Title: A World Divided

Author: Martine Lewis
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst
Warnings: sexual situations (in later chapters), violence
Rating: M
Setting: Post DH

Ship: OC/OC
Summary: Set in Canada: Genna Hudon and Marcus Tyler are dating against all odds and it brings them to the attention of a dangerous enemy.

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Author's Notes: I hope you will like this story. It is, in a way, a big risk as it is not centered around any of the cannon characters and it is not set in Britain. However, I hope you will give it a chance. This story is set after Harry Potter and the Ring of Power. You do not have to read RoP prior to reading this one.

I would like to give a special thanks to my beta Arpad Hrunta for his hard work and patience with me.

This story is completely written and I should be able to post one chapter every week or so. There are 15 chapters total.

I hand write all my stories so if you fancy copying it and claiming it as your own, be prepared for a fierce fight!

Oh! And let's not forget that I do not own Harry Potter and the Potterverse. It is all property of JK Rowling. However, I do own the original characters in this story and the Canadian setting.

I hope you will enjoy it, even if you don't see much of your favourite cannon characters... but of course, who can leave Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny out of any stories? :p

This story is set in Quebec, Canada, where there are a lot of French speaking people. Dialogues in italic are meant to be in French.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Monday September 1, 1997

Eleven year old Geneviève Hudon, known as Genna to her friends, was unlike most other little girls: she was a witch. About a month ago, she had received the long-awaited letter from St. Leandre School of Witchcraft inviting her to join its student body. So, instead of going to the Muggle Secondary school, she was, with some of her friends from elementary school, boarding the train for northern Quebec where St. Leandre was hidden.

St. Leandre was one of the most reputable witchcraft school in the north-eastern region of North America and was often compared to the reputable Salem Witches' Institute in Massachusetts. It accepted all students from the Provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Ontario, and any other interested students throughout Canada and the northern United States. Most French-speaking wizarding families throughout the continent wanted their children to attend St. Leandre and, from what Genna had heard, St. Leandre had never refused a student. It had even accepted students from as far as Louisiana.

St. Leandre was, in all practical purposes, an institution in itself, and world-renowned at that, and Genna was happily following in her family's footsteps by being invited to attend as well.

Genna had spent most of her childhood in the village of Saint-Leon, a small village in the Lac Saint-Jean region of the Province of Quebec. The French-speaking village was mostly inhabited by wizard families with a few Muggle families. In fact, over half of the twenty students who finished their sixth grade of elementary school with Genna were following her to St. Leandre, including her best friend, Audrey Perron.

"Daddy, do you think mom is looking at me right now?" she asked her father sadly.

Genna's mother had passed away from cancer at the end of the previous school year. Genna had loved her mother dearly. Ever since she had shown signs of being a witch, her mother, who had not developed the ability and who was considered a Squib, had began to read her the "History of St. Leandre". Genna had been grateful as she had now a basic knowledge of the school and of what to expect when she arrived.

"Of course she is, my love. Go on now, you have to get in the train," said her father.

"But Audrey? Where is she?" asked Genna, inquiring after her best friend.

"I'm here!" said Audrey, running towards her. "Good morning, Mr Hudon."

"Good morning Audrey. Are you both ready now?" asked Genna's father with an indulgent smile.

"Yes!" they both answered at the same time.

They found an empty compartment towards the front of the train and Mr Hudon assisted his daughter into it.

In addition to being a witch, Genna was unlike any of the other girls her age in another way: she had a clubbed foot. Upon her birth, her parents had taken her to numerous Healers. After countless trials and examinations, the Healers had all came to the same conclusion: they didn't know what had caused Genna's problem and healing it would require very powerful magic and knowledge they simply did not possess. This had been very puzzling to everybody since such a defect was usually so easy to fix.

Genna's handicap made it necessary for her to walk with crutches since putting weight on her foot was rather painful. Normally, for shorter distances, she would use only one crutch but since the "History of St. Leandre" described the school as quite big, she had thought it more prudent to use both of them.

Once her father had assisted her to the compartment, he grabbed her trunk and put it on the rack.

"Everything all right, sweetheart?" he asked her.

"Yes, daddy," she answered with a smile. "You know Stephane and Maude said they will be joining us later on so I'll have help when we get to St. Leandre."

"Perfect," he said, kissing her head. "You send me an owl if you need anything, okay?"

"Yes, daddy," she answered. "I'll send you an owl even if I don't need anything," she added with a smile.

Her father smiled, looked at her for a moment longer, and left the compartment as Audrey's parents brought in her trunk.

