Chapter 40: This means war…

A few Pure Ones are returning from Ambala, they are the lucky few that escaped capture, seeing as all their comrades have been executed when captured. Sabyna Kin, the Ambalan Queen, did no such thing as mercy as she didn't spare one Pure One soul when it came to destroying all they had captured. Now, the few escapees are flying south to St. Aegolius, where the Pure One base has been relocated, seeing as Tyto Resistance has destroyed the Castle in the beaks. The Tyto Resistance blew it up by exploding the forge. Now, displaced, the Pure Ones moved to St. Aegolius under the orders of a young Barn Owl.

The said Barn Owl, who now donned a hood, in question is navigating his way through The Barrens on his way to their territory of the St. Aegolius Canyons. He is carrying another and the young female looks like she is about to fall asleep or something. He arrives in the canyons and places the female he was carrying down. She is on her back and the barn owl from before nuzzles her. He is waiting for the other Pure Ones to arrive from fleeing the Beaks.

He hears a screech and he recognises who it is, Morin. The said Pure One enters with his wife, Celia, who is carrying their egg wrapped in a scarf. Behind them, Pure Ones flood into the entrance and they all bow before the Barn Owl from before. He lowers his hood and it is none other than Nyroc and the female lying on the floor is Elanore. Morin flies forward and bows. All are awaiting Nyroc's Orders

"My first order is to have Elanore tended to. She is your leader and by Glaux she has been in this Glaux-know-what state for hours." Nyroc orders

Members of their medical team place Elanore in a basket as they take her to her hollow. Nyroc follows them, seeing as he has to speak to the incapacitated owl. Morin, back at the entrance of St. Aegolius decides to give the orders.

"Our Queen has been gravelly wounded and we shall wait in the Throne Room for any fervour orders." Morin orders

As if on his cue, they all march into the Throne Room. Celia and Morin remain behind and she gives him a look. He bows his head and she knows what this means.

"Morin, what will become of the Pure Ones?" Celia asks

"I don't know, dear. Just go to our hollow and tend to our egg. I'll see what happens next." Morin replies

Celia flies off and Morin follows his soldiers into the Throne Room. They all stand discussing what is going on. Morin makes his way at the front of them, sitting in front of the mantle and he bows his head in silence. Thinking the Pure One Queen had met her fate.

Meanwhile, in her hollow, Elanore is getting bandaged and examined. Her wounds are great, but not life-threatening. Nyroc is outside, waiting behind closed doors, praying to Glaux that Elanore survives this ordeal. He starts to silently cry to himself, seeing as losing Elanore will be a wound too great to bear. Then the doctor comes out and Nyroc snaps himself out of it.

"The Queen Elanore is in a stable condition. However, she has concussion, contusions and bodily wounds." The doctor announces

"Oh thank Glaux!" Nyroc sighs with relief

"She has asked that you come to her side, Prince Nyroc. I tried to advise her to get rest, but she demands for me to fetch you." The Doctor adds before stepping aside of the door

He nervously goes in and the room has been deserted. The nurses and doctors have left to tend to those who have been wounded as Elanore lies on her bed. She is covered in bandage and Nyroc comes to her side. She kisses him and he doesn't want to make an awkward moment out of this so he kisses her back. She pulls away a second later and she donned a smile.

"Thank you for saving me, my king." She says in a soft voice with a cute smile upon her face

"What did you say?" He asks

"Nyroc let me be frank, I have been injured and your eyes are scarlet red like mine. It is time for you to become King of the Pure Ones. I ask you to for fill your promise and to become the Lord High Tyto for me. I may be in this state for weeks and months to come, but please, please take over the Pure Ones for me." Elanore pleas, her eyes filling with tears as he looks into her eyes

He then turns away and looks in the mirror. Elanore struggles to get up and comes to his side. He sees that his eyes are of scarlet red like Elanore's. She comes close and she leans close to his ear-hole.

