Day 15 cont...


If Loki and Thor spent an abnormally long time in he bathing tent,nobody seemed to notice or came looking for them. However,when they emerged into the adjoining tent,two sets of finely woven garments awaited them. Thor immediately began dressing in a fine silver,blue and red outfit,while Loki merely picked up the other outfit,one of black and green,and looked at it with a raised eyebrow.

Loki had never had the need to wear so much before,but did not wish to offend his new hosts. With a shrug he slipped on the black trousers,turning this way and that in front of the large pedastool mirror once he tugged them up to see how he appeared in them. They felt odd,so he assumed he must look so. A loud whistle from Thor drew his attention up and he furrowed his eyebrows as he met the others gaze.

Thor however was not looking at him oddly,but rather with a sly look that Loki knew far too well. He awarded the Asgardian a half grin as he retrieved the tunic. He had never put on a tunic before and immediately had issues,getting lost in the folds of fabric as soon as it was over his head.

"Perhaps you should not have been so hasty in chasing away the servant girl,"Thor chuckled as he stepped over and helped Loki pull the tunic over his head.

"I am not accustomed to having to don quite so much fabric," Loki grumbled as he once again craned his head about to see how he looked from every possible angle. "A bit of a waste,honestly."

"Now why would you say that?"Thor asked,stepping back to take in the view as well.

"It's not as if anyone would fail to notice that I am not of Asgard,"Loki continued with a shrug. "My fellow Jotuns have this saying, 'much like placing a gold ring in a snow boar's ear'. "

"That's a horrible saying," Thor grimaced and grabbing the leaner man by the waist,pulled him close. "You look wonderful and nothing like a snow boar."

"It is not meant to be taken literal,"Loki replied pushing out of Thor's grip as he suddenly noticed a small wooden box that had been hidden under the tunic.

Retrieving it,he opened it's lid curiously to reveal a small jade crystal suspended on a simple golden chain.

"Ah,a welcoming gift from my father," Thor beamed reaching around Loki to pull the necklace out of the box. "Allow me."

Loki shrugged before pulling his hair back to reveal his slender neck, to which Thor couldn't resist placing a soft kiss upon before clasping the necklace into place. Loki released his ebony locks and turned to engage Thor in a much more thorough exchange. Their tongues,sliding together caressingly before Thor stalled their fervor by pulling away laughing.

"Steady Loki," He urged gently "We will never make it to the feast if we..."

Thor paused suddenly and stared at Loki so wide eyed that the Jotun stepped out of his embrace with a start and quickly looked down to see what could possibly be amiss. The first thing he noticed was the pale pinky white hands now peeking out from under the tunic sleeve and he immediately yanked up the front of the shirt to reveal the same odd colored flesh now covering his lean stomach and chest. Loki let out a startled gasp as he whirled desperately to the mirror. His elegant fingers tracing the smooth skin on the formerly familiar face until he caught the bright emerald gaze now staring back at him.

With a start he turned horrified to Thor,but Thor immediately greeted him with his wide warm grin and took him back into his embrace. Smoothly he reached behind him and undid the necklace,allowing it to fall into one large palm. Slowly,as if being poured on, Loki's former azure skin returned and he couldn't help but to sigh in relief.

"Much better than a golden earring,I'd say,"Thor chuckled.

Loki just snatched back the necklace and replaced it about his neck himself,watching still in wonder as the pinky pale skin once again ebbed back.

"I do not see the point in this," Loki stated still trying to sound put off. "Your guards and servants already know what I am."

"The members and aids to the royal court are sworn to uphold the secrecy of the King and his family," Thor replied,taking the moment to run his thumb across the pale cheeks before him tenderly. "And as such are not entitled to voice their opinions. The other Asgardians however, are not held to such standards. My father is ever wise. This will allow us more freedom to explore Asgard as we wish."

Loki did not look enthused,and pulled away quickly when Thor leaned in for another kiss.

"What was it you were saying about a feast," He asked smoothly.