A few minutes later, they were joined by Genna's cousins, Stephane and Maude, and were on their way to St. Leandre


"She's walking with crutches!"

"What the hell? Why didn't anybody heal her?"

"Must be a Muggle-born."

Genna had just exited the train at the Village of Leandry and could hear the whispers and see the other students stare at her. She had received the same stares and whispers when she had gone to shop for her school supplies in Hidden Alley.

Hidden Alley was part of the underground city of Montreal but like its name implied, it was hidden. Only wizards and witches knew the two secret entrances: one above ground, in a little shabby pub off of St. Catherine Street, near McGill College Avenue, and one from the Muggle underground city, in a small obscure cafe, in the basement of the Eaton Shopping Centre. Both pub and cafe catered to the wizarding community and were hidden from Muggles.

Hidden Alley was an extraordinary place. The Alley's ceiling looked exactly like the sky outside but without the bad weather. The street was divided in two quarters with the western end being English and the eastern one French. At the junction of the two quarters was a large public place with fountains and trees. Both entrances to the Alley came into the public area, where could be found the wandmaker store, the Gringott's branch, the access to the Ministry of Magic, the access to St-Francis Hospital for Magical Afflictions and Maladies, and the tunnel to the train platform.

Genna's father second-hand clothing store being on the eastern part of the Alley, she had never been to the English Quarter. Besides, English and French wizards did not mingle very well. The division between the two groups was so old, nobody really remembered how it came about in the first place. The only thing everybody knew was that English did not socialize with French and French did not socialize with English. Period.

The division could also be seen in most Departments of the Ministry of Magic where wizards were more likely to be found in professions historically occupied by their own ancestors. The division was quite odd as the Ministry covered all of Canada. When, in 1849, the Muggle parliament burned and the Muggles decided to relocate their capital, eventually settling in Ottawa, the wizarding society decided to keep their location which was well established and, at the time, quite central to the wizarding population which hadn't yet reached the western parts of the country. Genna did not really understand along which lines lay the divide but knew it was there by the numerous discussions she had heard at family reunions with her uncles and aunts.

Genna looked around and spotted a group of young boys who were staring at her, and talking to one another in English. Some of them even looked at her with open hostility and disgust.

"Genna, don't mind them," said her cousin Stephane when he saw where she was looking. "They are only English."

Genna sighed and followed Stephane, Maude and Audrey to the end of the platform.

"First year, this way please. First year, this way please," was calling an older man from the boardwalk going towards the lake.

Genna gasped in surprise. She could have sworn he was Santa Claus.

"Come Genna. I'll take your trunk to Professor Noël and he'll help you," said Stephane, leading the way.

Genna followed him down the boardwalk with Audrey in tow.

"Professor Noël! I'm bringing you my cousin Geneviève... but everybody calls her Genna."

"Oh! Stephane!" said the Professor, giving them both a warm smile and shaking her cousin's hand.

Genna could not help but smile also. This wizard was definitely joyful and his smile was contagious.

"How were your vacations?"

"Very good, thank you... but I got to admit, I was anxious to come back."

"Not enough open air at your place?" asked Professor Noël with a twinkle in his eyes.

Stephane shrugged. The entire family knew of Stephane's dream to become a magical creature handler. He loved everything that was big and magical, however dangerous they were. His summers, away from magical creatures, were always hard on him.

"Good evening, Geneviève," said Professor Noël, turning to her, and squeezing her shoulder gently. "I am Professor Noël. I teach Care of Magical Creatures. And who is that wonderful young lady accompanying you?"

"Hi! I'm Audrey Perron," said Audrey. "Are you Santa Claus?"

Professor Noël laughed a deep Santa Claus laugh.

"My beautiful child, I would love to be but I'm afraid I'm not."

"Oh!" said Audrey disappointed.

"I'm going now," said Stephane. "I will see you later in the Great Hall."

The canoe trip on the lake was very pleasant. Genna shared her canoe with Audrey and two other French-speaking girls, one of which, Josée Cloutier, was Muggle born. She was terrified to find herself so far away from home, and cried and sniffled the entire way. Genna's heart went to her, but soon she was distracted by everything that was going on around her.

As they glided on the lake, Genna enjoyed the view of the school which looked like a huge castle. From the "History of St. Leandre", Genna knew it was modelled after Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft in Britain; however, St. Leandre had a cliff at its back, and the lake at its front was rounder and bigger. The History even said the lake, like the one at Hogwarts, contained mermaids.

