on Naruto's back. The modest sweat working at his temples was concealed by the water. Sasuke had done this several times before at Naruto's house, actually, as the showerhead at his own house was not detachable. He thought of Naruto the entire time.

Yet this was a completely different experience, with Naruto at the helm. Sasuke's eyes wandered down to meet Naruto's. Sasuke could already feel his breaths become more erratic, in part labored because of the dense steam in the room. Sasuke bit his lip and nodded.

Naruto shot Sasuke back a half smile, finding Sasuke's sudden show of bashfulness endearing. Sasuke knew what Naruto was thinking, narrowing his eyes at Naruto. This caused Naruto's smile to widen, though it still spoke of mischief.

"Let me try something."

Naruto set down the showerhead, getting down on his knees and taking Sasuke's cock into his mouth. After the sensation of water, the warm, uniform, and soft pressure of Naruto's mouth offered stark contrast. The organ's skin already sensitized, Sasuke clutched onto Naruto's shoulder as Naruto began to suck. Sasuke could just barely hear the sound of it over the shower.

Sasuke had his mouth shut tight, sucking at his tongue to remain silent. Naruto's head bobbed slightly, taking the bottom half of Sasuke's cock in. He moved slowly and gradually, flicking his tongue against the head of Sasuke's hardening cock every couple rounds to keep him on his toes. While Sasuke's voice didn't betray him, his eyes did, eyelids drooping down in pleasure as his head just slightly tilted back.

Once again grasping the showerhead, Naruto brought it up and, at a distance, applied the gentle flow to the base of Sasuke's cock from underneath. Naruto began to suck harder now, his movements becoming faster. Experiencing both sensations at once was almost overwhelming.

"Naruto…" Sasuke moaned quietly.

Out of Sasuke's view, Naruto smirked. Finally, he was heating Sasuke up. He'd picked through his silence.

Sasuke became accustomed to the sensation, reveling in the feeling. Naruto and Sasuke's eyes caught each other once again, and they held stares. Sasuke's jaws had just barely parted, and his brows were scrunched together. Sasuke allowed himself to close his eyes now, the muscles around his eyes relaxing as he tilted his head backwards and acclimated to the feeling. Sasuke was mostly erect, and Naruto's mouth and the curious sensation of the steaming water was bringing him closer to fulfillment by the second.

Sasuke thought he felt the showerhead slowly moving up his cock. The movement was so gradual as to be initially imperceptible. He took note of where he felt the spray, new areas steadily coming into contact with it as the flesh towards the end of Sasuke's cock was left. Naruto moved his lips up to meet the receding water, taking Sasuke in deeper now. Given enough motivation, Sasuke knew that Naruto was capable of patience.

Behind his closed lids, Sasuke attempted to imagine what Naruto looked like right now. Naruto's lips contoured against the sensitive skin of his erection as they so often did, Sasuke assumed, lips just slightly plump. His hand would be reached under his cock. Just now, Sasuke felt Naruto rest his hand on his thigh. Sasuke's other hand locked onto Naruto's hair. Would Naruto be looking at him? All of Sasuke's experiences, which were many, would lead him to think so. Sasuke peeked, and he couldn't help but moan, just quietly, at the lustful look Naruto was giving him just now. He couldn't close his eyes again.

The spray went farther back now, and Sasuke grabbed Naruto's shoulder harder as it first made contact with his balls. His cock was erect, almost painfully so. Bracing himself against the wall, Sasuke allowed himself to gasp out words.

"Fuck… Naru…"

He inhaled the first word and exhaled the next, his voice shuddering just slightly as he spoke Naruto's name. Naruto moaned against Sasuke's cock, the shower spray venturing a little farther back. The feeling of the spray on his sack made Sasuke curl his toes, the feeling both foreign and overwhelming. Naruto was deepthroating him now, eyes ravishing him. For a moment, Sasuke wondered if he might fall; the room seemed rather replete of oxygen at the moment. Sasuke panted, nails now indenting Naruto's back as he solicited support. The pain only fueled Naruto.

He was growing used to the feeling of the water on such a unique spot. Sasuke had never done this before, actually, but he was beginning to wonder why. His muscles began to relax, and he felt himself build up. He knew orgasm was close.


Sasuke no longer bothered restraining himself. He didn't want anything curbing his pleasure, and he felt safe with Naruto. Naruto's free hand pulled Sasuke's asscheek outward, causing his hole to gape as Naruto's finger slipped in, the flesh still warm and wet from the water.

"F-fuck…" Sasuke stuttered out.

Naruto's finger pressed against Sasuke's hole several times, teasing as the water softly sprayed against Sasuke's sack, and as Naruto sucked his cock, taking him as far back as he could.

"I'm gonna cum…"

As far back as Sasuke was in Naruto's throat, he knew Naruto would appreciate the warning. He couldn't hold back for much longer. When Naruto's finger finally passed Sasuke's entrance, going to the first digit, Sasuke moaned in appreciation. His face, which had already been a light pink from the heat of the shower, was flushed darkly, as were his abs, thighs, and cock. Naruto merely held his finger there, allowing Sasuke to cherish that blissful full feeling. He didn't pump; Sasuke seemed to already be having difficulty standing.

And Sasuke felt the pressure, hammering from the inside outward, that urge for release. He'd held off for a while. Now he'd surrender.

Sasuke's breath quivered and finally, slowly became a moan, which mounted in volume. Sasuke spurted into Naruto's mouth, and his mind flashed white as he cried out. He nearly fell, quickly and gracelessly catching the shower wall with his hand. His entire body was tingling with pleasure and affection.

Naruto swallowed most of it, giving an appreciative moan. Another smaller spurt followed, and it was bliss. Naruto sucked Sasuke's cock gently as Sasuke emptied himself into Naruto's mouth. What Naruto could not swallow dribbled down his chin, falling on the shower's floor. When Sasuke had finally finished, Naruto rested his hand on Sasuke's hip and stood. He wasted no time before kissing Sasuke passionately, their tongues sliding against each other. Naruto cupped his hand against Sasuke's cheek, and Sasuke rested his forearm on Naruto's shoulder, his fingers playing with the hair at the nape of Naruto's neck. Sasuke wanted to please Naruto, truly, but the steam had already made Sasuke dizzy. This happened to him even when sex wasn't involved, and now he felt like he was about to fall over. Naruto chuckled, whispering in Sasuke's ear.

