It was two days passed Santana's due date and the only thing that she wanted was to get this hell child out of her. It's not that she didn't love her daughter it's just she wanted her body back. Cause she was seriously horny and couldn't do a damn thing about it. She thought it was a sin that someone as pregnant as her could even get horny, but that's what you get when you have a wife as smoking hot as Brittany.

"Honey, babe I'm uncomfortable." Santana whined kicking Brittany in the back trying to wake her up.

"Huh, I'm up, what is it the baby?" Brittany asked jumping up.

"No, I just can't get comfortable." Santana said curling up as much as she could into Brittany.

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?" Brittany softly asked frowning. This was really starting to take a toll of both of them, Brittany was about a day away from taking Santana to the hospital and having her induced.

"I want you to comfort me." Santana pouted.

Brittany smiled pulling Santana farther into her kissing her before nodding off her hand protectively on her wife's baby bump.

0000000000000000000000000000 000


"What's wrong is it the baby?" Brittany asked sitting straight up.

"My water just broke and I'm having god damn contractions." Santana shouted at her wife.

"Oh my god, oh my god. I'll get the bag you put pants and a shirt on." Brittany said getting up and running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

"Babe I'm pretty sure I can still walk." Santana said as Brittany picked her up with her bag in one hand and carried her wife to the car.

"I don't care I'm not letting anything happen to you or this baby." Brittany tells her sitting her down in the front seat of their parents car.

"Did you call them?" Santana asks wincing as another contraction comes.

"I will once I get you to the hospital and make sure that you're okay." Brittany says a little worried.

"Honey I'm fine, I'm just in labor. Give me your phone I'll call them." Santana huffs, she grabbed the phone out of Brittany's purse and dialed her mother. "Mom, yeah hi whatever. FUCK! No mom I'm in fucking labor so I can say whatever the fuck I want. Shut the fuck up. We're headed to the hospital now." she shouted into the phone before hanging up not wanting to deal with the endless questions that her mom would ask. She turned to Brittany, "Under no circumstances is my mother allowed in the delivery room. Do I make myself clear?"

"Of course honey, no moms." Brittany whispers getting a little scared of her wife. She already knows this is going to be one long night and all she can hope is that this baby comes out fucking quick.

By the time they pulled up to the hospital Santana's contractions were three minutes apart and she yelled at Brittany to carry her in. Brittany being terrified of her wife obeyed not wanting to piss her off anymore than necessary.

"Okay Mrs. Lopez-Pierce you're about seven centimeters." the nurse said.

"What the fuck does that mean." Santana growled squeezing the life out of Brittany's hand.

"Well it means that you're almost ready to push." the nurse said wide eyed and backing out of the room thinking how the hell she got the short end of the stick to have to deal with this bitch.

"You hear that baby it's almost time." Brittany whispers kissing Santana on the head.

"I'm sorry babe for anything I say until this baby comes." Santana says squeezing Brittany's hand.

"I know babe, I know."

Thirty minutes later the doctor finally came in and told her to push.

"Okay Santana I need you to start pushing." the doctor says.

"MOTHER FUCKER THIS FUCKING HURTS!" Santana shouts squeezing the life out of Brittany's hand.

Normally Brittany would say something to try and calm her wife, but she knew better at this point. If she said anything to her wife at this point she knew that she would get her head bitten off. So she kept her mouth shut and just stood there letting Santana squeeze her hand possibly braking some bones.


"Santana I can see the head I need three maybe four more big pushes from you." the doctor calmly says looking up at Brittany hoping she'll say something as the Latina is getting on his and the nurses nerves.

"YOU FUCKING TRY PUSHING A DAMN WATERMELLON OUT OF YOUR VAGINA AND THEN YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT YOU FUCKING NEED ASSHOLE!" Santana shouted leaning into Brittany to wipe the tears that were starting to form. She was grateful that her wife had stayed quiet this entire time cause she knew that if she said anything she'd lose it and start yelling at her. If there was one thing that Santana hated to do and that was to say anything mean to Brittany.

"Shh, I know babe I'd take your pain if I could, but I can't. You say whatever you want." Brittany whispered in her ear, kissing Santana on her forehead.

Santana smiled for a second before a huge contraction caused her to scream and push extra hard to get this damn devil child out of her. If there had been any doubt that this kid was hers it was all gone now, only her child would cause her this much pain. No way anything that was more Brittany would ever cause her this much pain.

"Can't you fucking do anything!" Brittany shouts at the doctor much to everyone's surprise as she had been quiet this entire time. Even Santana is surprised at her wife's words that she doesn't feel the pain really in the last contraction.

"FUCK! I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, MORON, IDIOT!" Santana shouts at the doctor as the biggest contraction yet hits her. When suddenly she hears crying and her pain has finally subsided for the most part.

