If you have heard of Kaze No Stigma, I'm sure you probably know that the owner, Yamato Takahiro, has died. A lot of people have tried their best to continue the series, which now remains Un-Finished. Today, I was going through some of AznAnimeFreak4life's amazing Season 2 of Kaze No Stigma, and thought to myself, How amazing it would be to make my own Season 2! So today, I am making the first Chapter to "Kaze No Stigma S2 Wind Changes"! And some rules of my writings are:

I will always go through my stories to make sure all the Grammar/Spelling is done correctly and is easy to read.

They have details to explain what happened/happens.

I will add/post a new story each week.

I will read each and every Comment on my story.

If a special Holiday, I will make sure to make one in honor of that Holiday!

If any more questions please mail me or if you have a yahoo you can e-mail me! Email: Crazy10077 . I can't wait to get started! If you see any Mistakes, please mail me and tell me right away, and I will be starting polls today also. I might be starting The Sacred Blacksmith Season 2 Sept. 15th! So that means I'll be starting it on my birthday! And before any of you haters say I am a horrible writer, I hope you know you're talking to a 10 year older. So, yeah. I am not going to be as good as AznAnimeFreak4life!


9/1/12 - - - Urgent Message - - - Add of Kaze No Stigma S2 C1 [MORE SOON]