Legend of the Guardians 3: Elanore's Revenge

Chapter 1: New Evil

Four years. Four years of peace since Nyra and the Pure Ones have been defeated. They had signified the end of the wars in the Owl World when defeated.

The final battle came at a price from where blood and decapitation came into play. Young King Coryn had been killed from the blood from his missing wing. Leaving Queen Liana a widow, Soren distraught, Zayin fatherless (who was born a few months later) and Prince Josh named the new King, which was supposed to happen if Coryn didn't claim the throne with the ember.

Josh, the son of former rulers (Before Coryn), King Boron and Queen Barran was crowned the King of Hoole along with his wife, Lydea crowned Queen of Hoole and Snow (referring to her title in the Northern Kingdom). Their daughter, Princess Sina, was named an heir, along with Soren, baby Prince Coryn-Zayin of Middle and baby Princess Barran of Hoole. Liana was renamed Queen of Middle, as she has no relation to the King of Hoole (Josh) as her husband (Coryn) is dead. She remained at the tree as she was mourning.

As of the damage left by Coryn's death (i.e. Lydea a widow and a single mother to an owlet who is fatherless) was great. The Owl Gods all agreed that Coryn's death was unfair and that it threw the balance. Goddesses Cheyenne and Nya Schana-Strata brought Coryn back from death, with his wing that was decapitated attached. Even before the eyes of Liana and Zayin.

Four years on, there have been happier times. Liana and Coryn are happily raising Zayin in Middle Kingdom while Josh and Lydea rule the tree. The whole world is at peace and there has been nothing to disturb the happiness.

However, in the Beaks, a new Pure One Queen was crowned. She has worked for four years to rebuild the Pure Ones. She had promised her now deceased ally, Nyra, that she will continue the evil of the Pure Ones, after her death. The new Pure One Queen is Nyra's best friend and former assistant, Elanore Brix.

Elanore has taken this long to rebuild, knowing her revenge will be sweet. She has only come of age in these four years, but now she wants to extend the full power of her plan. She decides that it is time to seek her horrible revenge. She decides to address her troops, seeing as she has a new plan ahead of them.

She lands with her new look of brown and white, but still with her markings of red and watches as the troops assemble. Clouds form and thunder crashes. Elanore prepares to speak, as her people wait to hear her. She faces her army, which are all wearing their helmets in respect of the uniform and she starts to speak, after a thunderclap.

"Four years. Four years of wretched peace. Four years too long of peace. We have spent this long rebuilding and licking our wounds, metaphorically speaking. It is time to… …disrupt the peace. Don't you think?" She addresses

They all start to cheer and Elanore lets out a call. Only as it is a signal for them to stop. Also, it is to make them silent again.

"Four years ago, we were attacked and Nyra was killed for defending our truths. She lies six feet under, but her spirit lives on through me. I am a symbol of the Pure Ones as your queen and I think it is time to take what is rightfully ours. They don't realise who they are messing with and we will start a war to defeat all that stands in our way. We will start this war to take what is ours. To avenge the death of the brothers and sisters fallen before us. We are who we are and we are the Pure Ones! And I am the one true leader of the Owl World and its kingdoms. For I am the great and powerful Queen ELANORE BRIX! QUEEN OF THE PURE ONES!" She announces

"All hail Elanore, Queen of Evil!" They respond

"Who are we?!" She yells

"The Pure Ones!" They reply

"Who am I?" She asks

"Elanore" they chant

Elanore lets out a maniacal laugh as she stands before her army. The thunderstorm begins and it is a bad one shrouding the Beaks in rain. As we leave this scene, we catch eye of Elanore's face. Her mask is on and her eyes a glowing a bright red. She chuckles evilly as she watches her troops chant her name.