Loki stared at the baskets and plates of steaming foods as they where set upon the table before him. Succulent piles of meats and vegetables every color of the rainbow,their scent tickling his nose with hints of their exotic flavors. When they brought out the apple pie,Loki chuckled and looking to Thor whispered "Is there anything you Asgardian's don't sear over a fire?"

Thor now sat to his right and the Warriors Three and Sif flanked his left. Although they didn't say it openly,they all approved of Loki's disguise. And even though he did not voice it, Loki greatly appreciated being surrounded by familiar faces in the presence of so many boisterous Asgardians. Everyone was so glad to have Thor back that they fortunately didn't question the newcomer's presence. But whenever one of them did happen to ask, one of the Warriors easily diverted their questions.


Afterwards,Loki was exhausted. The whole evening seemed like a whirlwind of people and activity. He was never so glad to see a bed in his life and flopped face down upon it's unfamiliar fabric.

"Is it always like this?" He asked,turning his head sideways so his voice would not be lost in the pillow.

"Not always," Thor chuckled from where he sat across the private tent he had been given,taking his boots off to prepare for bed. "We actually have much bigger feasts back on Asgard."

Loki let out a loud groan of disapproval as he buried his head in the pillow.

Thor just laughed at his antics as he rose to his feet to approach the bed. Suddenly a knock on the tent's doorway support diverted his attention. The tent flap was pushed aside and an elegantly dressed older woman stepped inside.

"Mother!" Thor roared in greeting before scooping the smaller woman up off the floor into a hug. "When did you arrive?"

"Just a bit ago,"Frigga returned with a smile. "Now put me down!This is no way to behave in company."

Thor chuckled as he lowered his mother back to the floor,knowing her words held no real venom. Loki had swung his legs around and was now sitting on the bed watching the family antics with a half grin. Thor's family seemed so much closer than Jotun families. Atleast,closer than his Jotun family.

Frigga's soft eyes fell upon him and he quickly moved to rise in greeting,but she stalled him with one elegant hand.

"Nay,stay seated,please,"She spoke softly,almost as if her words were a song.

Much to Loki's surprise she sat gracefully down upon the bed beside him and smiled up at the taller man . Loki glanced questioningly to Thor.

"Oh,I'm so sorry," Thor started,catching his volley. "Mother,this is my friend Loki. Loki,my mother and queen Frigga."

"Your highness," Loki greeted,taking one of Frigga's hands in his and placing a delicate kiss to the back of it. "I am honored."

"Thank you Loki," She returned warmly. "I hear you will be returning to Asgard with us."

"That does appear to be the plan," Loki replied,still a bit unsure as to everyone else's opinion on the matter.

"Yes,well, I do so hope you'll enjoy yourself there," She continued,now smiling knowingly at her son who was mirroring that same soft grin. "I know my Thor would be pleased if you decided to stay."

"Mother," Thor chided with a chuckle.

"Come now Thor," She retorted easily. "Your adoration is painted all over your face."She then turned to face Loki and he couldn't help but grin at the blush rising on Thor's cheeks. "Yours too Jotun."

Loki nearly choked at the comment and quickly found something interesting to look at on the opposite wall.

Frigga laughed at the boys discomfort,as if they could hide anything from either her or Odin. She rose back to her feet and ruffled Loki's hair with one hand,causing him to look back to her at the unaccustomed touch.

"I have to be returning,"She continued keeping Loki's emerald eyes locked in hers as she now took his face in her soft hands. A gesture he was familiar with Thor doing. "But I just wanted to meet the one who finally stole our son's heart." Loki could feel his face beginning to burn under her gentle gaze and he was grateful when she finally released it to turn back to Thor. "I shall see you soon." and she placed a motherly kiss to one of Thor's stubbled cheeks.

She then moved to exit the tent,only pausing when she had reached the doorway to once again turn to face the Jotun. "It will be a honor to have you in Asgard...Prince Laufeyson."