"Here mom would you like to cut the cord?" a nurse asks Brittany who nods and cuts the cord.

The doctor hands Santana the baby after cleaning her off and Brittany sits on the edge of the bed next to her two favorite girls.

"Britt, she has your eyes." Santana quietly says smiling she really wanted her to have blue eyes.

"Yes and she has your cute nose and hopefully your wavy hair." Brittany whispers kissing her daughter and wife on the forehead. "Sweetie get some rest I'll go tell everyone that we have wonderful beautiful daughter and they can come see her later after you've rested." she says getting up.

"No Britt, please stay. I don't think I could sleep without you here." Santana whines grabbing at her wife's arm.

"Honey I'll be back in five minutes." Brittany tells her walking out the door.

Brittany walked very fast through the hallways towards the waiting room. She knew that both hers and Santana's parents would be there along with Quinn who would have come down for this. Kurt and Rachel also might be there too if Quinn called them, she wasn't sure. All she knew was that she had to get there fast, tell them that the baby was prefect and get back.

"Britt baby," Suzan said when she saw her daughter running in towards them. She was worried and thought that maybe something had gone wrong.

"Brittany?" Maria also said worried that something was wrong with her daughter.

"Hey mom, she's perfect. I would stay and chat, but I have to get back and she's too tired to have any visitors right now." Brittany quickly said before taking back off towards her wife.

Brittany ran all the way back to Santana's room slamming the door shut and getting into bed with her wife.

"About damn time," Santana murmurs kissing Brittany softly on the lips. She puts their daughter in between them.

"Well I had to tell your parents and mine." Brittany chuckled as Santana snuggled into her.

"At least they have enough sense to listen to you and not come in cause we still have to decide what to name her." Santana softly says gazing at her sleeping daughter.

Brittany shook her head, "I love you so much, both of you." she chuckles.

"Well Britt, what do we name her?" Santana asks.

"I don't know how about Aly?" Brittany hesitantly says.

"Thanks perfect B, everything is perfect." Santana murmurs falling asleep her head on Brittany's shoulder arm lightly over her daughter and Brittany.

"Yes, everything is finally perfect." Brittany whispers also falling asleep.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000

Five years later:

"Mom!" Aly shouts running into the kitchen. "Jake stole my bear and won't give it back."

"Can't you handle this mommy has to deal with this case file." Santana groaned knowing that her daughter was about to give her the Brittany pout as she called it and she would be tempted to give in.

"Mom, mama said you have to make sure that Jake and me don't kill each other." Aly reminded her.

"Ugh, when is your mother coming back again?" Santana asked rubbing her temple. She loved her kids, but it sure sucked to be stuck at home with her kids when she was trying to get her work done.

"Two weeks," Aly pouted, she really missed her mama who would take her to work with her.

Santana watched as Aly ran out of the room to go tackle her brother she assumed to get her bear back. Jake was only three, but was a handful just like Brittany had been when she was little. Brittany had given birth to him after she had graduated from Juilliard in two fucking years cause yes her girl was just that good. She had ended up opening a dance studio and had supported them for two years while Santana with Brittany's help ended up graduating in two years as well and had just finished getting her law degree. She knew the only reason Brittany had taken this tour is they wanted to have some extra money to go on vacation, but she was serious thinking of tell Brittany that she should never do this again as she missed her too much.

"Mommy, Aly hit me." Jake wails running in holding his elbow jumping in Santana's lap.

"Aly!" Santana shouts jumping up, but stops frozen in her tracks when she sees her wife Aly in her arms a huge smile on her face.

"Hey babe," Brittany quietly says putting Aly down and walking towards Santana.

"You're home," Santana says barely over a whisper as she puts Jake down and runs into Brittany's open arms, peppering kisses all over her face.

"Yeah I'm home," Brittany kisses her passionately happy to see her wife.

"I thought that you were going to be on tour for another two weeks." Santana said as they walked into the living room of the same apartment they had been in since they first moved to New York.

"Well I told Lady Gaga that I just had to leave early it had been too hard to be away from you for a month and that I didn't think I could last two more weeks." Brittany whispered as their two kids jumped on Brittany.

"We missed you mama!" they both shouted.

"Well I missed you too. All three of you. I don't think that I'm going to be going on tour again anytime soon plus I don't think I can trust Molly to run the studio without me." Brittany said smiling looking into Santana's eyes.

They had been through a lot since that day in the choir room when everyone finally learned how smart Brittany really was, but they were still together, married and with two kids. Santana couldn't be happier and she knew that Brittany was just as happy. She leaned over and kissed her wife never happier that she was home from a tour.

So this is the end, I hope everyone has enjoyed this story that I never planned on writing more than the first chapter so thanks to all of you that wanted more.