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Harry's P.O.V, during the holidays. (past time)

Harry looked into the mirror again. A red headed woman with emerald green eyes, and a man with jet black hair and blue eyes stood behind his reflection. He also noticed a girl about the age of 11 standing by the two adults. She had red hair, and wore a black outfit with a sword by her side. Her eyes were closed, and her image flickered in and out. It was Jade!

"Mom?" he whispered, "Dad? Jade?" The adults nodded, and the girl opened one eye, as if to answer his question. Her image flickered and disappeared for a moment, then reappeared. Harry sat there, watching them.

Jade's P.O.V, The Night Of the Trapdoor

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I had just cut down a Hollow, and put away my Zanpakuto, when I got slammed into a tree.

"Don't move, Soul Reaper." A voice hissed in my ear. I gasped, and a dagger was placed near my throat.

"You!?" I struggled to get free, but he pinned my down.

"You can't get away, my master awaits."

I kicked him back, and he stumbled. I made a run for it, only to have a dagger embedded in my shoulder. I fell to the ground, my legs giving out underneath me.

"A-a dagger dipped in a sleeping potion," I snarled with my remaining strength, "That's not what I classify as honorable."

"Whoever said I wanted it to be?" I heard him growl, before my vision went completely black.

About a hour later… In the Stone Chamber…

Please, wake up, little one…

I slowly opened my eyes.

"Now wait quietly, Potter. I need to examine this mirror." Quirrel said. Harry shot a horrified glace at me, that turned to surprise. I struggled against the magic ropes that held me to my spot.

"Hado, number 31, Shakkaho." I whispered, and molded it into a thin flame. I severed them, and quickly unsheathed my Zanpakuto. I charged at Quirrel.

To my surprise, I was blocked by a sword. I looked into the face of my opponent. Black hair, pale white skin… and pure black eyes. The thing swung and me, and I very narrowly dodged it.

"Haha, yes, one of my newest creations. Enjoy." Quirrel snarled. He turned to Harry, and I couldn't hear what he was saying.

This… thing has immense speed and Spiritual Energy…

Sono Chi Aka Yuki didn't respond, but I could feel her thinking.

The dagger! Peirce it in the heart!

I swung my Zanpakuto, which was in Shikai state, and cut the things arm, but it still advanced. A flipped back, and grabbed the dagger, and ran towards the thing. I embedded the dagger in its heart, and it evaporated. Something black and red flashed in front of me, and I felt a horrible pain down the front of my body.

There were two of them.

Blood spurted from the long wound, and I fell, wincing in pain.

"No!" I heard both Harry and Quirrel say.

I did the only thing I thought to do. I held out my Zanpakuto shakily, "Kansei…K-konjou Shikak-k-ku." I soon felt Sono Chi Aka Yuki's icy warmth by me, in her human form.

"Just hold on, Jade." She whispered. She stood up, and held my-her-sword in front of her, "Dance."

She froze the creations in mere seconds. My eyes slid shut without me noticing.

Sono Chi Aka Yuki's P.O.V

Sono Chi Aka Yuki cast a glance at her fallen master and friend, and then at the boy, and then at the pile of ash that was once the professor. The boy had fainted. She heard footsteps, and raised her sword. It was only Dumbledore.

"No time for questions, both are wounded." She interrupted him. He said nothing, and grabbed Harry Potter. Sono Chi Aka Yuki did likewise with Jade Potter. They quickly walked to the Hospital Wing. She grimaced as she felt the young soul Reaper's blood staining her Kimono. She started to flash-step to the wing. Madame Pompfry, the Matron, shrieked in surprise when she saw the girl and the beautiful adult, both unknown to her. Dumbledore soon walked in. Sono Chi Aka Yuki sat Jade down on a bed, and let Madame Pompfry do her job, covering Jade's wounds. She sat down on a chair by Jade's bed, her sword back in its sheath. She did not blame herself for Jade's wounds, but she felt very sad about it. She knew Jade would not blame her, and she was glad, there was nothing she could have done… Not even she, the mighty Zanpakuto, sensed the creatures coming, it was as if they were dead, no souls, yet they had Spiritual Pressure, which made no sense at all... She laid her head on the side of the bed, and closed her eyes.

The day of Jade and Harry's awakening(s)

"Sir! The Stone! It was Quirrell! He's got the stone! Sir, quick-"

"Harry, lower your voice, you might wake your sister.

"Too late for that." I groaned, opening one, heavy, eye.

"Jade! Thank goodness! I was worried sick about you!" I turned to look at Sono Chi Aka Yuki, still in her human form… and still visible.

I smiled weakly, pushing myself up, "But I'm fine now, and thanks for saving my butt back there."

She gave a hum of amusement, "Captain Ukitake is going to be surprised how much you've changed…"

"Rangiku will be happy, though… always complaining…" A Hell butterfly flew into the window.

"Intruder alert, intruder alert! Intruders in the Soul Society! Requesting all soul Reapers not on a major mission to report back immediately!" It flew off again.

"Just great…" Me and Sono Chi Aka Yuki sighed at the same time.

"What?" Harry asked, confused.

"I have to go back from where I came." I stood up, and gasped as a sharp jolt went dome my wound.

"You're still hurt-"

"I will have the fourth division heal it, don't worry." I gave him a gentle look. "Be safe, Harry Potter." I put back on my black robe, and grabbed my Zanpakuto. A gate opened to the Soul Society, and two Hell Butterflies appeared. Sono Chi Aka Yuki and I headed through. I cast a look back,

"Goodbye, Harry"

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