She disappeared behind the tent flap,but her words remained painted on Thor's now agape face. He turned to the Jotun still seated on the bed with wide eyes and a slack jaw.

"Prince Laufeyson?" He asked for clarification as he closed the distance between them and now took Loki's face in his own hands,much like his mother just had. "You are Prince Laufeyson."

"That is correct," Loki replied smoothly,pulling the larger man down onto the bed next to him."What?"Loki returned with a wide toothy grin. "You did not know?"

Thor just allowed himself to be maneuvered as if he where in a dreamlike state. He almost couldn't believe the arrival of this new news,but as he thought back to the facts...the earring found under the avalanche, Loki missing an wasn't hard to put two and two together. He was only disgruntled that he hadn't done so sooner.

"Thor,"Loki's voice pulled him back to the present "This changes nothing." Loki stated rather matter of factly.

"But you're a prince," Thor began softly,then his eye's shot open wider and turned to meet Loki's now viridian eyes. "And your father. Oh Loki I am so sorry,you must.."

"I must nothing," Loki nearly spat,causing Thor's brows to crease in confusion at the sudden change in temper. "There is no love lost amongst my family. So King Laufey is dead and my...fellow Jotun think the same of me. Let them. It would appear as though things have worked out for the best all the way around."

"But," Thor breathed,still unable to imagine a family that wasn't as close and loving as his. "You're a prince." He simply repeated,unable to think of anything else to say.

"So are you," Loki retorted simply.

"But you should be king of Jotunheim. You should rule,"Thor searched the other man's gaze but only found it softening as it looked upon him.

"Thor," Loki spoke softly as he now took Thor's face in his own hands. "Not every prince was born to find happiness under a crown. I had to travel for three weeks,across countless eskers of snow to find mine. Let the ones who want that life live it and I will live mine. By your side if you'll have me."

Thor was too stunned to say anything. His heart swelled full of emotion and his mind racing. Loki just smiled as he leaned in to bring Thor fully around to reality as his tongue grazed the Asgardians lips almost too softly before sliding inside.

Thor growled deep in his throat as he wrapped his hands about the paler man,seeking to pull him against him,but Loki instead pulled back. Breaking the kiss and leaving Thor panting as he stared back at him in confusion.

"I'll take that as a yes,"Loki purred and it seemed as though the Jotun's voice traveled straight to the Aesir's groin as he reached one hand up beneath his dark locks. "I guess the only question yet to be answered is.." And he paused as the jade shard dropped from his neck,landing easily in his outstretched palm. "Which form do you prefer?"

Thor watched as the familiar blue skin ebbed back and the decorative runes once again painted Loki's elegant form. Thor slid his hands up the Jotun's trim sides and puled him roughly back, lips crashing together in renewed hunger and vigorous lust.


Afterwards they both lay together on the soft Asgardian bed, Loki's back pulled against Thor's broad chest as his calloused fingers traced the outlines of the runes along the Jotun's long arms. Both had their eyes closed,and although close to slumber,continued to stave it off in order to savor this moment of closeness. Thor leaned forward ,burying his nose in Loki's ebony hair as he inhaled deeply.

"I love you Loki Laufeyson," He exhaled softly,pulling the only slightly smaller man even tighter against him. "I'm glad we got stuck together on Jotunheim."

"I love you Thor Odinson," Loki breathed,the unfamiliar words feeling suddenly so comfortable on his lips. "And while I will somewhat agree, I would not wish to repeat the endeavor any time soon."

Thor chuckled and his breath tickled the back of Loki's neck causing him to grin widely.

"Tell me Thor," Loki continued a bit thoughtfully. "Does it snow on Asgard?"

"Never," Thor stated firmly around his grin.



Bah,it's an ending. Not a very good one,but an ending nevertheless. There was so much more that I could have covered,but I wanted to keep this one really was only a drabble with no real direction or substance. You'll have to use your imagination to fill in where I haven't. Thanks so much for reading.