"I really do need a shower now."

He bent over and obligatorily placed the showerhead in its holder, quickly allowing it to rinse off his back as he stilled faced Sasuke. Sasuke brushed his thumb across Naruto's chin, removing some of the spunk that the water hadn't yet washed away. Sasuke had already wiped at his own face.

Naruto blushed as Sasuke glanced at his fingers, causing Sasuke to smile back at him smugly as he licked his fingertip. Naruto turned around to conceal his facial expression, letting the water clean the rest of his face. The look on Sasuke's face was practically painful.

Finally clean, Naruto turned off the shower and grabbed a white towel. Sasuke grabbed his own, toweling off his body and his hair. Naruto just dried himself off enough not to drip all over the floor while Sasuke quietly clucked his tongue. Naruto glanced over, and Sasuke was looking at his reflection in the mirror disapprovingly. It was a challenge not to laugh. Naruto knew how much Sasuke hated the look of its hair as it air-dried.

"Iruka's blow dryer is under the sink," Naruto informed him.

Sasuke nodded, grateful as Naruto waltzed back into his room, completely in the nude with his towel resting on his shoulder. Sasuke quickly started up the blow dryer, allowing his hair to return to its usual position. Sasuke only used light gel to style his hair, just to keep stray hairs in check. For whatever reason, his hair had insisted on its style since it had first acquired enough length.

His ear was growing hot, the loud whirring of the blow dryer tuning out all sound. Naruto had made him feel amazing. He was just thinking about paying him back when he turned off the hair dryer, his hair in perfect place.

But he heard something after the dryer silenced… A soft shlicking sound. Moaning. It was muted behind Naruto's bedroom door. Sasuke cursed himself, momentarily, for making Naruto wait. It was his birthday celebration, after all.

Sasuke quickly walked towards the door with his towel around his waist, opening it at a normal speed but without hesitation. Naruto was nude, his towel cast off on the carpet. He lay in the middle of his bed, completely uncovered, his legs apart and his sex in his right hand. He paused for just a moment in surprise at Sasuke's return, looking directly into Sasuke's eyes. They only held stares for a couple seconds until Naruto continued to please himself, brazenly staring at Sasuke's half-naked body. He slid his hand up and down his cock, though only at a lukewarm speed.

Sasuke subtly licked the right side of his upper lip. He knew he was helping Naruto along now, and he'd be sure to be of more service in the very near future. But for now, he pulled at the area where he'd secured the towel around his waist, sliding it out so that it parted with his warm skin by about a wrist's length. Naruto glanced at Sasuke indignantly.

"Tease," Naruto muttered.

Raising his brows wryly, Sasuke tugged just enough now to bring the small piece of towel he tucked in out into the open. The towel released itself, revealing Sasuke's completely nude body in front of Naruto. Naruto reached out to Sasuke, who was half a room away from him. His fingers grabbed longingly, and Sasuke took care to remember this moment of desperation.

Sasuke quickly closed the distance between the two of them, kneeling between Naruto's legs and kissing him hungrily, their tongues lashing against each other. Naruto stopped pleasing himself for a moment, and Sasuke took Naruto's sex into his own hand, adopting Naruto's same speed as he pumped it up and down. Naruto moaned softly, his hips eagerly thrusting into Sasuke's hand. He wanted more. Sasuke picked up the pace, Naruto moans growing louder.

"Keep going. Please, Sasuke…"

A simple handjob, after all that Naruto had done for him, seemed rather lackluster. Yet Naruto was completely stiff in his hands. He couldn't believe that Naruto was ready so quickly. He hadn't even taken that long to dry his hair. Naruto must've gotten started immediately. So Sasuke continued, knowing that it wasn't over. This would keep Naruto satisfied for the moment. Sasuke had bigger plans for the night.


Naruto seemed somewhat humiliated, but in all honesty, Sasuke was complimented by Naruto's arousal. If anything, he felt guilty over not repaying Naruto's kindness immediately.

"Let go."


Naruto had attempted to speak his name, but his voice was quickly lost to moans as Naruto unleashed into Sasuke's hand. Another spurt, and another… Naruto's mouth parted as he released himself, and Sasuke kissed him once again. Naruto wrapped both of his arms around Sasuke, kissing back.

"Sasuke…" Naruto whispered, smiling up at Sasuke lightly.


"I'd like to ask something of you."

Sasuke tilted his head, regarding Naruto curiously. It wasn't often Naruto spoke this way; he tended to be much pushier.

"I'm listening."

Naruto glanced down, collecting himself before he looked back at Sasuke with certainty.

"I want to penetrate you."

Sasuke swallowed hard. Even after two years, he still had this reaction. He knew he could enjoy it, sometimes even more than being the one to penetrate. It just took him a long time to work up to the point where he felt comfortable enough to do that.

"It is your birthday…sort of," Sasuke answered with a sigh, causing Naruto to grin. And, of course, he had yet to pay Naruto back for that fantastic show in the shower.

"Trust me, Sasuke," Naruto said with a reassuring and seductive grin. "I'll make it worth it."

"I have no doubts."

Naruto kissed Sasuke, a little more slowly now as his lust had been temporarily sated. He tugged on Sasuke's lip, kissing along his jawbone and licking the area between the lobe of Sasuke's ear and his jawbone. Naruto knew how sensitive that spot was for Sasuke. Sasuke took a deep breath in through his nose, willing himself to relax. Naruto's tongue slid Sasuke's horseshoe earring in his mouth, his teeth giving the jewelry a slight tug before Naruto slowly and gently licked up the side of Sasuke's ear. Sasuke felt blood rush down to his groin, his face slightly flushed.

