Chapter one

Twenty three years after the fall of Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter was the head of the auror department and was very good at his job. All the other aurors liked and respected him. When he first started as an auror after going back with his friends to finish their last year of Hogwarts, Harry and Ron joined at the same time and the head auror at the time had teamed the two friends together as they had already proven themselves by working closely over the last few years before the end of the war. For nine years Harry worked hard and long hours and had proven himself worthy to take over as head of the auror office.

Harry married his long-time girlfriend Ginny Weasley and they had three children. The oldest was James Sirius Potter, the second child was Albus Severus Potter and the youngest was a daughter, Lily Luna Potter. All three were at Hogwarts and Ginny was now the head coach for the Holyhead Harpies. After playing for the harpies for six years, Ginny retired from professional quidditch to start her family with Harry.

Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny usually got together for dinner once a week. Ron and Hermione had two children, Rose who was as smart as her mother and Hugo who was also very clever but he liked his jokes, so was more like the Weasley side of the family. Harry and Ginny were Hugo and Rose's godparents and Hermione and Ron was James, Albus and Lily's godparents and the nine of them were all very close.

Harry was at his desk in his office working on a problem, some dark witches and wizards have been heavily recruiting followers to join their cause. What Harry and some of the other aurors have been able to find out was they wanted to bring back Voldemorts way of thinking. They want pure-bloods to run the wizarding world, why half-bloods where to be only workers and could not hold any sort of high position within their world. Mudbloods as they were called by these people were going to be treated like houselves if not killed outright.

When Harry got the last bit of information together, he got up to brief his aurors, so he headed out of his office and called for everyone's attention.

'Alright, as you know, these dark witches and wizards are gaining a lot of followers and we have to stop them before they start to infiltrate places like the ministry. What I have recently found out is they are going to target Hogwarts, so I'll be leaving seven aurors here, rotating them of course, why the rest of us take different shifts at Hogwarts. There will be seven stationed through the day and seven of a night. We are going to do everything in our power to make sure they do not get into Hogwarts and we need to find out if they might have people already in there. For all we know their kids might be trying to recruit for their parents. Now as you would have all read the reports, some of these dark witches and wizards are from all four houses when they were students, so we make sure we don't just concentrate on Slytherin house like in the past. Tomorrow all of us are heading to Hogwarts so it will be known that this office is taking this threat very seriously,' Harry waved his wand and a piece of parchment landed on each aurors desk. 'Those are the rosters for the foreseeable future. So everyone, head home and get a good night's sleep and we meet back here at eight tomorrow morning ready to head to Hogwarts.'

Harry watched all his aurors file out except Ron who walked over to him. 'This could be a long one boss.'

'Tell me about it. Whoever trained these people did a good job. We haven't been able to find out what their full plans are, how many there are and who's in charge. They also must have been planning this for a long time. That is something Voldemort would do, put his plan into action, even if it took years to complete.'

'So you and me are going to be together again, even if we don't always work together anymore. It'll be like old times Harry.'

Harry smiled at his friend, 'Yeah it will and I couldn't go out in the field without my partner, could I?'

'How do you think the kids will take this, having us there?'

'They won't be happy, but it's unavoidable. Do you know that Lily told me that there's a huge picture of me, you and Hermione up in the entrance way. She said James grimaces every time he walks past it and gets a ribbing from heaps of his friends.'

'We spoke about all that Harry, we knew it was going to be hard on the kids when they start at Hogwarts because they will learn and hear some of the things we did. Your kids more so as their the children of the saviour and all the other names you have.'

Harry sighed, 'Yeah I know and I always knew it was going to be hard on them. Not just what they were going to be hearing and learning about. I'm glad those revised books haven't got everything in them though. I don't want my kids to hear everything I went through. Do Rose and Hugo know what happened to Hermione at Malfoy Manor that time?'

'No, just like you, we never wanted them to hear everything. What did Minerva say when you told her about all this?'

'She was angry, then said there's a few kids she could think of that she wouldn't trust. She's going to be piling a list of any students she might think could be involved. I'm going to go over it tomorrow.'

'You said there might be kids of these people, so I expect we'll find a far few. Anyway, I better get home and tell Hermione about this so she'll know I'll be gone some nights and weekends.'

'Yeah, I have to let Gin know as well, she's not going to be happy about this. We were planning on going on a holiday when the quidditch season finishes,' Harry grimaced.

Ron snickered, 'Watch out for the bat bogey's there my friend,' Ron clapped Harry on the shoulder then walked out of the office.

