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The awkward moment when you wake up with your meister laying on your chest. It's even awkwarder when your the one keeping her there. Soul had woke up and yawned when he realized that he must have fallen asleep on the couch. That was when he noticed someone was laying on his chest not only that but he was keeping that someone there. It can't be Blair she would have woke him by smothering his face in her boobs. Which then would result in Maka walking in and 'Maka-chopping' him. Soul looked down only to see blonde sandy hair. Maka?! Why is Maka laying on my chest?! Not that he didn't like it it's just unexcpected.

Also that when he woke up he was most likely going to get a Maka-chop. Soul knows he fell asleep late and that Maka must have already gone to sleep. So how-. His thoughts were interrupted by Maka squirming around a bit mumbling something. Huh? What did she say? Soul leaned down and this time heard her say.

"Soul." Was she dreaming of him like he was dreaming of her last night? He felt a bit of hope until she said. "You baka the way to the candy kingdom is that way." Soul sweat dropped and wondered just what type of dream she was having?! She did look cute asleep but he had to wake her up instead of being a creeper and just staring at her sleeping face. He sat up and Maka stirred.

"Maka, wake-up." Soul said nudging her. She groaned before opening her eyes sleepily.

"Hn? Soul, what are you doing in my...room?" Maka then bounced up knocking their heads into each other.

"Ouch! Oi watch it Maka!" Soul complained rubbing his head. Maka felt the heat travel up her neck then to her cheeks.

"S-sorry, last night I came out and you were asleep on the couch and I didn't want you to get a cold so I brought you out a blanket but you pulled me down and I couldn't get up!" Maka gushed out quickly. Soul felt warmth in his cheeks very lightly.

"Sorry, and don't talk so fast it's uncool." Soul said. Maka sighed in relief then ran to her room to change.

Maka's P.O.V.

Okay, so that was awkward. My heart was racing and my cheeks were still red. Okay, chill out Maka! You might love him doesn't mean you do. But even in her head it sounded false.

-5 min later-

Damnit! I love him. Man, this sucks! He probably doesn't like me back! Pulling on some jean shorts and a black-shirt I walked out of my room and into the kitchen. I couldn't believe what I saw. Soul was actually cooking! A plate of eggs and bacon was placed in front of me. I thanked him and he said.

"No, problem I did kinda suffocate you last night so I figured I'd make breakfast." I blushed when he said this then looked down at my food. After breakfast the day went by like our Saturdays' normally would. Before, I knew it, it was dark out. Soul and I were sitting on the couch watching nothing in particular. About 5 minutes later after flipping through all the channels to find nothing on, we settled to watch a movie. I got the popcorn popping and grabbed two sodas. Mine was cherry cola and Soul's was normal cola.

Once the popcorn was done I put it in a big bowl and mixed it with M&Ms then brought everything out. Soul was drooling over the popcorn (his favorite snack) causing me to giggle a bit and set the popcorn down. 15 minutes into the movie I felt Soul's hand brush mine making me blush. He then held my hand and held his back. Later on in the movie my head was on his shoulder and he was tilting my head up. Closer, just a little closer-.


Soul and I jumped apart and I answered my phone. "Hello?" I asked whoever called, very annoyed.

"Hey Maka I just wanted to call and ask what your doing." Liz's voice asked from the other side of the line. I really wanted to strangle her then.

"Trying to watch a movie!" I hissed at her.

"Oh, okay tell me what happened tomorrow. Luck!" Liz exclaimed and I could practically hear her smirk suggestively. Rolling my eyes I hung up.

"Sorry, it was Liz." I said her name like an explanation for everything.

-5 minutes later-

Sigh, another uneventful 5 minutes wasted. Stupid Liz if she hadn't called-. My train of thought was stopped when I felt Soul turn my head and press his lips against mine. I was surprised but kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck and he snaked his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. We had to break apart for the need of air and looked at each other. "I love you Maka. I know you probably don't feel the same way but-." Soul gushed out quickly.

"I love you too Soul. And don't talk so fast it's uncool." I said mocking his word from earlier. He rolled his eyes then pulled me into a searing kiss. Though the next morning when we awoke in each others arms it was on purpose. When I stared down into those red eyes and saw all the love in them I knew exactly and thought 'Yeah, I'm in love'.