"What are you, a coward? You are too full of yourself and think too little of what you can do as a Pure One." She taunts while whispering into his ear-hole (becoming like a Lady Macbeth)

"Why would you say such a thing?" He asks

"You are nothing more than an owlet in an owl's feathers as you follow my orders and yet I give you praise for it. When will you prove to me that you are destined to be the Lord High Tyto? I saw that look. You are going to leave me and dishonor yourself and if you do, I shall never let you live up to your promises." She replies

"I would never!" He exclaims

"Prove it to me then! Are you nothing more than an owlet or are you an owl?!" She yells

He then looks away and then snaps. The thought of that statement looms in his head and is taunting him so much he decides to show how much of a man he is. He grasps Elanore and she is shocked. She is getting scared as he holds her. She then shakes it off as he starts to kiss her. She gives him a devious look as they lock their beaks together. He then pulls off and Elanore is blown away again by his reaction.

"I am more of an owl than you think, Elanore. I will lead the Pure Ones." He replies to her earlier question

"Go and make your statement. I am going to bed." Elanore replies while walking back to her bed

"Not without you. You are coming, Elanore Brix. If you want to show them that you are alive, you will follow me." He replies

"Alright then, my king." She says as she looks back with a devious look as they both make their way into the throne room. The Pure Ones cheer to see Elanore alive and then Nyroc hollers "SILENCE!" They all fall silent under the order as the two take their stand on the mantle and they all bow.

"At ease, soldiers." Nyroc orders before he continues "We have lost the beaks in a gruelling defeat. Our Queen, Elanore has been hurt, but they will pay dearly for what they have done. I am finally and officially dropping my birth-name, Prince Coryn-Zayin Canner, and become a new owl with this. My eyes are as a scarlet red as the Queen Elanore's are and with this, I will become who I have wanted these past months."

"You mean…" A voice says

"I will go by King Nyroc Canner. I am now your new King of the Pure Ones and Elanore will be my queen. I will lead us to victory and to slaughtering the Guardians! I will end this war and Tyto's will rule the world!" Nyroc announces

They start to cheer and then start to chant "Nyroc" over and over. Morin thinks that she will get a little more cheer going at this rate as he thinks of a way. Then it comes to him.

"All hail King Nyroc and Queen Elanore!" Morin yells

They all do the opposite of what Morin thought and they start to bow. He then joins in too and Then Elanore looks at Nyroc as he takes her under his wing.

"My King, you shall do well leading the Pure Ones in my absence." She says

"The Queen and I shall retire to bed. I suggest that you all get some rest also. Tomorrow we will begin training once more." Nyroc announces

They then walk off and Morin turns to his soldiers and yells "All of you retire and go to bed. Tomorrow at nine we will be beginning our training."

Nyroc hears this and yells from a distance "Make it dawn, Morin!" Morin heeds no attention to this and rolls his eyes and then flies off.

Meanwhile, Nyroc and Elanore are on her balcony looking over St. Aegolius as the sun rises. She has her head leaning against his and she happily sighs. Nyroc then remembers what he promised and then he whispers for her to wait out there. She waits as he brings her one of his mother's pendants, which is silver, ornately designed and has a ruby in the middle. He places it in her claw and she is blown away by its beauty. He then asks her to be his mate and queen and she says yes. She clings to him and he hugs her as tears of joy fall from her eyes.

She lets go a second later and she gives him loving eyes, with with tears in them and a happy smile and he smiles back at her. Nyroc decides to do one thing that he would have done earlier if he didn't have to make a speech and proclaim his leadership. When they retire inside, Nyroc is kissing her neck and he unfortunately he hits one of her cuts and she exclaims in pain. This prompts a quick sorry and the two continue their make out as the King and Queen of the Pure Ones.

On their minds will be soon their wedding and of what to do next, when it comes to claiming their revenge against the Guardians and all those against them. Elanore's sores from her fight with Coryn hardly bother her as Nyroc is careful not to hit her in those places.

Next Night, Nyroc leaves the sleeping queen and then addresses his troops once more. He then transforms into what he would have come. Nyroc donned his crown and then tells General Morin to make the troops train to the peak of their abilities, as he wants to top the excellence of Tyto Resistance.

He looks over the canyons, contemplating thought as his betrothed queen is resting from the night before and for her multi-numerous wounds. Elanore then is diagnosed with fatigue and she will have to rest longer.

Nyroc wishes for her to get better soon, but for now, he contemplates his first plan.

The End…

…Or is it?