Naruto, still composed, kissed down Sasuke's neck, he sucked the flesh gently and pinched it ever so lightly with his teeth, Naruto's eyes requesting permission to mark him. In response, Sasuke leaned his head to the side, allowing Naruto full access to his neck. Naruto found himself wishing that he had two birthdays each year instead of one. Maybe it was time to add his half birthday to the list of special occasions?

Naruto latched his teeth on, sucking. Sasuke moaned gently, knowing that Naruto was marking him in a completely visible place and not caring in the slightest. He knew from just the feel of it, the suction and the pressure of Naruto's teeth on his skin, that it was going to be dark. He didn't mind. Everyone knew, anyway. In fact, a part of him found it erotic. Still, he'd have to pay Naruto back for that one. If Naruto was allowed to own him, Sasuke sure as hell better be able to do the same to Naruto.

As the hickey began to assume a red, and then a purplish hue, Naruto looked down in satisfaction. He kissed Sasuke again as he brushed his hand down Sasuke's bare chest. Sasuke was silently very thankful to Naruto. He knew that Sasuke needed to be either highly relaxed or highly aroused when transitioning into such a vulnerable position, no matter how surprisingly cooperative he was trying to be.

"Sasuke…" Naruto whispered gently.

"Mn?" Sasuke asked lazily.

"Get on your stomach and take your knees into your chest."

Sasuke nodded, turning onto his stomach, his hair not even ruffled. It was almost eerie having Sasuke be so obedient. It had been months since the last time Sasuke had allowed him to do this. Sasuke turned his head towards Naruto, but his eyes still aimed towards the sheets.

"Can we play it by ear?" Sasuke asked, and Naruto swore that he heard the slightest hint of nervousness in Sasuke's voice. He loved it.

"Absolutely not," Naruto answered flatly.

"Idiot," Sasuke shot back, causing Naruto to laugh. Naruto's joke had put Sasuke somewhat at ease, but the sound of his laughter… As annoying as it could be to Sasuke at times, now it seemed so reassuring.

"I'll take my time. Tell me to stop if you get uncomfortable, okay?"

Sasuke paused.


Even Sasuke wasn't sure what had gotten into him, birthday or none. Excuses about birthdays aside, maybe it had been talking about Stanford with Naruto, thinking about having to part with him again. It made him softer, more loving, because he had to admit that just a portion of his mind was afraid of losing. The rational part of his mind knew better. After everything that had happened, he doubted something like this could part them. But he just couldn't be sure.

Breathing in deeply, Sasuke took to all fours before leaning down on the bed and bringing his knees into his chest, his forearms stretched forward on the bed. Naruto kneeled on the bed behind Sasuke, quietly appreciating the view. He gently massaged Sasuke's asscheek with his right hand, Sasuke's pucker giving a slight spasm whenever it was exposed to the cool air. Naruto kissed Sasuke's hip lovingly, petting up and down Sasuke's spine. Naruto felt Sasuke relax under his fingertips, his back lengthening as Sasuke leaned deeper into the bed.

Now Naruto took one cheek in each hand, kneading them softly. He parted them so that Sasuke's entrance revealed itself shamelessly, clenching involuntarily. Naruto bent down, confidently flattening his tongue over the opening.

Sasuke balled the sheets with his right hand. Naruto's tongue circled around the orifice, and Sasuke felt himself grow hard against the bed. He let out a quiet and appreciative moan, at which Naruto hardened his tongue and forced it past the band. Sasuke couldn't help but gasp at such an intimate movement. He was wondering why Naruto was being so loving. Perhaps he was reading off of Sasuke's rather uncharacteristic cooperation.

Naruto rotated his tongue, feeling Sasuke's insides demandingly. The sensation of Naruto's warm, moist muscle inside of him reminded Sasuke of what was to come. It was a taboo act, which only got Sasuke off more. Sasuke wondered what sorts of kinks he might develop over time. After all, they had been somewhat limited by their age.

"That feels amazing," Sasuke remarked encouragingly.

Bobbing his head, Naruto thrust in and out of Sasuke quickly. Sasuke showed his gratitude by letting out what ended up sounding like a soft purr. He was getting still stiffer, and he adjusted himself so that his erection had room to rise. Sasuke's body was beginning to accommodate Naruto now, and the blond could feel Sasuke's canal relax around him.

At this, he finally removed his tongue, leaning forward to fetch the appropriate items from his bedstand drawer. Sasuke's eyes closed softly, and he heard the squirting sound of lube being applied. Naruto waited for his body heat to warm the lube before touching Sasuke.

One lube-slicked digit touched Sasuke's pucker, causing Sasuke to hold his breath momentarily. Naruto pushed forward gently, his finger easily sliding in now that Sasuke had been prepared for it. Naruto pumped leisurely. Sasuke was being so quiet.

"Does it feel good?" Naruto asked, sounding a little concerned.


Naruto smirked, picking up the pace. Sasuke moved up to rest on all fours, his ass moving against Naruto's finger to bring it farther in with each thrust. He'd gotten so greedy, but Sasuke no longer cared about keeping his composure. Feeling Naruto inside of him proved too euphoric for that. Once Naruto had warmed him up, he was addicted.

And then Sasuke felt another finger being added.

"Fuck…" Sasuke swore in a volume between speaking and shouting.

With a grin, Naruto thrust the two digits inside of Sasuke, scissoring quickly to open him up farther. Sasuke's movements were growing more chaotic, desperately moving into Naruto's fingers, demanding Naruto to go deeper.

"You're taking me in beautifully, Sasuke," Naruto purred.


At this, Naruto grinned. He had done well warming Sasuke up. Naruto spurted some lube onto Sasuke's asscrack, just above his entrance. The lube dribbled down, forced inside of Sasuke's body as it fell against Naruto's deft fingers. And finally, he added a third finger, middle finger on top and ring and pointer fingers directly next to each other on bottom. He moved more slowly now, feeling the resistance of Sasuke's orifice.

