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"I'll let you all get some sleep now." Artie said hugging Brittany wheeling towards the door.

"Come by tomorrow please Artie." Brittany said getting up to help him to the door.

"Okay although it's already tomorrow." Artie said smiling. "I'll come by around noon."

Artie left and Brittany slammed the door counting to twenty before opening the door again.

"Where are you going?" Kurt asked getting up from sleeping as everyone else was asleep still.

"I'm going to follow Artie I don't trust him. He just so happened to show up only hours after someone took Santana." Brittany said heading out the door. "Call the cops Kurt and I'll call you when I find out where he's going." she said.

"Brittany!" Kurt shouted, but Brittany was gone already. He turned around and went to wake the other three. "Rachel, Quinn, Puck wake up!" he shouted.

"What the fuck Kurt!" Puck growled getting up glaring at Kurt.

"Brittany left to follow Artie cause she thought that he might have something to do with Santana's disappearance." Kurt said shaking Rachel to wake her up as Puck kicks Quinn to wake her.

"You can't be fucking serious why would she go alone?" Puck said as Kurt explained to Rachel and Quinn what Brittany had told him and done.

"Oh my fucking god how could she go do that." Quinn said shaking her head.

"Did someone hit her over the head or something cause that's stupid." Rachel said getting up and stretching her limbs.

"As much as I don't like it I do get why Brittany would do it now." Quinn shrugged knowing that Brittany would do anything to get Santana back.

"What are you talking about?" Kurt asked still not sure why Brittany thought Artie had something to do with Santana's disappearance if she had really disappeared.

"Think about it what would Santana do if something happened to Brittany she would find her. Brittany would do the same for her. The only difference is that Brittany will go about it in a more logical way than Santana who would have attack Artie on the spot if she thought he had anything to do with it. Unlike Brittany who waited until Artie left so she could follow him and possibly find Santana." Quinn told them like it was the simplest thing in the world.

"So you think that she's going about this logically?" Rachel asked as they all watched Puck pace around the room.

"Yes we just have to trust that Brittany knows what she's doing." Quinn said half smiling.

Puck paced back and forth not knowing what to do with himself. Both his girls who were like his sisters were in danger and there was nothing that he could do. All he wanted to was beat the fuck out of whoever took and most likely hurt Santana as it also hurt the sweetest girl in the world Brittany. Anyone that would do that to the best couple ever deserved to get the fuck beat out of them in his opinion and he would do it as soon as Santana was back safe and sound.

"Should we call their parents?" Rachel asked looking at Puck and Quinn for an answer.

"No not till their safe and sound back here." Quinn said knowing that neither girl would want their parents here at least until they were both back cause the only thing that their mothers would do would be freak out and Santana's dad would probably get arrested for yelling at the cops. As for Brittany's dad she wasn't sure anymore what he would do. "You know what maybe we should call them so they can be here when they both get back." she said changing her mind.

0000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000

As soon as Artie had left the apartment complex he wheeled himself down the street two blocks before pulling out his phone and calling someone. Brittany stayed a block back watching every move that the wheel chair boy made. She knew he had to have something to do with this. Her only hope was that nothing too bad had happened to her fiancée. The phone call he made must not have gone very well as he chucked his phone against a wall wheeling farther down the street.

When he caught a bus she entered in the back and hid behind some very sketchy guy that she normally would be caught anywhere near, but because she needed to find Santana she was willing to risk it since he hid her from Artie. There must have been riding for thirty minutes to a harbor somewhere where he finally got off. Brittany got off in the back jumping from shadow to shadow still following him.

"Where the fuck are you guys?" Artie shouted at no one obviously pissed that whoever he was meeting wasn't there. "Fucking bitches can't do anything fucking right." he growled wheeling to a boat.

Brittany waited until he was focused on starting the boat to jump in. She had no idea where the fuck he was going, but figured that he had to have something to do with Santana's disappearance. It wasn't uncommon knowledge that Artie hated Santana for supposedly stealing Brittany away from him. She had never thought he would do something like this, but apparently she was wrong.

"I'm going to fucking kill them can't fucking do anything fucking right." Artie grumbled. "Can't get her to want to fuck her. Can't get the fucking bitch arrested. Fucking useless fuckers." he shouted at no one.

