Naruto and The Mink
Naruto x Minerva Mink

Author's Note


Chapter dedicated to FoxDemon1023.

Story Start

A restaurant, not the most creative of dates, but it was a safe and often enjoyable setting. A good meal could often set the tone of the date and tell you a lot about the person. The two of them were seated at a moderately popular restaurant to which Naruto made reservations for. He was thankful he decided to prepare six months ahead of time by taking odd-jobs and taking a part time job. Something told him that whatever his next big project was, it was going to be expensive.

They were hardly seated before their waiter appeared, blandly good-looking and perfectly coiffed. He presented them with a platter of artfully arrayed cheeses and pâtés, explaining with a smooth smile that it was on the house. Naruto couldn't help but feel annoyed with the waiter's gaze lingered on Minerva too long for his liking. Clearly his throat, he managed to get the waiter's attention who didn't even have the decency to look sheepish.
The man soon returned with two glasses of water and a bottle of yellowish liquor.

Naruto and Minerva exchanged a blank look. "To accompany the appetizer. It's meant to stimulate the appetite," he explained.

"Alright then," Naruto allowed, and Minerva shook her head. He poured each of them a small amount anyway and left a large pitcher of water in the middle of the table. "To dilute the pastis. A five-to-one ratio is generally preferred. Please take your time looking over the menus, and let me know if you need anything at all."

Bemused, Minerva sniffed at the drink and wrinkled her nose. She set the glass back down on the table and began fiddling with her flatware, contemplating the situation. She couldn't remember the last time she was on a genuine date. It didn't help that she was already drawing attention, but at least Naruto didn't lose his temper and started a fight with a waiter. That happened all too often.

She didn't know why she was bothered, it wasn't like it was something unusual, but for once she would have liked to be able to let her guard down and relax. During this she unintentionally slammed down the knife she handling on the table immediately, folding her hands in her lap. Naruto snapped his attention to Minerva, eyes widening.


"It was nothing," she said quickly.

She didn't want Naruto to think she wasn't up for this. She decided after spending most of the afternoon thinking about it, to give the blond a fair chance. How often will she get a chance to have a nice night out with a nice guy? She grabbed her water glass and took a huge gulp, trying to force herself back into focus. Thankfully the waiter had returned.

"I'll take an Asian Rice Salad..." Minerva began her order. Naruto couldn't help but chuckle, the woman ordering the salad routine as highlighted by well, media in general. Naruto was in no means sexist, but he wasn't daft or blind when it came to a lot of differences between the sexes and the culture around many gender issues and behavior. He was a kitsune after all, his species after all were one of the ones who were heavily educated in matters of the romantic and sexual nature.

They were also the ones most accepting of outside romances, even that of the human persuasion despite their secluded nature. True, the kitsune had an air of seclusion and mystery around them, but it was more for protection then of elitism. "I'll also have the Salmon, the Clams, and the Roasted Duck." at that moment Naruto realized two things. Minerva was by no means a picky or small eater, then again her rather 'healthy' figure should have tipped him off. Secondly, he was going to need a bigger wallet. "...and a diet coke." Her attention turned to him, indicating that she saw the look of disbelief that was plastered on his face. "I have to retain my figure after all."

"I'll have the Parmesan chicken with a baked potato, corn and sprite." Naruto wasn't all that big on alcohol, preferring to drink for special occasions. "So, I wasn't aware that Diet coke was magic." he couldn't keep the smirk off his face.

"I'm sorry, what?" Minerva prompted him, wondering what the kitsune was talking about. She couldn't help but be taken in by his smirk. She was all too used to smirks and the arrogance behind them, but this one was playful. It was light, mischievous, reminding her of well, whenever she put one over one of hunters, no, in fact it was probably more benign then that.

"I wasn't aware diet coke the solution to prevent weight gain is all."

"Are you making fun of my choice in beverages?

