Ayano sat next to Kazuma, with Jugo explaining their new case. It was almost 10:00 in the morning, and Jugo already had them in there for a case. But it wasn't really a case- Kazuma's a Teacher! ( XD ) Not really though, Kazuma has a little thing Jugo wants him to do; He has to teach Ayano how to calm down after getting a little angry. Sound easy? Not for Kazuma. Ayano had always had Anger Issues. And Jugo wanted her to learn to be a little more lady like.

"WHAT?! That jerk doesn't even know the HALF of a kind gesture! Just because he's around ladies a lot doesn't mean he can start teaching one. And apparently I don't NEED his help in Lady Like gestures. He was NEVER a gentleman!" Ayano grouched, and stomped. "Ayano, at the moment the only one willing to teach you is Kazuma. And I'm sure he'll do well." Jugo sipped his tea, and smiled at Kazuma. "Anyways, I'm sure he can teach many more things that you need to know in this world. And while you're at it, maybe you can find out more about Bernheartd and his new schemes." Jugo sighs, and face palms as he watches Ayano throw a little inside tantrum and growls at Kazuma, who is sitting there smirking and acting a little childish, "Kazuma. Am I right you're going to do a good job? Don't make me regret." Jugo set his tea down, and watched as Ayano growled inside, and moaned. "WHY HIM, I don't want to be with him today!" Ayano grumbled, and Jugo just added more of a punishment, "Oh, and Kazuma, suggest you teach her the ways of a lady in YOUR room." Jugo smirked, and Ayano was now freaked. "DADDY! I don't want to be with him… in his room… alone…" Ayano suddenly began to realize that she now had a bigger problem. Kazuma was a pervert, and if he got the idea then Ayano was going to have to tell him No, and it's hard to tell the guy you love no. Ugh… what am I going to do?! "Well Ayano, I'm sure he won't try without my permission. And so far I say he can do whatever he wants." ( XD Worst dad ever! LoL) Jugo smiled, and winked at Kazuma. "Well, shall we leave?" Kazuma stood, and made his way to the door, just to lean on the wall and wait for Ayano's answer. "Uh… Okay… But don't get any funny ideas!" Ayano crossed her arms, and followed Kazuma out the door. "Ahh, now I can enjoy Ayano Free Day." Jugo closed his eyes, and sipped his tea. "poor Kazuma," Jugo shook his head, a little sorry for Kazuma.

"Ughh, can we PLEASE go to the park instead!?" (XD Ayano. Is. A. kid.) Ayano groaned and moved around on the couch, a little uncomfortable. "Nope, Jugo suggested my room." Kazuma smirked, and Ayano growled. His bed was soft, and Ayano enjoyed sitting on it. Ayano moved around on the bed, until she gave up. "Your bed… is… not comfortable at ALL." Ayano grouched, and fell off the bed. "OW!" (LoL, she so deserved that.) Ayano sat up from the floor and growled at Kazuma, who was smiling standing at his door. "Now what are you doing fooling around on my bed?" Kazuma went up to poor Ayano, and gave her his hand. "You bastard. Why would father want YOU to teach me?" Ayano took his hand, and pulled back up to her stand. "Well, first of all, no one other than your boyfriend would volunteer. Second of all, you're a grouch and no one likes a griper, accept for your boyfriend. Is that a good enough explanation, Princess?" Kazuma replied, and then smiled. "And if you're a good girl, I'll buy you some ice cream." ( XD LoL ) Kazuma ruffled Ayano's hair, and Ayano crossed her arms and protested, "Chocolate milk shake?" Ugh, =_=; I sound like a 5 year older. Ayano thought and sat still. "Yeah. I guess?" Kazuma stood from his crouch and went back to leaning on the door. "Gahh =_=; tell you what, how about we just forget about the lessons?" Kazuma sighed, and watched as Ayano smiled, "REALLY?" Ayano lightened up, "Yes, really. =_=" Kazuma left from his door, and Ayano jumped up to follow. "You are really going to disobey Dad?" Ayano tugged on his sleeve, and seemed to be skipping. "I guess," Kazuma and Ayano both left from the Hotel, and were heading straight for the Ice Cream Parlor.

Ayano and Kazuma, sat together sipping on milk shakes. Ayano, as promised, got her Chocolate milk shake. Ayano, happily slurping, only stopped to yelp out "brain freeze!" And Kazuma only stopped to tell her to shut up. ( XD ) "Ayano? Remember the case?" Kazuma looked up into the clear sky, and sighed. Today it was supposed to rain. But no, it hadn't rained yet. "Uh, yeah. Tsui-…" Ayano stopped before she could say her name, and then decided to blur it out. "She, had some sort of power to disappear? It was strange… most people don't retrieve powers like that out of no were. It was all so strange. Maybe Bernheartd had something to do with her powers." Ayano sipped her chocolate milkshake, and looked up to smile at Kazuma. But Kazuma didn't smile back, as he looked down at the milkshake; Ayano knew it was a bad idea to bring up Tsui-Ling instead of the powers of the teenager and how he survived. Ayano sighed, and looked down at her now watery milkshake. If only there was a way to get rid of his memory of Tsui-Ling. But even I can't do that. He seems heartbroken whenever I speak of his beloved Tsui-Ling. Ayano closed her eyes, and leaned on Kazuma's arm. "Ayano, did you notice that the teenager seemed to know Lapis? It was all so strange… maybe he had a connection from Bernheartd, and wasn't one of the infected. Maybe a past friend." Kazuma wrapped his arm around Ayano, and seemed to be no longer worried about his beloved Tsui-Ling/Lapis. But how could Ayano know? He almost seemed soft, happy. But he was crying on the inside. He missed Tsui-Ling more than anything… and he couldn't bring her back. Ayano was getting used to Kazuma. And Kazuma was getting use to Ayano more than anything. "Kazuma?" Ayano lifted her head from Kazuma's shoulder, and looked up into his eyes. "Can I have another Milk shake?" (AWW AND TO THINK THEY ALMOST HAD A MOMENT D: ) Ayano was chittering to the cold of the Milk shake, which seemed a little unhealthy. "Ayano, If I give you another Milk shake, you're going to freeze to death." Kazuma stood, and helped Ayano out of her chair. "Aww! No milk shake?" Ayano muttered, and together, holding hands they leave the Ice Cream Parlor.

Ayano slumped into her nice and comfortable bed, and sighed. Am I really in love? Kazuma is kind, joking, and cool… and a pervert, but it scares me sometimes being his girlfriend. At first I was a total hothead when It came to me thinking about me and Kazuma, but now im not afraid to ask myself if I really love him. Do I really love Kazuma Yugami? Ayano closed her eyes, and opened them again to look up at the ceiling to her bedroom. She remembered everything that happened between them, her first kiss… which she didn't really wanted to happen, Kazuma smelled her hair. He is more of a romancer instead of a womanizer to Ayano now, and Ayano closed her eyes again, I do love Kazuma Yugami… and I might end up being love sick if I keep thinking about him. But I don't know if I can trust him with my heart yet… It's hard being with some womanizer with some humor of a pervert. Ayano closed her eyes, and drifted slowly into her dreams and sleep. Ayano knew she loved Kazuma; and she's going to have to deal with it. Kazuma was the kind of guy Ayano won't fall for, but she did. Her heart is soft to Kazuma, she might be a little rude and hotheaded to Kazuma sometimes, but Kazuma had his secret to…

He love Ayano more than he did Tsui-ling; and he always will.

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