'That's exactly what I'm going to be watching out for Ron,' Harry sighed, then went back to his office. He picked up his things, then headed home to tell his wife the bad news.

After kissing his wife hello, Harry got changed and sat at the table ready for dinner and thought he better get it over with.

'Um Gin, we're going to have to put our holiday on hold for a while,' Harry glanced up from his plate and looked at his wife. He saw the fiery temper of hers building, 'Wait until I explain before you hex me and you'll realise I have no choice.'

'Harry, we've put this holiday off three times already. We've been trying since Lily started at Hogwarts, but your job always comes into our private lives.'

'I know and I'm sorry, but this time it's very serious. So will you please calm down so I can explain?'

'Oh just spit it out will you.'

Harry sighed, 'We've got a bad situation going. There's a lot of dark witches and wizards recruiting. They want our world to be what Voldemort wanted. Purebloods only, no muggleborns, there's a lot I can't go into. But we found out one thing their planning and we have to do everything we can to stop it.'

'There's always dark witches and wizards that think like Voldemort did, why are these so different?'

'One, they have been planning this for a long time, their not rash or impulsive, two their well-trained because we can't find out a lot about them and three, they want to take over Hogwarts.'

'The kids,' Ginny's face instantly changed from anger to worry.

'We'll keep all the kids safe Gin, you know that. From tomorrow there will be seven aurors through the day, seven of a night and seven left in the office. I'm taking all of them tomorrow so when Minerva explains everything to the student and staff, they will see how serious we are in keeping them safe and those people out.' They both started eating even if their conversation never stopped.

'You don't think anyone inside Hogwarts is involved, do you sweetheart?'

'Some of their kids maybe, not the staff, it was the aurors that did full background checks on them, well the new staff members anyway. Once some of the ones we had left, Craig instantly put together criteria for all interviews of anyone applying for a teaching position. They were very thorough and I went over them again last week, the staff's all good.'

'What do you think the kids will do when they realise you're going to be there a lot?'

'I know it will be hard on them Gin, but their just going to have to accept it and deal with it. So you're not angry that I have to put our holiday off again.'

'No, now I know how important it is. I bet you've got Ron down the same times as you though?' Ginny smirked.

'Naturally, I can't be at Hogwarts without Ron. It will be strange without Hermione though and a certain red head that loved to make me lose control in front of everyone.'

'We had some good times that last year, didn't we sweetheart?'

'Are you talking about quidditch or where we used to sneak off and shag all over the place?'

'Both,' Ginny giggled, 'just think of this though Harry, our eldest son could be doing the exact same thing right now.'

'He's a year younger than what you were love, but yeah, maybe. Lily's mentioned how many girls like James. He seems very popular and reminds me so much of dad from that memory I saw of him. Quidditch captain, seeker, playing it cool, like nothing ever bothers him. His personality skipped a generation.'

'I know, when you showed me that memory of your dad, I couldn't believe how much James was like you're dad, just not in looks even if there is a resemblance there.'

'Yeah, he has a bit of both of us which suits him, I wish Al had more of you and not just all me though.'

'Not all you, he doesn't need to wear glasses. Lily asked me about that, in all the pictures of you when you were young you had glasses, now you don't.'

'What did you tell her?'

'The truth, the healers at St Mungo's were able to come up with a potion to heal people's eyes, but the potion has to be taken forever and it taste terrible.'

'It does and there's been a few times I thought I'd just go back to wearing glasses, but as an auror, it's better without them. I did think about a muggle idea though. They do this laser surgery that corrects the eye. I checked into it once, but it's not perfect and there's no guarantee it would work or it could make my eyes worse, so I'll just put up with the potion. I will have to do the odd nights as well Gin, sorry.'

'I figured you would. Even though you're the boss, you've taken just as many of the bad assignments as the rest. That's why they all like and respect you, you never used your power as head to slack off. Well if we're not going to have too many nights together, let's not waste this one,' Ginny stood up and took Harry's hand and they headed up to their bedroom. First they showered together, making love in there, before heading to bed where they spent the first couple of hours making love again. Then they lay together, talking about Hogwarts and how Harry was going to try to make sure all the kids there were kept safe, not just their own or any of the family but all the kids. Ginny felt better knowing Harry and Ron were going to be there looking after all the children and she also knew that even if this threat wasn't as bad as it was, Harry would still protect Hogwarts with everything he had, because he had said it many times, Hogwarts was his first real home and he will always love the place. So he would do everything in his power to protect it.