According to the "History", the founders, Thomas Flynn and François Hudon, had thought long and hard about using Hogwarts' house system. Once they had agreed to do so, they decided the Hogwarts names may not be appropriate for St. Leandre. In addition, François Hudon, who came from France, did not really care for all English names for the Houses. Thomas Flynn and François Hudon inspired themselves from the Native Americans and the nature around them to name the houses: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. It may have lacked in originality but at least, no-one could argue on the names.

After a few minutes on the lake, the first-year students arrived at the school and were admitted in the Great Hall where the rest of the students were waiting for them. They all walked to the front where the teachers were sitting, and were allowed to sit on two very long benches.

An old wizard stood up from the middle of the table, and after waving his wand over the assembled students, cleared his throat.

"Good evening, dear students. For our returning student, welcome back. For our newcomers, welcome to our wonderful school.

"I am Headmaster Patrick Flynn. In a few moments, our first year will be sorted and we will begin our feast."

Genna looked around and noticed even the English speaking students seemed to understand the Headmaster.

"Before we begin," he added, looking down at the first year, "let me explain to the first year what is about to happen. You will all take a seat into the Sorting Totem and it will show us which House you will be joining. Once you are sorted, please make your way to your House table..."

Genna looked at the Sorting Totem. She had read the Totem was very old, and had been given to the founders by one of the Native tribes. Despite its age, the Totem looked new. Its colours were vivid and very well defined. On its side, the Totem had an opening in which students were directed to sit. Its top had four sides, each with an image representing the different Houses. Once the Totem had made its choice, its top would rotate and the chosen House would be facing the four long tables, showing to all where the student inside should go.

"Without any further delays, let's begin."

There were eighty first-years to be sorted, seven of which were Hudons like Genna. Genna was not surprised as the Hudon were, with the Perrons, the two oldest French wizarding families in the Province, and they did tend to have very large families. However, Genna was the only one from her branch of the family. Of all of her fifty-one cousins, she was the youngest.

Professor Noël calling her name brought her attention back to the Sorting Ceremony. Slowly, she stood up and made her way to the Totem, among the whispers about her handicap from the students who hadn't seen her earlier. Ignoring them as best as she could and wishing with all her heart she wouldn't embarrass herself by tripping, she made her way to the Totem opening and took a seat.

"You do have a fair amount of courage, I see, and quite a fair amount of fire and spirit in you," said a voice inside her head.

And Genna realized the Totem was talking to her.

"Yes, there is no doubt in my mind. You should be sorted into Fire."

It's decision made, Genna heard the Totem rotated. Once it stopped, the applauses and cheers from the Fire table showed her where she had to go. With a smile, she stood up and joined the table where her two other cousins were already sitting.


Twelve-year old Marcus Gordon Tyler was a very unhappy little boy. His father, Robert Tyler, was the heir of the minor English house of Tyler, and his mother, Lea Murray Tyler was the youngest born of the major English house of Murray. Marcus had understood early on that his parents' marriage was in fact a strategic alliance between two relatively powerful wizarding families, and nothing else.

His father, even if he was rich enough not to work, was the Head of the International Cooperation Department, one of the most high profile Departments of the Ministry of Magic. He travelled constantly and returned home only a few months a year. His mother was a stay-at-home mom who raised him, then his five-year old sister Amanda. But raising was a big word as his mother had left him mostly with nannies until he was old enough to be groomed into a perfectly well behave little Tyler.

In the Tyler household, all had to appear constantly proper. In fact, Marcus didn't remember the last time he had been dirty, or had been allowed to play. In the Tyler household, nobody was allowed to raise their voice...except behind closed doors. More than once, Marcus had heard his parents fight, and he suspected their marriage was far from perfect.

Robert Tyler had always expected his son to become a high-ranking Ministry official, preferably in the Department of International Cooperation or the Department of Mystery. Marcus was expected to succeed in the branches of magic which were perceived as proper for any English wizarding family: any type of defensive spells and transfiguration spells. Anything else was seen as second-class wizardry.

But even at twelve years old, Marcus knew he didn't want to be like his father. What he liked most of all was caring for his little sister, who, like him, was mostly left to nannies. Marcus just loved taking care of people and animals alike. When he was younger, he had taken care of a cat which often came around the house. However, when his father found out about it, he got rid of it.

"A young man like you doesn't need such a useless thing in his life," he had said.

Marcus had never enquired about his lost cat but he suspected his father had killed it.

No, Marcus was definitely not like his parents, and he was enormously unhappy. He did not know what to make of this school, but his parents had insisted he had to be trained by the best and St. Leandre was one of the best school in the northeast of the continent, as good as the Western Canadian School of Witchcraft and the Salem Witches' Institute. And it was free! Even if his parents had enormous amount of money, they did not want to spend any, so a free school had even more appeal to them.

