Loki was raised as a Jotun prince. Asgard and Jotunheim are at war. Thor finds himself trapped with a Jotun enemy. Will they destroy each other or learn to look beyond skin color and race to see what really lies inside? Contains PG Yaoi/slash. Don't like,don't read. LokixThor /Thorki

Also I own nothing. Marvel owns Thor, Loki etc and even the title is borrowed. Enjoy :)

This is a short story that started out as a drabble,then got expanded on both ends. It's light and fluffy,not super smutty and moves along more quickly than most of my stories. So sit down,prop your feet up and enjoy the ride.


Enemy Mine


Day 1: Avalanche

"Odinson," Loki spat in disgust and disbelief. "You Fool!"

Thor just stared dumbfounded at the wall of snow and ice now blocking the path battle with the rather puny Frost giant now forgotten in this new plight.

"You can not just go thrashing that confounded club of yours about," Loki continued,still fuming at the other's stupidity. "Look around you,you dolt. The mountains here are covered in layer upon layer of snow and ice. You keep swinging your weapon about like that and you'll bring the entire mountainside down on us next time!"

"Have care how you speak," Thor warned,turning once again towards his foe and pointing the end of Mjolnir at him threateningly.

"You have care," Loki dismissed him with a wave of his hand as he turned to begin walking down the path behind him. "It'll take several weeks to make it back to my camp via this route...if I'm lucky."

"Your camp?," Thor called after after the retreating Jotun, still in disbelief over the whole situation. "What about mine?"

"I do believe your camp is not far from my own,Odinson," Loki returned offhandedly. "However,if you wish to make it there prior to starving or becoming a meat popsicle, I do suggest you get moving."

"And why would I follow you?" Thor growled. He still could not quite believe that this being he had just been battling so fiercely, could just dismiss their previous conflict so easily.

Loki finally paused to look back at the blond Aesir with growing impatience. Even though he had been enjoying finally finding an Asgardian worthy of his powers enough to engage in battle,their fighting could be continued elsewhere and on more solid ground

"Because,Odinson," He finally stated with a sigh. "You have no choice."

Thor opened his mouth as if to retort,but the Frost Giant had already turned again and was making his way further down the path. He loathed to admit his enemy was right and swore to prove him wrong the first chance he got. He was Thor Odinson! Future king of Asgard! He ALWAYS had a choice! But for now,he allowed his feet to follow after his foe. Being sure to remain at a cautious distance of course.


hours later...

The two now stood silently side by side along a rocky river bank. Loki never taking his eyes from the frozen waters before him while Thor stole cautious glances to the runt of a Frost was stowed on his belt,but still within easy reach should his enemy try anything. Despite being surrounded by sub-freezing temperatures,the Frost Giant showed no sign of discomfort. Even though he was only clad in a fur trimmed loin cloth. Thor tensed against the cold now biting his skin,refusing to show any discomfort himself before his foe.

His stomach suddenly grumbled loudly causing the azure figure to turn to him with a raised eyebrow.

"This is ridiculous,Jotun," Thor snarled. "We will starve long before we make it through these passes."

"What is it you Aesir believe we subsist on?" Loki scoffed openly. "Ice and snow?"

Thor just glared at the slightly shorter man. He did not like being made fun of,but was trying to stow his temper in hopes of making it back to his father in one piece. Though,the longer he was out here,the more that appeared to be false hope.

"You may be strong enough to pull this off," Loki continued eying the Asgardian blatantly up and down. "Though I doubt it."

"Strong enough to pull what off,Jotun?" Thor turned to face the frost giant,puffing out his chest in defiance.

"Fishing," Loki returned simply. Suddenly he reached out and snatched a silver medallion off of Thor's chest plate.

"Hey!" Thor protested and without thinking,grabbed the other man's wrist. Quickly he let it go and stared in disbelief at his hand. He had always known that Frost Giants skin would burn Asgardian's if they touched you. But his hand returned undamaged.

The Jotun just shook his head at the other's actions and fished a golden rope out of the pouch he wore on his waist. Thor eyed the rope just as wearily. By no rights should a rope of that length been able to fit in such a small this Jotun had been using magic to aid in his battle against the Asgardian,so it wasn't too much of a surprise.

He continued watching as the other tied the medallion firmly to the rope and then handed him the other end.

"Now we'll see what you're made of,Asgardian," Loki jeered as he took the medallion end and stepped towards the icy river ledge. "Oh and do me a favor...don't let go."

He twirled the medallion around and around,creating an ever bigger arc before lobbing it out onto the , he began reeling it back in across the frozen surface until it finally reached his feet where he immediately retrieved it and repeated the process.

"Have you ever done this before?" Thor questioned the Jotun after the 3rd throw.

"Exactly like this?" Loki returned for clarification. "No. We seem to have a shortage of Asgardian armor to practice with."

"Again you mock me,Jotun,"Thor growled dropping the rope and stepping towards the arrogant Frost Giant.

Just then a giant fish's head broke through the ice,snapping at the silver disk with it's jagged teeth.

"ODINSON!" Loki howled. "THE ROPE!"

He had no sooner gotten the words out than he found himself yanked forward off his feet and dragged towards the icy water as the fish retreated back to the depths with it's prize. Thor quickly snapped back to the task at hand and immediately retrieved the end of the rope,planting his feet in the pebbly shore and pulling with all his might.

Loki swiftly regained his own footing and put his own might in pulling against the rope. Slowly,steadily,they began to gain ground,pulling backwards away from the river bank. Finally the mighty Orca's head reemerged.