Brittany thought that perhaps he had lost his mind.

They pulled up to a container ship that looked like it was staying for quite some time. Brittany gasped thinking of how scared Santana must be. She was going to kill Artie for doing this to her girl when she finally found Santana.


Santana had been sitting eating and drinking some pretty good Chinese food when she heard a boat approaching. She grabbed a metal poll she found and made her way to the edge of the deck looking down to see who the fuck was coming. She had figured out that she had been gone for around two days according to bitch number one which was Cassie's mom who's name she still didn't know or care to find out. Bitch number two who was Cassie had told her that some guy and paid her to hit on Brittany to try and break them up. To say she was pissed about this was an understatement. She had broken Cassie's nose again after hearing this. No one fucked with her relationship with Brittany and lived to tell about it.

In fact she had decided that when she got herself the fuck off this boat she was going to call hers and Brittany's parents and tell them to get their asses out here as she was going to marry Brittany. The only thing that had stopped her from getting off of this hell hole was that she didn't know how to start it and there was no other boat. She was at least thankful that she had found food and water otherwise she would have had to swim to shore and she hated the water.

She was about to do something like jump into the boat which would have been a crazy ass idea when she heard a clank and "You bitch." She ran down to a deck three levels down and gasped at what she saw Brittany with a baseball bat with blood on it and Artie cowering in the corner of the boat.

"Britt," Santana gasped dropping the metal poll and running for her fiancée.

"San," Brittany said very shocked catching the Latina as she leaped into her arms both kissing each other like they hadn't seen each other in years.

"How did you..." Santana trailed off as Brittany motioned to Artie.

"I followed him after he stopped by the apartment. Apparently he still thinks he's dealing with dumb Brittany cause otherwise he would have stayed away and waited until it hit the news." Brittany said not letting go of Santana as she tied him up. "Hold on San I have to call Kurt and the cops." she said reluctantly letting go of her hand only to find her clinging onto the blondes shirt like it was her life line.

"Sweetie come on we have two more idiots to get that I took out." Santana said leading Brittany to where she had Cassie and her mother chained up. She was not about to make the same mistake as them.

Once they had all three in the boat Brittany started the engine and steered them back into the harbor. Santana the whole time had her arms wrapped around the blonde never wanting to let go. As much as she hated to admit it this experience had shaken her to her core and she knew it was take a couple weeks for her to feel normal again. She was just thankful that she had Brittany that the crazies hadn't done anything to her.

"San we have to wait for the cops." Brittany tells her wrapping her arms around the Latina who wants nothing more than to get the fuck back to her apartment and make to her fiancée who she has yet to properly fuck after proposing.

"Babe I just want to go home." Santana sighed wrapping her arms around Brittany.

"I know but we have to wait it's the law the cops will have questions and if you want them punished for what they did you'll need to answer them." Brittany reasoned with her. This seemed to do the trick as Santana relaxed and seemed content to just hold her for a while.

"Fine, but we are so cuddling until those fuckers get here." Santana grumbled clinging onto her.

"I wouldn't have any other way." Brittany whispered in her ear kissing her on the head, happy that she was okay and back with her.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000000

By the time they were finally allowed to leave it was six o'clock in the morning. Santana was so exhausted from the whole ordeal that Brittany lifted her up and carried her back as she didn't want to ride in a cop car. The only thing they wanted to do was shower (together), sleep (together), eat (together) and make love obviously together. In fact the theme of the next few days for Santana and Brittany in both of their minds was together. Neither planned to leave the other's side. Not wanted to lose each other again.

"God San I'm so glad that you're okay now. I'll never let anything like that every happen again." Brittany whispered climbing the stairs to their apartment.

"Marry me?" Santana asks.

"Honey you already asked me and I said yes." Brittany says looking at her confused.

"No marry me now like right now. Let's go get Q, Pretty Pony, Berry and Puck and get married today." Santana says wrapping her arms around Brittany's neck. "I don't want to wait another minute to be able to call you my wife." she admits snuggling into Brittany's chest.

"Now as in now as soon as we go collect everyone now?" Brittany questions thinking maybe she got hit over the head or something.

"You know for someone so smart you really can be dumb sometimes. Of course now. I want to marry you and this whole experience has made me realize how much I want you." Santana says as Brittany stops in front of their door.

