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"But mommy, I don't want to go." Said a seven year old brunette, she crossed her arms and slouched in her seat at the kitchen table.

"May hun, you need to go. Now finish your cereal so you can catch the bus for school. I have finished packing your bag already." Caroline, May's mother, smiled sweetly as she began to clean the table.

"May, May, May! Hurry or we are going to be late for school!" May looked down towards her little brother who was tugging on her shorts.

"Fine, let's go Max." May stood up without finishing her cereal. She grabbed her backpack from the kitchen counter and grabbed her 4 year old brother's hand. "Let's go."

As the two children walked down the street towards the bus stop a Max began to wonder why his sister hand was really warm; it seemed like it was on fire compared to the normal coldness. "May, why are you so warm?" he looked towards his big sister and noticed she looked at him confused.

"I'm not warm, I feel normal." Max shrugged it off and went back to walking hand in hand with his sister. Once they arrived at the bus stop he let go of May's hand and ran over to his friends. May went over to the light post and sat down; she waited for the bus well watching her brother.

"Alright class, board the bus so that we can go to the beach now." May's teacher clapped her hands and allowed everyone to board the bus. She looked around and walked up to May who wasn't getting on the bus to take the class on their field trip. She bent down so she was eye level with May, "May come on we can't leave until you are on the bus. I know you don't like water; you can stay out of the water and play in the sand. I'll stay with you if it makes you feel better," May put on a slight smile because of her teacher caring for her.

"Okay, Ms. Winona," May spoke quietly before dragging her feet to the bus. She boarded the bus and heard the whispers of all her classmates; they all made fun of her because of being afraid of water. The truth is she wasn't afraid of water, the water burned when it touched her. She went to the back of the bus and sat next to her best and only friend, Brendan.

"Hey May, I won't go in the water today just for you. We can build the most amazing sand castle ever!" Brendan was looking at nothing but he was imagining the sandcastle they could build, he had a sparkle in his eye, he always got that when he was excited about something. May giggled at her best friend.

The bus ride was long but they finally arrived at Slateport City. The bus was parked and the class of first graders got off. "Okay class you can only go in the water with one of our supervisors." Winona gestured toward the group of parents that came on the trip. "I will be staying on the beach, don't leave the group." The kids all nodded before running off to the water's edge except for May and Brendan.

At the end of the trip May and Brendan had made the most amazing sandcastle as Brendan said. It was 4 feet tall and they had carved windows into it and everything. "Alright class before we board the bus to head home we need to take a picture; everyone into the water." May sat on the beach she didn't want to go into the ocean. All the kids and parent volunteers stood in the water except for May. "May, we need you in the water; it will only take 1 minute. Please we won't let anything happen to you." Winona took May's hand and brought her to the water. The moment May touched it her feet burned; she held in the cry of pain and put on a fake smile for the class picture.


Once the picture was taken, the pain was unbearable. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH," May screamed before running out of the ocean and collapsing on the sand. Tears began to form in her eyes.

"May, what's wrong!?" Winona ran up to May and pulled her close. "OW, you're burning hot!" She ran into the water to cool off after touching May's burning hot skin. Brendan ran up to May and noticed the tears in her eyes. He looked closer at the tears and realized something that scared him.

"May, your crying, but not tears." Brendan was scared for his friend. Something was wrong and it wasn't natural. May looked up at him, Brendan's eyes widened in fear. "It looks like your crying...lava" with hearing that Winona ran up to Brendan and picked him up before carrying him to the rest of the class. One of the parents called 911 for emergency help.

With her best friend being taken away from her and no one going near her because of fear, she got more upset but angry too. Everyone was afraid of her and it wasn't her fault. She got even madder, before anyone could do anything else May burst into flames. Everybody screamed. The ambulance showed up and the driver tried to calm her down. After about five minutes the flames around May had finally gone out due to all the commotion May fainted. They put May in the ambulance and took her to the Petalburg hospital.

May finally awoke and saw her family around her; she was back home in her bed. "Hey honey, how are you feeling? The doctor said you will be okay we just need to make sure you don't get angry, he has an idea of what might have happened but he says you won't understand just yet." Caroline smiled sweetly.

"May just get some rest you get the next few days off of school. We'll be downstairs if you need anything." Norman, May's father, kissed her on the forehead and noticed she was warmer than usual. May family left her to sleep. Max looked at his sister one last time before leaving her room. He was worried for her; she always cared for him, now it was his time to care for her.

10 years later...

May awoke in her bed to Max shoving her, "May come on, you need to be at the Martial arts competition in a half hour!" May shot out of bed and brushed her hair to its usual dog eared styled. She put on her Martial arts uniform.

"Thanks bro, are you competing this year, you never told me?" she looked at her 14 year old brother.

"Not this year, dad doesn't think that I've quite perfected the techniques, oh well I'm still watching!"

"Alright let's get to the gym before dad kills me for being late." The siblings ran out the door to the gym. Once they arrived there was still fifteen minutes until the competition started. May went up to her dad, who hosts the competition every year. "Hey dad, I'm ready to go. Who's my first match against?" Norman looked at her and smiled at her enthusiasm.

"It's against Brendan," May growled at her ex-best friend's name. Ever since that beach field trip he made fun of her like everyone else. "Do me a favor; kick his ass." May grinned devilishly and nodded.

"You should go open up the competition, see you after." With that they turned around and walk in opposite directions.

May sat on the sidelines of the arena waiting for her dad to announce the first match. A shadow formed over top of her, she looked up to see Brendan standing there. "So I heard that you are my first match, this will be an easy win fireball." May cringed at the nickname she earned, when she busted into flames.

"Brendan do me a favor, when I kick your ass try not to get too much blood and tears on the floor, I don't want it stained." She grinned and Brendan growled before storming off. May looked into the crowd to see Max not too far from her laughing his head off she smiled at him before paying attention to her dad announcing the first match.

"Welcome everyone to the 6th annual martial arts competition. There will be eight preliminary rounds, the winners will be put to test of skill, after that there will be two participants left they will then face of in a match, the winner of that is the winner of the competition. Now for our first match, Brendan Birch vs. May Maple!" May and Brendan waved as they went up to the arena. "Alright, I don't want anything once someone is unable to battle. Ready, begin!" May and Brendan began to fight, Brendan threw punches and kicks at May who just dodged them. One punch landed right beside May's head, she grabbed his wrist and flipped him to the ground. He got back up and May began to use her skills well she was at the advantage. May's hands formed a bright light on each of them well she did this. She stopped and stared at her hands which now had fire in her palms. Well she was distracted Brendan flew his leg at the backs of her legs, causing her to fall over, she raised her hands to grab his wrist but a flame was thrown at him; gasps were heard from the audience. May hit the ground and looked up to see Brendan freaking out because his shirt had caught fire due to the fireball. "May!" Norman ran up to his daughter who was lost in what was happening; others ran up to Brendan to help him.

"Daddy what's happening to me? This has never happened before!" May's hands still had fire coming off of them.

"Hold on," Norman went up to the microphone. "I'm sorry to announce the tournament will be postponed, due to everything that is happening. I will send the message of when it will be. Sorry for this." The crowd started to exit the gym, Max and Caroline ran up to May.

"Mom, Max, what's happening to me!? Before I would burn in water, burst into flames, cry burning magma, my body is always hotter than everyone else, but this has never happened before!" May was confused and worried; her parents had never told her why this happened and now she wanted to know more than ever.

"I think you have the right to know now that you are seventeen. You see the doctor was an expert in mythology when you were seven. He believed that you are part of the dragon legend. He believes you are the dragon of fire. And now we fully believe him. Let's go home and explain this better."

Once the Maples arrived at home, they sat down in the living room. Caroline went to the bookshelf and pulled out a book before heading over to sit next to May on the couch. "You see there is a legend that the eight dragons will be reborn in the form of humans. The dragons use those people that have a true heart. Each dragon could control a different element," Caroline opened the book to show each dragon. "The dragons have fire, air, water, earth, electric, ice, light, and dark. The legend says once the dragons have all discovered their power a great evil will come upon the world. The eight must fight be each other's side to defeat the force. Once the force is defeated the eight will part ways but will always stay connected through their powers." May took the book from her mother and began flipping through it.

"According to the book we all should go train somewhere we think represents us best. The dragon of light will come looking for us all once he or she has discovered their power. So that means I need to go off on my own away from everyone." May said before looking up to see her mom and dad nodding their heads. She looked at Max who was almost in tears because she had to leave. "Max, will you be okay with this?" he nodded. "Are you sure?"

"Well if it's part of being one of the dragons you have too, just make sure you visit me." Max told May as he put a smile on his face. She nodded.

"I'll go get my things ready then." May got up and put the book on the coffee table. She headed off to her room to pack her things.

May walked back down stairs with her backpack and an outfit for her journey, which included a red and navy blue t-shirt, a pair of navy blue jean shorts, red high tops and a red bandana on her head. She found her family in the kitchen having a snack. "I'm ready to go off," she put on a small smile.

Caroline went over to May and gave her a bear hug, "I'm going to miss you, be safe."

Next was Norman, he gave her a hug. "Don't get into any trouble; use the martial arts I have taught you to master your power. You can do anything you set your mind to. I believe in you." He pulled away from the hug before giving his daughter one last kiss on her forehead.

Max ran over to her and hugged her tightly, "you better be safe, I know you will win against the force. You had also better come visit as much as you can." Max pulled away.

"I promise I will," May smiled at her little brother before she began to walk to the front door.

"May where are you going to go train?" Norman questioned his daughter before she left the house.

May opened the door and began to walk away from the house. Her last words were, "Mt. Chimney."

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