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Chapter 1

I had snuck in after harry and watched snape's memories. I had known something wasn't right when he killed Dumbledore, that there must be something more to it. Now I knew there was and I had stood there and done nothing as he lay there dying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood.

I was supposed to be helping heal the injured but I could not leave his body the Shrieking Shack knowing all he had done and sacrificed, he deserved better. I snuck out of the castle easy enough, but now to get past the people collecting our fallen. Harry still had the invisibility cloak with him but I had no idea where he was. All I know is that according to Snape's memories Dumbledore had wanted him to turn himself over to Voldemort. It hurt to lose such a great friend, but there really wasn't anything I could do, it had to be done to win this war. At least this is what my logic was telling me but I could not stop to grieve there just wasn't time for that.

I managed to sneak past all but my friend Ginny on my way to the Shrieking Shack.

"Hermione where are you going I thought you were helping with healing?" Ginny asked.

"I realized I left my wand in the Shrieking Shack while ago," I lied.

"Do you need me to come with you and help you look?" Ginny asked.

"No it's ok I know where I layed it down," I answered.

"Ok, but be careful Mione, I don't know what I would do if I lost you too," pleaded Ginny.

" I will be Ginny, I always am," I simply stated.

I came upon the Whomping Willow about five minutes later. I grabbed a stick and tickled the knot causing the tree to still and admit me. The passage seemed so much smaller than it had four years ago. I finally made it to the room where he lay. He looked if possible even paler than he had the last time I saw him.

I walked over to him and as I did, the realization of what he did for the wizarding world hit me, full force, and I fell to my knees beside him. Suddenly, I heard a groan. I looked up just in time to see his mouth twitch. It was then that I thought to check his pulse and saw that he was still breathing, but barely.

I immediately got to work, grabbing my beaded bag. I summoned the Essence of Dittany and a Blood Replenishing potion. I applied the Essence of Dittany and then cast a healing spell and it stopped bleeding I then summoned a sheet from my bag, transfigured it into gauze, and used it to bandage his I shifted so I was sitting behind him, lifting his head and laying it into my lap, and opened his mouth. I unstopped the Blood Replenishing potion and poured it in his mouth, massaging his throat to make him swallow. After a minute or two I noticed the color was returning to his face. His eyes began to open and his whole body tensed He attempted to to turn his head but groaned in pain, and the bleeding started again. I quickly cast another healing spell and summoned a pillow out of my bag, laying his head on that instead of my lap.

I shifted so I was once again kneeling on the floor beside him.

"Why would you come back and save a traitor?" he spat.

"You're not a traitor I saw those memories you gave Harry," I told him.

"So Potter decided to show the wizarding world what a weak lovesick I am did he now," he growled

"No I snuck in after him, he has no idea I saw, and you're not weak but loyal and brave. You don't deserve to lay here and die. Let me take you to St. Mungo's where they can help you," I pleaded

"So they can ship me off to azkaban as soon as I'm healed? I don't think so!" He snapped at me.

With that, he stood up and almost fell back down,but I managed to steady him.

"Please Professor, let me help you. I could go get help from the castle." I begged

"No," he growled at me.

Then yet again he began to fall so I grabbed him, and then I began to feel as if I was being suffocated. The next thing I know I was landing on my back on a carpeted floor and Professor Snape is on top of me.

"Professor," I called but didn't get an answer.

My arm is killing me it's pinned between us at an odd angle. After a few minutes of struggling I finally loosen it. This movement caused him to groan in pain and shift so that his entire weight was on me. I lay there trying to think of a way to get up and out from under him. That's when I began to notice something poking me in my thigh.

My wand of course! How could I have forgotten that I was a witch. I manage to get my hand on my wand and and get it out of my pocket. Pointing it at his unmoving body I said "Mobilicorpus," while he was in the air I rolled out from underneath him and lowered him gently to the floor and muttered "Finite Incantatem," canceling the spell. I stood up looking around this must be his house I thought. I wonder which door leads to his bedroom I need to get him there so he may rest. I went to the one on my left and found a small kitchen and dining room. I returned to the sitting room and went to the other door which lead to a set of stairs. When I got up there I saw a hallway with three doors the first of which was the loo which was on my left. The one across from it was a study this only left the one at the end of the hall. When I entered his bedroom it was very dark and quiet. I took out my wand and whispered, "lumos," lighting my wand and shining some light on the room. It was dull and plain but very neat and organized like his office desk at hogwarts when he taught potions. I went over to the bed and pulled back the covers and top sheet I then ran into the sitting room, grabbed my beaded bag, opened it, and muttered, "Accio potion bag." I then walked over to the professor and said, "Mobilicorpus," levitating him behind me while carrying my potion bag. I gently settled him on the bed and unpacked my potions, my bowl, and rag. I set the bowl down and pointed my wand at it saying, "Aguamenti," and then cast a heating charm over it.

I then sat on the bed next to him and began unbuttoning his black wool frock coat so I could get to his wound on his neck better. I was surprised to find he was wearing a white button-up shirt instead of a black one. I managed to push the frock coat off his shoulders and down his shoulders I then levitated him and pulled it out from underneath him. I lowered him back to the bed and began removing his shirt, as I did this though I began noticing scars. Some of them were years old while others were merely days old. I began wondering how he was even still alive after all he had been through. Some of the newer ones looked like they were becoming infected. One ran from the the right side of his rib cage to his left hip disappearing beneath his trousers. I tried not to think about what I would have to do next because this man was my teacher for so long and a man I greatly respected.

I was broken out of my thoughts by a groan of pain. I needed to change the bandage on his neck and clean it. I gently uncover his wound and wipe it down with my clean rag, which I dipped in warm water. I then applied The Essence of Dittany to heal it and rebandaged it. I then began doing the same for the cuts across his chest and stomach. When I finished I cast a healing charm on it all. I slid his trousers down enough to clean and heal the laceration that was from his rib cage to his hip. After I had healed them to the best of my ability I pulled his trousers back up and configured them into black silk pajama pants. I then pulled the covers over him and packed my potions bag back up. I then transfigured an empty potion bottle into a cot to sleep on in his room, so I could help him if he needed it. I took the cloak I had been wearing and transfigured it into a blanket.

As I was about to lay down he began to groan in pain and his muscles were spasming. I walked over to his bed realizing he was struggling with after effects from being under the Cruciatus Curse for long periods of time. I sat beside him on the bed and massaging his shoulders and arms trying to relax his muscles and keep him straight instead of curling in a ball. Then I moved to his legs trying to relax the muscles and soothe his pain. When his muscles had completely relaxed I lay back on his bed to wait and sure make sure the spasms didn't start again. When I looked over at his face I noticed how much younger he looked when he wasn't scowling or glaring. My last conscious thought I had was I wonder what he looks like when he smiles or laughs.

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