Brittany carried Santana into their apartment followed by all the glee club that had come. Quinn and Puck sat on the couch while everyone else sat on the floor. Not wanting their conversations to wake her pregnant wife, Brittany put her to bed in the middle of their bed and quietly shut the door.

"You can't seriously be down with this." Sam said tilting his head wondering why someone as smart as Brittany would let Santana talk her into letting her get pregnant.

"Oh my god, you can't seriously still be on this cause you know it's just a little too late to decided that we don't want to have a kid." Brittany said throwing her hands in the air flopping into her recliner.

"Yeah, honestly I always thought that you were the one that could talk Santana into anything and had her so whipped that she'd do anything for you." Tina said softly smiling at Brittany, she shared Mike and Blaine's view on this pregnancy.

"True, but she used logic against me. That and the whole being kidnapped by your ex-boyfriend thing may have played a role in my decision to say yes." Brittany giggled at the looks on their faces. "What I love her and would do anything for her."

Quinn looked at her friend wondering if maybe she was overreacting about the whole baby thing. She looked over at Rachel who nodded and then she thought better. They were right about them being too young to have kids. Kurt held up two fingers, Sam nodded, Puck shrugged and Mercedes winked. They were all of the same mind that they had to talk at least Brittany out of it cause if Brittany decided against this baby then she could talk Santana out of it. Finn was the only one who really didn't have a opinion as he was too scared of getting attacked if he decided one way or the other.

"Brittany!" Quinn said as they surrounded her.

"Fuck! What are you doing?" Santana shouted slowly walking out of her room rubbing her eyes as she tried to wake up.


"Great now it will never work." Kurt said throwing his hands in the air.

"I don't know we could try to reason with both of them." Mercedes said not really believing that this will work. Everyone knew that once Santana got an idea in her head the only one who could talk her out of it was the blonde standing in front of them.

"What are you baboons talking about?" Santana asked walking to Brittany shoving passed everyone else.

"San, be nice." Brittany whispered pulling her into her and kissing her cheek. "But really what are you talking about?"

"Puck, you'd better fucking start explaining now." Santana growled knowing that she could get the information out of Puck.

"Don't be pissed please, Santana, but we don't think you should be having a baby-"

"Well I fucking hate to tell you...wait no I don''s a little too late for that now." Santana cut Puck off placing her hand on her stomach.

"If you'd let me finish I was going to stay that you two are too young to have kids, we all are. While I get that you both want to cement your relationship with a baby, but really can you give this child everything that it will need?" Puck asks for the first time in a while making complete sense catching everyone off guard.

"Your wrong," Santana said starting to cry.

"Shh, it's okay babe." Brittany said pulling Santana into her allowing her to cry into her shoulder. "Listen Puck and the rest of you. We maybe young and yes it may not be the smartest thing ever, but we want to have a baby, a mini us running around. We're not doing this to cement our relationship as our relationship is amazing. After Santana's near death experience we know how precious life is and don't want to wait to start our family. I can take care of both of them and have enough money to get us through college and until we get stable jobs. I think we are more than ready and if you can't support us could you please leave now." she finished staring Quinn and Rachel down thinking that this was their idea.

"I love you," Santana mumbled clinging onto Brittany's shirt as she snuggled farther into her, taking the blonde's hand and putting in over her stomach.

"Are your parents really down with this?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah, they are it took some convincing, but they are happy for us now." Brittany said smiling down at her sleeping wife.

"You're really ready for all this aren't you." Blaine said smiling.

"I wouldn't have agreed with San, if I wasn't." Brittany said finally looking up to see everyone still in her living room. "We only have two guest rooms, but your all more than welcome to stay." she offered.

With that Brittany lifted Santana up with her and made her way to their bedroom. She carefully stripped Santana out of her clothes and tucked her into bed. She was about to leave when she heard Santana.

"Britt. Britt please cuddle." she mumbled grabbing out for her.

Brittany turned around and sighed at seeing her wife looking so cute all curled up, giving her puppy eyes to get in bed with her.

"How can I say no to you?" Brittany giggled, "But I really so go see if everyone is staying or not." she said.

"I don't care just get in bed." Santana ordered glaring at her wife.

Brittany laughed, but stripped her clothes off and got in bed next to her wife. The Latina scooted over to the blonde and snuggled up against her laying her head on the blonde's chest falling asleep.

