Three girls Raven, Ruby & Allison all strangers to one another but all go to the same school. Pass each other in the hall but never say "Hie."

Raven- the popular Rocker always so out spoken.

Ruby- the Cold-Hearten girl who always has her head in a book.

Allison- the new girl with an Open Mind & gets along with many.

All girls but different styles and have nothing to do with each other. Until one day they all get stuck in detention. Ruby sits in a seat in a corner writing & humming out her own lyrics. Raven sits in the middle of the room with her feet up on a desk listening & humming to beats she mixed up. & Allison sits in the front tapping out her own tune in time with Ruby & Raven. After a few minutes they noticed that they where all in tune & sounded great together.

(BloodyRose: well this a preview of what I'm going be writing next. Please fill free to tell me what you think. All comments welcomed.)