He huffed and hung up the phone again. He had known from the very first time Ben had asked him to get him a cup of coffee that he'd end up working for both of them! And if keeping both of them in order wasn't bad enough now that they were at each other's throats it was almost impossible. It had gotten so far that he had to schedule things so that they didn't even meet in passing anymore. He just wanted to slap the two of them and ask them why they didn't just get over themselves and sleep together already. Or at least stop ringing him to send messages to the office next door. just then Ben's office door opened,

"Leo have you got my cas…" but he was interrupted but a Miss Reed coming in through the glass door.

"Leo what time…" they both froze as they looked at each other. Ben broke the silence first.

"Leo please tell Kate Lauren wants her in on my latest case, you have the file."

"Leo please tell Benidict that I was talking to Lauren." She replied as she walked up the stairs towards them.

"no." he said simply, and they both turned to look at him. "I am an assistant! I am Kate's assistant funnily enough! Something that Ben seems to have over looked! I am not your girl friend and I am not your 'bro'" he said looking at them in turn. "And I am most definitely not a relationship councillor! So you two either need to get over yourselves and act like professionals or go at it like rabbits already!" he screeched. He half screamed and pulled his hair which resulted in it coming out in cunks.

"Leo…" Kate said stepping towards him

"Leo?" he turned to find the voice coming from one of his assistants.

"Sorry Sonia I must have drifted off." He said grinning. He looked around at his glorious living room, with his white leather couches and 70" tv. He sighed contently.

"I'm not surprised you must be exhausted, big comic book designer that you are! The new movie must be working you to the bone." She said handing him a tray with his lunch.

"I know I know, you'd think being a multi-millionaire you'd have it easy but it just gets harder!" he sighed. Then Mindy walking.

"Time for your foot massage Mr Leo." She grinned. he had just settled down when he heard a phone ring.

"Uh…" it rang again

The phone slowly brought him out of his sleep and he reached over to answer it.

"Yes…" he said groggily.

"Leonardo!" a cheery voice said.

"Kate it is four am. Not work hours. I have a life outside the office." He said. Then caved. "Why are you up?"

"How hard do you think it would be to buy a boat exactly like my old one."

"Extremely since you used most of your money to buy shoes and that lovely apartment you live in." he said slowly losing the will to live. "What's wrong with the apartment Kate?"

"nothing… no nothing." She said hurriedly.


"Ben is right there! I mean he's right there. He's right there at work and now he's right there at home! I can't sleep."

"is he making noise?"

"no." she said slowly.

"I'll see you in the morning Kate." He switched off his phone.

'please let me go back to that dream…" he sighed.