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Oh and the picture is of Ino and Naruto making out.


Naruto Uzumaki went from being single to in a relationshipwith Ino babyqirll' Yamanaka.

Ino babyqirll' Yamanaka uploaded a new profile picture. " omq babee' ily soo fuqin' mucho.! Were qonna last foreverrrr! #RealTalk! 8.3O.I2 ! (;"

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Ami suckmadick Takahiki commented "leik omq ino! babee' youuh luuk amazinnnq! youhh betta take hella care of my girl naruto!"

Kaori beezinthatrap Murashiko commented "Aw u guyz r 2 qute, ur finna last 4 lyff!"

Sanji luvzubaby Koro commented "Ino! too cute babygirl!"

Ino babyqirll' Yamanaka commented "Thxx qirlss c;"

Naruto Uzumaki uploaded a new profile picture

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Ino babyqirll' Yamanaka commented "omqq babeeeeeeee! youuhhh put tha pik as ur profile pic t2! luv uuuu ;)"

Sasori Akasuna commented "Dude, is that Deidara?"

Deidara IsNotAGirl commented "FUCK YOU!"

Kiba Inuzuka commented "Alright! Gettin it innnnn!"

Naruto Uzumaki commented "helllll yaaaa!"

Menma Namikaze commented "How do I taste Naruto? (;"

Naruto Uzumaki commented "fuck u faggot! she did not blow you!"

Menma Namikaze commented "mm I don't know, when was this picture taken?"

Naruto Uzumaki commented "a few hours ago y?"

Menma Namikaze commented "ahaha yup! she's still wearing the same clothes!"

Sasuke Uchiha commented "Damn dobe, you left tits of ages hyuuga for her? Downgrade man.."

Sakura Haruno liked Sasuke Uchiha's comment

Sakura Haruno commented "Ha! Ya hear that Ino? Sasuke called you a whore."

Ino babyqirll' Yamanaka commented "omq stfuu foreheadd! at least sasuke calls me!"

Hinata Hyuuga commented "Thank you Sasuke."

Sasuke Uchiha commented "Anytime, and this is kinda going against guy code but, are you free tonight?"

Neji Hyuuga commented "No."

Sasuke Uchiha commented "Cockblock"

Suigetsu Hozuki commented "Ino's too easy"

Hidan BeGettinThaBitchez commented "that bitch is loose as fuck"

Gaara Sabaku commented "Damn Naruto, you got that professor Orochimaru tongue all up in her."

Inoichi Yamanaka commented "Ino! What is the meaning of this?!"

Minato Namikaze commented "Naruto! Delete this, you're grounded!"

Naruto Uzumaki went from being in a relationship to single

Ino babyqirll' Yamanaka went from being in a relationship with Naruto Uzumaki to in a relationshipwith Menma Namikaze

I swear if happens every time, new couple breaks up with previous lover to be together. posts a picture. gets yelled at by friends. until a parent comes and reprimands them. and then everyone just ends up hating each other.
and i will definitely be updating TDP soon I promise!

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