There was just a short pang of pain, and then it was all pleasurable to Sasuke. He patiently waited as Naruto delicately moved inside of him, accustoming Sasuke to the feeling of three fingers. Sasuke rocked against it gently, allowing his body to accommodate the width of Naruto's fingers. Naruto glanced at Sasuke through his legs, seeing his hardening balls and cock through the gap. Sasuke looked gorgeous to him.

As aroused as he was, it didn't take Sasuke long to relax into this as well, Naruto's knuckles clapping against Sasuke's asscheeks as Sasuke fully took him in.

"I'm ready," Sasuke breathed out, and out of Sasuke's sight, Naruto grinned.

Naruto removed his fingers, leaving Sasuke feeling empty and yearning. Sasuke held his breath, hearing the lube squirt again. He felt like he was at the start of a rollercoaster, safety announcements sounding as the guard rails were set into place. He readied himself, knowing what was to come. He craved it now, wanted to be filled.

And true to expectation, he felt the tender flesh gently brush against his entrance. It pressed softly, but only for a moment. The head pushed past Sasuke's entrance, and Sasuke willed himself to relax, moaning as he was penetrated. Yet for a moment, Sasuke froze.

This didn't feel like Naruto. It wasn't warm enough, and the texture and pressure were different. It just didn't feel like him. Sasuke only had a split second to process this until a loud buzzing filled the room. His body jumped as he moaned involuntarily, his pucker clenching around the toy greedily.

"You like that, don't you?" Naruto asked lasciviously.

Sasuke hadn't been able to control himself, shocked by the sudden stimulation.

"Shut up," Sasuke snapped back.

Sasuke was embarrassed by his reaction, but what the hell else was he to do? This was totally unexpected. They'd never used a sex toy before. Where they lived, one was required to be over the age of eighteen to purchase one. While the pair had plenty of friends of legal age, Juugo among them, Sasuke didn't exactly feel comfortable with the "Hey, could you pick me up some nipple clamps next time you're downtown?" conversation.

Sasuke's body was breaking into a sweat. This toy seemed powerful, although in truth, he had nothing to compare it to. Small moans kept pressing themselves up against his throat, begging Sasuke to announce them. It was rare for him to have a new experience like this. Sasuke and Naruto been having frequent sex for two years, so neither of them were inexperienced. They'd strayed from typical vanilla sex long ago. Blindfolding, bondage, handcuffing, and spanking were nothing new to either of them. It was simply due to age restrictions that this had remained an unexplored frontier.

Sasuke grabbed the sheets tight in each hand, his breath shuddering as his cock became fully erect.

"Look! There are six speeds!" Naruto volunteered helpfully, quickly switching the vibrator to different rhythms with hardly a second in between.

To Sasuke's awe, some of these speeds were even stronger. Other settings just buzzed in different sorts of rhythms. Some were fast pulses followed by instants of silence, others were one long pulse followed by two short pulses, others… Yet as fast as Naruto was going, it was difficult for Sasuke to tell the difference. His body spasmed, his stomach performing an impressive gymnastic routine as the toy vibrating so deeply within him changed time after time. If Naruto aimed to kill him tonight, he was off to a good start. It caused Sasuke to jerk his knee inward spastically and emit half of a gasp followed by a moan. At the abrupt changes, Sasuke did his best to compose himself and not, say, accidentally knee Naruto in the nuts due to an involuntary muscle spasm.

"Heh," Naruto chuckled to himself quietly. "It's kinda like Morse code."

These were some complicated rhythms, after all, Naruto thought. Three medium pulses, five quick short pulses, and one long buzz? It was almost as if the dildo was trying to communicate with him.

"Yeah, fan-fucking-tastic," Sasuke snapped sarcastically. "Just pick one!"

Six speeds wouldn't do Sasuke much good if Naruto could never decide on one.

"Ah, right," Naruto chuckled sheepishly. "Sorry. I got carried away."

The fact that Naruto actually apologized made it a little tougher for Sasuke to be frustrated with him. There was also the fact that Naruto had brought this glorious device into the bedroom on his own accord. It made Sasuke feel like his birthday was the one being celebrated. And here he'd been meaning to please Naruto, not himself yet again. He'd pay it back, definitely, but Sasuke couldn't imagine how much someone would have to bribe to get him to leave this position.

"A little birthday present to myself," Naruto explained with a grin. "I only mess with the best."

Naruto stopped at a lower speed, a uniform buzz, allowing Sasuke to acclimatize to the new sensation. Sasuke noticed that the vibrations eased the pain of penetration, and his breath quickened.

"How's this one?" Naruto asked, changing to another setting. It was no stronger, but it had two medium length pulses, followed by a long and steady buzz.

"Keep it," Sasuke panted.

Naruto was using only one hand to hold the toy. Over its loud buzzing sound, Sasuke thought he heard the sound of moist friction behind him. It was difficult to concentrate on anything other than what filled him. Sasuke held on. If he hadn't already cum just a half hour ago, Sasuke didn't know if he would have been capable of this. But as for now, he was comfortable, enjoying himself, his body laden with soft euphoria.



"Can you move over to your back for me?"

Sasuke's breath hitched for a moment.


"It's a surprise."

How many more surprises could there possibly be? Sasuke glanced at Naruto skeptically.

"C'mon," Naruto insisted with a slight smile. "It's kinda my favorite part."

With extreme care, Sasuke gracefully moved to his left side, Naruto keeping the dildo in place. He then took to his back, the bottoms of his feet resting about a thigh's distance from his ass. Finally, he could see the toy inside of him. The small part Sasuke could see appeared to be made of flesh-colored silicone. And of course, there was Naruto himself, smiling contently at Sasuke. Sasuke curled his pelvis to allow Naruto easier access.

Sasuke's cock stood proudly. While Naruto pumped the toy inside of Sasuke, he pivoted around, facing the foot of the bed.

"Naruto, what are you…"

Naruto straddled Sasuke's body, the motion of his busier hand ceasing for just a moment. He rested on his two shins, one on each side of Sasuke. Reaching behind him and holding Sasuke's cock in place, Naruto lowered himself down on it, just past the head. Naruto moaned loudly, never one to hold back.

