Chapter 3

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A/N: This is the last chapter =( .It's going to be a Hammond POV. I really didn't know who else I could have used. But this is it. Hope you have enjoyed all the chapters. Thank you Loonaticslover13 for editing it. (betaing I don't know).

George POV

I'm walking with Jack O'Neill. I'm finally retired. It's good that I'm retired. "Well Jack, Let's walk around the base and I'll tell you something about what I've done during this retirement. I seen my grandchildren. You've met them before. We went to Vegas for a 3 days. It was good there. I went to Red Rock Canyon. We were there for two days and then shopping for the last day. It was good there." I told. That's when Jack crashed into Daniel. I didn't know that so I kept walking still talking. "We went to the beach for a lot of the summer. Did some reading." Still talking to myself.

But then, a tech came pass me and asked me a silly question. "Who are you talking to sir?"

"General O'Neill. We're walking around the base." I responded.

"Where is he sir?" The tech questioned

"He's right beside me. Come on, let's go Jack." I told. I walked away with "Jack". The tech scratched his head. Then continued to his destination. I continued talking with "Jack". Not paying attention to my surroundings.

Just then, came Jack and yelled at me. "George!" I turned around. There was Jack. Who was I talking to just then? Man I probably looked like an idiot.

"Yes?" I responded.

"You almost crashed into the wall." Jack claimed. I turned around again. I saw the wall right in front of me.

"Thanks for telling me." I said thankfully. I was that close to crashing. Good thing Jack showed up when he did.

"Now let's go to the Stargate for your last time."Jack explained.

"Sure thing Jack."I told. We both walked to the Control Room. I saw Sam.I wanted to say something but Jack put his hand in front of me. So I stood there. I figured out she isn't paying attention. Jack tapped her shoulder.

"Hi sir-sss." Sam said in shock.

"Hey Carter." Jack told while waving a hand at her.

"You don't have to call me that any more Sam, I'm retired remember?" I replied.

"Sorry si-George. Old habits die-hard." Sam replied. Sam gave me a hug. "When did you guys get here? Why are both of you here? Do we have an important meeting?."

Jack said confused. "Too many questions. One at a time please Carter?"

"Sorry sir. So when did you get here?" Sam asked.

"About half an hour were just walking and talking around the base right George?" Jack said reassuring.

"Right you are son." I answered. I still call people son even though they aren't and I'm retired, I should call them by their real name.

"Next question, why are you both here?" Sam questioned.

"Well since I'm retired, I wanted to see the Stargate and base one last time and the president granted me that." I answered. The Stargate is still how I remember it.

"I had a meeting at Peterson and I was in the area, so I decided to drop on in. I met George where I had lunch at." Replied Jack.

Sam said curiously."Where was that?"

"Saltgrass Steak House." Jack told. "There steaks are good."

"They were." I agreed. I didn't call him son. Getting used to it now.

"Last question, Do we have an important meeting?" Sam wondered.

Jack chuckled sarcastically. "Of course we do Carter." What's he talking about. I didn't know this.

Sam frown. Is it true? Jack raised an eye brow. "Well..." O'Neill asked.

"Okay sir." Sam sad sadly. I will leave if there is a meeting right away.

"I'm joking Carter. Get a joke?" Jack questioned. Wow. He was joking. I bought it? Man he's good.

"I thought so." Sam whispered.

It was silent for a moment but Sam broke the silents. "When are you leaving sir and George?"

"Thought that was the last question back there but I'm leaving very soon. I got to go to Washington for another meeting." Jack explained.

"And you George?" Sam wondered.

"I can go back when I want but I'm going to leave soon." I said kind of the same answer as jack did.

"Okay. Well..." Sam stopped to take a sip of my coffee. "Have a fun time."

"Thanks Carter." Jack replied. But just as he was going to leave, he kissed Sam. Sam dropped her coffee mug. I let it spill. Jack dipped her down lower and deepen the kiss. What? What's happening. Is this real? Am I dreaming? My eyes widen and mouth dropped. I know I shouldn't but I'm really surprised. Well not really. I just didn't expect it. everyone was cheering and clapping but me. Jack brought Sam back up. "Now you have a memory of this." Jack told. He did this before? When was this. I don't remember this happening before.

She hummed."Wait, did you just say I now have a memory of this? You've done this before?" Carter asked suddenly.

"Bye Sam." Jack took off.

"Come back here Jack." Samantha ran after me. My face was in shocked but then I smiled. They are now finally happy.

I'm done. Thank you for all you reading this. I hoped you all enjoyed my story=) .