"Alright. I'm ready."

"Good evening. I'm Dr Emmet Brown, I'm standing on the parking lot at twin pines mall. It's a saturday morning, October 26, 1985, 1:18am. And this is temporal experiment number 1. Come on Einey, their boy, get in there. Atta-boy, there you go. Get down. Get your seat belt on." Doc then knelt next to Einstein, and put his seat belt on for him.

"Come on, that's it." Chuckled Doc.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok." Said a slightly confused Marty, as Doc sat next to Einstein with two stop watches in his hands.

"Please note. That Einstein's clock is precise synchronisation with my control watch." At that point both stop watches changed from 1:18 to 1:19 at the same time.

"Right, check Doc."

"Have a good trip Einstein! Watch you head!" Doc then closed the gul wing door making sure Einstein didn't get any fur trapped in the door. Marty was still recording everything that was happening. Doc then picked up remote control and pointed it at the car.

"Watch this." Marty quickly whipped his handheld camera back from Doc to the car. Doc waited for Marty to get into place. Then the DeLorean suddenly reversed, narrowly missing a lamppost before exelerating forward.

"Not me! The Car, the car!" said Doc quickly as Marty turned the camera to him, then back to the car. Doc stopped the car far away, before he and Marty ran in front of the car. Marty looked to Doc.

"If my calculations are corect. When this baby reaches 88mph, your gonna see some serious shit." Suddenly the tyres started squealing, and the DeLorean came thundering towards them at high speeds.

The head lights fast opoaching, then blinded Doc and Marty. The car was gone, only leaving a pair of fire trails through their legs behind.

Doc looked at the controler in awe, both men had been amazed at what they had just seen.

"Ha ha! What did I tell you! 88 miles per hour!" Doc yelled. Marty stared at the fire trails and saw the lisence plate twirl on one corner before it fell to the ground.

"The temperal displacement occured at exactly 1:20am and 0 seconds!" shouted Doc. Marty picked up the plate and imediatly dropped it, because it was so hot.

"Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ Doc! You disintergrated Einstein." said Marty in shock.

"Calm down Marty. I didn't disintergrate anything. The molecular strucsure of both Einstein and the car are completely intact!"

"Then where the hell are they!?"

"The apropreate question is when the hell are they? You see Einstein has just become the words first time traveler! I sent him into the future! One minite into the future to be exact! In presisely 1:21am and 0 seconds we will catch up with him and the time machine."

Marty turned back to Doc "Wait a minite. Wait a minite Doc, do you mean to tell me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"

Doc looked a little surprised " The way I see it, if your going to turn a time machine into a car why not do it with some style! Besides, the steel construction made the flux dispersal..." Doc's watch beaped

"Look out!" Doc pushed Marty out the way. But when they turned back, the car wasn't there.


"That's odd."

"Where's the car Doc?"

"It should have caught up with us... 27 seconds ago!"

"Doc, where's Einstein?"

"No need for concern, just a minor miscalibration with the time curcits. Marty could you get my notebook, it should be in the tool box." Marty walked over to the tool box, and rumaged around and picked up the note book.

"Flux Capasitor?"

"That's it!"

"What the heck's a 'flux capasitor'? Doc"

"My latest in vention! The thing that makes time travel possible. In this notebook I've detailed over 30 years of study and breakthrough's nessarcery to build a working time machine. If it ever fell into the wrong hands the concerquences could be catastrophic! let's see if mass equals..."

"Doc something's wrong here." Doc filcked through the pages of the notebook, but then he stopped. And looked up. Lightning flashed in the sky, as thunder rolled in. Doc started walking in the opposite direction.

"Uh...Doc?" The neon mall sign faded between saying twin pines mall, and lone pine mall.

"Great Scot!"

"Doc what is it?"

"I've made a horible mistake." Doc dropped the book and began to fade just like the sign did.

"Doc, No!"

"I'm sorry Marty" And with that Doc, disarpeared.

"Doc. Come back!" Marty ran to where Doc was standing, but he was gone.


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