Hello, Hei, Monui, Saluton, Bonum Diem, and many other ways to say hello and good day. My name is WordSmyth and this is my first fanfiction and I would like to say a few things before you read my story:

Danny is immortal and ageless, i.e., he doesn't age. He looks 21 but is actually a few centuries old. In this time he learned many languages.

Danny is apprenticed to Clockwork, whose title is Timekeeper and Timekeepers Apprentice.

Danny went through ghost 'puberty' ant got fangs that he constantly hides via one of his powers.

Danny is the Ghost King because he defeated Pariah Dark in single combat. He was crowned at 21 after his puberty ended.

The Titans are older, Cyborg is 20, Raven is 19, Robin and Starfire are 18, and BeastBoy is 16

The Titans time line is messed up into a big ball of wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey . . . stuff

I'm only saying it once, so listen well: I do not own Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, or any fandom that will be used.

In which our story begins


Never wrestle with Starfire

Some stories start with "Once Upon A Time," or "Along Time Ago In A Land Far Far Away," or, in the case of rednecks "Y'all Ain't Gonna Believe This." Mine doesn't, mine starts with a bright sunny day, a betrayal, and a rabid can of Hakarl.

("You weren't there, in the final days of the War)

(Danny POV)


"So," said Jack with a surprisingly serious tone "you're half ghost and your ghost half is Danny Phantom."

"Yes." Said a very worried Danny

*Cricket chirping*

"MY SON IS A HERO!" exclaimed a very proud Jack Fenton.

"Oh baby we're so sorry for all that we did to you." Cried a proud and apologetic Maddie Fenton

"This certainly explains the periodic absences and the dropping grades," said Lancer and Ishyama at the same time. Both of who blushed slightly and looked at each other.

"Lets celebrate . . . With fudge!" shouted Jack, who proceeded to run into the kitchen to gather said fudge. The sounds of a seal breaking comes from the kitchen along with the sound of clinking bottles and jugs and items being shuffled to the side to gather the precious fudge when suddenly . . .

"Suffering spooks!" screamed Jack "Maddie, the Hakarl has formed an alliance with the hotdogs and is escaping. Catch it!" from Danny's vantage point he could see Jack rolling on the floor, wrapped up in the hotdogs as well as a small shark creature swimming towards the open window.

"I'll get it." Says Danny, as rings of white flame formed around his waist and traveled across his body, transforming him into the ghost hero and king, Danny Phantom.

The ghost shark noticed the flash of light and, unlike its living counterparts, began to swim/fly away as fast as possible. Danny sighed and began to chase after it, going slowly so as to have some time to think about what has just transpired between him, his family, his friends, his principal, and his teacher.

I can't believe that they really accepted me for who I am, maybe my life wont be so bad after all. Thought Danny, flying over the park while the ghost shark swam lazily in the pond in the park.

'Well, I might as well get this over with it shouldn't be too difficult.' Thought Danny as he descended from the sky to catch the little ghost shark.

Catching the ghost shark proved to be easier said than done as Danny found out thirty minutes and three small bite marks later. All of a sudden a concussive boom could be heard along with a jet of emerald flame shooting seventy feet into the sky from the direction of where his home was, along with all the people that he ever cared about.

'NO!' Thought Danny, the shark momentarily forgotten. 'They just accepted me I can't loose them now!'

Danny quickly sped home at his top speed of 350 miles per hour, leaving a sonic boom in his wake. He arrived home to find it completely obliterated, leaving nothing but a large pile of ash and flaming rubble.

Three Figures walked out of the ash cloud, laughing. Danny looks up to see the Fright Knight, Prince Aragon, and Hotop-Ra, the leaders of the rebel faction. All are adorned in their finest armor and weapons, with the Fright Knight holding a green and grey Fenton Lighter, Still burning. Danny glares up at the murders of his parents, teacher, principal, sister, best friend, and lover. He glared so hard that the murders could hear the anger behind the glare. The three turned and jumped at the sight of Danny, eyes glowing a crackling and flickering hellfire red, promising an eternal punishment in a new layer of the dungeons of the Illuminating Pyres, which he would personally carve for them. Upon seeing this horrifying promise the three killers focused together and formed a small portal to the ghost zone only having enough power for a ten second portal. They escaped from the terror before them.

He fell to his knees and sobbed, transforming back into Danny Fenton, not caring who saw. Thankfully no one could see through the ash that was falling like a thick snow. Danny stayed there for a few minutes crying, the tears flowing freely from the young mans eyes. He then realized that he had nowhere to live and in a fit of depressive insanity, began to fly towards the mansion of his arch nemesis, Vlad Masters.

(You never saw what was born.)

"There, there Daniel, just let it all out." Said Vlad in an attempt to calm the poor young boy. "I'm sorry for what I've done in the past but I would like the chance to make it up to you. You and I both know that I am now your legal guardian and because of that Dan exists." By know Danny has stopped sobbing and is looking up to Vlad "So I will allow you to live wherever you wish as long as you allow me to visit to check up on you, Little Badger" At this Danny's eyes begin to water again, this time in joy.

"Thank you Vlad, thank you so much. I'm sorry that I won't be staying with you but I don't want to risk Dan rearing his ugly head again." Said Danny

"I understand completely Daniel, I do not wish for Dan to return either. Now, where do you want to go live?" Asked Vlad

"I was thinking the west coast, I hear the sunsets are amazing."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, now what would you do there for money?"

"I was thinking of opening up a bookstore with a little café in the back, I could even sell ice cream."

"That sounds like an amazing idea for a shop and I would like to help you fund it in any way possible."

"Thanks Vlad, I was thinking of a state of the art security system and maybe even a lab downstairs, I would like to live underneath of the shop if possible."

"Of course my boy, only the best for you."

"Thank you Vlad, I'll go get packed right away. But I don't know how long it will take so I might have to stay here with you for a few days if that's okay?"

"It is perfectly fine with me, Little Badger."

"Say Vlad, why do you call me that?"

"I call you Little Badger because when i first met you in my mansion, your personality and the bags underneath your eyes reminded me of a young badger, ready to take on the world."


(But if the Time Lock's broken, then everything's coming through!)

'That was such a long time ago.' thought a reminiscent Danny 'And so much has happened since then. Perhaps I should write a journal of sorts to chronicle my past. Yes, I'll have to change the names a bit to publish it but for now I can write it like a real journal for the rough draft. Now, who should Clockwork be-'

A customer suddenly interrupted Danny from his bibliographical musings; said customer was becoming a regular, a certain Taylor Leann Smithson. She was a woman of the age of 20 with long brown hair, a pale and blemish free complexion about five foot seven inches tall with brilliant stormy blue eyes. She was a pretty enough woman, that was for sure, but to him she was just another woman, very few women have caught his eye for a very long time.

"What can I do for you today Taylor?" Questioned Danny.

"I'm looking for a good cookbook for someone of Italian heritage." Said Taylor.

"Might I suggest 'Il Cuoco Maceratese' or if you want something easier than maybe you would like 'The Way It Was: Old World Italian Recipes For New World Cooks' perhaps. If you chose the former I'll include an Italian to English Handbook for half off."

"Hmm, which is more expensive?"

"The first is more expensive, but it is a recopy straight from the 1809 edition. The recopy was done by hand by a good friend of mine who even managed to perfectly copy the original handwriting."

"I don't know . . ."

"Okay, I'll write down the measurement translations down separately onto the back of the translation guide."

"Yay! Thank you Danny. My mother and father will be so proud when I cook them a traditional Italian recipe!"

"Anything to help a good customer like you, and if you tell your parents that you got the cookbook from my store I might even cut the price down a bit more."

"I will Danny, I will! So what does the price come to?"

"Twenty-eight dollars and ninety-five cents, along with a favorable recommendation to your parents."

"Thank you so much Danny," Exclaimed an increasingly joyful Taylor, Handing over the money "I'll even take them here so they can take a look around, I have a feeling that they will like your collection of old books."

"You're very welcome, Lady Taylor Leann Smithson, t'was an honor to be of service to you." Danny said, giving a small bow in one of the ways that he usually bids a customer farewell, proving that chivalry was not dead after all.

"Thank you lord Danny." Said Taylor

'I wonder what her parents are like?' thought Danny as he took out fob watch and communicator, which was gifted to him by clockwork on his death day in his first year of apprenticeship, to check the time. As always, before he could check the time he would admire the photo of his friends and family that he always keeps on the inside. After he admired the relic from a happier time he noticed that it was already time for his midday walk to the park.

"Alright everyone, I'll be going out in a few minutes so if you have anything that you want to buy bring it up to the register, if not, I would suggest that you leave." Called Danny. In an instant five people walked up to the register with a few books and magazines in hand. Danny began to quickly confirm the purchases and hurry the crowd out. The store was a community business and most regulars were used to being shuffled out at this time of day so the shopkeep could go for his walk and take a break. As he left a few customers noticed that he put up a "Help Wanted" sign in the front window.

(Not just the Daleks,)

"Tell me ma when I come home/ the boys won't leave the girls alone/ the pulled my hair and stole my comb/ but that's alright till I come home" Danny suddenly stopped humming to himself when he heard a faint whistling and looked up to see a large object hurtling toward him. He quickly stepped back just enough to dodge the object and the crater that would inevitably follow. A second later the falling object collided with the dirt path six inches ahead of him. A groan emitted from the crater and he could see a metallic hand reach out of the crater. He quickly reached out to help whatever was in the crater out but hesitated slightly when he saw who it was. It was Cyborg, one of the local children that liked to pretend at being a hero.

"Yo man, you alright?" Called the cybernetic young man

"Yes, I am fine." Danny monotoned

"You sure? I almost nailed you with that fall."

"I assure you, I am quite alright."

"Alright, if you're sure-"

"And that I am." Said Danny, cutting the cyborg off.

"-then at least let me make it up to you." Continued Cyborg

"That is not necessary. Goodbye." Said Danny, the dismissal in his voice palpable.

"Friend Cyborg, are you okay?" Called Starfire as she flew down to find the cyborg.

"Yeah Star, I'm fine. I was just talking to . . . What did you say your name was again?" questioned Cyborg

"I never said anything. Now, I really must go. Goodbye" Danny said as he jogged off before Starfire could say anything.

(but the Skaro Degradations,)

'Those stupid Titans pretending to be heroes, they don't know the least of what its like to be a hero. All they are is a few kids in spandex running around a city taking out low power criminals. Thought Danny as he stormed through the park to the deeper part of the forest to calm down and maybe take a short nap in a tree so he can sleep off the anger, much preferring that to using his ice powers to chill his emotions, leaving him a cold and emotionless robot for the rest of the day; which is a very unfortunate way to be when you run a shop.

He carried on in this way for a few more minutes as he stomped through the forest in the park, looking for the clearing that he usually practices in or goes to when he just wants to get away from the world. Arriving there he quickly reached intangibly into the earth and came up with a plastic wrapped package which he opened as soon as it was out of the ground. He reached into the package and pulled out a heavy duty pillow he saved from his stint in the army during the Second World War

Another chapter for my story he thought, quickly being pulled back into the distant past as he remembered the few friends he made, and subsequently all of the funerals he had to go to when all of his friends had died, leaving him feeling happy with a small bit of sadness he still feels for those brave men, even though he already came to terms with their deaths a few decades after the last died. Shaking himself out of his train of thought he checked his fob watch and set an alarm to wake himself up in an hour. He then went into a near unconscious state as he meditated, skipping past his emotions, and delving deep into the past searching for a memory of better times, back when those army buddies and him were all in the barracks just before deployment.

(the Horde of Travesties,)

(Third Person POV)

"I'm telling you guys, that guy was weird. He seemed perfectly normal until he saw it was me, then he suddenly started acting in a way that makes Raven seem positively giddy, no offense Rae." Said Cyborg to his teammates.

"None taken." Responded Raven.

"And those eyes. They were so cold they made the South Pole seem like a sunny day, at noon, in a desert, ON MERCURY!" Said a terrified Cyborg, his voice hitching up a few octaves at the last segment.

"We'll have to look into this guy, what was is name again?" Questioned Robin

"He didn't say." Said Cyborg, Starfire nodded in agreement at her teammates statement. Suddenly a red light flicked on and a siren started blaring, making the Titans, Robin and Raven excluded, jump in surprise.

"Cinderblock is breaking into the prison, Titans Go!" Called Robin.

(the Nightmare Child,)

(Danny POV)

*stretches in a way that makes less flexible men cringe*

"Oh man, now THAT was a good nap. I just wish that I could have had more time. Oh well, 'no rest for the wicked' and all that jazz. Better get back to the shop." Danny them packs the pillow back into the plastic bag and then drops it into the earth. He starts jogging back to the shop so he can open it up and his customers could get back to looking through his vast collection of new and ancient books, the latter of which were hand copied by Ghostwriter at his request, happy to help the Halfa and actually have a reason to copy books. Upon arrival he noticed that here were already a few people waiting in a small group by the door, one of which, a beautiful young brunette, was holding the 'Help Wanted" sign he put up outside of his shop.

"Hei, sorry if you've been waiting for a while, I got caught up during my walk." Said Danny

"Its alright sir, Were here to fill the position . . . positions? Anyway we're here for the job or jobs." Said a tall greenette boy in the back of the group. (A.N. it means someone with green hair, Jinx is a pinkette)

"Oh . . . Okay then. Is anyone here a regular?" The brunette with the sign, the lanky greenette in the back and a petite brunette in the middle of the group of six people raised their hands.

"Okay, you three pick a person and come in, you'll help the others become accustomed to the way I work the shop. " The brunette grabbed the hand of an introverted young man with black hair and hazel eyes. The greenette looked down to a dirty blonde haired girl with dark brown eyes and they both nodded. That left a tall, wiry boy with black hair and an outgoing attitude to grab the hand of the short brunette.

"Come on in boys and girls . I'll make a pot of coffee and you can look around. The first thing you can do is try and reorganize the 'Misplaced Books' shelf back into the store" Said Danny as he unlocked the door to his shop.

(the Could-Have-Been-King with his army of Meanwhiles and Never-weres;)

"You know Cinderblock, Most bad guys try to break out of prison." Said BeastBoy in an attempt at being clever, but actually just ruining their element of surprise.

"And I can think of rive good reasons why you don't want to try." Said Robin, rolling with the line that BeastBoy let fly.

The Titans then go through a cheesy counting off ending with the five of them standing in a loose wedge formation with their capes, cloaks, and hair blowing in a wind that should not exist indoors. Knowing BeastBoy he probably left the door open. Anyway, back to the story.

"No matter how you do the math, it all adds up to you going down. So are you going to go quietly? Or is this gonna get loud." Says Robin with Cyborg cutting in al the last moment

Cinderblock roars at them and barrels toward the Titans.

"Titans Go!" Calls Robin

The Titans and Cinderblock begin to fight. Robin starts the fight with a roundhouse kick to Cinderblocks face, turning him around to face a dual set of starbolts launched by Starfire, knocking him foreword into a punch from Cyborg that he just manages to block. BeastBoy attacks as a raven, going for the stone creatures eyes and driving it toward Raven, who brings up a segment of the floor for him to punch through. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg group up to run and fly towards the stone colossus, only for the boys to be knocked back and Starfire to be caught in his massive hands.

"I am sorry to disappoint you," Says a calm Starfire. "But I am stronger than I look." Starfire's eyes glow green and she delivers a massive kick to Cinderblocks chest, knocking him back into the wall. BeastBoy changes into a the Tyrant Lizard King and charges Cinderblock, only to be knocked back by a single punch.

"Azarath, Metrion Zin *gasp*" BeastBoy lands on the daemoness sorceress who is stopped mid-spell as BeastBoy lands on her.

"Uh . . . Watch out for falling Dinosaurs?" says a worried BeastBoy. All Raven does is blow away a stray strand of hair.

"I'm . . . Gonna leave you alone now!" Says BeastBoy as he runs away, worried for his life.

Cinderblock chuckles unintelligibly, when all of a sudden, the boy wonder jumps onto his back like an irate Sugarglider and latches on with an iron-like grip.

"Thrashing only makes me hold tighter." Cinderblock rips a supporting I-Beam from the wall. He holds it in both hands and then attempts to hit Robin in the head but Robin jumps back just in time and all Cinderblock manages to do is hit himself in the head with the I-Beam.

"Now there's an idea" Says Cyborg, noticing that Cinderblock had ripped out an I-Beam from the wall. He then rips out his own I-Beam and begins to trade blows with the stone-dumb giant. They're striking at each other with the I-Beams like a pair of samurai from feudal Japan, sending up sparks whenever the I-Beams meet. Cinderblock pushes back Cyborg and switches his grip and uses the beam like a bat and sends the metal teen skidding onto the floor, sending up even more sparks.

Cinderblock turns to the two girls who are floating in the air and chuckles a bit, assuming that he has the upper hand, only to have the I-Beam turn into a hunk of plastic-like malleable semi-molten steel in his hands. He drops the hunk of unusable steel to the ground and turns to run down the corridor just behind him.

"Need a hand?" Robin says, walking over to Cyborg to help him up.

"Wanna give this guy the Sonic Boom?" Questions Robin

"I got the sonic if you got the boom." Answers Cyborg, turning his hand into his signature Sonic Cannon. Robin just holds up one of his many explosive gadgets with a smirk.

"Yo, Rockhead!' Calls Cyborg. Cinderblock turns to see the two Titans running towards him down the corridor.

The running Titans turn and cross paths, running up the walls. They both jump from the walls and prepare to fire, only for their ankles to get caught. They spin in mid air screaming before they are launched to opposite sides of the corridor. Cyborg falls to the ground, accidentally setting off his Sonic Cannon and shooting Starfire and BeastBoy whereas Robin loses his grip on the high power Flashbang and reaches for it as it slides towards Raven, Exploding just a meter away from the poor sorceress.

Cinderblock turns to the right and plows through four walls releasing a few dozen prisoners and then turns right at the fifth wall and races down the corridor, leaving the Titans to clean up the ensuing jailbreak.

Cinderblock comes to a door marked 'Absolute silence and rips the door off its hinges to reveal a psychedelic room with a man in a bubbling, fluid filled container suspended from the roof. He saunters up to the bald man, who can be heard snoring softly. He rips the chamber off of its suspension and punches an escape hole into the floor, which he promptly uses to escape, the chamber barely fitting through.

(the War turned into Hell!)

Two men are seen running toward the open gates, yelling about freedom when, suddenly, the doors are surrounded in an ebony aura and are slammed into the doorway. Raven phases out through the ebony aura.

"Think again." Raven monotones

(And that's what you've opened right above the Earth!)

"Jailbreak? I don't see any jailbreak." Jokes BeastBoy as the last of the escapees are returned to their holding cells.

"None of us would have seen one if Cyborg hadn't messed up." Says a disgruntled Robin.

"Me? I messed up nothing, you got in my way!" Retorts Cyborg

"You were too far foreword, and Cinderblock got away because of it!"

"You sayin' this was my fault?"

"Want me to say it again?"

"Stop! No more mean talking" Say Starfire, appearing between the two titans.

"Yeah. If you two are gonna start fighting, we need time to sell tickets." Says the ever-childish BeastBoy.

"Cinderblock got away. No amount of arguing will change that. Now stop acting like idiots and lets go home." Says Raven, pulling back her hood.

"Loser." Mumbles Robin.

"Jerk." Mumbles Cyborg.

"What did you say?" The two Titans yell at each other simultaneously.

"You have a problem Tinman?"

"Yeah. Its four feet tall and smells like cheap hair gel!"

"Well you're an oversized klutz and your feet smell like motor oil!"

"Your bossy, your rude, you got no taste in music!"

"I don't even know why you're on this team!"

"Then that makes two of us. I Quit!" Cyborg stomps away and the distinct feeling of 'I just really screwed this up' could be felt. The kind of feeling that comes when you forget an important date with your significant other, or when you piss off one of your closest friends.

(Hell is descending!")

The sound of hundreds of clocks chiming, gears grinding, and pistons venting, all to the tune of a drunken conductor could be heard. The view shifts towards a man sitting on a clockwork throne. The view shifts again to cinderblock walking up to the man, carrying the container over his shoulder and then setting it down.

"Cinderblock, I see your mission was a success," Says a smooth British voice. "We will proceed with phase two. Wake him." Says the voice again.

Cinderblock rips off the top of his container.

"'Im awake? I should never be awake! I'm only human when I'm sleeping!" yells the man in the now open container.

"But for what I have in mind your human form is useless. I need Plasmas." Says the man on the throne. The man quickly begins to form into a disgusting creature, which looks to be an anthropomorphized pile of toxic sludge. His, no its body soon begins to overfill its too small container and it breaks out, letting loose a disgusting sludge filled cross between a moan of misery and a screech of pain.

("My kind of world.")

(Third Person POV)

"Okay Ashley, this is the Gothic section. It is the largest section second only to the Comics/Manga/Anime section up on the mezzanine. It has everything gothic from modern to pre Victorian times and is always lit a bit more dimly than the rest of the store. Any questions?" Said the tall, wiry, and outgoing boy.

"Yes. What is that bird there, Ryan? I haven't seen a bird like it anywhere before." Said Ashley, the short, artistic and equally outgoing woman that was partnered up with him.

"That's Archimedes. We don't quite know what kind of bird that he is. All we know is that he is a crossbreed, and that took a month of everyone asking and pestering Danny. I'm no ornithologist but if I had to guess I would say that one half is a Merlin…" Said Ryan, trailing off

"I think that the other half might be a Peregrine Falcon. If that's true than this is a truly one of a kind bird, I would guess that it is incredibly smart, fast, and strong." Finishing Ryan's sentence. The correctly identified Peregrine-Merlin crossbreed was positively glowing at the praise that it had just received from the kind woman. The one thing that the two humans didn't know was that it was much more intelligent that given credit for.

'I like this short, brown-haired one, Daniel.' Archimedes thought to Danny, as the man snuck up behind the two people admiring his bird.

"He is also completely without modesty" Said Danny as he snuck up behind the two people, making them jump a few dozen centimeters into the air. Archimedes two admirers turned around to face their soon to be boss, hands on their hearts, trying to get said organs to stop their hummingbird like fluttering. An indignant Archimedes fluttered off of the bookshelf he was roosting in to land on Ashley's head, and begun to preen her long brown hair in an attempt to calm her down.

"It would appear that Archimedes has taken a liking to you. Although I do respect his choices I still have to see how much the customers like you all. And by the way, Ashley, if I do hire you remind me to make you a shoulder and arm guard so Archimedes doesn't have to hold back his talons." At this Archimedes looks up and bobs his head in what is obviously a yes. He than flutters over to Danny's shoulder and pulls at his hair.

"Okay, Okay Archimedes. Ill feed you. Hmm . . ." Danny trails off as he begins to think

"Deanna, Wesley, Dylan, Tia, come up to the register I have a test for you." Calls Danny "Follow me you two." He calls over his shoulder to Ashley and Ryan.

Danny, Archimedes, and the six employees-to-be gather at the front with a few curious onlookers watching as well.

"I want you to all greet Archimedes. He is my guard raptor as well as my oldest friend. He is also very intelligent; so don't try to mock him. He only lets me do that." Archimedes looks proud at the first compliment, and a bit disgruntled at the last phrase.

A tan, brunette boy with braces walks up and mumbles something along the lines of 'That dumb dodo doesn't look so special to me.' At this Archimedes flies over to the boy and nips him on the nose, drawing a small bit of blood. The teen runs away screaming at this. He doesn't return for at least a month and is always jumpy when Archimedes flies near.

" As I was saying, it's his feeding time and I would like to see what he thinks of all of you." Danny reaches behind the counter at this and grabs some chicken from his lunch that he had finished earlier.

"Here's a bit of chicken for him." Danny hands out the meat. "I would like each of you to come up and feed him one by one."

Deanna is the first one up. She holds out the small piece of bird flesh to Archimedes with a bright, kind smile. Archimedes seems to like this and accepts the morsel, cooing softly in thanks. 'She is very nice; she seems like a hard worker as well. She does well with other people and is very diplomatic. She will do well at the register. ' Thinks Archimedes to Danny, who nods at this, his face a passive mask

Next up is Dylan. The man holds out the piece of chicken with a kind nod and a small smile. Archimedes looks at the piece of chicken and then to the man holding it. He then nods once and accepts the second morsel. 'This one is intelligent, and willing to learn. He reminds me very much of my namesake.' Says Archimedes to his friend. Danny nods at this again, his face passive.

Ashley is up next, positively bouncing with excitement and a sparkle of excitement in her blue eyes. She holds out the piece of meat to Archimedes in both hands with a blinding smile. Archimedes readily accepts the third morsel, cooing loudly. Ashley squeals at this and starts bouncing happily until Ryan grabs her shoulders to hold her down. He even go so far as to rub his head on her hand afterward. 'I Really like Ashley! She is very nice and brilliantly artistic and smart as well. She will be a good addition.' Danny smiles at this and nods his head heartily.

Ryan is next and holds out his morsel to Archimedes with a rather goofy and enthusiastic smile. Archimedes seems to like this and coos al he takes the piece of bird flesh. 'A smart man, this one. He would be a good addition to the store. He is a true genius and he will go far.' Danny nods at this, his face passive once again.

Now its Tia's turn. She holds out the piece of food to the falcon. Archimedes notices her hesitation and cocks his head in an endearing way. This and Dylan's hand in hers convinces her to extend her hand the rest of the way to Archimedes. He takes the morsel from her hand as gently as possible, cooing softly in an attempt to calm her. She smiles shyly and pulls into Dylan's shoulder. 'She is a very kind soul, she would do well here but I would pair her up with her male as much as possible in the first few months. They seem very close.' Danny nods at this and files away the information for the future.

And now its time for the raven-haired boy, Wesley. He has a blank face but Danny notices the self-confidant smirk barely evident on his face. He holds out the piece of food to Archimedes who looks into his Hazel eyes for a while and then nods twice and accepts the morsel. 'this man is strange. If you can see past the passive mask and then past the swirling insanity you can see a brilliant spark of intelligence. He would not do well at the register but would do well wandering the shop. I would pair him up with any of these people they all seem to bring out the best in him and bring him out of his shell. They all get along well with each other and would all make magnificent additions.' Thought Archimedes to his friend. Danny smiles brightly at this and reaches out for each adult's hand, firmly shaking the men's hands and kissing the woman's knuckles, making the girls blush at his old fashioned politeness.

"Well people, Archimedes likes them. How about you?" Danny calls out to the crowd of people in his store, who cheer back cries of affirmation.

"It would appear that you're all hired. Congratulations! Come here at six so we can hash out the plan and dates, along with your pay and nametags." Says Danny, already plotting out what to do with his six new employees.

"But for now, why don't you go and hang out around the store and continue acquainting yourself with Turn The Page. Also, have a Congratulations Cookie." Danny pulls out seven massive no-bake cookies with M&M's and fudge and smaller chocolate chip cookies baked in.

"Now I'm going to go or a walk to think about how to arrange your schedules, Bye . . . and if anyone wants to make a purchase here's the keys, just don't go in the door at the end of the counter. Ashley and Archimedes are in charge." Calls Danny over his shoulder as he goes out the door and turns towards the new building that's coming up a few blocks away from his store.

As Danny is walking and thinking, completely oblivious to his surroundings and only swerving slightly to avoid a collision with other pedestrians, a loud boom arises from the construction zone and shocks him out of his daze. Looking to the right across the street he sees a lone Cyborg battling it out with Cinderblock at the site, and failing miserably at that. The block is empty except for him, Cyborg, and Cinderblock. Danny leans back against a wall and watches the Hero and Villain fight for a minute. Cinderblock is gaining the upper hand and Cyborg is beginning to lose ground to the stone colossus. Danny sighs at this and quickly walks away into the nearest alleyway.

("Just listen,)

(Cyborg's POV)

'Oh crap! Oh crap!' thought Cyborg as he was fighting Cinderblock.

'I am so dead! Why did I leave the Titans?' Cyborg was on his knees with Cinderblock standing triumphantly before him with a smile upon his stone face. All of a sudden Cinderblock stumbles back after being shot by a small green blast, he looks up and gets another shot to the forehead.

Cyborg looks up and through hazy vision sees a humanoid figure wearing all black with a silver skull-like mask holding a black pistol with silver flames and silver accents, one of which is a curious design on the butt of the pistol. The gun goes off five more times in quick succession. The five green blasts impact Cinderblock in both shoulders, then his forehead, and finally twice into his gut knocking him back onto the ground where he struggles to get back up. The masked man holds out his hand for Cyborg.

"Get up, kid."

"Hey, I'm no kid. I'm Cyborg, a Titan. Well, I used to be one."

"Really? You left your team?" The man yells. "Well what should I suspect from some little kids. I'll bet you just had a little altercation with your leader, right? That's just pathetic!" At this the man unholsters his other gun and fires upon a newly standing Cinderblock, knocking him into one of the supports for the building. He scoffs at me and grabs my shoulder and single handedly stands me back up.

"Go get him, Tinman. Lets see how good you are." I glare at him and turn toward Cinderblock, ready to win and prove that jerk wrong.

I run at Cinderblock at full speed and jump into the air to deliver a face shattering punch, which dents the concrete that the creature's head was made of. It grunts in pain and stumbles back into a pile of I-Beams and pipes. We begin to battle again but something seemed different this time, almost like I was stronger than before. We start trading blows, I throw a few punches and sonic blasts, half of which he just barely manages to dodge. Then he throws a few hits, many of which I manage to dodge, block, or direct, the rest just miss by a mile and a half. He goes down breathing heavily. I walk away over to the pile of pipes and grab about twelve long ones. I walk back to a struggling Cinderblock and attempt to bend them around him but the second wind I hit has all but faded now, leaving me completely weak and barely standing. I drop the pipes and sit down heavily, my vision getting hazy again as the adrenalin leaves my system. All of a sudden the black-cloaked man appears and slowly lays me on my back.

"Hmm . . . maybe your not so weak after all. You're barely stronger than the average human but you're still strong. Sit back and take these, I'll take care of Rockhead over there." The man pulls an orange and blue pill and a small bottle of water out of some sort of pouch inside his coat.


"It'll help get your strength back. Trust me." For some reason I do trust him. I take the pill and the water and quickly down the both of them, handing the bottle back to the man. He takes the bottle back and my vision slowly goes black.

('cause even Time Lords can't survive that!")

I wake up three minutes later, according to my internal clock, with a policeman and a medic standing over me.

"What happened?" I ask.

"You've been asleep for a bit. Nice job with the rock monster by the way." The policemen nods towards Cinderblock who is wrapped up in a dozen or so steel pipes.

"I didn't trap him, all I did was beat him down. That man in black did that." The medic and policeman look confused at this.

"What man in black? When we got here it was just you and Rocky over there." The Medic speaks up, gesturing over his shoulder at Cinderblock.

"But-" I start but am cut off by my communicator going off, my team needs me.

"Gotta go guys. My team needs me." I take off running towards the toxic waste management facility in the industrial district. I arrive just in time to save Robin from falling into a vat of acid and defeat the sludge monster, leaving a sleeping bald man in its place. Were all walking back to Titans Tower when Robin suddenly remembers something.

"Titans, we have to go catch Cinderblock!" Yells Robin to the rest of the Titans.

"No need, I got it all taken care of." I say, Gesturing towards a still wrapped up Cinderblock we see being loaded onto a truck via crane as we turn the corner.

"Way to go man. Kudos on using the pipes to trap him." Says BeastBoy

"Thanks, but I didn't trap him all I did was beat him down, some guy in black tied him up." I tell the story about the man in black to my teammates.

"Sounds like we got a new hero on the block." Says BeastBoy.

"I don't trust him, he seems too shifty and mysterious." Says the ever pessimistic and distrustful Robin.

"Just like Batman." Says Raven, pointing out the flaw in Robin's logic.

"That's different." States Robin.

"Whatever." Says Raven.

"The point still stands, I don't trust him. I'm going to try and do a background check on him." Says a distrustful Robin.

("We will initiate the Final Sanction.)

(Danny's POV)

'I cant believe I got sucked into helping that weak Titan. Stupid hero complex, stupid Ghost Obsession.' Thinks Danny to himself as he arrives back at Turn The Page. The front door dings as Danny walks in and Deanna walks over to him.

"Did you have a good walk Sir?" She asks.

"Not really. I got caught up in one of those 'hero's' fights" I say, with disgusted emphasis on the word hero. "Also, don't call me sir, it makes me feel old." Deanna chuckles at this.

"So how did you guys and girls manage the shop while I was out?"

"We did good, if I do say so myself." She says cheerily. "We made five sales and about fifty dollars." She finishes proudly.

"Way to go Deanna. I'm going to turn in early; today has been one heck of a day. Ask Dylan when closing time is, he should know." Deanna nods and heads over to the greenette.

Danny hops the counter and phases the house key off of the key ring so he can go downstairs and leave his new employees the register key and the front door key. 'Employees. That's going to take some getting used to.'

He takes out the register drawer and unlocks the door to his home and runs down to his lab to put it in the safe and grab the empty register drawer to replace the old one. 'I'll empty this tomorrow.' Danny thinks to himself.

Danny falls into a lounging position on his couch that would make contortionists flinch, but is perfectly comfortable for him. (A.N. I do this all the time) he looks up at the mural of a starry sky that he painted/installed on the ceiling. It was a painting of a clear night with thousands of LED's put up to simulate the night sky, based on some pictures he took during one of his trips back to the past on Clockwork's errands back before there was light pollution and there were so many more stars and constellations, many of which he named himself during the decade he spent on prehistoric Kansas, protecting his fish-like ancestors, Cephalaspis, from the massive, Smartcar-sized land and sea scorpions, Brontoscorpio angelicus, with stingers the size of light bulbs. He looks around as the mural continues to a full wall painting of a carboniferous forest on the perfectly spherical room encompassing a Living Room on a slightly sunk floor with a hemisphere couch and coffee table he built by hand from a Jurassic Period Cycadophyte and the curving fourteen by eight foot TV on the opposite wall to the couch, A middle ground area with hardwood floors which leads to the black Lab door, the dark green door to his bedroom and in suite bathroom, the armory with its grey and green camouflage painted steel door, and the brown door that leads up to his shop. To the right of the door to his store and the left of his bedroom door is the Kitchenette on a dais the same height as the sunk portion of the living room with a large counter and island/dining table with a red and black granite top and a three chairs, an oven, a refrigerator, and a series of pantries lining the wall above the counter, all of which are painted to match the wall mural.

He gets up and heads to bed, mumbling under his breath about bad feelings that never failed him before.

(The End of Time will come at my hand.)

(Third Person POV)

"Cinderblock, you have failed me for the last time." Slade says, even though no one is there, slamming his fist onto the arm of his throne.

"Although, I did not account for this new person interfering. Perhaps I will give Cinderblock one more chance." He says, looking at a video of the man in black walking out from where he knew an alley was, even though he couldn't see it in the video, unfortunately he didn't have cameras everywhere in the city.

"Next time everything will be accounted for, although the man in black is still a dangerous variable. Next time my plan will succeed . . . and this mystery man and the Titans will pay!

(The rupture will continue until it rips the time vortex apart!")

And Scene!

*fades to black*

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