I've lost interest in this cliché story. I honestly have. But I guess I'll try to wrap things up, ok? Don't own anyone except Jay.

Jay's POV

I'm happy with what I'm wearing. I look completely different. None of the people back home will ever recognize me now. I walked quietly into the kitchen to hear everyone talking in a friendly way. I cleared my throat as Trender put a hand on my shoulder.

" Hello, Candle." I said quietly.

They all ceased their conversations, and turned to look at me. Some smiled, others stared. The one who I assumed was Candle floated forward and looked down at me. He held his hand out, and I slowly put mine in his strong grip. We shook hands and let go.

"What's your name, Miss?"

" My name is Jay. Nice to meet you, Candle."

He smiled and nodded his head. Jeff nodded his head out of the corner of my eye. I smiled to acknowledge him. He walked towards me and poked my cheek.

" You look really nice. The look is dark and edgy. It fits you well. I also didn't know you listen to Suicide Silence."

" Are you kidding me?! They're awesome! It's just so fucking terrible and sad that Mitch is gone..." I muttered solemnly.

He sighed and patted my head, pulling me in for a hug. I hugged him back and pulled away.

" I'm going to my room with Anthony, okay?"

He nodded hesitantly. I looked at Anthony and jerked my head upwards. He walked towards me and we went upstairs. Once we got in the room, I locked it and threw my phone across the room, grunting in frustration. Anthony walked towards me, grabbing my hand and leading me to the bed. We sat down on the edge, and he looked at my face, searching for them. The tears. The sadness. I looked into his eyes and the tears started rolling down my cheeks. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me onto his lap, holding me tightly. I put my arms around him and cried, burying my face in his shoulder. He rubbed my back and whispered in my ear gently. We sat there for a while, holding on to each other. I started to feel sleepy, and I let my body go a little limp. Anthony pulled back to look at my face, and smiled sweetly. He picked me up and stood up, kicking the covers to the side and setting me down gently. He laid down next to me and threw the covers over us. I turned to face him and curled up next to him, placing my head against his chest. He put one arm over me, and his leg over mine. Surrounded by his warmth and security, I fell asleep quickly, dreaming my first beautiful dream in months.

Anthony's POV

I laid there, hugging Jay as she slept peacefully. I was thinking about my conversation with the guys. I talked to Jeff, Masky, Ben, and Jack. Eyeless Jack, that is. Jeff and Masky like her, a lot. Ben just thinks she's hot and he's a flirty dude. He just THOUGHT he loved her, all it really is, is a lust for her. We figured it out with Eyeless too. He's hopelessly in love with her kidneys. He wants them so bad. So it's just Jeff, Masky, and I. But there is no way they love her like I do. They don't know everything about her. They haven't known her as long as I have. They haven't seen her bad side. And yes I realize she's a killer now, and they saw her kill, but I'm talking about her attitude and how she really is at times. They don't know that she acts happy most of the time to stop people from worrying. They haven't seen how unbelievably hyper she can be. Her strong will and love. Her loyalty to her friends. Or how she gets around babies and animals. They don't love her like I do. They don't know her like I do. They never will. I looked down at her, and smiled. I closed my eyes and finally fell asleep as well.

Eyeless Jack's POV

Kidneys. I want her kidneysssss. I can tell they'll taste delicious. But at the same time I don't want to kill her in the process. She's cool. KIDNEYS THOUGH. KIIIIIIIDNEEEEEEEYSSSSSSS. I think I'll just have a donut for now. I walked into the living room and sat across Candle.

" Dude, that's Ben's controller. He'll kill you. " I told him.

" I know it's his, that's why I'm using it." he said in a happy voice.

I chuckled and stared at the T.V, wishing I could be doing something fun.

Sally came into the room and threw a her teddy bear at me. She spoke frantically.

" Hide him! Quick!"

I hid him underneath me and looked at her.

" Why? What's going on?"

" Gee and Smile want him! They'll tear him apart!"

I laughed lightly and nodded. She beamed and went skipping away. Someone poke my head and sat next to me. I looked over at Laura and smiled.

" I know you're hiding Sally's bear. Give him to meeeeee."

" Why do you want it?"

" Because it's soft. And cuddly."

" Nope, I'm supposed to take care of him. "

She pouted and poked my side. I smirked and poked her back. She giggled and poked me again. We suddenly started poking each other, laughing and gasping when it would tickle. I was having a lot of fun now.

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