Myka looked up as she heard a knock on her front door. Tugging her sweatshirt down, she stood up and answered it; not fully shocked to see Will on the other side.

"Hey." She greeted him warmly.

"Hi Myka." He grinned. She smiled back, but made no move to invite him in. Instead, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned on the doorway, blocking his entrance. "Ah, it's like that?" He asked. Myka shook her head slightly, but smiled at him. "Myka..."

"I'm not that girl Will." She said softly, jumping right into it. "I think you know that. It's why you never asked me last time. You knew I'd say no."

"I don't think you would have." He played with his tie rather than look up at her.

"Maybe not." She admitted. "Maybe I would have come, but I would have hated you for it eventually."

"Myka..." He trailed off, unsure of what to say. Myka didn't want to hurt him; she may not be in love with Will, but he was a decent guy and she was trying to make this as painless as she could. Myka uncrossed her arms, about to reach for him, but thought better of it.

"Will, I...I'm just not that girl." She repeated.

He nodded. "It couldn't hurt to try right? A person would be crazy not to at least try with you." He said with a shrug. Myka licked her lips and smiled, shaking her head in protest. "It's not just that though is it?" He asked.


"It's not just the moving, and following my job around, there's someone here that's keeping you isn't there?" He asked.

Myka raised her eyebrows in confusion. "Well, yeah my dad, my job, my friends..."

He interrupted her. "No...Myka, you know that woman is attracted to you right? I mean you said that you're not...she's more than just 'interesting' isn't she?"

Realizing what Will meant, Myka immediately stiffened. "Will..."

"I don't know if you realize it or not yet, but I hope you figure out what you want soon Myka; you deserve to be happy." He smiled, leaned forward and kissed her cheek before turning to leave.

"Will!" Myka called after him. "You do too."

He nodded his head, then walked down the hall leaving Myka alone and more confused than ever. She walked back into her apartment and poured herself a cup of coffee. She sunk down into her couch and brought the warm liquid to her lips.

What Will had said made no sense. HG was a flirt, but she was that way with everyone; she didn't honestly have any feelings for Myka. She was sure of it. HG got bored easily and liked pushing people's buttons, for some reason, she particularly enjoyed pushing Myka's. Despite what Pete and Leena said, Myka believed that. Sure, perhaps when they had first met months ago, HG might have been initially interested in more, but now that they were...friends – for lack of a better word – Myka was sure the flirting was just amusing to her. She wasn't sure what Will had seen or heard that led him to believe otherwise, but it bothered her. Myka was sick of other people telling her what she was feeling, people had been doing that since her mother's murder. She'd feel this way for so long, reacting this way was normal, etc. it drove her crazy. HG had wormed her annoying little way into being Myka's friend; and that was that.

And right now, Myka was bored and sick of sitting in her apartment. She set her cup down in the sink and pulled on her coat, a scarf and went for a walk. Per usual, she ended up at Pete's apartment. He opened the door with a slice of pizza in his hand and his mouth full. "Myks!" He grinned. "Want some pizza?" He held the slice out to her and she grimaced. It was covered in various types of meat and something that looked suspiciously like gummy worms.

"Any just cheese?" She asked.

"For you, of course." He opened the door all the way and nodded for her to come in. She shucked her coat and hung it up as she walked after him.

"How'd you know I was coming?" She asked. Pete never ate just cheese, if he ordered it himself; though if it was available he would take it. If food was available anywhere, Pete would take it.

"I didn't, I always get part cheese just in case." He answered as he handed her a plate. Myka looked up at him, touched, but he had already made his way back to the couch and the tv. Instead Myka smiled to herself, grabbed a slice and sat down next to him. "So...what's up with you and Will?" He asked during a commercial.

"Nothing." Myka brushed her mouth with a napkin. "I think he's going back to Boston, or Phoenix, I'm not sure."

"So that's that?"

Myka set her plate down on the foot table and leaned back into the couch. "That's that." She answered. Pete leaned back with her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Helena scanned the living room from behind the kitchen counter. She didn't see Christina anywhere. Quickly she bolted out and ran to her office. Christina jumped out from behind the couch and pelted her with stuffed animals. "I win!" She announced. Helena narrowed her eyes and lunged at her daughter. Christina squealed with delight and ran away, but she wasn't fast enough. Helena grabbed her tiny waist and hoisted her up into the air, peppering her face with kisses and tickling her. "Mom!" She yelled as she tried to wriggle out of her grasp.

"Do you give up?" Helena asked.


Helena stopped tickling and let her go. Christina turned around, whacked Helena on the head with a teddy bear and ran upstairs. "Love you!" She yelled over her shoulder. "Get some writing done!"

"I'll get you back for that!" Helena warned. She only heard giggles in response and sighed. She really should get some writing done, but avoiding it was much more entertaining. Helena went into her office, but instead of going to her laptop, she pulled out Johanna Bering's murder file. Helena had only gone over it a few times since acquiring it from Pete. She had made a copy, then given the original back to him a few months ago. Helena could only imagine how hard it must have been to read this knowing it was about your own mother. While her relationship with Martha was perhaps slightly tumultuous, she loved her dearly and would be devastated by her death.

Helena pulled out her phone and dialed Dr Clark Murray, a man she had used on more than one occasion to get correct details in her novels. "Hello Clark, how are you?"

"Working as usual, you?" He asked cheerfully.

"You sound tired."

"I've been helping out in the ER, I am tired. How can I help you Helena?"