"Pull, by your Father's might, pull," Loki urged through gritted teeth.

They both heaved mightily together and the beast was drug up onto the ice. Once on top of the water,it thrashed desperately,but the two were now at an advantage and slid it quickly towards the shore. Finally within striking distance,Loki produced a long spear of ice seemingly out of thin air and drove it with a roar through one of the fish's massive eyes. It immediately stilled and the two just stared huffing for air at their prize.


Loki had restowed his magic rope and was setting about the gruesome task of gutting the large animal when he paused to eye Thor curiously. The bronze Asgardian was busying himself by gathering several large stones and creating a circle with them few feet up the bank.

"What in the realms of Valhalla are you doing?" Loki asked in disbelief.

"Creating a fire ring," Thor replied simply. "To cook the fish on."

"A fire ring," Loki repeated,now standing arms crossed, as he eyed the Asgardian with raised eyebrows.

"Yes,"Thor huffed,why was this Frost Giant always trying to make him look like an idiot? "And do not eye me so pompishly! I am no fool!"

"Oh no,of course not," Loki chuckled wickedly. "I am merely waiting for the mighty Odinson to enlighten me on the flammable properties of ice."

"Wha.." Thor was thrown off guard by the comment and as it sank in he began to look around him almost desperately. Surely there must be something here he could use for kindling. As he searched about wide eyed, all he found was snow and ice and pebbles. In total dismay he sank to the ground next to his newly constructed fire ring and held his head in his hands. Inside he had been hoping,clinging to the thought that they would at least have a campfire with which he could warm his bones to tonight. But now he realized the folly of such thoughts.

"Tsk," Loki rolled his eyes at the sight and waved his hand towards the empty fire ring. Immediately green flames leapt to life within it's stoney bounds and their emerald glow gave off more heat than any Asgardian hearth.

Thor could not hide the wide smile that painted his lips as the warmth seeped into his flesh and he was glad when he turned towards the Jotun that he had once again busied himself with the fish and did not see his open glee.

They sat in silence munching contentedly upon their spoils. Thor roasting his on a flat rock beside the fire while Loki preferred his raw. Watching almost in disgust as Thor munched contentedly on the seared meat.

"Don't knock it until you've tried it Jotun," Thor quipped catching the others glance from across the fire.

"I shall pass,thanks," Loki returned dryly. "And I do have a name,Odinson."

"Then enlighten me," Thor returned easily. He was surprised to be in such high spirits,but he was warm and his belly was full, who could ask for more? Besides not being stuck with your sworn enemy,that is.

Loki glared at him through half lidded eyes for a moment,as if considering even answering.

"Loki," He returned shortly before turning back to his fish.

Thor just nodded noncomittaly. The name really meant nothing to him other than an addition to the story he would be telling later of how he single handedly felled a mighty Frost Giant. Okay, perhaps this Frost Giant was pint sized for normal Jotun standards,but what he lacked in size,he more than made up for in magic fighting ability.

Thor took a moment to take in his enemy's form. Why was this Frost Giant so small? How is it he knew how to wield such magic? As the Jotun sat before the fire he noted how the green glow seemed to reflect off the strange lines decorating his azure skin. Making them appear almost magical themselves,almost like the runes he often saw decorating Elven armor and weapons. Letting his eyes travel he also took in the golden jewelry his enemy wore in leau of armor. Serpentine gold bands wrapping about his lean but taught biceps, large glinting arch adorning his otherwise smooth chest., reflecting the three shimmering rings piercing each ear. Almost as if the Jotun could feel his gaze,he tucked his ebony locks absently behind one ear,revealing one elegantly angled ,Thor though absently,two earrings in one ear and three in another. He must have lost one while wrestling with the fish.

Thor noted,how refined his enemy was and registered for the first time how little he paid attention to the physical appearance of the Frost Giants. Their very name alluding to them being huge and gruesome in appearance, the tales his people told of them only feeding that image. But this 'Loki' appeared almost graceful in his refined features. Quickly Thor shook off the thought with a sneer. What did he care what Frost Giants looked like. He knew what their blood looked like at the end of his blade,and that was all that mattered.

The hour quickly grew late and the light faded just as fast. They had just stowed what they could carry of the remaining fish,allowing the meat to freeze in the Jotunheim temps would keep it fresh, and took their places to rest for the night on opposite sides of the fire. Loki resting upon the stoney ground,using one upcurled arm as a pillow,while Thor wrapped his cape around him like a makeshift blanket. Fidgeting uncomfortably at his situation.

"How do I know that you will not slit my throat in my sleep?" He questioned the other man now appearing to rest easily with closed eyes.

"Because," Loki replied simply,not opening his eyes at the other's queery. "I can not fell Keyote by myself."

Thor just sighed stubbornly. So that's what the giant fish was called. He knew the relatively small amount of meat they could carry would not last the entire journey and he did not relish the thought of starving.

"And how can you be so sure I will not slit yours," He asked,still disgruntled that the Jotun could appear so relaxed while he was on pins and needles with his own trepidation at the thought of closing his eyes.

"Because you do not wish to freeze to death," Loki replied back just as easily,and darn if a small smile didn't tug at his lips at the comment even as his eyes appeared to slumber.

Thor just huffed as he allowed his eyes to finally close. They shot open a mere second later,just to check to see if the Jotun had moved. Seeing the other still in the same position he repeated the process a few more times before finally allowing his weariness to win over him.