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It was a normal, sunny day full of fights and about a million other shenanigans at the Fairy Tail guild. So why did Natsu feel hollow; that something was missing? A slightly drunken Cana who stank of booze sidled up to him at the booth.

"What's with you, Flame brain?" she slurred. "Aren't you gonna steal Gray's little boy panties again?"

Natsu frowned. "I don't know Cana. I don't feel like it."

Now that was big news. On any other day, Natsu would have already been burning Gray's clothes to a crisp. But today was not 'any other day'. For perhaps the first time Natsu was actually not screaming "I'M ALL FIRED UP!" but was instead moping at the bar.

"Wut, got rejected by Lucy?" Cana snorted. Natsu hesitated. "No, not really- okay, kinda..."

"So what happened?"

"Um... I was with Lisanna in front of her."

"Oooh. Did she Lucy kick your ass out her place?"

"No, she didn't but- hey howdja know me and Lisanna were at her place?"

Cana smirked. "No, just a lucky guess." Based on all the times Lucy complained of you always barging in.

"Anyways, Lisanna and I waited to show her a mission we picked out-"

"Wait, why were you even with Lisanna?"

"Because she treated me to lunch, and Happy suggested it."

"Um... okay, just keep going"

"Okay, i was on Lucy's bed, and then I got hungry. Lisanna had some matches and a flint so i begged her to make some fire for me to eat. And she giggled and said no, and teased me...i got so hungry that I um, kinda..."

"Kinda what?"

"Tackled her along with Happy."

"...I take it that's when Lucy came in?"

Natsu nodded glumly while Cana downed yet another barrel of beer and tossed it aside after a minute.

"Okay," Cana whispered, "Here's what you do..."

And that's how Natsu ended up in a clean white shirts, trousers, and a bouquet of roses waiting for Lucy by her house. Looks like something the stripper would wear. he thought frowning. And do I really have to recite that embarrasing poem Cana told me to say...Oh well as long as Lucy forgives me for that scene earlier...


natsu looked up to see Happy hurtling towards him. "What happened?" Natsu asked. The out of breath Happy panted, and then said the 6 words that had Natsu ablaze in a nanosecond.

"There's been an accident. With Lucy."