This is the prologue as it stats, just a taste...that said, I do not own anything to do with Hakouoki though the original characters are mine.

please enjoy as the story progresses. Thanks.


~A Use of Power~

"Hijikata-san? Hijikata-san?!" She was trying to stop the blood. Death was a force to be reckoned with though and the stream poured forth from paling skin unceasingly. Chizuru unsheathed her short sword and sliced deeply into her own flesh. "Just a little bit Hijikata-san. Drink just a little even!"

But her frantic voice fell on deaf ears and the blood from her wound merely slid from the lips of the man lying in her lap. She began to cry, ghosts of memories passing through her mind as she cradled the now cold head in her arms. Hijikata-san, Okita-san, Sannan-san, Shinpachi-san, Harada-san, Saito-san, Heisuke-kun. Everyone! With each name came a vision of a smiling face as the girl cycled her thoughts around her lost and dead friends.

So many things have happened...I can't let them go! And with that thought something seemed to twitch deep inside Chizuru. A nameless power, brought forth by her Oni heritage, surged around her, pulsing forth and back between this realm and that of ghosts and dreams.

Kazama opened his eyes breifly from where he was lying ten feet from the sakura blossoms surrounding Hakuouki and Chizuru when he felt a surge of...something pulsating from their direction. To his chargin, though, the space was empty. He smirked, "She's done it now." He mumbled incoherently before passing out to let his Oni blood heal his devastating wounds as quickly as possible.

One by one seven souls heard their names called from beyond the veil. They had been scattered upon death, mere consciousness in a sea of likewise beings. It was boring and lonely. One by one seven souls burned brightly as they answered that anguished call.

Time to go home...to where the heart is.