Something Like Fate and Destiny

She breathed heavily as she ran from a hit man. Feet pounding the forest ground as she looked for shelter. Hair, drenched from the rain, swayed side to side as she looked behind her. She felt herself falling as she tripped over a stick. She hid in a tree, not realizing that it was already occupied. She watched as the hit man ran past her. She started to relax when she heard a voice behind her.

"Hey," the voice said. It was a guy. She turned to see a boy with orange hair and fiery red eyes, staring at her.

"H-hi," she stuttered, her voice quiet and soft. He barely heard her.

"I'm Kyo Sohma, what's your name?" the boy asked.

"My name is Hikaharu Keitachi. N-nice to meet you," she whispered.

"How about you follow me," Kyo said as concern filled his anger-filled eyed. Hikaharu nodded as they jumped from the tree. The two showed up at a house that was surrounded by trees, deep in the forest.

Hikaharu's heart pounded as her and Kyo entered the house. The loud chatter that filled the house, stopped. It was as if someone switched off the lights. They were all staring at her bracelet. It looked oddly familiar. It looked like Kyo's bracelet.

Feeling self-conscious, Hikaharu hid her bracelet behind her back and looked down. Then the whispers started.

Did they not like her? Was it her hair? Her eyes? Why was everyone whispering about her? Did she have something on her face? Did she do something wrong? Or maybe they just didn't like her.

Of course they didn't like her. She was the cat. No one likes the cat from the zodiac. The cat was foolish to even listen to the rat. The cat was a fool. A gullible fool. A creature filled with hatred and anger. A creature filled hurt and sorrow. A creature feeling sorry for themselves. Shutting out the world as it lives with heavy baggage on its' shoulders. No, no one liked the cat from the zodiac. No one cared for the cat, either. Nobody felt sorry for the creature. Nobody even looked at the cat. It was shunned by its family. All the cat wanted was to fit in. be part of the zodiac. But no one cared enough to listen. No one cared enough of to even look its' way. The cat was shunned. Useless. And no one could like a useless creature. No one.

Not even its' own mother.