here is a poem i wrote about bleach:)

disclaimer: i do not own bleach! only the imaginary friends i created from the characters. but i still do not own bleach just so you guys know!

this is hichigo's point of view:

hidden by countless walls
this empty shell of a body
no mind
but you still keep me locked up
shaded by living energy
i try to seep out your strength
at points of exhaustion i escape
become free
have the body I've longed for
but your still strong
grasping at the bone mask
that cursed white mask
if only it was something internal
'the root of my strength'
the mask falls
I'm forced back into submission
i howl a pain filled howl
i live in your inner world
you hate
but i am part of you
the part that has to save you
so i do not become lost
drowned in the swirling tides of death
because you would not call on me
the part of you with no heart
the part that is already dead

hope you guys enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed writing it please tell me what you think

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