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Which I failed twice.


Pein Uzumaki updated his status. "Frenum ladder piercing!"

Sai YouLackDick commented. "Quick question; if you somehow managed to disembody your entire penis, would a metal rod grow back in its place? Are you ready, Gaara?"

Gaara Sabaku commented. "Born ready. Nagato I'd just like to inform you that not only does your entire gang of no-talent misfits never fail to repulse me, but your frequent updates on protruding gears in your concupiscent parts remain the worst things I've ever read in my entire life. Have a terrible day and I hope you die."

Hidan BeGettinThaBitches commented "^^^^ahaha nagatos ur naem? more lik..naGAYto hahaahahaaa"

Sai YouLackDick commented "Yes, that may be the case. In such fortunate events, would that elate you?"

Hidan BeGettinThaBitches commented "wat"

Sai YouLackDick commented "Knowing that your leader is openly homosexual and that you will be able to engage in various lewd activities without the wrath of his girlfriend?"

Naruto Uzumaki updated a status "if yall cant tell teh difrense butween pork nd beef ramen, ur doin it rong"

Gaara Sabaku commented "Then I guess everyone's been doing everything wrong their entire lives. Because if anyone is that inane to leave that swill long enough in their mouths to actually differentiate the tastes, they are more braindead than the livestock used to produce it."

Konohamaru Sarutobi commented "woah chilllllll bruh"

Sai YouLackDick commented "Everyone here is of moderate temperature, perhaps you should warm up or..GET ROASTED."

Shikamaru Nara commented "hey man take it easy, thats my like..nephew or something"

Gaara Sabaku commented "How pathetic of you to be taking the place of your former sensei. You've got a full eighteen years of that ahead. Heard Kurenai's in labor or something, don't really care. But if you raise the child to be as lazy as your putrid self, I will see to it that you never get the chance to have your own vile offspring."

Orochimaru Jackson updated a status "if sssssomeone ever needssss sssomeone to talk to, 420-666-6969 c(;"

Sai YouLackDick commented "I'm sorry, I accidently read your name as Orochimicheal Jackson. An honest mistake."

Sasuke Uchiha updated a status "What the fuck if up with all these punks and stealing my style?"

Sai YouLackDick commented "I didn't know fag was a style."

Gaara Sabaku commented "Can't steal what you never had."

Yondaime Kazekage commented "Play nice, Gaara."

Gaara Sabaku commented "I'm sorry, does isolating me from the rest of your children and essentially ruining my childhood play any part of berating me to 'play nice'?"

Yondaime Kazekage commented "I did it for the lulz."

Gaara Sabaku commented "Oh I see, just like I might kill you right now. Just for shits n gigglez pops."

Saori Kuriname commented "haha woooaaaaah, dady ishues much?"

Gaara Sabaku commented "I murdered your father just yesterday."

Deidara IsNotAGirl uploaded a picture. "haha havin a BLAST wit deez boms"

Sai YouLackDick commented "A better caption might've been: It's Britney bitch."

Ino babyqirll' Yamanaka updated a status. "N E kutee' boizsz # t22 hit^^ t2daii? x/3"

Gaara Sabaku commented "420-666-6969"

Sakura Haruno uploaded a picture. "Selfie Sunday :)"

Gaara Sabaku commented. "I stand corrected; Sakura, it is your disgusting face that surpasses Nagato's filth. You keep that in mind next time you decide to upload another horrid selfie."

well, this had been a riot guys, but i think im unofficially done with updating this garbage.

unofficial caz im fickle as fuk and u don knoe mi. idk i might update..but very very veyr vyervevey unlikely

not that it hasnt been fun, its been a blast and im so so glad so many of you people enjoy it. even while i hated it, im happy i could make some recognized authors laugh, like whaaat? TRIGGA STOP.

i just wanna end it because all these fics ive written this year are so bad and i just want to end them all and try again. every time i start a new story im like yeaaaah ahaha this ones gonna be the shit and then it ends up being shit because i never take care of it.

hm well, due to popular demand it seems sai and gaara are the moneymakers of the lot and so i thought id end on a horribly shitty excuse for an epilogue. to satiate yalls needs c;

this was meant to be something to make fun of my grade, literally mocking them. fgjgkdksk i wrote the second chapter first, i remember uploading it a week before school started and then it was removed because im stupid and so i changed it a bit and now look what ive done. ive tried to incorporate their personalities into their typing quirks and i ended up having to dumb a lot of people down... bluuuuuuh im so bored, summer is horrible, i want to go back to school.

you can kinda tell where i started fucking the fic up, i guess i felt under pressure to be funny and it just wasnt funny, and i hated myself for updating shit that no one laughs at. seriously would anybody laugh if it werent for all the swears? because with out profanity..i really have nothing to write about. and thats so fucking sad.

and come on if anyone thinks pein doesnt have every inch of his cock pierced youre outta your mind


so sorry and thank you c: