Chapter eight

Harry nodded to Minerva, then he, Ginny, Ron, Hermione all stepped over to their children.

'I'm sorry I couldn't tell you everything about our plans, but you should be used to me not speaking about work. I'm also sorry that being my children is hard on all of you, not always knowing if someone is friendly to you because they like you or if it's about me.'

'We get it dad, you and mum told us before we started here, but after tonight, we realise how true that is. I never would have picked up on David though, he was saying you looked frightening and also bossy.'

'Yes, we know, but we had to make him think he wasn't suspected so he would show himself sooner or later. So why this quidditch game James?'

'First, I decided to see how you play, properly that is. Normally it's just a fun game at home or the Burrow. Second, during the holidays, I'm taking you up on your offer to train me. I want to finish my last year with the record of most snitches caught in one season. I can't do much about the overall record though, unless I do catch every snitch in every game from now on.'

'If anyone is going to beat my record, then who else than my son. But you do know that all of us are in pretty good shape and play quidditch quite a bit?'

'Yep, I know, so I want a promise from you, mum and Uncle Ron right now.'

Harry, Ginny and Ron looked at each other before facing James, 'What promise son?'

'That you don't hold back at all, you play like you did when you were students here and it's for the cup. I don't want to win unless I deserve it and know you all did you're best.'

Ron and Ginny laughed before shrugging as they looked at Harry, 'Alright, you've got a deal, we promise to play our best game. But now, we have to head home.'

The two Weasley kids hugs their parents, why the three Potter kids hugs their parents, then swapped to hug their Uncles and Aunts. Lily gave her father a longer hug, then kissed his scar on his forehead.

'You might be known as the saviour of the wizarding world, but you're my hero daddy,' Lily said quietly.

Harry felt himself choke up and all he could do was nod. Ginny saw how moved Harry was, so she put her arms around her husband.

'Lily, I don't think anyone has ever made dad speechless before,' Albus said staring at his sister, then his father.

Harry cleared his throat a couple of times, 'Just know angel, I always will be, if you ever need me, I'll be there,' Harry hugged her again, then his sons before putting his arm around his wife and leading his two best friends from the Great Hall.

The following morning, Harry met his aurors at the office. All of them had their wives, husbands or partners with them. Then Harry led the group down through the ministry and again everyone stopped what they were doing, but this time they applauded the aurors as they walked past and kept applauding until every one of them had apparated away.

The group arrived outside the gates of Hogwarts and saw Simmons waiting for them. He instantly took the wards down and the group walked through and up the drive. They never went inside the castle, just headed straight around to the quidditch pitch. Husbands and wives or parents kissed each other and most went to sit in the stands with the staff. Harry, Ginny and his team all headed into the changing room. They took their robes off, then stepped back out onto the pitch with their brooms and joined his James and his team.

'So let's see what you can do James, ready to go up against all of us?'

'We're ready dad, now you've never broken a promise to any of us, so I expect you all to go out there to win just like we are.'

Harry shook his son's hand, 'Deal, let's get in the air.'

Everyone mounted their brooms and took off to cheers from everyone. Harry and Ginny looked at each other then circled each other, switched brooms in mid-air, did a couple of flips, switched brooms again, then went to their positions.

'Now you're just showing off dad,' James yelled.

'Got to have my fun James,' they both nodded, then looked down and saw the balls get released.

The students, staff, friends and partners of both teams, cheered, whistled, applauded and screamed over the next three hours. James's team had called time out and three players changed with new players. Harry and Ginny knew what they were doing, trying to tire them out, but it wasn't going to work. Harry had faked his son out to easily, sometimes diving, sometimes taking off into the air and he always followed. Ginny had their team up 630 points to 250, so even if James caught the snitch, Harry's team would win. But Harry realised that his son wasn't worried about winning as he was with catching the snitch over his father. Harry had been thinking of making his son think he was doing his best, but he knew he couldn't. As James and Harry circled each other trying to find the snitch, then James took off into the air. At first Harry thought James was trying to fake him out and had a quick look around, before following his son who had a good head start. They kept climbing to screams to James to catch the snitch from all the students. Harry was beside his son, then they kept bumping each other and both had their hands outstretched. Harry realised his son was just in front of him, but he had nothing left to give and saw James's hand close around the snitch to loud cheers from the students and staff.

