"Kate it's not that hard! You look at your phone once and a while and keep up with your messages!" she looked at the phone.

"Don't shout at me!"

"Kate you left our son at school!"

"I arranged with you this morning that you'd collect him. I didn't know!" she handed money to the driver and hanging up the phone she got out of the cab. She ran up the steps towards the school an hugged the small brown haired boy standing at the doors.

"I'm so sorry darling mommy and daddy got confused." She almost cried looking at him. She kissed the top of his head.

"Kate he was waiting there for half an hour!"

"Justin you were meant to collect him. Leo didn't even see the message."

"That's because I text you. Directly to your phone. You are so irresponsible Kate I can't believe you sometimes." He threw his hands up and walked away from her. she looked down the hall at their sons bedroom. Still closed.

"I told you I was in an important mediation with Ben an…"

"Grogan! It always comes back to Grogan!" he huffed and threw down the tea towel he'd just picked up. Leaning on the counter her looked at her.

"He's my partner! He's going to come up in conversation!" she half laughed.

"I'm your partner! I'm your husband." She leaned on the counter across from him.

"You know what I mean Justin! You are just so…"

"So what Kate? Jealous? Demanding? I am your husband, I'm sorry if I expect you to show some attachment to me"

"My god! Why did I even…" she ran a hand threw her hair.

"Come back to me? Choose me?" he took a step towards her. "You know sometimes I think that if it wasn't for Jo…" he stopped when he heard the door open behind him. She peered out around him to find their small son standing at the door

"Mommy…" he started crying…

She shot up in the bed. Tears rolling down her own eyes. Her heart pounded as she looked around the room.

"Thank god." She sighed pushing the hair out of her eyes. "It was only a dream." There was a moan beside her and a head came out from under the pillows.

"Katie please go back to sleep." Ben said sleepily smiling at her. "How is it when we need to sleep you wont but when we need to get up" he rolled over "You still won't" she grinned and kissed his cheek.

"I'm sorry I just had a bad dream." He sat up.

"Oh." She shook her head.

"no, no it's fine nothing bad." she smiled broadly. "Just strange."

"Alright. We should really get some sleep before she wakes up." He gestured to the crib at the end of their bed. she reached out and took his hand.

"We could. Or we could…" she raised an eyebrow. He mirrored the expression and leaned in to kiss her


"Kate!" she heard her name again and her head shot up. She blinked a few times and after a few seconds she could see Leo clearly in front of her.

"Leoardo!" she smiled yawning. Then the dream hit her. they both did. She sat up sharply, the blankets she had pulled down off the back of the couch fell off her onto the floor.

"Did you have a good sleep?" he asked handing her a mug of coffee.

"Am…" she thought back to the dream inside the dream.

"Why did you sleep here? you don't have any crusades at the moment. She stretched then took a sip of her coffee.

"Can't go home. Ben's there." She sulked slightly.

"Ben's at your new apartment?" she looked at him threw her bangs.

"He's my new neighbour." She stood up and pushed her shoes under the couch.

"New nigh…" Leo put her files on the table.

"Leo have you ever had a dream in a dream."

"Oh you mean like inception? Cause when you look at that film properly…"

"Please don't! I just meant I was having a dream then woke up thinking that was a dream but I was still dreaming. Then I woke up here." her voice trailed off.

"I pride myself in more often then not knowing what you are talking about. Now I am lost." She threw him an ice-melting smile.

"It doesn't matter." she took another sip sitting at the desk. "thank you for my coffee." He nodded and left the office. She put down the spotty mug and sighed. Head in her hands she thought. 'when did Ben become the more appealing option.'