Giving Drarry another shot. I´m trying to write a little less angsty stuff.
And I really wanna thank "Salvat-wh-ore" - who made this a whole lot better.

First year

There was only one boy in the silent room. His eyes shone like silver despite the oppressing darkness that was surrounding him. His hair was almost as bright as his eyes, and neatly combed backwards, revealing his pale and flawless skin. His face wore a proud expression and what seemed to be a never ending smirk that suggested he was superior to those around him – a feature known to run in the Malfoy family. The boy´s name was Draco Malfoy and he truly was better than most. Better than anyone, if you asked him. People would see him as self-absorbed, spoiled and rude. They were probably right. It was just the way he was, the way he had been raised, so who could blame him? Not that anyone would ever dare too. So Draco lived life blissfully unaware that his way was wrong, seeing as no one ever questioned him or rejected him. Little did he know that his life would take a turn in a whole different direction that very day.

A thin boy with baggy, worn out muggle-clothes and a messy crop of black hair walked in the doors of Madam Malkin´s robes for all occasions. Draco let out a slightly irritated huff at whoever it was that had dared to disturb the silence that he had used to admire his own reflection. The irritation was also because he had secretly fantasized that this was his own private robe fitting store where only he was allowed. But he soon got over it when he noticed that the person in question didn´t make much noise after all. He shifted his head slightly to get a look at the intruder. Then he smiled. Usually it only took Draco one look to judge a person. This was no exception. Judging people by their looks was easy, he was quite good at it actually, if you asked him. Just look at that weirdo! Clearly poor, by the looks of him, and even though some young wizards nowadays wore muggle attire, Draco didn´t like it. Wizards shouldn´t wear muggle clothes, his father had told him so. He thought it disgraceful. Especially if they´re ugly. Which, in this case, they were. And that messy hair wasn´t even worth looking at. It was nothing compared to his own perfectly styled, blond hair. He snickered quietly at his own wickedness as the weird boy was lead to the footstool next to him. Draco decided to ignore him since he had proven himself unworthy of Draco´s attention.

Feeling rather pleased with himself Draco started smirking and allowed himself to admire his perfect self in the mirror again. He was not disappointed, but something, in the edge of the mirror was bothering the flawless image. His silvery eyes automatically drew themselves towards the assumed problem and almost lost his balance when he met a pair of bright green eyes. It was like he had been shot in the chest by a stunning spell. His heart started pounding like crazy and his stomach made funny jolts, like something was inside it, making it all ticklish. Draco tried to get back to his senses, but despite his efforts he couldn´t for the life of him tear his eyes of those big, green, curious-looking eyes that was observing him in the mirror. Draco didn´t know what that strange, up til now inexperienced, feeling was, but it made him want to talk to the green-eyed boy. For some unknown reason he felt the need to impress him. Which was rather rare, seeing as it was usually the other way around.

"Hullo." Draco said confidently, as he continued watching the boy with fascination. "Hogwarts too?"

"Yes." The boy replied silently. The curious look was replaced by an embarrassed and rather terrified one, like he was deeply ashamed at being caught looking at Draco, and that he was awaiting a scolding.

Normally, Draco wouldn´t allow people looking at him once he´d labeled them unworthy. Unless of course, it was a look of adoration and awe. He was perfect, after all. But he didn´t quite mind with this boy.

Draco told the boy that his parents had left him here while they where down the street looking at books and wands for him and that he would drag them to look at racing brooms later which he totally thought should be allowed for first years. Well, at least for him.

"Have you got your own broom?" Draco asked suddenly, fearing for a moment that the boy had a better broom than him. He didn´t know if he could live with that.

"No." Draco sighed in relief.

"Play Quidditch at all?" The boy shook his head and look down at his feet.

"No." He repeated, and started chewing on his bottom lip.

Hm, not much for talking, is he? Draco stated absently as he watched the boy´s lips in fascination. Oh well, he liked having the word anyway.