"You have to admit, it is a bit funny. Though I am happy you're not a herbivore only girl. I have nothing against them, but it would not only bring unnecessary strife in the relationship I'm not into that sickly, skeleton looking ideal of beauty a lot of people seem to go with."

After a long pause of silence, leaving Naruto wondering if he had blown his chances already, Minerva finally stated something. "Its refreshing." she finally said, seeing the bamboozled look on Naruto's face. "You have something of a personality. Like for instance, you were able to let me know what you wanted without being over the top and I'm actually able to have a conversation with you. You have no idea how refreshing that is."

"Well, I'm glad I could provide for a change of pace. So I'm curious, how do you make a living? I'm taking classes part time while earning money so I can earn money to pursue a career in cooking."

"Well, I'm an actress. Have you ever heard of a show called Animaniacs?"

The two of them traded small talk, enjoying themselves and just having a nice experience.

Minerva smiled to herself as they continued to talk. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was quite nice. All and all, she could get used to this.

"Hey?" Naruto questioned. "Everything okay?"

"Huh?" Minerva was interrupted from her thoughts. "Oh yeah, it's good. I was just thinking about something."

"Do you want to..." he began asking her what she would like for desert when a voice interrupted him.

"Uzumaki!" a voice suddenly called from behind Minerva. She glanced behind to find several young men and women. The one with unruly flame orange hair stepped forward and was regarding Naruto with a sneer. Naruto merely returned his gaze evenly. "What's a goofy bastard like you with a beauty like this?"

"That's right," another boy with slick blond hair and slanted eyes piped in. "Keeping her to yourself so the rest of us won't have a chance at her, huh? What a waste of a cutie!" He regarded Minerva with a malicious leer that made Minerva angry. She was about to stand up to tell him off when Minerva stood up first and placed a placating hand on her shoulder.

"That's right she's with me." Naruto's voice had a dangerous edge to me. "If you guys have a problem with it, find me later, but I ask that you present enough class not to act so crash in front of a lady."

The boy with the flame hair almost stepped forward, but something in Naruto's stolid gaze warned him to stay away. There were those of his species who looked down on Naruto for being an ignorant and loud-mouth braggart.

"I'm sorry about that," Naruto hastily said to Minerva. He'd reseated himself and smiled reassuringly at the waiters. The observers had begun to disperse and find other areas of interest. "As you'd probably guessed, those were members of my species who aren't too fond of me." his cheeks darkened. "About what I said earlier, I didn't mean to be so to what I said..." he began rambling when he was cut off by Minerva's giggling.

"That was so sweet of you. I guess you can say that I've always fancied a night in shining armor." Naruto's blushed deepened. At desert, the two of them took a stroll around the forest near Minerva's home.

"It's such a lovely evening," Minerva stated happily, her good mood having reasserted itself with a slice or three of cheesecake.

"Indeed." he agreed as they were bathed by the light of the moon. Minerva really looked lovely in her pale violet dress. After the unfortunate interruption from Naruto's species, the evening had gone along well enough.

Naruto couldn't believe how well things were going. He learned things about Minerva that really added dimensions to her characters. She liked older movies like 'Some Like It Hot' which featured Marilyn Monroe and The Apartment. Though unfortunately all good things came to an end as they came to a stop at her home.

"I have to say, this evening turned out better than I expected." Minerva took in his scent, she could smell roses and other flowers. Though that made sense, seeing as one of his hobbies was gardening. "I'll be free three days from now. Hopefully we won't have any interruptions next time."

"Indeed, I have just the thing in mind." he replied with a grin.

"Goodnight handsome." Minerva bid farewell as she moved up and placed a kiss on Naruto's cheek. The blond's cheeks burned red as Minerva's tail playfully brushed across his nose.

"Goodnight..." he dreamily remarked as he walked away, almost stumblingly over the log on the path. Minerva smiled as she entered her home. These next three months were going to be eventful.