"I love you and our baby no matter what anyone says." Brittany whispered brushing her hair behind her ears.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000

"So do you think that Brittany was serious?" Puck asked.

"About what the fact that they want to and think that they are ready to have this kid or that Brittany was about ten seconds away from attacking all of us for upsetting Santana." Mercedes asked giggling.

"How about we get some rest." Tina suggested tugging on Mike's sleeve.

"More like we should leave tomorrow morning. Santana's pregnant and we just have to except that and be happy for them plus I don't know about you all, but I can afford to miss any class time." Mike said perhaps the most he'd ever said to anyone aside from Tina and Brittany.

"Whoa, I've never heard him talk so much." Finn said.

"He's right though so let's get some sleep." Blaine said making his way into the first guest room with Kurt and Rachel along with Quinn who was not going to be sleeping anywhere near Puck.

"I'm still not happy with this." Quinn mumbled as they got ready.

"I don't think any of us are, but like Santana said it's a little late to change their minds." Rachel said making herself a bed on the floor.

"Rachel, you and Quinn take the bed, Kurt and I will take the floor." Blaine offered trading places with Rachel.

"Thank you Blaine such a gentleman." Rachel said smiling.

"To bad you're not straight cause I would totally date you." Quinn joked.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000

Three months later:

"San hurry up we have to go if we're going to catch the plane." Brittany shouted carrying Santana's two suitcases and her duffel bag. She would never understand why Santana packed like they'd be gone for a month when really they were only going to be gone for a week and it was back to Lima so it wasn't like they didn't have some clothes still at their houses.

"Sorry that you're daughter keeps making have to pee and want food." Santana yelled walking towards Brittany with a piece of toast with something on it that Brittany figured she didn't want to know what it was.

After the former glee club had left their apartment they had gone to the doctor and found out that they were going to have a baby girl. As soon as they had found this out, Brittany had started changing the guest room next to their room into a nursery with of course Santana's direction. Now they were headed back to Lima for Spring Break cause it's not like Santana could go party and their parents wanted to see them before the baby came.

"Are you ready now?" Brittany calmly asked breathing through her nose to calm herself.

"Yes," Santana said softly kissing her wife on the lips before walking out.

"I love you, but sometimes you drive me crazy." Brittany whispered.

"I heard that," Santana yelled back at her.

"Fuck!" Brittany joked jogging to keep up with her wife who was moving surprisingly fast for someone who was six months pregnant.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000

"This seat is uncomfortable, baby do something." Santana whined as they sat down in their seats on the plane.

"I don't think I really do anything babe." Brittany said stuffing her bag under the seat.

"Well figure something out." Santana growled causing Brittany to giggle.

"Come here," Brittany said pushing the arm rest between them up and opening her arms motioning for Santana to snuggle into her.

"I love you," Santana sighed snuggling into her wife, smiling when the blonde put a protective hand on the Latina's baby bump.

"Just sleep honey I'll wake you up when we get there." Brittany whispered knowing that her wife was exhausted.

Santana yawned and rested her head on Brittany's shoulder as she drifted into sleep.

"You make such a lovely couple." the flight attendant said as she passed by shutting the overhead compartments.

"Thanks," Brittany said smiling.


Brittany helped Santana get off the plane she was half asleep, but with all the luggage Brittany was carrying she couldn't also carry her wife. So this is how they ended up walking very slowly through the airport Santana leaning into her wife.

"Here Brittany let me take that." Fabio said grabbing the three bags from Brittany so she could help Santana even more.

"It's so good to see you two." Suzan gushed gathering them both up in a huge hug.

"Oh honey you've gotten so big." Maria said touching Santana's baby bump.

"Mom," Santana said trying to push her embarrassing mother away.

"Well Britt are we having a grandson or a granddaughter?" Chris asked hopeful for grandson.

"San," Brittany said looking over at her wife.

"Well...we're having a girl." Santana gushed getting a huge hug from both her mother and Brittany's.

Two more chapters left. I'm planning on finishing them up this weekend and finally putting this story to rest. For all of you that enjoyed my newest story Santana's Girl I am planning on writing at least one more chapter maybe two. Oh and I'm currently working on finishing up two other stories that I might be able to get up by the end of next week.