"Yes," Brittany whispers in her ear.


"A thousand times yes,"

Brittany opens the door to find all four of their parents sitting on their couch with Quinn, Puck, Kurt and Rachel. She freezes there with Santana in her arms neither girl knowing what to do. They just stare at the eight people sitting in their living room only expecting to find four of them.

"Oh honey we were so worried when Quinn called." Maria gushes running and hugging Santana and Brittany as she could lift her daughter.

"Mom, mom I need air." Santana gasped before Maria let go clinging onto Fabio who was just happy to see his daughter well and in the arms of her lover.

The next twenty minutes everyone hugged Santana saying how happy they were that she was home safe and sound. Until Kurt finally asked the question that everyone including Brittany wanted to know.

"What happened?"

Brittany looked at Santana waiting for her to answer it's not like she knew what happened.

"Well I had just opened the door and yelled for Brittany then I must have been hit over the head cause I blacked out. When I came to I was tied up in blackness against a wall. I thought that if something happened to me than something might have happened to Brittany and I sort of freaked out and thought that if anyone had done something to me it had to be that girl Cassie. It turned out that Cassie and her mother had me locked up in some small ass crate thing. They didn't feed me at all and gave me little to drink for the first day not only that, but every time those fuckers came in, they shinned a bright fucking light in my face.

"It wasn't until I'd say about three or four hours before Brittany came with Artie that I got out of my ropes which was hello stupid and hit those mother fuckers over the head with a lamp. I managed to tie them both up in where I had been held and left them in there. I then investigated around and found out that I was on a fucking boat without any way of getting off which of course pissed me off. When I found the food and water I started eating it until I heard a boat coming." Santana trailed off at this point she had become overwhelmed and hid her face into Brittany's shoulder lightly crying as Brittany holds her.

"I followed Artie after he stopped by here to "comfort me." I had a bad feeling that he wasn't being honest with me and had something to do with Santana's disappearance. When he got into the boat I followed and took him out after we arrived where Santana was being held. Santana came running on to the boat and we took our three prisoners back into the docks waiting for the cops before coming home." Brittany finished for Santana who was still clinging onto Brittany.

No one said anything they all just stared at Santana.

"Okay this is fucking weird." Santana said nuzzling her head into Brittany's shoulder. "Please stop staring at me it's fucking unnerving. Yes I went through some tough shit and I'll probably have to go to a therapist, but staring isn't going to help. And I've decided that we're going to get married." she told an astonished group in front of her.

"What!" shouted all four parents.

"Mom, dad, Mrs. And Mr. L the night Santana disappeared she asked me to marry her and I said yes. Now since all this happened we want to get married as soon as possible and San decided it needs to be today so if you're all willing let's go get married. As soon as we get San cleaned up and in nice dresses." Brittany said lifting Santana up and carrying her to their room.

"Well this is not what I expected, but hey whatever makes them happy." Maria said smiling at Suzan who looked exceptionally happy at this news.

"I can't believe my baby is getting married. Heck I'm not surprised though that they are after all it's not like we didn't know this was coming just maybe not as soon as it has." Suzan said looking over at the four kids sitting on the floor.

"We didn't know they didn't tell you." Puck defended himself.

"And they didn't officially tell us." Rachel added.

"I just think it's cool that I'll actually be able to see Santana get married to Brittany she's going to ball like a baby." Kurt said smiling.

"I may have suspected, but I didn't know and then Santana disappeared and that took all my energy." Quinn said looking at the four grownups.

"Fabio, Chris what are you thinking?" Suzan asked while Maria sent the other four to go down and get a limo waiting for it.

"I'm shocked by this, but in all reality it's really not. They've been attached at the hip and it was only a matter of time anyway and I can't imagine anyone being better for my little girl." Fabio said smiling kissing his wife.

"I'm just glad that they're both okay and as for this I'm not okay with it." Chris started before his wife elbowed him in the gut. "What I'm not woman, but I'm willing to suck it up to see my little girl get married. I love her and yes even Santana more than my want for my daughter to get an actually education."

"If you apologize for what you did to Brittany than maybe I'll let you come to the wedding and stay in the apartment." Santana said coming out of their room first.

"Okay, listen I'm sorry Santana for all the stuff I've said about you and all the stuff I've said to Brittany." Chris sincerely said. "Though I still want her to go to an academic college." he added.