"I do – father says it´s a crime if I´m not picked to play for my house, and I must say I agree." Draco made a quick observation on the boys face to see if he was impressed yet, but he couldn´t really tell. That made him rather frustrated. Usually people gave him jealous and adoring looks when he spoke, and he really wanted this boy to like him too. But the boy seemed to get less attentive for every word. What was with this guy? Why wouldn´t he like him? Draco huffed slightly and tore his gaze away from the boy and looked out the window where he saw a large, hairy man waving like a fool at them.

"Hah, look at that man over there! Isn´t he that weird alcoholic savage living at Hogwarts? Dad has told me about him." He sneered mockingly. Being mean to people usually worked when he was grumpy.

The boy gave him a cold look.

"His name is Hagrid, and I think he´s brilliant." Draco gaped. That was the longest sentence the boy had uttered so far, but Draco wasn´t happy with his tone of voice. Was this boy really standing up against him? Who did he think he was?

"Do you?" Draco snorted. "Why is he with you anyway? Where are your parents?" Draco snarled grumpily. He was sick of this boy´s attitude. No one was allowed to be rude to him! But non the less the boy replied just as coldly

"They´re dead." Draco flinched slightly, momentarily loosing track of his thoughts but only for a few seconds. "Oh, sorry" He said with a bored tone.

He probably should have said something respectful, but he was far too upset by the boy´s obvious rejection and the fact that this conversation hadn´t gone the way he wanted it too at all. And when the boy gave him another cold look he couldn´t stop himself. "But they where our kind, weren´t they? I really don´t think they should let the other sort in. They´re just not the same."

Draco stuck his nose up slightly, too show that he wasn´t going to back down when suddenly Madam Malkin told the boy his robes were done. He jumped down from the stool and then he was gone. He had stepped out of the store just as suddenly as he had stepped in. Draco found himself staring at the door where the boy had left and sighed deeply. The ticklish feeling in his gut had almost faded but a slight flutter would flare to life when his brain provided him with sudden flashes of green. Draco absently hit his stomach with his fist with lazy and weak movements to get rid of the unfamiliar feeling that had bored itself within him. He felt humiliated by the obvious dislike he´d received from the boy. And humiliation was absolutely not acceptable in the Malfoy family.

The following month Draco couldn´t stop obsessing over the green-eyed boy. His mother had noticed something was odd about him, he wasn´t his usual demanding self and mostly sat in his room. He told her he was just excited about starting his first year at Hogwarts. Which was true. He wanted to go there right now so that he could see that boy again. Of course he didn´t say that to his mother. In fact, he didn´t even like saying it to himself. The feeling inside his stomach never really left, actually it got stronger every day and when the day finally came he was almost jumping up and down with excitement; at which his father would throw him a disapproving glare that immediately made him stop and he settled with playing with his fingers in a nervous manner.

Draco huffed inwardly. Merlin, was he really nervous about some stupid little boy he didn´t even know? A boy that had actually been rude to him? Get a grip! He told himself. Walk with dignity like your father - head held high and don´t forget that smirk you wear so well! Draco demanded.

His father looked pleased when he saw the improved change in his son´s posture. Though inside Draco there was chaos. For every black-haired head he passed his stomach fluttered sweepingly, not to mention whenever something particularly green caught his eye. His gut would do back-flips even though it never was what he was actually looking for. The platform was crowded so he doubted he would find him there anyways, so after kissing his mother goodbye and receiving a reassuring nod from his father he entered the train.

He made sure to look in every compartment he passed, until he reached Crabbe and Goyle´s. He sighed and stepped inside. He took one look at them both before snapping his fingers at Goyle.

"Move, I want the window seat." He said simply. Goyle obeyed. Of course he did. Draco didn´t expect anything else. He looked out of the window with a bored expression as the train started to move. Maybe he should go look for the boy again? He must be on the train now, Draco thought absently, when suddenly someone burst into their compartment and started shouting about Harry Potter being on the train.