"Now Clark, I can't call to check up on a friend?"

"I'm sure you could, but you never have."

Helena could practically hear the smirk in his voice and smiled. "Fair enough, one of these days I shall. Today, is not that day however, I've got a favor to ask. There is a cold case; a woman stabbed in an alley, no robbery, no sexual assault, it was labeled as random gang violence and never solved."

"And you can't stand stories not having an ending?"

"You know me all too well." Helena leaned back and hoisted her legs up on her desk. "Also, the woman was the mother of a friend of mine, I'd love any input you have. Fresh set of eyes and all; could I send you the file? Have you look it over, see if anything jumps out at you?"

"Sure, I can't guarantee anything, but I'll give it a look."

"Clark your a doll." Helena exclaimed. She hung up with him and made another copy of the file, setting it up to mail in the morning. Then begrudgingly, Helena sat down to write.

Myka tapped her pen aimlessly on her desk. She was restless and far too caffeinated. HG sauntered into the bullpen and walked over to Myka's desk, holding out a coffee. "Black, one sugar." She announced.

Myka waved her off. "Thanks, but I've had way too much already today."

HG frowned, but held it out to Claudia as the younger redhead walked by. "Coffee?"

"Yessss." Claudia moaned. She accepted it and took a large sip before grimacing. "Ugh, not enough sugar." She took another sip. "No cream?" She scoffed.

Myka only shrugged and HG just stared at her. "Gross." Claudia said, and walked off to fix her coffee.

"So..." HG began as she sat down at her chair next to Myka's desk. "No William?" She asked and she scanned the precinct.

"He went back to Boston I think." Myka answered without looking up from her file. While she had decided that Will and Pete were crazy, she still found her cheeks reddening in embarrassment.

"You think?" HG asked. Myka side eyed HG. The raven haired woman was trying – not particularly hard – not to show the smirk etching onto her face.

Myka bit down on the inside of her lip. "Yes."

"So, decided it wouldn't work after all?" HG playfully asked. Myka set her pen down on her desk and stood up.


"I thought you'd had too much coffee?" HG asked as she walked toward the break room.

"I have, I need a glass of water." Myka called over her shoulder. She didn't get a chance to get one however, as the Captain walked out of his office and announced they had a body down by the river. Myka turned around and grabbed her coat, HG following her outside. She listened as Leena went over the details of the murder and tried to ignore her dry throat. It had yet to snow, but it was growing colder by the day. Myka pulled out a dark green beanie and placed it on her head, pressing it against her freezing ears. She looked over and watched with an amused grin as HG bounced up and down on her toes in an attempt to keep warm. They walked back towards the car and HG suddenly ran ahead, walking up to a vendor. "HG!" Myka called after her. "Come on, it's freezing." She shoved her bare hands into her pockets and shivered.

HG came back over at a jog and handed Myka a water bottle with a grin. "You said you were thirsty. Now, that young man did not look exactly upper west side, what would he be doing all the way out here?" She asked as she walked towards the car.

Myka gratefully uncapped the water bottle and took a sip. "Thanks." She said. HG shook her head and half skipped over to the car. "I might have another hat if you want." Myka offered.

"Oh, I look dreadful in hats."

Myka raised her eyebrows as they climbed into her car. She cranked the heat up and rubbed her cold hands together. "I doubt you could look dreadful in anything." She said as she tried to will the car to warm up faster. She didn't notice HG turn sharply to her and smile.

"Why thank you darling, alas, you've never seen me in a hat. I haven't the head for it."

Myka pulled the car out of the lot and drove back to the precinct. The two of them bouncing theories off one another. They met up with Pete and Claudia and the four of them got straight to work. Spending all day looking into John Rivera's life. By the time seven rolled around, they were all exhausted and had finally made some headway into the case. Before falling asleep at her desk, Myka told them all to go home and get some sleep. HG plopped down next to her and grinned widely as she pulled Myka's beanie on top of her head.

"See? Dreadful." She announced. "And I am only letting you see since practically everyone else has gone home."

Myka bit her lip, she thought HG looked absolutely adorable. "You should wear hats more often, that kind at least. I don't see anything dreadful." She answered honestly.

HG grinned like a little girl and stood up. "Coming?" She asked. Myka nodded and pulled her coat on, holding her hand out for her hat, but HG shook her head. "I think I'll keep it. If you truly think it suits me?"

"It suits you."

"May I keep it?"

Myka sighed. "Sure, it's all yours."

HG let out a little squeal of delight and wrapped her arm around the crook of Myka's elbow. "Why thank you darling." The two of them walked into the elevator together, HG making no move to let go of her arm. As they went down HG shuffled her feet slightly and looked over at Myka. "Darling, I was wondering...have you ever considered re-opening your mother's case? Now that you're a detective?"

Myka stiffened instantly and pulled her arm away, backing up from HG. She felt like someone had just punched her in the gut. "HG." She said firmly. "You touch my mom's case and we are done. I don't give a shit how big a fan the mayor is, that's that."


"I mean it HG. you honestly think I never thought about it? The second I got my badge, I spent every free minute I had down in cold case, going over, and over, and over her file. It consumed me. I...I can't. I stopped thinking about it, I went into therapy, and..." Myka took a deep breath and tried to calm her voice down. "HG, my mother's case is over and I am not opening it again." The elevator opened and Myka stepped out, HG following behind cautiously. "You touch it and we're done." She repeated and walked away from HG, pulling her coat tighter against her, and jamming her cold hands into her pockets.