"And you think I didn't. Really Mr. P I've always wanted what's best for her and when she said she wanted to go to Juilliard who was I to tell her that she couldn't." Santana said right before Brittany came out looping her arm through Santana's.

"Let's get this show on the road honey. I want to get my married on." Brittany said all gangster copying Santana.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000000

"Brittany I need to say something to you." Chris said pulling his daughter aside before she entered the court house.

"Yes dad," Brittany said a little harshly as she was still upset with him.

"I'm sorry for all the shit I've said to you. I was just upset that you decided not to go to any of the amazing academic schools you got into and I took it out on your relationship. I was wrong and while I still think you've made the wrong decision I'm willing to support you and Santana in whatever you two do." Chris said honestly not wanting to be left out of his little girls life.

"I forgive you daddy." Brittany said hugging her father.

"Come on you two we have to get this show on the road." Suzan said coming out smiling to see her husband and eldest daughter hugging.

Brittany walked in behind her parents and up to Santana who was standing in front of the judge. They smiled at each other both knowing this was the best decision they had ever made. Both mother's cried as they watched their daughters swear everything their hearts, bodies and souls to the other. In fact there wasn't a dry eye in the place including the judge who said he had never seen a love like theirs. The ceremony took less than ten minutes, but the eight witnesses all agreed it was so Brittany and Santana that no one cared that they were ushered out of the court house quickly.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000

"Finally alone." Santana whispered brushing a piece of blonde hair out of her wife's face. She'd never get tired of saying that.

"I know who knew all we had to do was get married for them all to get a hotel room." Brittany giggled as her wife used her teeth to unzip the blonde's dress.

"Will you just shut up and get out of that dress. I wants to make love to my lovely, sexy wife now." Santana growled practically ripping off her own dress.

"God San did you only marry me so you could have sex with me undisturbed?" Brittany teased at her wife's eagerness to get her naked.

"No," Santana sheepishly said turning red.

"Santana Lopez you're lying to me. Oh my god that's the reason you wanted to marry me is so that they'd all leave and you can fuck me." Brittany said in disbelief.

"No, it's not the only reason." Santana quickly said. "I love you and don't want to spend another day not married to you." she said hopefully.

"You're a horrible person San, but I love you. Plus that's kind of the reason I agreed too. I mean who wants to have rough, noisy sex when all those people are around to listen in." Brittany whispered in Santana's ear pushing her back on the bed.

"Oh so we're doing rough aye cause that sounds like fun." Santana smirked watching Brittany get up and walk over to the bottom drawer of her dresser. She feels herself getting wet watching her wife pick through the drawer and praising the gods that their parents hadn't looked in it when moving. A smile spread across her face when Brittany walked over to her with their dildo already in place.

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk straight." Brittany whispered laying on top of Santana causing the Latina to gasp as she thrust in hard.

Brittany held it there until Santana started to wiggle indicating that she was ready. The blonde braced herself, her hands on either side of the Latina's head. A smile played across her face as she looked down on her wife. Quickly dipping down she kissed her before pulling almost all the way out only to slam back into her.

"Britt," Santana groaned clawing at her back as she thrust into harder and harder. "Harder," she moans as Brittany sucks on the side of her neck.

They keep an impossibly fast and hard pace for five minutes until Santana finally screams out Brittany's name like a banshee. Brittany continues to pump in and out only not as rough until she comes down.

"I love you so much San." Brittany whispers throwing the dildo across the room and spooning her wife kissing her shoulder.

"Just let me regain my strength and I'll so you how much I love you." Santana breathlessly says amazed by her wife. Normally she's the one to get all rough like that not Brittany. She finds it extremely sex and hot and plans on having her do that again sometime in the near future.

"Honey just rest you've had a trying couple days to say the least and I just wanted to make you feel better. Plus I'll be gone tomorrow as I orientation for a summer school teaching job at a dance studio that employs incoming freshman at Juilliard." Brittany whispers pulling Santana closer to her.

"But I wann..." Santana started before falling fast asleep, feeling completely safe in Brittany's arms.

"That's right just rest honey. No one can hurt us anymore their all in jail and I'll make sure that they stay there." Brittany whispers also falling asleep.

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