Part 20

After they finally get Santana to the car which is harder because halfway through the airport Santana had gotten a whiff of something and was suddenly starving. Thankfully they get her something to eat quickly and are now on their way back to the Lopez's.

"God I've missed this room." Santana says looking in her empty old room.

"Yeah babe a lot of firsts happened here." Brittany says wrapping her arms around her wife.

Santana nods smiling remembering all the things that has happened in this room. The heart ache, make ups and break ups they've had, the fights and her favorite thing the sex. She turns around and kisses Brittany.

"Gross!" Emily squeaks frowning. "Mom says it's dinner time." she says smiling at Santana.

"Really, Emily you do realize that Santana's my wife right who's pregnant with my baby." Brittany giggles at her sister's eagerness to be near Santana.

"I know that and that's why I want to hang out with my sister in law." Emily says hugging Santana.

"You know I would love to hang out with you, but I haven't been feeling very well and unless you want to hang with Brittany as well." Santana says smiling up at Brittany knowing that the blonde will like to hang out with her younger sister despite what she says.

"Whatever just come down and eat, I'm sure you're extremely hungry Santana." Emily jokes running away from them.

Brittany takes Santana's hand as they walk down towards the dining room.

"You do know I don't think you're fat or eat too much right." Brittany whispers.

"But I am," whimpers Santana putting a hand on her protruding belly.

"No you're not babe; you're pregnant with our baby and are eating for two." Brittany tries to reassure her, kissing her on the cheek and putting a hand on her stomach. They walk into the dining room to see everyone already sitting.

"So what are your plans for this week?" Chris asks as the two women sat down hands linked.

"I don't know whatever San wants to do I guess. Maybe hang out with some of our friends that are also back." Brittany shrugs leaning down and kissing her wife's stomach.

"Santana if you ever hurt Brittany I will disown you." Maria says and Fabio nods while Suzan chuckles herself.

"Mom! You do know that I'm your daughter right." Santana huffs glaring at her mother.

"Yes, but I like Brittany better." Maria shrugs.

"What's your excuse dad?" Santana asks rolling her eyes.

"Same as your mother's. Brittany is much better behaved than you and doesn't give me a headache." Fabio says smiling at his daughter in law.

"I don't get it Santana has always been a very well behaved young lady at our house." Suzan says smiling at Santana.

"Thank you Suzan I if you don't mind I think I'd like to stay at your house." Santana jokes and Emily nods furiously.

"I don't think so young lady, you will be staying with us tonight and Brittany will stay at her house." Maria says as if everything is already decided.


"Mrs. Lopez, there is no way that we could not sleep together." Brittany pouts.

"Yeah mom, I needs Britt. What if I get really horny and need Britt to help? You really want me leaving the house as three in the morning to walk over to Brittany's?" Santana argues, there is no way in hell she spending even one night away from her wife, after all they are married.

"Oh god it's like their back in high school." Suzan laughs as she and Maria falls over from laughing at their daughters.

"God mom that's not funny." Santana grumbles clinging onto Brittany's arm.

"Yes it is," Fabio laughs. "The looks on your faces is priceless."

"Ugh, we are so going to bed now." Brittany says dragging her wife up to the guest room.


"You promised," Emily whines pulling on Santana and Brittany's arm.

"I know, but I really feel horrible I don't know if I can go to the park with you two." Santana groans holding her back which is really sore today.

"Come on San, it won't be as fun without you." Emily whines pouting.

"Yeah San, come on." Brittany pleas smiling.

"Ugh fine, but you are so carrying me if I get tired." Santana smirks at Brittany.

Emily smiles swinging in between the two women. Brittany looks over at Santana at the same as Santana looks at Brittany. They both think the same thing that this will be them in a few years taking their daughter to the park, her swinging in between them.


"The Puckmaster is at your service ladies." Puck says as he stops in front of Brittany's house where Santana and Brittany are waiting for him.

"Thanks Puck for doing this," Santana says smiling.

"It's not like I'm going to miss the day that you two return to McKinley to do who knows what." Puck says smirking thinking of all the interesting things that they might end up doing.

"God Puck get your mind out of the gutter. We're going back to say hi to Sue and to Mr. Shue that's it." Brittany says shaking her head.

"That might not be it," Santana seductively whispers in her wife's ear.

"So when do you fly back?" Puck asks.

None of the New Directions have seen the two girls since they had all gotten back. Rachel has hosted a party slash get together, but neither girl has shown up. Personally Puck thinks it has something to do with the fact that none of them supported the two women's decision to have a baby.