Naruto had prepared himself. Sasuke had been too caught up in his own pleasure to notice. Naruto fit him comfortably but snugly, only a couple inches in now. Yet with the vibrations traveling throughout the region as well as the snug fit of Naruto's walls against his cock, Sasuke felt nearly overwhelmed. Sasuke had never penetrated while being penetrated before, other than just a few fingers. This was quite the enjoyable lesson.

"Fuck… Naruto…"

"Hang in there, huh Sasuke?" Naruto asked sheepishly, sounding quite winded.

Sasuke would've reached around and pleasured Naruto, if he could've. His hands were practically useless in this position. He tried to peak around Naruto, hoping to get a guess at how close he was. He was unsuccessful.

"I'll try."

Naruto lowered himself farther down, both of them moaning together as Sasuke penetrated Naruto more deeply. Finally, Naruto leveraged off of his shins and began to lower and raise himself on Sasuke's cock. He adopted the same rhythm with his hand. Sasuke's stomach leapt. And finally, Naruto took Sasuke in fully, crying out in pleasure and drastically moving up and down. The toy moved quickly in and out of Sasuke.

"I can't… Ngh…" Sasuke breathed out, hardly able to control his words.

Sasuke couldn't even think, his head hanging backwards as he moaned. His eyes shut tight, as if to ward off all other stimulation. The buzzing, the moaning, the panting, the sound of moist friction… It was all lost to him. This was…so much. He was beginning to forget. He forgot what time it was, forgot where he was, forgot who he was… As conscious thought disappeared, Sasuke's mindset grew increasingly animalistic, enslaved to the basest desires for pleasure and reward. As his restraints were severed, he moaned loudly, jaw hanging down and quivering slightly as he inhaled.


Naruto's mouth hung open, his lips curving upwards.

"Touch yourself," Sasuke ordered quietly.

As lost as he was, this would probably be his last request before he climaxed. Even he was surprised he'd been able to form a coherent sentence. Sasuke just wanted Naruto to feel like he felt.

Sasuke heard the hurried shlick of Naruto's hand as he pumped himself, bouncing up and down on Sasuke's sex. He sat fully, Naruto's ass clapping against Sasuke's thighs and pelvis. And now Sasuke felt Naruto's insides contract.

"Shit… Shit…" Naruto whimpered blissfully.

Sasuke's head ripped from side to side on the bed, barely able to control himself. He was getting close, and the pressure of Naruto's muscles against him seemed to be pushing him to the brink.

"So close, Sasuke…"

Sasuke moaned out loudly. Naruto paused for a moment, and Sasuke looked to see Naruto's entire body quaking on top of him. He took a long, shaky breath in.

"Ah!" Naruto shouted, his entire body stiff. Sasuke felt Naruto's insides squeeze his cock, forcing another moan out of Sasuke.

Within seconds, Naruto relaxed, his seed spurting forward onto Sasuke's legs and the bed. Once, another time… But he kept pumping on and off of Sasuke, catching his breath. The simple sound and sensations of Naruto's orgasm aroused Sasuke, knowing what he'd done to Naruto. But Naruto kept moving, intent on ushering Sasuke to orgasm.

Naruto's body slumped, fatigued now but keeping Sasuke deep inside of him. Sasuke's breath had become a slight bit raspy as the air forced itself in and out of his chest. Naruto turned the vibrator on to its strongest setting, hoping to finish Sasuke off with a bang.

Sasuke gasped in sharply, his head flung back against the mattress as both hands frantically clawed at the sheets. Sasuke felt lost, obliterated. His consciousness seemed to fade away, and he even if he had currently possessed access to his memories, he still wouldn't remember the last time he felt so blissfully overwhelmed. He cried out, his bare chest arching towards the ceiling as his mouth hung open, his face bright red. Sasuke released hard into Naruto, his spunk filling him up, just leaking ever so slightly around Sasuke's cock.

Sasuke had several more spurts, each diminishing. Sasuke felt a little dizzy as he tried to catch his breath, his body perfectly exhausted and euphoric. Both of them were panting, torsos, faces, and the backs of their knees covered in sweat. First, Naruto turned off the vibrator, gently withdrawing it. Naruto pulled off of him, the aftermath dripping out of Naruto's ass. They were a mess. The sheets were a mess. Sasuke couldn't bring himself to give a damn.

Naruto lay beside Sasuke, resting on his side as he watched Sasuke's face. His forehead covered with sweat as his bangs parted, Sasuke slouched back on the bed. His hair, now messy once again, had a slight wave to it as it lay on the pillow. His breathing was coming slower now. Sasuke's forearm rested on his face, shielding his eyes from stimulation. He didn't think he could handle much of anything right now, not after that. Sasuke leaned against Naruto, their fronts facing each other. Naruto's arm draped over Sasuke's back, pulling him in closer as he seemed to burrow into Naruto. His barriers had descended.

"How was it, Sasuke?"

The corners of Sasuke's lips edged upwards before he even responded, and Naruto gave an unseen grin.

"It was…"

Sasuke trailed off, and it almost seemed like he'd forgotten he was talking.

"Lost for words?" Naruto teased.

"It was…intense," Sasuke breathed out, his entire body relaxed. "Kinda feels like I'm high."

The fact that Sasuke hadn't teased him back was shocking in and of itself. He must have some serious happy chemicals bouncing about his bloodstream to let Naruto get away with that one. Naruto allowed Sasuke to rest for several more seconds before speaking again.

"You looked amazing," he said softly.

Sasuke didn't respond, biting the corner of his lip as his mind returned. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had an orgasm like this. So much had been going on, with the complex vibrations of the toy inside of him as Naruto rode his cock. He could honestly call it a once in a lifetime experience.

Naruto combed his fingers through Sasuke's thick locks, feeling his warm breath modestly mist against his chest. He was just slightly curled up, his body slumped and entirely relaxed. His eyes were lidded most of the way shut. Naruto leaned down, placing a slight peck on Sasuke's forehead.

"Naruto…" Sasuke murmured, sounding almost as if he were half asleep.


"I love you."

Naruto stopped breathing, barely refraining from gasping audibly. Sasuke's face was hidden in Naruto's chest, his gaze concealed. Naruto was shocked to hear these words. When Sasuke had told Naruto that he loved him, the day Naruto had left for foster care, he assumed that some sort of boundary had been crossed. Yet Sasuke was almost as tight-lipped with the phrase as ever. Naruto knew Sasuke better than to take it personally. He knew how Sasuke felt about him, but these words were still precious and few to Naruto. Even after two years, the phrase still made a deep impact.

Naruto held Sasuke in closer to him, gently combing his hand through the back of Sasuke's hair.

"I love you too, Sasuke."

"Mn…" Sasuke mumbled, and for a moment Naruto thought he would drift off.

Recuperating, Sasuke straightened his body out, removing his face from Naruto's chest and gazing directly into Naruto's eyes. He placed his hand on Naruto's chest, his palm flat against it as he felt Naruto's heartbeat. Naruto leaned forward, softly placing a close-lipped kiss on Sasuke's lips. Both of them were too fatigued at the moment to be heated, but as they rested, they quickly regained energy.

As soon as Naruto's lips pulled away from his, Sasuke leaned forward, closing the distance as he placed another kiss on Naruto's lips. They stayed there for a moment, each feeling the other's gentle breath, before Sasuke opened his mouth slightly. Naruto followed suit, parting his lips and tentatively pushing his tongue just slightly into Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke's tongue lethargically circled around Naruto's, brushing against it slowly like a cat rubbing against a leg. Naruto emitted a soft moan of approval. Lying on this left side, Sasuke rested his right palm on Naruto's cheek, rubbing his thumb indiscriminately against both scarred and unmarked skin. Naruto nuzzled against Sasuke's hand, and Sasuke craned his neck forward slightly, kissing Naruto a little harder.

They both parted lips, their breathing coming a little faster as they looked at each other. They both felt blood gravitate towards their nether regions. When Sasuke kissed Naruto this time, he tugged on Naruto's lower lip with his teeth. Pressing his palm against Sasuke's back, Naruto pressed their bare bodies together as he kissed Sasuke back deeply. Naruto kissed along Sasuke's jawbone towards his earlobe, taking Sasuke's earring in his mouth and giving it a sharp tug.

Meanwhile, Sasuke's hands slid down Naruto's chest, down his abs, until he reached Naruto's cock, gently sliding the smooth part of his fingernail against it. It had already begun to harden, as had Sasuke's own. Sasuke gave a satisfied smirk, his slight smile askew. Naruto gently flushed in embarrassment yet still did not move away.

Sasuke fondled Naruto's cock for a few seconds longer, Sasuke's cum left beforehand making it nearly frictionless. He wanted Naruto to feel good. He wanted to unravel Naruto, just as Naruto had done to him moments ago. Naruto's hips moved, shallowly bucking into Sasuke's hand but stopping cold. It had been a lapse in willpower.

"Go ahead," Sasuke reassured him.

Naruto clunched Sasuke's back now with both hands, thrusting his cock into Sasuke's palm. Sasuke began to rub him up and down, Naruto's erection stiffening. The only sounds in the room were the shlicking of Sasuke's hand against Naruto's sex and Naruto's blissful pants.

Sasuke chuckled, softly shaking his head.

"You have to try that."

"Try…what?" Naruto panted out, though he damned well knew the answer.

Seemingly at random, Sasuke brought his pelvis up to meet Naruto's, their growing erections flush against each other. Naruto let out a long moan at the unexpected contact. Sasuke rubbed their two most sensitive areas together now, his panting joining Naruto's. Even after orgasming two times, Naruto was still responding so nicely.

"What you just did… I want to show you something you can't even imagine," Sasuke said huskily. "Just like you did for me."

Naruto swallowed tight, a shiver bolting down his spine.

"But… You're worn out. Are you sure you're…"

"I'm sure," Sasuke interrupted confidently.

He continued preparing them until they were almost completely hard, knowing that even despite being prepared earlier, Naruto needed to be ready for this.

"Move to your knees," Sasuke commanded.

Naruto shivered for a second, the slightest bit nervous.

"Bossy…" Naruto griped, though he did obey. He turned onto his stomach, bringing his knees to his chest, thighs slightly apart so that his entrance gaped greedily. Soundlessly, Sasuke smirked. As familiar as he was with this view, he could never stop appreciating it.

He squirted Naruto's lube onto his fingers, waiting it to warm until he easily slipped two digits into Naruto's ass, scissoring them inside. Naruto's entrance had already been lubricated and prepped by Sasuke, so there was little need for preparation. Nonetheless Naruto purred as Sasuke's fingers worked inside of him, loving the intimacy of the moment. Before long, Sasuke withdrew his fingers. He pressed the vibrator up against Naruto's ass.

Naruto's breath hitched abruptly for a moment, reminded of what was coming. He craved a particular setting at the moment, a strong one with long pulses, though he decided not to let Sasuke know which that was. He wanted Sasuke to please him. He wanted Sasuke in control, not because he wished to be submissive, but because he didn't want to expect what was coming.

Sasuke gave several more warning pushes, each stronger than the last but not quite strong enough to penetrate. Sasuke turned on the vibrator. It pulsed, just as Naruto had wanted it too, but it carried two quick pulses, followed by just the slightest bit of rest. This was one of his favorites. Naruto's pucker twitched against the pending intrusion, Naruto clutching the covers and moaning softly.

"Please…" Naruto mumbled, almost whispered. His voice was nearly lost to the loud vibrations of the toy.

"Hm?" Sasuke asked innocently. It both aroused Naruto and made him want to punch Sasuke in the face.

"Are you deaf now, bastard?" Naruto snapped, looking around him just to see Sasuke sigh and tilt his head to the side after his question.

