Chapter 37: Coryn V Elanore

As Nyroc tears up the battlefield with the expert moves Elanore, along with Mordecai has taught him, he is merely a distraction when it comes to Coryn moving to the palace unnoticed. He flies into the throne room and sees Elanore on a perch, wearing Nyra's helmet that has now a few alterations. He flies up to tackle her and bowls her over, but upon close examination, he sees it is just a dummy. The real Elanore flies down and pins him after he is fooled by the mere masquerade of the Pure One Queen.

"You are stupid, Coryn. You couldn't see that it wasn't me? Shows how much of a moron you are." Elanore taunts

"You are the moron here, Elanore Brix. You don't see that you will never rule over these kingdoms. Not while I am still alive and… kicking!" Coryn says as he kicks Elanore and tips her and throws her off.

She gets up and they circle each other. Coryn makes a move that Elanore counters and she hits him with her wing. They start to fight and Elanore seems to have an upper hand. She finds it easy to counter his attacks while he gives it all he has got. She pins him again and starts to choke him. He is trying to set himself free, but she presses down on his throat.

"You are weak, Coryn. No wonder your family is prone to being killed. Soren was a dreamer, Pellimare is a moron, Liana is nothing more than a child and all those other members are not as great as the Pure One side of the family." Elanore says

"You are wrong… Elanore Brix. We Guardians are the basis… of all good and we… make strong the weak… mend the broken and vanquish the… evil…" Coryn says, while gasping for whatever breath he can

"Pity that the Pure Ones will kill the Guardians. They make a reasonable foe." Elanore replies "You know who I am going to execute first?" Elanore asks before leaning close to his face and she then says "Your wife, Liana."

This makes Coryn snap as his head-butts Elanore and she is dazed as he gets up and uses the advantage to attack. He hits her with his claws and wings and then he picks her up and throws her around. After a while, she stops moving. He eyes Queen Barran's Silver Dagger that is standing in the wall, where Elanore had left it since returning. But first, he goes to see if she is knocked out or dead or something. He notices that she isn't breathing and then he hears a loud screech.

In comes Nyroc and he tackles his father and the start to fight. However, the battle is one-sided as Coryn is getting the crud beat out of him by his own son, who has taken his former name.

"Zayin… Please stop…" Coryn pleas

"DON'T CALL ME THAT! Also I will not stop… Not until you are dead and the Pure Ones victorious." Nyroc replies

"Coryn-Zayin… Nyroc… whoever you are. I am your father; you are my flesh and blood as my son and you don't realise how much that you are getting into." Coryn replies

"I AM NYROC, THE GRANDSON OF KLUDD AND NYRA AND I WILL NEVER, EVER GO BY THAT NAME EVER AGAIN! ALSO, YOU ARE NO MY FATHER!" Nyroc snarls before beating the crap out of his father some more.

Then, when Coryn is in searing pain when he eyes a familiar female Barn Owl flying above him as he is still having the crud beat out of him. The Barn Owl pushes Nyroc away and Coryn sees who it is. It is his wife, Liana. She then pins her son when Coryn gets up. Nyroc is struggling to get free and they are not paying heed to the unconscious Elanore.

Coryn then pays heed and gets the Silver Dagger out of the wall. He is holding it in his talons as he approaches Elanore. Nyroc sees what he is doing and he is not about to let his father execute his lover. His eyes finally turn red and he screeches before tripping his mother and going to attack Coryn.

He takes the dagger from him and is holding it. Coryn and Liana watch as he holds it in his talons and they fear for what he is going to do next.

"I will not let you change me back to who I was! I am not and will never will be a Guardian nor ever be your son!" Nyroc bellows

"Zayin, please…"Liana starts

"MY NAME IS NOT ZAYIN!" Nyroc bellows as he charges

Coryn is in the way and Liana then pushes him out of the way as the silver blade of the dagger forces its way into her chest. She lets out a loud screech of pain and Coryn is shocked to see what has happened.

"LIANA!" Coryn screeches

He holds the bleeding Liana in his wings and then he sees Nyroc leaving with Elanore, who looks like she is hung-over and was awaken by Liana's screech. The Pure Ones remaining follow example and follow Nyroc as he carries Elanore. Back at the base, Coryn is carrying Liana as he is ruching her back to Middle. Josh and Lydea let him go, seeing as they will catch up with him later.

They battle has been won, but at what cost? Coryn is panicking as he holds Liana in his talons as he uses all of his strength to haul her back to Middle. The Guardians and Northern Army follow suit as they all leave the Beaks.