His parents had not liked the idea of him being around the French lower class, but there was no helping it. Both of them had attended St. Leandre, and they had survived. They thought that for Marcus to be around the French would only show him the importance to become the best, as they thought he would see how the French seriously needed their help to survive.

Marcus saw the Sorting Totem's head turn and the Fire icon faced the students. The handicapped girl emerged from it and made her way to the Fire House table, among applause and cheers from the Fire House students.

Marcus was intrigued by this girl. Coming from a very sheltered and proper English wizarding family, he had never seen a handicapped person before, Muggle or otherwise, and had always thought, from what he heard his parents say about them, that they were ugly.

But this girl was far from ugly. In fact, Marcus thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had a round face surrounded by long dark brown wavy hair which reached the middle of her back. Her eyes were a dark blue and she also had a generous and easy smile which showed her white and straight teeth. Her nose was narrow and straight and her chin discreet. Her skin was tanned as if she spent a lot of time outside in the sun. She was also petite and fairly slim. Definitely, Marcus thought she was a girl he wouldn't mind staring at for days on ends.

"I wonder why they cheer," said Steve Smith, who was sitting next to him. "Who would want that thing in their House anyway?"

Steve Smith, like Marcus, came from one of the English wizarding families; however, he came from one of the minor ones. Marcus Tyler, on the other hand, had Murray blood in him through his mother. The Murrays and the Flynns were the oldest English wizarding families in the Province. English families tend to have very few children and Marcus had only his sister Amanda.

Marcus did not agree with Steve's comment but stayed quiet. He thought she looked nice and he hoped he would get to meet her sometime during the year.

Professor Noël calling his name brought Marcus attention back to the sorting. He stood up and walked to the Totem with self-assured steps he didn't really feel. His parents were both from the Water House and he was sure they expected him to be also. He took his seat in the Totem opening and waited.

"You, my boy, are definitely not of the Water House," said the Totem, startling him a little. "You are a difficult one, young man. I am hesitating between Earth and Air."

'Earth? I cannot be in Earth!' thought Marcus. 'My parents hate anything to do with Earth!'

"I do realize that," answered the Totem, who had no difficulties following his thoughts. "But you do have the caring and sense of fairness of Earth wizards. But I see the intelligence and the wits of the Air wizards in you, too. My first choice would be to send you in Earth, however, I do know your parents and you do have what it takes to do very well in Air. Therefore, I will sort you in Air."

It was a relief, as most English wizards were in Water, while a fair amount could also be found in Air. However, very few could be found in Fire, and English wizards in Earth were almost unheard of. Marcus parents would have surely disowned him if he had been sorted into Earth.

Relieved, he made his way to the Air House table, where he was greeted with cheers and applause.


Angelina Rotini had just finished her golden cup of blood when her servant walked into her sumptuous sitting room. She looked up and raised an eyebrow, annoyed by the interruption.

"Most Holy, the wizard was able to read his mind," said his servant, his eyes fixedly looking at the floor in front of him.

"And?" asked Angelina.

"There is a prophecy, Your Highness," he answered, hesitating.

A few days earlier, Angelina's servants had captured a retired Professor from St. Leandre School of Witchcraft. For some years now, she had heard numerous rumours of a prophecy related to her and her empire. Effectively, Angelina Rotini had died at twenty-three at the hand of a Romanian vampire in the dirty streets of medieval Brasov. She had moved to the new continent to escape the vampiric society of Europe in the sixteen-hundreds and had formed her own empire in the Province of Quebec, known then as the Nouvelle-France. Angelina always found it ironic that in order to maintain control, she was diligently working to keep English and French wizards apart and at each others' throats. She knew, however, that should the two factions unite, she would lose the control she had, as a unified army of wizards could take her and her servants anytime they wanted. However, divided, they were not numerous enough to confront her and her followers.

"And?" asked Angelina again, louder this time. "What does it say?"

"It says: As the old world finds some peace, an union shall be born and consummated between two people of opposite side. United, they shall have the power to defeat the shadow that blankets their world and reunite it as one, as they will understand things others do not. As a new Era has begun, the confrontation approaches and vanquisher shall reign while vanquished shall perish. As the new Era begins, the force to defeat the shadow and reunite the world approaches."

Even knowing what was coming did not prevent Angelina from flying into a rage. She threw herself at her servant who, taken by surprise, did not even have time to consider escaping. She sank her teeth into his neck and sucked him dry of his precious vampiric blood. Servants were easily replaceable... and this one was not even good.