'Well done James, I tried, I just couldn't get any closer.' Harry hugged his son.

'Thanks dad, you might have won the game, but I did get the snitch before you, blimey that was a long game, I'm knackered.'

'And you tried to make all of us knackered as well, didn't work though. Go on, get down to your team,' Harry watched as his son dived towards the ground, then saw Ginny coming closer to him, 'He did it love, got it before me. He's going to break that record easily and he is a really good player.'

'Yes, he is, I wonder if he wants to play professionally, he has the talent to go all the way. But now, let's give everyone a show with more of our tricks.'

'You're on,' Harry kissed his wife, then they both started doing flips as they circled each other, they both stood up on their brooms, jumped across on each other's brooms, then jumped back. They kept going for the next half an hour with whistles and cheers before they slowly landed.

'He got you Harry, I never expected it, but he did,' Ron said stepping over to him.

'I tried Ron, but he just had that little bit extra reach.'

'Well Harry, how's it feel being beaten by your son?' Minerva asked smiling at him.

'Shocked at first, but now I'm just happy for him. But remember Minerva, we actually won the game, James just got the snitch.'

'Yes, it was really unfair having Ginny play, but the other team doesn't seem all that upset about it. They got to play against you along with a professional player in Ginny.'

'A long retired professional player Minerva. I haven't played like that in years, I'm absolutely knackered. My husband is up for a massage tonight.'

Harry grinned, 'Sounds like fun.'

'We don't need to hear that dad,' James said grimacing as he walked over to his parents.

'It's just lucky you're not home James, if you were I think you'd be running from the house,' Ginny chuckled.

'Blimey, will you two please stop, we don't need to hear about our parents shagging.' James grimaced again.

'He really doesn't know his parents too well, does he?' Ron chuckled, then looked at James, 'You're aunt Hermione and I have walked in on your parents so many times, it doesn't even shock us anymore.'

'Uncle Ron, we don't need to hear that either,' Albus said as grimaced liked his brother, then he put his arm around a red headed girl, 'Mum, Dad, I want you both to meet Jenny, my girlfriend.'

'It's nice to meet you Jenny,' Harry shook the girls hand then Ginny did, 'I have to say, you look very much like my wife did when she was a student here.'

'It's nice to meet you Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter and I have been told that by people who have seen pictures of Mrs. Potter as a student. Al said I even have the same temper as his mother and I can also do the bat bogey hex.'

Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron all laughed, 'Albus, I might need to have a talk with you so you don't end up being hexed as much as I did,' Harry chuckled then flinched as his wife punched his arm, 'She punches now, instead of hexing.'

'Only because my spell doesn't hurt you anymore my darling husband,' Ginny turned to the girl and saw her laughing with the others, 'I might have to give Jenny a talk as well, let her know how to control the Potter men.'

'Oh I have to see this, it's like history repeating itself,' Ron chuckled, 'I wonder if Hugo or Rose have met anyone that's like us?'

'I'm sure we'll find out soon enough sweetheart.' Hermione grinned.

'Are you all staying to eat or heading home?' James asked looking up at his parents.

'Since we're here and probably for the last time, we'll hang out here for a while.'

'Then let's get inside and eat, I'm sure all of you are hungry and I've put on a feast to celebrate how safe Hogwarts is again and again, thanks to Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and the aurors. As long as you lot are friends, I think our world will always be in safe hands,' Minerva smiled at them then walked away, but everyone knew what she had just said was so true. Their world and their children were safe and well, so as long as everyone banded together and did the right thing, their world will always be safe.

The end: