North and South Epilogue, fanfiction.

Yep, I made an alternative ending ;) Book 3 was too depressing for me… I did have to kill somebody off however…

=========== A Romanticized End=============

Billy and Brett rejoiced to be together again! "Oh Billy!" Brett gave him a huge bear hug. They decided they will settle in Kentucky. Billy and Brett headed west to Kentucky, and settled in a beautiful home with a creek nearby. They had a wonderful life with twelve beautiful children who all lived to adulthood. "I could want nothing better!" Brett said to Billy.

Orry returned from the war and there was work to be done, with help with Hazard Iron he rebuilt Mount Royal and made it better then before. Madeline and Orry watched Orry Jr. grow up and someday fall in love with Hope Hazard. Orry Jr. gazed into Hope's big green eyes, "I love you…" Orry said, then he was 18. Orry and Hope eventually got married and moved into Mount Royal. Orry and George continued their friendship. George and Constance visited often and they would have huge balls after Mount Royal was rebuilt. It was just like the old days- only better. Charles and Gus settled in Tennessee, no women ever replaced Augusta though for Charles. George ran Hazard Iron well and it grew very prosperous.

James Huntoon was tired, after divorcing Ashton he had been feeling rather ill. Something was not right, he entered a coughing fit and coughed into a hankie. Pulling the hankie away he gazed into; "blood!" At his boarding house the doctor examined him, it was clear that James Huntoon had tuberculosis—the same disease that carried off his hero John C. Calhoun.

Carried into the senate chamber weak and frail, Huntoon longed for one last time to declare his states rights views before his demise. In a sudden burst of strength James Huntoon was preaching as if it was New Orleans 1856 again! "For states have rights my friends! Constitutional rights!" The whole chamber applauded. Feeling queasy Huntoon collapsed. Another senator ran over to him; "are you alright?" "I'm fine… just a small dizzy spell… Look…. I see…. Calhoun…." Huntoon was fading fast, with a smile on his face he felt at peace he was going somewhere better. James Huntoon closed his eyes and passed on. His body was dressed in the same outfit he wore during his New Orleans speech as he lay in the coffin. Even Jefferson Davis attended the funeral. After the burial on the massive headstone was engraved;

"James Huntoon May 6 1834-March 31 1865

Assistant Secretary to the Treasurer, Elected 1865 as a Confederate Senator Representing South Carolina.

Fought for states rights till the end, was never afraid to defy party leadership

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." – 10th Amendment.