"If you're going to beg…" Sasuke said lasciviously, lightly stroking his fingernail along Naruto's perineum, from balls to ass. "Do it right."

Naruto exhaled fully, tinged with nervousness, temptation, and reluctance.

"Please, Sasuke…" Naruto spoke clearly and earnestly.

Sasuke was satisfied with this, pressing the toy against Naruto's pucker, causing it to indent and almost expand around the toy.

"Please, Sasuke! Put it in. I need it."

Out of sight, Sasuke smiled sinfully at Naruto's supplication, this time unsolicited. He loved it.

He pulled Naruto's left asscheek apart, offering the toy more room.

"You got it," Sasuke said. He didn't waste a second as he pushed the head of the toy past Naruto's entrance, causing Naruto to gasp sharply.

"Fuck… Yes," Naruto moaned, the word "yes" emphatically stretching on.

Sasuke made short, quick thrusts, slowly making them deeper. He considered pleasuring himself, but he looked down and noted that he was fully erect. He didn't want to finish prematurely. Naruto used his calves as leverage as he hungrily slammed himself back onto the toy, the majority of it lost inside him. Sasuke bit his lip, his arousal quickly mounting. He was so hard it nearly hurt.

"Onto your back," Sasuke ordered.

It took all of Naruto's willpower not to whimper, so powerfully needy of what was to come. He rolled onto his side, now using his own hand to keep the toy inside of him. Once Naruto fully rotated to his back, Sasuke regained control of the toy, kissing him ravenously as he began to pump it again. He nipped down Naruto's jawline, only his neck. Then he sucked in hard, repaying Naruto's favor from before.

Naruto's hips bucked as he cried out, "Oh God."

Sasuke couldn't be the only one with a conspicuous mark. He couldn't be the only one being owned. It just wouldn't have been fair.

"You're mine," Sasuke told Naruto with a mixture of lust and tenderness.

"Yours," Naruto reassured, panting.

Naruto reached out a quivering hand for Sasuke, who embraced it with his only free arm. He brought it up to his lips and kissed the back of Naruto's hand gently, causing Naruto to close his eyes softly, his lips curving upwards.

"S-Sasuke…" he breathed out. He sounded so loving.

Sasuke pecked Naruto on the forehead, finding the restraint almost painful. He inconspicuously inserted another helping of lube on his own entrance, turning around and straddling Naruto in reverse, assuming Naruto's previous position. Keeping his cheeks apart, Sasuke lowered himself onto Naruto's cock, guiding it with his own hand to his pucker. It just hadn't quite breached his entrance.

"Oh God… Yes, Sasuke…"

Sasuke breathed in deeply. Even considering how aroused as he was at the moment and the fact that he had just been penetrated by the toy, this was still a bit difficult for him. To Sasuke, it was a rare position. It made him a little bit nervous, but then again, that's probably what Sasuke saw in it. As much as he got off on the power of being the one inside of Naruto, in moderation, this was a welcome departure from the norm. Perhaps sensing Sasuke's hesitation, Naruto caressed Sasuke's back with the back of his hand.

"I love you, Sasuke," Naruto repeated for the second time that night. "Please let me inside of you."

After hesitating for another second, Sasuke lowered himself, the head of Naruto's cock pushing through. Sasuke hissed. For just a moment, he lost his rhythm with the toy, overwhelmed by the sensation. However, he quickly regained it. Naruto thrashed his head to the side.

"Oh fuck…" Naruto almost shouted out. "Oh God… Oh my God…"

Sasuke moaned, lowering himself down on Naruto's cock as his hand holding the toy became more aggressive. Naruto was inside of him now, if only just barely. He felt him so very intimately.

"Saaasuke," Naruto whimpered out, his voice trembling as he stretched out each syllable.

Sasuke brought Naruto deeper into him. It was much less painful than usual, given how warmed up he already was. Sasuke bounced against his calves, causing the bed to creak with each bounce. Naruto was deep inside of him now. Despite the vulnerability inherent in such a situation, Sasuke felt so blissfully safe.

"Ah!" Naruto cried out, words forsaking him. He was inside of Sasuke, feeling the tightness of his walls against his sex, just as Sasuke pleasured Naruto's own orifice. He was becoming lost. Pleasure was the only thing in his world. His distracted mind just barely noted a drop of sweat rolling off of his temple.

Sasuke bounced against Naruto harder, his plump cock hammering into Sasuke all the way to the hilt. Sasuke let out a gruff pant, sounding nearly animalistic. Meanwhile, he slammed the toy deep into Naruto. Sasuke was so hard, Naruto clawing his nails into Sasuke's back. The pain only fueled him.

"Aah! Sasuke!" Naruto shouted, the volume of his voice dwarfing the sounds of their exertion and the vibrator. Naruto's cheeks, neck, and stomach were flushed a dark red. His room was inundated with the scent of sex.

Sasuke knew Naruto was close, so he raised the speed on the vibrator to the strongest one, a straight and unpunctuated buzzing. Just faintly, Sasuke felt the heavy vibrations spread through Naruto's body. He even felt the slightest hint of buzzing inside of him, ushered in by Naruto's cock. Sasuke moaned, glad to be experiencing this with his lover in the moment, if only slightly. Naruto cried out, his head flipping from side to side, his toes clawing the sheets. Lost. Completely lost.

Sasuke wanted to cum alongside Naruto. This was frequently difficult, but he believed that he could read Naruto well enough to sort the timing out. Naruto's orgasm would arrive within seconds, so frantically, Sasuke pumped his own cock, sprinting towards the finish line. He tilted his head back, his bangs parting off of his forehead and his hair falling towards the ground. Sasuke's eyes were shut tight, his lower lip hanging down, trembling. His cock was still coated by his own seed from fucking Naruto just moments ago, aiding his movements. And now the reverse had occurred, both of them equally owned.

