A/N: Hello!~ This is my first time writing for Maid Sama and I'm not sure whether I want this story as a oneshot or a multi-chap fic, so after you read it please tell me what you think. Thank you!~

Misaki Ayuzawa had turned Seika into a better school. First when she was the student council president, she already convinced many girls to enroll making the ratio of boys and girls as close as possible. Now, she was the principal of the school. Now she did so much more by getting better teachers, having more fundraisers getting the students to enjoy the school and its activities more. But now… now school was over for the day and Misaki had was finally finished with her work. She went up the roof for a break and to relax.

Misaki sighed with a small smile on her face as she stared across to the neighbouring school, the fancy and posh Miyabigaoka High School for the children of the famous and rich. Just looking at school brought back so many memories. Of her first encounter with the student, her war with the schools old student council president and of… of him. Usui Takumi.

Usui. Her old boyfriend that went to Britain because of his family. He had promised her that he would come back but even after all these years he had never returned. She still remembered that day that started everything. That fateful day at Maid Latte when he saw her in her uniform. Maid Latte… she hadn't been there in ages. She looked at her watch, 6:47. Maid Latte would still be opened.

Misaki quickly grabbed her bag and headed over.

The moment she entered the door, she was welcomed by "Misa-chan!" by Satsuki-san, her old manager. Immediately, all of her old co-workers that still worked there looked up from what they were doing and welcomed her happily… except for Honoka-san who had become Black Honoka when Misaki stepped in.

Soon, Maid Latte closed and all the Maid Latte workers that she knew, past and present, were sitting at a table talking about their current life, including Misaki.

"Ah, so now you're the principal of your old school." Said Satsuki-san.

"Yes." Misaki replied.

After a while, everyone was silent, all thinking the same question they wanted to ask Misaki unsure if they should ask it. But finally, Misaki felt the tension in the air, let out a sigh and said "No. I haven't heard from Usui." The table was silent until suddenly, Aoi-chan came in breaking the silence starting up a new conversation. The topic at hand was forgotten and the night ended with happy reunions.

As Misaki walked to the train station she thought that though she met with many old friends, there was still one person that she wanted to see. It was obvious. She wanted to see him. Usui Takumi. She wanted to see Usui at least one more time…