Normally the news of famous wizards being in the same place as himself would had made him jump up and go exploring right away. But his brain just wouldn´t stop thinking about that stupid boy! He glanced indifferently at Crabbe and Goyle, who where sprouting with excitement and looking at him as if waiting for his approval.

Hm, well. Maybe he could go see who that Potter boy was while he was looking for the boy with the green eyes that wouldn´t stop bugging his mind. He rose slowly and carefully brushed of his clothing before he waved his hand at the two imbeciles.

"Crabbe, Goyle, let´s go see if he is worthy of his fame." They both stood and snickered happily, excitement practically bursting out their ears. Draco didn´t look much better himself. He must have looked crazy, snapping his head back and forth to make sure he didn´t miss any of the compartments.

Dammit! He thought, where is he anyway? He came to a halt. Not by his own choice, but because there was a girl and a boy in front of him blocking his way. He was about to snap at them when he heard them mentioning Harry Potter. Apparently he was in the compartment right next to them.

He huffed irritatedly.

"Move you morons, we´re gonna see that Potter." Draco snapped.

They both moved out of the way, though the girl with the bushy hair and big teeth looked at him with a cold expression which Draco by some reason ignored. He opened the door, to get the whole Potter-thing over with so he could go look for... Wait. Who is that?

The back of a familiar messy, black head was blocking his view. Draco had stopped dead in the doorway and stared at the head for a second or two before he snapped out if it and was just about to introduce himself when the head turned to look over his shoulder.

Two bright green eyes appeared behind a pair of, round, worn out glasses.

Draco´s heart made a shocking jolt that made it feel as if though his heart was about to jump out of his chest, and that soon, whatever was fluttering like crazy in his stomach would make his entire belly explode.

Draco stood there gaping at the boy that apparently was Harry Potter,for the good part of a minute. He watched the expression that was playing on the boy´s face. A slight smile of amusement, or was it mockery? Draco suddenly found himself feeling self conscious and quickly demanded himself to get his act together to make up for his embarrassing appearance.

"So it´s true? They´re saying that Harry Potter is in this compartment, so it´s you, is it?" Draco said this as confidently as he could, trying to look respect-worthy. The boy, Potter, glanced at his two friends, Crabbe and Goyle, before answering.

"Yes." He blushed slightly at Draco´s intense staring and by some reason it made Draco´s heart skip a beat. He ignored it and noticed that the boy was looking at the two gorillas behind him again.

"Oh this is Crabbe and Goyle." He smiled confidently. "And my name´s Draco. Draco Malfoy."A suppressed cough was heard from behind the messy haired Potter boy in front of him.

Using his ever so useful one-look-judgment he knew instantly who the cougher was, and sneered.

"Think my name´s funny do you? Well, no need asking for yours, my father told me that the Weasley's have got red hair, freckles and more kids they can afford." He smirked, rather pleased with his accomplishment then turned his head back to Potter. "You´ll soon know that some wizard families are betters then other, Potter. You wouldn´t want to make friends with the wrongs sort." He tilted his chin up slightly. "I can help you there."

He held out his hand, and found that he hadn´t wanted to shake a hand so much his entire life. His fingertips was tickling with a weird stinging feeling. Like needles. But Potter didn´t take it. Only looked coldly at him.

"I think I can tell the wrong sort out for myself, thank you." Draco felt a twinge of rejection.

Did he really just say that? To him? To Malfoy? The feelings of rejection turned to anger and humiliation and a faint blush covered his usually pale cheeks. Once again he felt his mouth moving before he could stop himself.

"I would be careful if I were you Potter, unless you get a bit more polite you´ll end up like your parents. They didn´t know what was good for them either. If you hang around riffraff like Weasley and Hagrid, it´ll rub off on you." Draco ended the sentence with a sneer and told himself he didn´t care that the green eyes now were shaded with anger and dislike. He didn´t. And the reason why he turned around and walked back to his compartment instead of staying to pick a fight had nothing to do with it. All he knew was that he really, absolutely, unconditionally hated Harry Potter.