"I'm…" Naruto started, but he couldn't finish. He cummed hard into Sasuke with a loud cry, causing Sasuke to shudder and moan. Sasuke picked up his own pace, finally reaching his own orgasm. Just as Sasuke's spunk jetted onto Naruto's legs and the bed, Naruto's sex emitted another spurt, deep inside of Sasuke. It was a truly euphoric duality, to own and be owned all at once.

Naruto panted as a third, then a fourth spurt released inside of Sasuke. Naruto's entire body collapsed onto the bed, each muscle purely relaxed, his cock limp. Out of sight, Sasuke blushed, knowing that he was filled with all of Naruto's seed. Sasuke pumped his own cock, finally emptying it. He lifted himself up with shaky legs, freeing himself and collapsing on his side.

Naruto wasted no time in kissing Sasuke, then hiding his head in the crook of Sasuke's neck. Sasuke felt Naruto's warm breath mist against his sensitive skin. He reached around, petting the back of Naruto's head.

"I love you, Sasuke…" Naruto whispered with a slight slur.

Sasuke smirked, still stroking his fingers through Naruto's hair.

"Of course you do."

"Bastard…" Naruto rebutted, sounding completely blissed out. Sasuke tried not to laugh.

They lay there for several moments, each thoroughly exhausted. Naruto reached up his hand, holding Sasuke's. Sasuke played with each of Naruto's fingers, rubbing them from palm to tip. He took his time. Once he was done with each finger, he massaged Naruto's palm. Naruto moved closer into Sasuke, a part of his mind wishing that he could somehow hide completely inside of him.

A few minutes more, and Naruto began to come to his senses. He couldn't remember the last orgasm that took him out for so long. His mind uninhibited, Naruto whispered out, "You were right, Sasuke, that was amazing."

"Naturally," Sasuke muttered back.

"Meaning that I really am a sex god."

"Come off it," Sasuke responded, rolling his eyes and gently flicking Naruto on the head.

"I don't mind just calling myself a genius if that's more agreeable to you," Naruto teased, his voice still quiet.

Sasuke paused a moment.

"Okay…" he breathed out. "You're a genius."

"Really?" Naruto asked in disbelief, his eyes widening as his voice gained a few more decibels without his permission.

"…Sure," Sasuke answered dully.

Little did Naruto know, Sasuke would only use this against him. He'd be sure to slip the "compliment" in the next time Naruto did something stupid, which was by no means a rare occurrence.

Naruto sighed, speaking softly again.

"Ya know, Sasuke, you really were amazing."

Sasuke simply grunted, but he held Naruto tighter. Sasuke's mind began to wander now. He was leaving in only eight months. It seemed so far away sometimes, and other times it felt so close. Every time he wrote a college essay, when he took his SATs, when he'd perused over college ratings, Naruto was always in the back of his mind. All of this was just him preparing to leave Naruto. Yes, temporarily, but never since they met each other had they had so much distance. He leaned his head against Naruto's shoulder as he held him closely.

"It's going to suck, Sasuke. I can't claim that it won't," Naruto told him. Sasuke was momentarily surprised that Naruto had read him. But that was how Naruto had been since the day he met him: simultaneously oblivious and astute. "But it's going to be worth it."

Sasuke nodded, ashamed that he had let on.

"Ya know, maybe I am just a romantic," Naruto mused. "But I think that we're going to spend the rest of our lives together."

Sasuke swallowed, his eyes open as Naruto's heart thudded against his ear. Sasuke always claimed that he was a cynic, which he argued was the only way to be realistic. He took pride in that. So he felt almost foolish when he found himself strongly agreeing with Naruto, from a place deep down which could not be touched by logic.

"One day, this will be nothing to us."

Naruto was the one being left behind. Sasuke was leaving Konoha for a place with boundless opportunities, both social and academic. Naruto would not be left alone, which Sasuke was at least grateful of. He had Iruka and his many friends at school. Still, this would not keep Naruto from missing Sasuke, just as it would not keep Sasuke from missing Naruto. For this reason, he seemed strong to Sasuke in this moment.

"I know."

Naruto nodded, but he looked a little uneasy. Was he putting on a brave face for him?

"What's up?" Sasuke asked, sounding a little concerned.

"When I said that we're gonna spend the rest of our lives together…" Naruto paused, as if he'd briefly lost the nerve to continue. "Do you agree?"

Sasuke's entire body went still for a moment.

"There's no way of knowing that, realistically," Sasuke told him, and Naruto frowned. "But I can't imagine ever being with anyone else. My gut tells me that we'll live our lives together, and I trust it."

His gut, his heart, whatever it was… Sasuke felt like he just knew, despite logical arguments of "people change," "shit happens," and "you can't predict the future." Perhaps it was, to some extent, both a matter of logic and a matter of trust.

Looking up at Sasuke, Naruto smiled warmly, close lipped. It comforted Sasuke in a place that was so hard to reach.

"I'm lucky to have met you."

"And I'm lucky that the trains only start running at five on Sundays," Sasuke teased, and Naruto chuckled. Long ago, the wounds had closed from that night. When they had privacy, they sometimes joked about it. Not many subjects were off limit when it came to the pair's sense of humor. Still, it blew both of their minds how close they had come to losing each other.

"No, really…" Naruto replied, his voice still tinged with laughter for those first two words. "You changed my life. Hell, maybe you even saved it. I have a home because of you. I have friends and go to school. I have a lover. I'm safe and even loved. Don't you worry about us making it through…"

Sasuke breathed deeply, lost in Naruto's eyes as he spoke. Sasuke thought that he could say the same thing. Naruto had saved him from himself.

"I'd follow you anywhere, Sasuke."

Naruto gave Sasuke a slight encouraging smile, and Sasuke, wordless, smiled back.

"I love you more than anything. Get the picture?" Naruto asked, his voice carrying just a hint of teasing.

Sasuke recalled the Pisces constellation, two fish tied together by their tails as they escaped the fire god. Perhaps that was the two of them, standing together in the face of whatever came their way.

"Yeah, yeah…" Sasuke sighed, trying to sound a little tired of the lengthy pep talk, though in reality, he could never explain how much it meant to him. "I love you too."

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