Chapter 15

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Normal POV

The group of teens were still situated in the basement of the Maple household. Dawn was currently beaming with excitement as she was finally able to tell her new found friends of how she discovered and tamed the power of light and healing she held within her. "Alright, where do I start? OH, it happened when I was four...or was it definitely four. My dad was still around at the time, although he wasn't the greatest dad in the world. Actually I don't even know why I was so happy to tell you all this, it's actually quite upsetting and hard for me." Dawn sighed, she was about to continue talking before she was cut off.

"Dawn, how about I go first and then you can decide if you are ready to tell us. I mean if it's a tough time then I, and the rest of us, can hold off until you are ready." Leaf explained kindly, giving the bluenette girl a reassuring smile. Dawn agreed to let Leaf go tell her discovery story, relaxing a little when she did.

Oh, this is just a little time before I tell them. They are all going to think of me differently after, just a little issue, not real like they are. Dawn thought to herself before paying attention to Leaf's story, her head looking at the ground, the blue stands making up her bangs covering her face.

"So it started when I was young, my parents, my brother and I all lived over in the Sevii Islands in the Kanto region. When I was four we moved to Sinnoh for my dad's work. That's when my brother started acting up, soon joining a gang." Leaf began. Inhaling more oxygen she continued, "he was young but the accepted him and by the time I was five he was worse than ever before. One day the gang went out, and in the process of the act someone was killed, everybody abandoned, but my brother didn't know what to do. It was like a reality check I guess he was paralyzed, stranded and caught. The police didn't believe him and eventually he was arrested after countless courts and judges.

"Not long after the whole him being taken away, I went to visit him with my mom. I was talking to him and we were doing the old stuff we used to do; he was being the brother that I loved and cared for again. But well we were talking, one of the guards cut his time early. Neither of us was happy about it, he started yelling at the guard, threatening him, soon enough, he went at him, quickly being knocked out, by another guard and was tossed back into his cell I would think. The guards left me there. Alone. They had forgotten the little girl in a room with criminals, and because of that I was cornered by a large amount of terrifying looking men.

"I was scared and defenceless, the guards started to try to get the men away from me, not knowing why they were all crowding one spot. So I screamed since the guards were succeeding. And before I knew it I wasn't crowded anymore, but I was hurled in the corner and the men tied in vines, lifted in the air. I didn't know what happened, it was just what I was praying would happen. My mother came into the room, returning from the bathroom to see what was happening and grabbed me before running back home." Leaf let out a large sigh. "After that I wasn't allowed to go visit my brother. And one day when I was ten I was informed of him being released for good behavior. I went with my parents to pick him up, but he was back to the old ways of being dark and distant. And then one day he was in the wrong place and the wrong time, he ended up back in prison. At that point I went to visit him, I was thirteen at the time, and my parents didn't know I went. But once I got to talk to him, he was cruel to me, that is why I never went back. He made me cry, he called me a nature freak because my mother must have told him what happened before. He didn't accept that was different, so I ran. I ran to the forest and cried, wishing there was a happy home I could return to.

"At that point in my life, my parents were getting a divorce, my brother was in jail, I was left alone so I wished a happy home. When I finally got the courage to go back to my house, I opened my eyes to a small little home, made from trees, vines, leaves and anything you could think of. So I started looking into it finding out what was happening. When I discover the legendary dragon myth, I didn't believe that it was real much but I went with it. That was the only logical reasoning to my mind.

"I went with my mother to Hoenn once the divorce was settled. Here I could ask about the legend and learn all sorts of new things. I started to control my powers, making little plant and eventually large trees. I kept it secret though, until I decided to travel to Fortree, so I could be surrounded by nature and train my powers further." Leaf ended her story, leaving everyone in silence.

"Wow, you've been through hell haven't you?" Drew stated. Leaf shrugged he shoulder in response. "So Dawn, will you tell us or are you going to wait a little while?" Dawn raised her head, nodding to herself for courage.

"I'll tell you." She stated, clenching her fists which rested on her thighs. "Like I said before, it all started back when I was four..."

"Dawn, sweetie daddy's going to be back from work soon!" a shorted blue haired woman called from the bottom of the stairs causing her daughter to poke her head out from her room.

"Then we go to dinner?" the little girl, known as Dawn, called back.

"Yes sweetie, then we'll go to dinner to celebrate daddy's birthday." Johanna, Dawn's mother replied to her little girl, hearing the cheers of excitement then the pitter-patter of her small body running to get something from her room.

"I ready mommy," Dawn smiled as she stood with her Piplup plushy in hand. Johanna giggled to herself before picking up Dawn and carrying her to the front hall to get her ready to go.

Just as they finished getting ready, Dawn's father walked into the house earning a call from his daughter as well as a large huge. Not long after Johanna gave him a kiss on the cheek as a welcoming before the family headed out the door.

"Oh you would never guess what happened today Johnathon, Dawn was playing out back and decided she was going to play with a few Bunearys that had entered the yard. She was playing and then tripped and scrapped her knee. I went to get a Band-Aid after brining her inside, but by the time I came back with it, the cut was all healed." Johanna told her husband as they drove to his favourite restaurant.

"Why you must have just imagined it dear. You know that that isn't possible. Dawny, did you get a booboo on you knee today?" Johnathon asked back to his daughter who sat in her car seat.

Dawn nodded with a large smile plastered on her face. "Ya daddy, it all better now. Mommy made the booboo go bye-bye."

"well, that was good of mommy then." He quitted his voice so only Johanna could hear, "Maybe it was just a little mark and it went away. A cut healing that fast makes no sense at all. "

"Maybe you're right, it was just my mistake." Johanna sighed to herself before looking out the side window, thoughts of the day flowing through her mind.

Soon enough the family of three arrived at their destination and was seated at a table for their dinner. Each had filled themselves for their money's worth and sat awaiting the bill. Once that was paid they left the restaurant and made their way back to the car to head home.

The drive was peaceful, late night driving that was clear with few other cars on the road; surprising for a Friday night. Johnathon stopped at a red light, waiting for the change. Once the light changed green off he went, but what he didn't see was the car coming full speed through the red light.

"The car was totalled and we were all expected to not be living. The rescue came and I was perfectly fine... my parents were in critical condition, and were not expected to make the night. I remember pain striking me everywhere, nothing will ever compare to that pain I faced; but I was wrong. After my parents surgeries I was allowed to see them. The little me did what they did, I kissed the wounds that were on their bodies. Soon I felt sleepily and decided to pull a chair between my parents' hospital beds and hold the hand of each. By the time I awoke the next morning I was shocked to see my parents were sitting up and talking to the doctor, both in no pain what so ever.

I was happy so I said how I kissed their wounds better and held their hands for help. Thinking that I was the reason that they were healthy, the doctor started to spectate about a legend that was back from the Hoenn region, where he was from. He suggested he go call some people and then we were told that we could go to Hoenn for answers if we wanted. So that's what we did."

"Ahhhh this must be young Dawn, how this testing will work is that we will keep her here for a week to start, if we need more time we will tell you but a week should be good. You two go off and come back in a week and we will have results. And you have no need to worry, we will take perfect care of your little girl." A man with short brown hair, and a heavy build said. He wore a white a coat and small rectangular glasses on his face.

"But Doctor Carter," Johanna said with worry. "She's only four; she'll be bound to miss us."

"She'll be just fine you have no need to worry."

"Come on honey, it's for the best. Dawn sweetie," Johnathon crouched down to his daughter's height. "If you need anything, you call us. You have our numbers on you Piplup remember that." This caused Dawn to hug her Piplup tighter and put a smile on her face. "We love you and we just want to make sure of things before we come to a conclusion to why you can heal things."

"Alright, last goodbyes, we need to get Dawn set up in her room and then we will begin tests tomorrow." Doctor Carter said in his gruff voice.

"Bye sweetie, you be a good girl. Mommy and daddy love you." Johanna and Johnathon gave their daughter one last hug before leaving the building and daughter behind.

Once the parents were out of sight, Doctor Carter grabbed Dawn's arm roughly and began to drag her down the hall. "Let's go kid. I have tests to perform."

"I don't remember much after that, I might have been knocked out, but I remember waking in a white room, it had bright lights and that Doctor guy was right over me. he had an evil look on his face. He had blood covering his once white lab coat and before I could do anything, pain stuck my stomach. I managed to lift my head to see him with a knife struck into me, I watched as he turned it. I felt as he turned it and when it was removed, I felt the blood rush out of me. Soon enough it was over and the large stab wound was gone." Tears brewed in the sapphire orbs of the bluenette, letting them escape and trail down her porcelain skin.

It had been five days since her parents dropped her off, each day she went through more and more pain, from being stabbed in multiple areas, to being shot, then even after that breaking multiple bones. What it seemed to be endless torture, was soon to end; only if she could survive that long. Her long blue hair was cut sloppy and short, the tests eventually caused parts to slowly get cut off in the process. Her skin was pale, no more of her glossy ivory colour but a ghost like appearance in its place. she was frail, shaking constantly in a blood stained, white night gown, just like the sheets she sat upon and slept each night she was in the hell.

She sat crying. Crying for help. For love. For care. She was no monster, yet it felt as if she was, locked in the confined white room with bars holding her in. no window in sight for escape. So she sat in her own blood, her Piplup in hands which now had stains from her tears all over it.

"Stop crying. Your tests are over. You have been confirmed as the Dragon of Light. Here's a book for more information, not that your small brain could understand it. we called your idiot parents, they're on their way so get changed into these and wait in the hall way with Howard here," Doctor Carter spat, referring to the small blond boy next to him. He looked to be seventeen or so, he looked weak and scared. His blond hair was cut short although parts were slightly longer, just like Dawn's own hair.

Doctor Carter left without a word leaving Howard to approach the frail girl. He walked slowly causing her to crawl into the corner scared. "Don't worry I won't hurt you. I'm here to help, you were treated badly I know that. You're scared I know that but I'm here to help you." He gave her a small smile, which Dawn took as a sign of hope. Once he offered her a hand, she struggled but eventually allowed him to help her change.

"There now you're all better. I can even help you read if you want, the book I mean. While we wait for your mommy and daddy." Dawn nodded but did not speak a word, she held his hand tightly as they walked through the hall of her hell on earth.

Her parents walked in, engulfing their daughter in a large hug. "Howard explained what the tests proved and then whispered, what their daughter had to go through to have it done. Her parents both shocked and angry left with their daughter and thanked the young man for the information.

"after we left, my parents called the police and the doctor was taken into custody. And the boy that helped me, he lived with us for a little while and then his parents were found. He was taken at birth from his parents and put into that place. I haven't heard much from him since but I know that he is somewhere having a good life." She put a smile on her face although it quickly faded as May and Leaf took her into a large bear hug.

"You had it so ruff as a kid...we just discovered, but you were tested on, hurt ad betrayed." Misty said, her voice filled with sadness.

"my parents felt horrible for the idea, and we never actually found the doctor that recommended we go to Hoenn in the first place, but we stayed here. And we made new lives here because of the legend, and I have been spoiled more than I want because my parents feel so bad." Dawn said wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Kids! Lights out its eleven thirty and you have school in the morning." Coralline called down, groans were heard from the group of teens. "No complaining, you know the deal."

"We know, good night mom." May called back to her mother before going with the girls to get changed in the bathroom, while the boys would change in the main room.

By the time the clock struck midnight the teens were all asleep in their designated beds, May on the top bunk over Misty, Leaf over Dawn. And the boys on the futons they had. Although Dawn could not sleep, she tried but to no avail. The memories she had shared that day haunting her. odd since she never had nightmares, nor did she ever have problems with it before.

After a while, Dawn decided to get herself a glass of water from the kitchen. She trudged her way up the stairs, watched by the darkness around her. Grabbing the glass from the cupboard and filling it up with the water from the tap, she chugged it down before placing the now empty glass in the sink. "Hey." She jumped hearing the gruff voice in the silence. She turned to see a shadowy figure. Which used the moonlight to come out from the shadow on the wall.

"Were you watching me or something?" Dawn asked furiously in a whisper.

"No. well ya." He responded, pushing the messy purple fringe out of the way of his face. She hated to admit but the way the moonlight hit him and how half his body was unseeable from the darkness surrounding the kitchen was slightly attractive.


"When was the car crash?"

"Or you know don't answer my question." Dawn let out a small huff before crossing her arms. "And it was on my dad's birthday. I mentioned that."

Paul mentally face palmed. "Not what I meant." Silence once again filled the air. "What was the date?"

"Oh that's what you meant," Dawn began to tap her chin. Once she stopped she leaned on the counter, arms once again crossed over her chest. "June 14th, 2002 that's the exact date."

"well then. Sorry for that fucker's stupidity." Paul was about to disappear once again but Dawn called out from him the stop. "What."

"Did you know him or something? The man that crashed into us or are you just saying it?" Dawn asked, a questioning look on her face. Paul mentally slapped himself for letting the conversation get this far. There was just something about this girl.

"That idiot was my father. Always got drunk after my mom passed away." Paul said gruffly, and hushed hoping that she wouldn't here.

"Oh, well I'm sorry about your loss then."

"Don't be. It's better that he b dead so that no one else got hurt."

"Oh," Dawn replied quietly. "Well I'm going to try to get some sleep. Good night." Dawn said before heading back to the basement crawling into her bed.

Paul went into the darkness but stood over Dawn, unable to be seen by anyone. He looked at her still body. How can someone so hurt, be so happy. All the scars. No one can see them, but the darkness bring them out. Yet she stills perseveres. How? He asked himself. He took one more glance before turning away. "He's lucky that you were able to heal yourself. Or I'd be killing him again in hell right now."

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