A/N: I don't particularly like this one, but it's okay so I hope someone out there will like it. What could have possibly happened when Obi-Wan said: "That business on Cato Neimoidia doesn't- Doesn't count." Constructive criticism welcome, I don't think it was late enough in the night when I wrote this. (My best ideas come in the middle of the night it seems.) Enjoy!

Obi-Wan looked around the droid foundry, it was hopeless; the droids had him surrounded and he had no way out. So diplomatic business hadn't exactly turned out as planned and the opposing side were trying to kill them, but then again, what else was new? Looking towards the open hanger bay doors, he thought, Blast, where are you Anakin? It looked as though he would have to surrender to the droids, unless… unless he tried one more trick. It had always been one of the more tricky tests while training in the Jedi temple, and to be quite frank, Obi-Wan thought it to be the most stupid move to make in the field: throw his lightsaber into the crowd of droids in front of him and destroy them by guiding his weapon with the force. The thought alone made the Jedi Master feel repulsed, to let his only weapon out of his hand and be left defenseless… but if it meant winning the battle, it was worth a try. With Anakin or without Anakin.

Don't worry Obi-Wan, I'll be back in a moment. I have an idea that could help us win! Anakin had shouted out as he ran off before the droids had arrived, he still wasn't back from his brilliant idea. Shaking his head and clearing all thoughts, Obi-Wan tossed his lightsaber away from him and into the midst of the battle droids. Hand and palm facing outward as he guided the weapon through the force, his quickly thought up plan seemed to work as he heard the sound of humming, metal collapsing, and the tin voices of the battle droids screams as they fell to the ground uselessly. Guiding the lightsaber back into his hand, Obi-Wan saw that there was one trembling battle droid left standing. The droid was bold though, and it tried to leap towards the Jedi in a last resort effort to destroy his target.

Two meter away from him the droid exploded into debris in a green flash as a fighter flew into the hanger. Once the ship landed, the pilot leapt out of the opening cockpit with a cocky grin. Obi-Wan rolled his eyes as his former Padawan walked towards him. "Anakin…" he groaned, Anakin's grin grew even wider.

"See Master? I told you I had a plan!" Anakin announced, gesturing to the stolen craft. Obi-Wan looked around to all the droids he had already destroyed.

"Yes, well you were a little late now, weren't you my old Padawan?" he asked.

Anakin continued to smile. "Yeah? Well what about the one that tried to jump on top of you?"

"I had it all under control until you blasted the thing." Obi-Wan defended himself. The pair just shook their head and started heading towards the open bay doors, where the echoing sound of an approaching republic gunship sounded in the distance.

Anakin smirked as they walked. "Hey, you owe me for saving your skin for the ninth time-"

"Eighth time," Obi-Wan corrected, "this business doesn't count."

Well it does to me. Anakin laughed subconsciously.