"Two days, then it's back to the same old same." Brittany says sighing and pulling Santana closer to her.

"I guess that's good." Puck says a little uncomfortable as he glances over to see them in their own world much like they were most of high school.

"Listen Puck, I just wanna say thanks." Santana says sincerely.

"Anytime, but only for you three." Puck smiles as they get out and he leaves.

Brittany grabs Santana's hand intertwining their fingers together. "You ready?" she asks motioning towards the school that had been their prison for four years.

"Yeah," Santana says taking a deep breath.

They walk into the school that has been their personal hell in the fact that they can't be themselves here. They had hid who they really were the entire time. Santana doesn't really want to come back to this place, but they had promised Sue to come and see her and Mr. Shue had been the one that had shown her that it was okay to love Brittany. If it wasn't for Mr. Shue she would have convinced Brittany that she was too sore and it might hurt the baby if they went.

"Don't worry babe, you'll always have me." Brittany whispers as they walk down the main hall to where their lockers had been.

"How do you always know what to say to me to make me feel better?" Santana says leaning into Brittany as she directs them to Sue's office.

"Cause I know you." Brittany whispers smiling as she softly kisses the Latina's nose.

"I'm glad I married you." Santana whispers walking into Sue's office.

"Sandbags and Blondie, still together and wow Sandbags please tell me that you two figured out how to defy the laws of nature and Blondie got you pregnant." Sue shouts when she sees that Santana is pregnant. She is already seeing their child as her head Cheerio that has Brittany's dance ability and Santana's fiery attitude.

"Hey, Sue." is all Santana says she is still a little scared of Sue.

"Yep that's right, I wifed her up and then knocked her up." Brittany laughs slapping Sue on the back.

"That's good; I always said you two were meant to be." Sue nods, she totally approves of her two favorite Cheerios doing whatever they want after all they had won her three National Championships and two International Championships.

"Thanks Sue that means a lot to us." Santana says smiling.

"Well ladies as much as I would like to talk to you about your lives, I have to go yell at my pathetic group of Cheerios. Are you sure that you two don't want to come back and go-" before Sue can finish Brittany shouts.


"Whoa cool it Blondie I know that you've wanted to get out of here for a while, but was just waiting for lover girl over there to graduate." Sue says smiling as she leaves.

"That was..." Brittany trails off.

"So Sue?" Santana finishes.

"Yeah, how about we go see Mr. Shue then walk back home and cuddle up and watch some Sweet Valley High?" Brittany asks earning her a passionate kiss from her wife.

"Then let's hurry up and go see Shue cause I wants to cuddle with my wife." Santana says dragging Brittany with her towards the choir room.


"Shue!" Santana shouts.

It had taken them half an hour to find Mr. Shue who is in the auditorium getting ready for auditions for the school play.

"Ladies, I heard you were in town." Will says smiling at them.

"Yeah and you know since we were here visiting anyway I figured we might as well come and see you." Santana smirks letting out a laugh.

"Nice to see you too Santana." Will says before he notices that she really is pregnant. He had heard from Sam and Blaine that she was pregnant, but hadn't believed it. "You really are pregnant." he says gawking at her stomach.

"Yeah, you know I knocked her up after I married, couldn't let this one get away." Brittany says smiling pulling Santana into her.

"Well, I can't say I always knew that you'd be together, but after you two got together I knew that you'd stay together for the long haul. I'm really happy for you two." Will says smiling at them.

"Thanks Mr. Shue, you were always my favorite teacher just don't tell Sue that though." Santana whispers looking around.

"I won't, but call me Will. I'm no longer your teacher." Will says.


"Don't leave Britt, San what if I need help with my school work." Emily whines as they all collect outside of security seeing Brittany and Santana off.

"We'll come back over summer break for a week or two and Em you know you can come out and visit anytime." Santana softly says kneeling down and giving her a hug.


"Yep, kiddo you can totally come." Brittany smiles ruffling her hair.

"Come on Emily let the rest of us say goodbye to them too." Suzan says grabbing both girls in a hug, kissing each of them on the cheek.

"Call us when you get back." Maria orders her daughter as she hugs Brittany.

After they finally say all their goodbyes and detach themselves from their mothers who don't want to let go, Brittany directs Santana through security.



"I love you babe," Santana says getting on her tip toes and kissing Brittany's nose.

"I love you too," Brittany lazily smiles wrapping an arm around Santana's waist.